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Breaking News: Statement by Admiral Sananda to Beth & Mark 8/14/09


We respectfully Requested as Clear a Statement as Possible on this weekend’s 8/15/09 – 8/17/09 Operations and their significance, in what is to follow from Sananda.

This visit to the New Jerusalem followed our earlier today visit there to meet Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna. It now precedes a complementary report from Madame X who writes for the A-Team about our visit to the bridge as part of our larger team.

This below-interview was requested without knowing that we were all being called there simultaneously, for a briefing. So we completed the below interview first, then joined the rest of the group. That also was a significant matter which deserves to be dealt with separately in Madame X’s report.

We see Sananda and make our request for clarification on this weekend’s important Ops. Here’s his statement:

This weekend is another mass clearing and anchoring in of new timelines, in the Master Hologram.

When this is complete everything will be in place to move forward with long awaited plans.

All blocks which appear to be in the way will be removed.

Our soldiers on the battle front will no longer have anything to fight for.

We are clearing all of the old programing that ‘we are not worthy'; ‘we are less than abundant'; ‘life is something to fear’.

As the changes take place, the first step is to wipe away fear of living. This is solved by paying every person money which will mean they do not have to do something out of their personal reasoning, just to survive, just to stay alive.

Next step is to give everyone clean water, healthy and abundant food and for those who ask, a healed body.

While we are doing these things, we will begin Twin Flame Reunions on the physical level.

Very shortly you will see a completely New Earth.

People will ,for the first time ever, be free to choose their work according to their passion.
Now things will become interesting. All will be helping others, giving their creativity and talents back to the world just for the love of it.

Imagine yourself in this World. What will you do then? Where will you live? Who will you live with? How will your work change?

This weekend is monumental to it all. This weekend is about projecting as much love into Mother Earth as is possible AND this weekend is about welcoming the presence of the Trillions of Ships waiting to land and mentor all into their new lives. We are all excited about meeting our family once again, with love.



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  1. adrianIII says:

    I have dreamed of such a world for a long long time. To see it manifest is beyond exciting!

    Curiosity: Why do spiritual leaders have military titles such as admiral, commander, etc.?

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