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King of Swords – August 10, 2009


Note from Mark:
Below is most of this afternoon’s message from KOS, except for some A-team personal information. For those who are unfamiliar with KOS’ style, this takes a bit of chewing before digesting.

Direct information can impact the new timeline we are embarking upon, and therefore,  information must be somewhat obliquely indicated. The more serious the matter, the lighter the tone with which it can be conveyed.

This does NOT indicate either a lack of reverence, nor a lack of understanding; quite the contrary. There is strong information included here, always. For those whose codes are activating, this is a ‘4 alarm clock’ ticking out a message that you are embarking on a very fast train that is about to go supersonic, then hypersonic…in a relative sense.

We are sharing this with you because of who and what you are and why you are here. Your mission upgrades are activating and only final small refinements are now possible. Be assured that you have chosen well and all possible higher ones are eager to join you as equals and partners in the new Original Time Line activations. The Golden Christed Seed Packets, emplaced as a liquid golden drop just above your physical hearts, by Ashtar on 8/8, is a pearl of great price, without which no one attains full ascension capacities and freedom. The Golden Crystal illuminating the earth grids and all ones here, is henceforth receiving Direct Source connectivity and development…from the Great Central Sun.

P.S. Ashtar will provide more tomorrow night on Ashtar on the Road CC. We are eager to hear what he has to share.1-712-432-0075, Susan, Fran and Elise
KOS msg 8/10/09
We caution one thing that as one more 24 hour time period alterations somewhat possible, but at this point the complete gate opening and readying processing note rejuvenating as it is from this new timeline. So only small number alternatives are in the offing, just options in case needed.

We say you all have manifested your missions, followed Guidance and move when called to action in either the 7th or physical realm.

As we say often our messages make n0 sense until finished and read with openness later.

Ultimate timings we speak of here. This appears to me to be a lull time as it were, so much entered in through the Lions Gate and with this A-team’s movements in inner realms, whoo baby, that was a big time. We are resting. Go have a smoke…why say that? Many feel as such, as, “Well, what has happened here? Cannot see like before…all smoky and cloudy…Where’s the joy?”

All of you or some of you are  yet in your next homes…discomfort all over but comfort is not necessary. We tell you this again, all is in preparation and actually most in some cases senses all is ready. Timings are Divine, as some say, coordinated for the proper outworkings in the Highest interests of all, for Ascension preparedness.

Did you expect a different message? We do not go to exact specifics now, but telling you this, the time is very near. Again, we say, no times, no dates, no flukes, no spooks… Can we again suggest to all others who will see these words, the Casper is not the “spook” you wish to read, much waving of hands and why is all this happening what is going on we will not be one to dishonor this or that…

Each finds their zone for now, again we say, Sword has fallen, after effects scurrying is not yours.

Thank you for your patience with your process. Remember choices too are more limited at this moment. You get what you have chosen. That is all for now…Blessings…



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  1. ejbugg says:

    Good Luck A-TEAM, keep kickin’ tail!

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