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King of Swords – August 9, 2009


August 9, 2009 (090809)

King of Swords here, my dear ones…

This is a moment of joyful deliverance and celebration. Of matters most urgent, if you will, we can share the momentous possible joyful outcomes are assured. Does this sound confusing to you? Perhaps it does. This is like the threads of a brand new fabric that are interwoven yet not quite set. Cannot define in old terms at all. Many many possibilities, yet this outcome is assured…this is all YOURS.

Prior yesterday’s 8/8/09. with operations as you say all over under through and new, were not waves like this ever possible. It/they ARE now.

This is the FINAL division. The FINAL hard choices have been made. The FINAL path choices have been set. At this point ascension differs greatly for those on that one, many have and are “falling” if you will, softer pathway. All are assured their place aligned with their choices & best opportunity at the next level.

Much language is so unable to express how it means. We say that this Sword has fallen, cleaved, the choice optioners. Now, groups are as 2 for ascension… Listeners that HEAR & FOLLOW… Listeners that balk and swallow. This is a very clear point. Outer-eye-seeable actions irrelevant. Knowing and glowing beyond the outer-eye-seeables is all.

Listen to inner Guidance only and path assured. [this one is challenged momentarily so we stop]. “Ask him, Ask her, Why don’t you answer me? I want answers from YOU NOW!” Such as these are cries we note. Some unwilling to hear Guidance from WITHIN. Seek withOUT you are blind. Seek within and you find.

The message paused here. Much occurring in this one’s sphere. Yet all on the knowing path know such movements occur. Again we say many lines seeming entangled threads, yet Master fabric woven.

– More to come here – [Kau’ila went to ocean rocks]

As by ocean we see small crabs in movement even waves do not move them from their paths they move confidently with all developed point of their legs keep to their rocks. Moment stumbles happen, yet strong is their rock and solid their attachment. No mistake here. Movement of antiwaves only reminder of inner strength and inner choice. Recall many threads. Fabric assured. We say no more except BE within Your Guidance.

We say again that the Gold of 8/8 Gate is with you. Drop of Gold, and you are  Bold.

So it is…


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