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Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Meet Up

*Aug 18 - 00:05*

[Rama said Obama had a private meeting with Hilary today and reamed her. Rama said Obama is setting up Hilary for a public take down.  Obama had a meeting with Bill Clinton today and that was about everyone being in their face about UFO presence.]

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama meet up, but this time Hillary’s glad to let hubby do the talking
BY Kenneth R. Bazinet

WASHINGTON – Bill Clinton talked. President Obama listened.

And when Bubba finished recapping his recent North Korea rescue mission during a summit in the White House’s Situation Room, 44 invited 42 back to the Oval Office for even more. Obama clearly wanted to know what Bill Clinton thought.

Secretary of State Clinton said her husband returned from Pyongyang with “extremely helpful” information about what’s happening inside Kim Jong Il’s rogue regime.

The presidential powwow completely upstaged her own Oval Office sitdown with Obama just hours earlier. Her spokesman said scheduling conflicts prevented her from attending her husband’s meeting.

The last time her husband stole the spotlight, America’s top diplomat erupted when someone wanted to know what her hubby thought.

“My husband is not the secretary of state – I am,” she snapped.

That happened earlier this month while the former First Lady toured Africa and Bill Clinton was winning the release of two jailed American journalists.

He came away from his rescue mission believing Pyongyang may understand it’s time to play nice with the rest of the world. He passed on to Obama his thoughts about engaging North Korea and reining in its nuclear program, sources said.



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  1. adrianIII says:

    Was Rama at the private meeting?

  2. admin says:

    No I don’t believe he was. I believe he heard the info from KOS.

  3. adrianIII says:

    Then KOS was there?

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