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KOS message – August 1, 2009


Mark Huber  from Kauilapele – King of Swords message from August 1
[For those unfamiliar with the islands,  L#257;na’i below is the island of Lanai.]

The precise punctuation and “grammar” of this message are as received, and may contain underlying messages. The punctuation and spelling and writing and grammar are NOT to be altered in any way shape or form. Comments added, other than additions from Mark and Beth, need the approval of King of Swords.

August 1, 2009, Mark and Beth

[The following is partly a written recall of what the King of Swords told Kau’ila while on the telephone with Mark and Beth at Brewalalai]

Next op point in Hawaii is at Kílauea/Halema’uma’u on 8/8, at 8:08 AM HST. Kau’ila to receive pieces for 2 islands. At this point Kau’ila saw picture of menehunes dancing in a figure 8 over O’ahu.

Then a realization that this was an infinity representation. The crossover point was currently over O’ahu, and has been that way for many years. The upper portion of the 8 (infinity) was smaller, and encompassed Ni’ihau and Kauai. The lower portion of the 8 encompassed Moloka’i, Lāna’i, Maui, Kaho’olawe, and the Big Island, plus Loihi (underwater volcano island, not yet erupted to surface. Rather unbalanced appearance, big ‘ōkole (means “butt”), lower part “fatter”.

After the shift (date?), perhaps on 8/8, the shift of the crossover point will complete, and center in the region of Lāna’i. This gives upper portion of Ni’ihau, Kauai, O’ahu, and Moloka’i, lower portion of Maui, Kaho’olawe, Big Island, and Loihi, Four in each portion. Balanced, even geospatially, as never before.

090801 9:47 PM

Lāna’i now becomes the focal point, central gathering place (O’ahu has previously been called “the gathering place”) for the New Original Lemurians. Energetically cleaner, blank slate, if you will, for the OLTL 44 million.

The adjusted arrangement enables a coverage of the planet in pink platinum energy in a complete way, not possible with O’ahu corporate at the crossover of the infinity. Never was right, and in this OLTL, absolutely un-right. “So we feex ‘um!”, say the Menehune.

This new coverage, and this is in concert with the move in the US Congress toward Universal Health Care, is called the Planetary Coverage Plan, PCP. No accident it is called this, eh? “PCP”, known as “Angel Dust”, is exactly this. Angels, Angelics, if you will, have dusted this planet with crystalline pink platinum sparkly dust, invisible to many, but breathed in and regenerated health of mind spirit body occur much more rapidly than ever before. Visible changes in all beings, of all types, of all species, accelerated greatly. “OMG, OMG, OMG,” cry the many, who never believed this before. Many are converted, if you will, to new understanding.

Another operation, later, after 8/8, will “seal the deal”. Involves three islands, timelines meld to a Unified Agreement Accord (that Honda is a popular one in Hawaii!). Dates and schedules will be provided closer to the date of operation.

What can we say, what can we say! The devas and faeries will enjoy the berries and will seed the fields with angelic wheels of fortune! Follow the Heart, swallow the tart, enjoy the dart, keep playing your part.

That is all, King of Swords!

090801 2235

Well, not quite all. There was one thing Kau’ila forgot, and that was about the PCP. After the balancing of the Hawaiian Island energetics, with new crossover point new gather place, this activates fully the connection between the Islands and Giza pyramid. Lana’i is the “pyramid” island of the Hawaii chain, and the through-Earth channel to Giza is completed, with iridescent silver blue energetic bullets travel to Giza, capston alights with beams of silver blue light all over that hemisphere, also the channel to twin pyramids at Galveston, Texas (Yeehah, thanks to Big Will), and capstone there beams silver blue light all over that hemisphere. This gives the PCP spoken of above.

We noted that Texas will be “lit up” as never before. Prepare ye for major revelations in that glorious state, soon to achieve its true glory as the Western beacon of Light.


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  1. jackpotlady says:

    Un-confuse me please. I am looking forward to so much of what has been said lately but then I read further and find this post over on lightworkers by new Ljossalfar and it reeks of everything I don’t want to see happen. Can you un-mangle it for me? I am finding so much mis-information all of a sudden, it is hard to separate the real from the fiction. I just followed the link to the Great White Lodge which still talks about Armegeddon. The message from Sananda also leaves me a little concerned. Of course I will be trying to set the perfect example of peace and love on August 5-7 but as an “ordinary Jane” should I be doing more? I haven’t been the spiritual example for most of my adult life but inside I am struggling with what is almost too much information. I liked MH’s last newsletter, it was encouraging and most uplifting but when I read the post from new Ljossalfar I felt a tinge of fear again.

  2. admin says:

    There is undoubtedly more and more disinformation being placed out there as the dark lose their grip. You really have to look into your heart center and use discernment. Mark has mentioned a couple of times that things are surely tough right now, but that you need to take what you can and believe what you will over the upcoming days.

    Steve Beckow wrote a great piece that I recommend you take a read:

    I also noticed that the Great White Lodge website had mentioned Armegeddon. With things on our timeline changing so rapidly, that website is very outdated. The names of the avatars and the information about those avatars is mostly correct, but the Armegeddon is not going to happen.

    The Sananda message is not a message to all of a sudden become more spiritual or to go into meditation and call upon spirit guides, etc… I myself am very “ordinary” as well and surely have A LOT to remember in regards to the spiritual aspects, but as Sananda’s message stated, we just need to be positive up to August 8th. I recommend being positive as much as possible all the time, but these upcoming days to the 8th are very important.

    All the channels are really mentioning one major key – be in joy. Whatever it is that keeps you in joy, do it. Stay away from anything that brings you fear. Acknowledge the fear – definitely – as that acknowledgement brings fear to the forefront to be dealt with. But overall, just stay as positive as you can and enjoy the ride. Everything I am reading right now point to the fact that we’ve won and it’s going to be filtering through the 3rd dimension very quickly.

  3. spirit2012 says:

    More is being exposed everyday about the birthers and town hall hecklers. I find it all very amusing. I was thinking that when first contact is announced, they wii say that we are being invaded by Obama aliens. Can’t wait for that show. Thanks for the inspiring words!

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