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Big Op Update; Infinite Love, Ascension Grows – 8/15/09


Mark and Beth ask for a meeting with Metatron, Ashtar and the KOS, on the New Jerusalem, today 8/15:

Intention/ Question: We would like to achieve the most effective clearing ever, with not one bit of rackafratz left behind; go to center of the Master matrix hologram, in the absolute highest and best balance and most inclusive manner possible. The Creator’s desire with Creator support, and all of Creation in harmony and unity with the new hologram and new composite timeline.  After the clearing is done, to imprint a new idea, from Creator itself and nothing less.

Certain actions/meetings are underway. Tomorrow, 8/16–on the 22nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence–the final clearings will occur.   A-Team

We meet with, aboard the New Jerusalem:

Metatron, Ashtar and the King of Swords…

We join these three on the New Jerusalem. We ask them each to please, based on their expertise, and their role in this Op, to please reply to the above question. When we greet them, we hug each one. I tell Metatron, I am so happy to be with him this day. His eyes sparkle as he pauses with a knowing smile. Ashtar, always, is enthusiastic, when we show up ready to be our best. KOS reaches down, I am short and he is tall, and gives me an extra pat on the back, we are all very, very happy this clearing has progressed to this level. We are all aware, including Mark and I, that mass consciousness has reached a co-created consensus reality,a tipping point exceeding 51%. This means that there are at least 51% of humans on Earth asking for and ready to receive and participate in change in the way things are done to day. We have asked for a change in our financial systems, our legal process, our healthcare, our schools, our government, our military, our food supply, not JUST in the US, but also in every country around the World–at least 190. There are at least 51% of people, speaking different languages, in 190 countries, of different ethnenticity, and different religions, asking for change. These ones, we ALL, know that there is room for improvement, and we are looking for UNITY.


Metatron replies:

Let us look at the human body. The human body is a hologram; the Earth itself is a hologram; these are connected by energies which circulate over grids. Some familiar names we have, for those in the body are: Nerves. How does the nerve work? It looks somewhat like a flower. The stem is the lengthening of the neuron cell, this leads to a flowering out of dendrites into a fractal form. In the center of this is a neuron; this is where the energy impulse comes in from the head, through the crown, through the third eye, through the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, down the 12 cranial nerves and into the brain. The energy impulses coming into these conduits originating from the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun pulses out Infinite Love energies from Source directly into our brains and down our spinal cords and throughout our body. Our local sun, is a hologram of the Great Central Sun. Another energy grid whose names we reference in the human body as veins and arteries.

The energy for these comes directly from the heart. There is a group of energetic cells, forming a collective energy in the heart, called the SinalAtrial(SA) node. This pulses the heart beat. This excitation of energy comes from the medulla oblongata in the brain. The Source energy pulses into the eyes, ears, crown, and third eye, simultaneously, and pulses into the brain through the 12 cranial nerves, which are also known as The Elders Who Surround the Throne of Grace. The Throne of Grace is the Pineal gland in the brain. This is the energy center, known as a chakra, which in turn balances all the organs in the body. The endocrine system, made up of the pituitary, the pineal, the thyroid, the adrenals, the pancreas, and the sex organs, release energetics into the arteries and the veins known as hormones.

Hormone energetic impulses are the “brains” in the blood stream responsible for flowing the energy through the artery and vein conduits, using the chakras as regulators of the energy, to keep in balance, to hold in place in the hologram, all the organs. Light, color and sound frequencies, work in harmony to keep the energetics of the human body flowing with the pulses of infinite love from the Great Central Sun. This we call the human body, which in its true form is a holographic representation of energy made up of light, color and sound frequencies of energy.

On a much larger scale, we may look at Earth as a hologram of energy. There are energetic frequencies which travel through Earth, ley lines, tunnels, rivers, stargates, portals, crystalline veins in mountains, and more. These are all sentient. These are all connected to Gaia’s Heart Core. The Infinite Love frequencies pulse into the Golden Crystal, which is connected back to Source. This love energy, pulses out through the energetic grid lines, which cover the earth in metatronic, geometric patterns, pulsing out through the stargates, portals, conduits, and organs of the Earth, as well as Inner Earth. Inside, Inner Earth,there is also another holographic Sun, a light source, working with the grids inside Earth connecting all the energetic frequencies together.

If one goes into outer space, in our galaxy, and out to our universe, the omniverse beyond, what scientists call Exospace (those places we cannot visualize with current technology), one will see the Great Central Sun pulses infinite energy from Source, out to all of these places. Each one is connected to the other, through an infinite Grid. This infinite grid, may be seen as a fractal, spiraling into the smallest point, thus breaking through to a new dimension, spiraling out to the largest spiral possible, then spiraling back, again becoming small until it breaks into a new dimension. These fractals of the grid spiral out in all directions to other universes, other dimensions, other places, other times. You can easily see, We Are All One.

The Earth now is in the final clearing stages. I speak of these things in energetic terms. It is easy to see examples all over the World, in the weather, in disasters, on the war front, in business and government, and on and on, that many across the world, from all ethnicities and all religions, all countries are stressed to the breaking point. We also have asked, as a collective, for something better, pledging that we will embrace something better, when it is ripe-time. To accomplish this, we will work with the energies to channel Infinite Love, from the Source, to the Great Central Sun, into Earth, into our Bodies and project it out in every direction, through every conduit possible, to raise the vibratory rate of the energy transmitted and received, from Source and back to Source. This will effect a change in what is possible from now on. As the love light energy is pulsed through, at the highest level possible, it burns off, all things that are not love light. This occurs simultaneously in the individual body and in the Earth, this then cycles back infinitely out of the Earth grid, to every other Star and Planet in our Universe and subsequently out to All That IS, and it raises the vibration for everything in Creation. In doing this, we effect much desired change, change that has been asked for collectively. In doing this, it Creates the New. In doing this, it allows the Thought to become Manifest in Physical Form.

In order to manifest the changes requested, there must be a sequential flow; arrests, announcements, first contact, in that order. We are doing this now. The arrests are underway. As we clear the balance of the planet, infusing and pulsing Infinite Love from Source, the uneasiness, fear, and anger, are released to light to become something new. Love filters in and no one will be able to hear the misinformation anymore. These are the conditions under which announcements may be made. We do not have a date for this, because ALL CONDITIONS MUST FIRST BE MET. Only when critical thresholds are met in necessary and sufficient degrees, in balance, the Planet will be ready for massive change.


Ashtar replies:

Here now, in Earth’s atmosphere, are Trillions of ships. Some of these ships have not traveled to Earth since hundreds of thousands of years ago. These are our families from home. We are receiving help from representatives from all over the Universe. These are all Christed extraterrestrials. These are All Beings, living lives based on love. Some of these Ones are Humanoid and some are not Humanoid. In a very short time, you personally, will have an opportunity to see and greet your fellows from home.

Each one of these trillions of ships are themselves sentient. Each one have computers on board which are likewise sentient. Each awake and aware person, now on Earth, has the ability to open a conduit from their body, starting at the crown, up into any of the ships representing the Intergalatic Federation.

These ETs are all members who work through the Office of the Christ. These Ones are working with love and only love. Each awake one may now connect to the ships and open a conduit for love to move through their body and pulse into the earth. Each awake one may now open a conduit to the sentient computer on the ship and receive infinite love which may then be projected to their fellow man. There is no requirement to receive the love, only that those who are awake, when Guided to, allow themselves to be open conduits to project more and more and more love.This is just how the grids work. The grids interface directly with the sentient computers on the Ships. As the request to channel more love grows, more is drawn in from Source. Our intention of having this many ships here is to make it possible to avail oursleves to the greatest amount of infinite love. In doing this we flood our bodies, our Earth, our Ships, our UNiverse with love and only love. We circulate this through every cell, every element here, and we pass it all the way up to the 100th Dimension, through the Godhead, and back down, as an infinite loop of love. We may ask for this HIgher responsibility now. We may ask to passively transmit and receive, whether conscious of it or not, while working, eating, or sleeping and all moments in between.

Please, if you are Guided to Be of Service in this way, you will be connecting to All that Is, transmitting and receiving love. This cannot but help increase the love in your life and in everything you touch. Salut!


King of Swords replies:

Director of Ground Troops, the Galactic-Humans.

We have been observing, through many past months, the complete crumbling of all the infrastructure based in our country and to those connected to us throughout the World. We see governments, justice systems, financial industries, healthcare, religions and all manmade control based modalities falling apart. No longer are the control mechanisms recognizable.

This is due to the fact that there is a consensus reality which has asked for change, and change there is, indeed.

The Galactic Humans serving under me, work with the intricate communications, logistics, protective forces, and strategizing, needed to connect and combine the efforts of millions here, working to effect change. This operation is coordinated with covert operatives working in industry, the military and government, in synchronization, to effect changes brought in right on the ground. The things the Galactic Humans enact in their everyday lives are in fact physical manifestations, brought in jointly by efforts from those who work intra-dimensionally and multi-dimensionally. In effect, once it has occurred on the inner planes, we may then put it into play on the physical. We receive our Guidance from the Galactics monitoring everything involved. WHen the timing is right, we take the next step and the next, on and on, for the sequential flow to happen on the physical plane.

Every action we take is connected to and effects the whole. We cannot call meetings out of order. We must start at the beginning and not miss steps. We are working on many many different levels, in many countries, with World Leaders, leaders of industry, bank leaders, government leaders. Now that the Collective Whole has asked for change, No one will be left behind. Likewise, no one being will be allowed to stop the process. As we put the changes into place on the physical, each next step  takes us closer to the goals, set in motion now, for continuous arrests, announcements, and First Contact through  mass landings, as well as Twin Flame reunions.

The covert meetings of World Leaders now, are being orchestrated to put all the Galactic-Human players in place. This is producing a coordinated effort, which will be seen in every layer of human civilization. The changes are being made in the physical now. As we move forward, saturating all that is with Infinite Love, it paves an easy path to more and more manifestations in the physical.

Thank you to those working to put these changes into place on every possible level.

Beth & Mark would like to thank, Metatron, Ashtar and the King of Swords, on behalf of all reading this, for taking the time during these very busy final steps, to put into perspective what is happening; how it happens; how it works, and how it concludes.


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