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KOS – August 24, 2009


August 24, 2009

Thank you to all from the King of Swords…

We can see your enlightening from where we reside. And let us say that we are most grateful and enjoyably pleased in a joyful way, for the great progress you have just made.

At this time of some release from incessant, shall we say, energetic synchronizations and harmonizations with the New Original Lemurian Time Line (NOLTL), many are drawn to alternate locales for what we night call, a plateau in time. Yet so much still adjusting to the energetic new expanses coming to you at every moment.

As this new hologram, holygram, shall we say, reveals, it is a time for some, many, actually, to adjust alignments for the “own” planetary spaces with travel to regions of draw; where heart calls, go. We speak and more & more know that multidimensional connects are very unique to this planetary-as-a-HOLE [sic] uprising. We applaud all who listen and go, through fire and snow…

Again we suggest a Lighten-ing at all levels. Release at one level enables release at others. All are connected. Lightening at all levels is required. And you will find it is so much more FUN!

This one lightened so much that we are appearing before him every night. We love the light shows, the cloud shows, the ocean shows, even the Google shows! We resonate to his resonance…

Let us say the big show is here. It has begun. And like the documentary seen on the Big Max screen, that takes-my-breath-away scene is quite close, and is designed to touch all, bless all, heal all. Then the fun really begins!


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