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Healing Experience with Sri…Purna on NewJerusalem



Today I felt sick and couldn’t shake it off. It started last night with crying that wouldn’t let up. It was a great release. There was anger and sadness leaving. I was also having sad feelings about the challenges in the world today. All of these things are extremely unusual for me. I typically do no less than 3 healings/day for other people. I am in my joy everyday with few worries. I have very happy friendships and a great family. I had a migraine headache, stomache, eating little. It made me wonder if we are as close as we think we are. What else could explain such a massive release?

I worked with Madame X and Lolo and Mark in three separate sessions. I finally started feeling better, enough to meditate. I said to Mark, if SRI SRI SRI SVAMI PURNA MAHARAJ told Rama and Tara, I will see you on the Rainbow Bridge, then that means we can ask for a meeting with him there. He is an expert in Bliss, Joy and Love and I need some now. We respectfully, for the purpose of linking with pure love, asked for a meeting on the Bridge with Ashtar and Svami G, our new Avatar friend of the GF.

We arrived on the Bridge. There was Ashtar and there was Svami G. I bowed Namaste to both, reverently.

I thanked them for our meeting. Svami G put his hand on my forehead and gave a Blessing, and then did the same thing to Mark. I looked up and was surprised to see him taking handfuls of rainbow colored light sparkles and throwing them at as, throwing them over us like confetti, light sparkles fell on everything (darshan) He handed me a glass tube.

Inside was a scroll. I looked at him (I was thinking, the secret scroll…) He said, Open it. I opened the vial and the scroll and read it, it said, Peace Joy Love. He said, Now you may always carry this with you. He was teasing me with a wink and a nod, as in, now you don’t have to have a special meeting when feeling down, you already know you possess all of these. I smiled. Wise Man, Indeed.

Next he took me and Mark on an intradimensional journey.

We arrived at a long granite monastery arched walkway. At the end sat a figure in a throne chair, palms together, looking like Buddha. Regally Svami G out in front, Ashtar at his side, Mark and I follow behind. The walkway is lined with Buddhist Monks and we are high in the Himalayas. Each one bows as Svami G passes. As we get closer to the end of the very long walkway. I see the figure in the chair in human form, but completely lit in golden light. I see this man is in his Christed form. When we come close, he stands up to greet us.

Svami G turns back at me, he has materialized a carved glass horse, he cups it in his hand and passes it back for me to gift to our Host.

Now I see it is the Dalai Lama. I am so pleased. We all bow greetings. As I bow, I hold out the glass carved horse for the Dalai Lama to take. He takes it. To me, he pulls out of nowhere a round sphere made of pure golden light, Christed Light. I bow Thank You. Svami G says to me and Mark, you both speak of Freedom and waiting for Peace. I wanted you both to meet a Master of Peace. I wanted to bring you all together today.

I look to the side and in the sky over the mountains see millions of space craft there watching us.

Just then I see the world turning at night, dark, and as each new surface is revealed millions of dots of light brightly light up all across the world. Mark responds saying they are ‘points of presence’ which represent each Starseed and all Lightworkers which are awakened.

Namaste, Much Joy and Love, Beth


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