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KOS – August 21 & 22, 2009


August 21-22, 2009

The one you call King of Swords is here with you again!

On this 1111 day period* why we may ask is this important or significant (what word works best here is up to you!)? Other dates can reveal/express these numbers as well.

You are about to be catapulted to a higher realms than you had ever dreamed coming from the levels you have tolerated for so long.

Expecting a sudden pop from the TV or news sources on the 3D not happening exactly that way. No dates precise, but potentials lead only to one outcome. Why so long to come?

The play has reached the end of the last act long ago (DAYS ago). Now the curtain drawn on the new play, new purpose, new everything. Some see this clearly. Many still want the old play. Never to return.

A note to those in many transitions…some may say turmoil…as you move in the Light of the Pink Platinum Vibration, only the Pink Love directs. Follow the Pink Platinum Passion as Source of all direction; release ALL fear direction now.

Sat. 8/22/09

Let us continue now, shall we? Guidance coming swift & sweet, as you have released the weight, the winds of Guidance guide more easy. Light and Lightness are one and the same.

Citizens of the Galaxy you are, any doubts soon to be removed forever. Meant are you to travel every corner Spirit Walks.

As you are rapidly transitioning to freedom for all, some patience is helpful to your path. Much opens up, many closings required, free choice always, yet closings necessary to enhance the harmony with new openings.

The plan unfolds with a SURPRIZE to the many, rantings & ravings abound all around this globe and stops after appearance.

We know expectations come strongly now. We say again that we do not go on dates. Just know it is done & live life accordingly. This Universe, these beings from above, ALWAYS caring for their, what u say, Ground Crew…

Yet more than that as traveling every night, every day. We are here. We are close because we are you. We are close because we have succeeded. Time tines are ringing, time paths are now “fixed” for results. Only details may alter to the

We say one point…Follow WITHIN’S Guidance for day to day. Advise to release the “Why’s”. We know, you go. We are you. You are we.

Path narrow, go enjoy this narrow path. The Ultimate joy is on that path now.

* [referring to 8/21/2009 = 8+2+1 = 11, 2+0+0+9 = 11]


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