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GOLDEN LIGHT OPS – Madame “X”, 8/16/09


Madame X wrote that report and I’ll post it as soon as I can and send you a copy.

This whole weekend’s Ops and actions are critical…ending on Monday. 3 separate and interlocking mass clearings are involved.



As we approach the time to complete this phase, lots of info is being channeled through different people to re-confirm that we’re ready to shift into the greatest plan ever created for earth. All of us, galactic family and light workers, came with the purpose of doing all possible to be here at this time and fulfill completion.

I’ve been with all of the A-Team, in a special gathering with Admiral Sananda, Commander Ashtar and all masters from the Galactic Council  going back and forth from the ship (New Jerusalem ), to the source and earth, aligning all the grids and energies, so this mission will be as successful as it was planned eons ago. Many of these ships and commanders have not been here in hundreds of thousands of years.

They have instructed me in what to do; what is happening, and what each of us is doing on Aug. 16th and I share this with you:

The solar disc will be taken from its temple under Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu, Peru where the solar race comes back again, bringing all the golden energy to open up the Golden Era. As in the past, the Priestesses of the Sun were the ones who used the golden disc; so now…2 of those priestesses(X & Lolo) will take care of this solar ops.

From Machu Picchu, a huge bridge of light will be sent to Kauai where K-man will hold that energy and will anchor it down and will take it underwater to the Heart of the USA (Mark, Beth and I creating that Heart)…there we create this first pyramid of energy activating to the maximum the Lemurian galactic codes.

From the heart in the USA, I will take the light as a meteor to bridge to Palma de Mallorca (Spain) to a mountain called Galatzo (means galaxy). This place has been connected to Egypt under water and there are many codes anchored there as it’s also part of Atlantis. My friends Paloma and Ana will hold that energy there and will send it underwater to connect with the Amazon, and Lolo in Machu Picchu, creating the second pyramid.

Once both pyramids are created, dots of light sent from the ships will re-align the design so it will become a 6 pointed star over the planet, in the middle there is a sun…a solar disc representing the new humanity as the solar race is back.

As the new Lemurian timeline surfaces so also will the Atlantean one, to keep balance. There are galactic codes in that area that have been kept hidden till now; all of that needs to resurface to create a new world, that is why I say I won’t create a bridge to Spain, but I will send and be part of a meteor, it needs to be lifted as fast as possible.

The Amazon in Peru and Brazil are parts of an old continent which also carry galactic codes so all of that will surface too…once Machu Picchu opens up the solar’s DONE for all of us, all kingdoms, all realms in all dimensions.

This OPS is a very important one, I’d say it’s the we have to be very centered and complete our mission in perfection and love for ALL THAT IS.

All of us know our locations, we’re all connected…blessings and infinite thanks for BEING HERE and NOW…

M. X


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