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KOS Message for August 27, 2009


August 27, 2009

[First are notes from a personal communication given to a member on 8/26…KOS asked for it to be included here]

“Now as you have understood, this coming period of revelation and consolidation of our multi-species, is allways available for alteration. We are now much more certain about times and dates and ever changing cooperations among all of us.

“…We say that each one has particular draws for their work. Most critical for you, and all of those in the group, to move at guided moment-by-moment speed and precise following of inner guidance. We suggest setting aside schedules of ANY kind. Your own situation should be honored and respected…

“We say “niceties” of old are completely gone, and restrict all aspects of growth and progress to the full awakening. Put “nice” aside and go, be, do, what and where you are guided RIGHT NOW. If some are upset, so it is. Upsets are often conducive to growth.”

[note: this first part was written in purple ink]

This is a much easier journey than many make of it. A balloon filled with the light gas, when released, simply ascends. In your case, so it is same. We are assisting in many ways the “releasings” you need so ascension, that most natural of journeys, may occur.

As a mass, shall we say, the very last holding strings are removing, and we say, be joyfully in awe of what is to pass. Yet many are upward spiraling already, many more beyond to the higher realms. We have some that must be there first to be illustration for those to come. We all are illustrators AND illustrations. We all are painters AND the painting. The homebuilders and the home.

More & more find the living in higher realms is more that they wish for. And many are there more & more often. Today this one was in or at the place of golden star carpets, and golden shawl of stars, cascading over shoulders, magical-looking, and magical angelic sounding. Such is yours now.

Remember this is a planetary, yea, Universal process. This one place called Gaia/Vywamus this one piece is the Keystone of the new timeline. Remember this ascending is within. This ascending as you call it, calls upon change from outer to inner focus. Outer Events reflect inner change, inner being.

Those who desire change, see it. Those who desire the higher realms, are there now. Those who desire our help & assistance, see that now. This one has seen the Star-light craft appearing all over his home ocean and in the “stars” (you do not believe these are all REALLY stars, do you? Hah!!) They move and sparkle and beam their lights that reflect the sparkling in his being.

Waking up is fun to do.

[note: this next part was written in ocean blue ink]

Now some “practicalities”, shall we say!

How many of you we know operate, shall we say, “poorly” in this 3D world. How many find revulsion to the $, euro, yen calculations & manipulation and so on. And go here go there borrow here, finagle there. No resonance with ANY of these that some see as “being a citizen of this world”. You almost cannot function in it as you have tried b4. To those we say…WONDERFULLNESS!!

You are NOT here any more in that 3D type of sense. You follow the Pink Platinum Heart Guidance. You go to the “places” sometimes in body, mostly in higher dimensions that those who only see the 3D will not understand.

We remind you now…you are NOT “normal”. Continue to BE in the not-normal way.

The double & triple & more multi-hat-wearing days are OVER. Go DO/be/feel as you are…Beings of the Higher.

Go and “waste” your time in the woods with the faeries; go “waste” your time by the rivers & the oceans with the devas and the dolphins; go “waste” your days on the ships and calling & watching the star craft and star beings to your side.And we say, such is no “waste” of anything. Your WAIST is a place for the lei of new creations, of the New Lemuria, of the New Timeline…the only time Line.

Dear ones, be in your joy, be in your Passion (however “useless” others view it) (Hah!!), be in your HEART with CAPITAL “H” [KOS here drew a picture of a heart]!

Blessings, Namaste, and ALOha to all!

King of Swords


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