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Ashtar Telecall – August 25, 2009


Well good evening everyone we are so delighted to be here in this blessed joy, absolute bliss of family.  Now we have kept this group of visitors quite busy, and we shall have our entire family participate if so desired in an uplifting, a high vibe exercise of homecoming.  But first we have a few words on other topics, so we’ll just get started, shall we.

You all are experiencing openings, sometimes more comfortable than others. We want to encourage you to spend time with yourselves.  It is a kind of an energy exchange because when you commune, remember you connect, you communicate and you commune with the all that you are, you are putting your physicality, your mental self and your emotional self into a space of calling forth the All that you are, the Divine Being that you are, you are connecting with your whole being.  And for those of you that have not heard this before, we shall explain what we mean.  We are discussing more than that that you see in the mirror, more that you feel, and that which you think.

We are discussing the whole totality of you, awesome being you are.  And that is your past, your present, your future, your dimensional self, all rolled into one great ball if you will, of energy fields and all of your bodies and including your spiritual self.  Now there are many ‘ah-ha’s happening with family, and you do not have to be in a deep meditation or off by yourself in a quite peaceful place or out with nature, or hugging your kitty-cats, or your baby or whomever, in order to have an ah-ha.  They can happen at most interesting times.  You could be driving along the freeway, zooming along in your little red car and all of a sudden here comes an ah-ha.  Well, it may not be the most opportune time, but try to get the wisdom from it anyway, and record it when you have the opportunity to do so.

If you keep writing materials handy or a little recorder handy you can almost do it right then and there by simply moving over, or parking your vehicle or moving off an exit ramp and then getting back on.  Why?   Because you need that kind of validation.  You need to understand that you are indeed leaving that what you call 3D, you are beginning to live beyond 3D and it is most important for you to expand with it, to grow with it, to allow yourself to be in a higher space, a higher dimensionality, so that you can bring yourself  to this space whenever.  If you close to the experience, if you shut it down and say, ‘not now –  I am too busy’, and all of you have done that at times and we understand there are times when you really are where you cannot stop the activity in order to get the wisdom.  So commit it to memory if that is the only way you have to document it in the moment.

You see while you’re getting wisdom, while you’re making the connection, you are hearing the voices of you and your entire team of guides and indeed the Masters and the Ashtar Command and all the beings beyond that, you put yourself into a different space literally and you feel that connection, that communion, maybe not for the entire time that you are listening, but when you get that high-vibe sensation, that’s what you want to keep most of all, that’s what you want to return to, that’s what you want to bring into this   marvelous being you are.  That’s living beyond 3D, Beloved Ones, its 5D and up, up and away.   So the more you document and write down the experiences, the more you can take yourself back to that magic moment, the moment of bliss.  It’s a moment of high energy, it’s a moment of moving beyon d whatever limitations your physicality, even though it’s in transition, might still be presenting you with.  It’s to move yourself up and out of that restrictive thought. That’s your mission.

Now we talk about ‘beaming’ and of course that’s part of it, but understand wherever you are on the freeway, in a peaceful garden, in the waters, in your tubs, or wherever you are, when you go to that space, you are sharing that space a long way out there or that you bring yourself back to that space, the more you are helping the world around you.  Now we tell you that you are Ashtar Commanders who have volunteered to come to Planet Earth in human body, and many of you are quite familiar with your past, that which you call your past on Planet Earth, but you are all from someplace else, somewhere out there in the stars.  You can call yourself Starseeds and you can call yourself Gods and Goddesses because that’s the truth of the whole thing anyway.  You were created with curiosity because the Creator-Mother -Father had curiosity, only Mother-Fathe r only does Love – that’s it, and you were created out of that Love.  You are the perfect child of Mother-Father.  Only, guess what?  When you put on a human body you have the ability to do some awful kinds of things to experience the opposite of Love to create fear.

So, a part of your big journey, transition if you will, is to un-create fear.  That is to make it a no-thing – to bring it to zero and recreate Love.   Transmute, transform and create Love.  It has been said that one of our great teachers here on Planet Earth if I can say so, because I consider myself to be an honorary citizen of Planet Earth at this time, was created in the image of Creator.  What does that mean?  It means that he was created in the image of Love. He came here to express Love and it wasn’t easy, and it has not been an easy road for any of the great teachers, you call them masters, ascended masters or Great White Brotherhood or Sisterhood members now.  Do you think they had easy lifes?  No, and quite often their lives ended violently because the world was not ready for what they had to offer.

My, how times changed.  Time as you measure it has come to the point where now all is ready.  The preparations are down to final Q-tipping and polishing.  The great freedom that you so long for, the glimpse of higher dimensionality, is what you call just around the corner, but you have a few steps to walk before you actually round that corner.  So get on with it, go within, you can go to specialists, practitioners, all kinds of messengers and you can say, ‘What’s my mission? help me to heal, and help me to create the life that I choose to have’, and this is all well and good.

When you go within with your particular guidance team, remember who’s in charge of your guidance team and that’s you, Beloved Ones, and if you get a message back to go and chat with someone or perhaps pay them some dollars this is all absolutely perfect for you to do.  Check it out with yourself, that is all we suggest, check it out with yourself before you commit to spending time with anyone outside of your own fabulous guidance team.  And the reason we say that is clarity is absolutely important for your mission, and it’s your clarity that’s important to you and it’s your mission that’s important to you.

Now we’ve been real busy and there’ve been a lot of energies coming to Planet Earth which have been in facilitation of your Ascendance, of your moving up in high vibes, of your spending time beyond 3D and so on and so on, and these energies are yours to claim.  And if you have closed a bit of yourself to receiving these energies, they are there for you anyway, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, you can do a conscious exercise and say, ‘OK I am now ready for the next step in receivership.  I choose to be receiving all the gifts, all the wondrous rays of energies the universe has.’   Well you can say, ‘why don’t you pace it a little bit because I am not sure how much I want to take in at any moment’, and that is perfectly alright because its your journey.  Don’t let anyone else muck up your journey, Beloved Ones.   You know you don’t want to get down in the tar pits just because somebody you care about is down in the tarpits, what you want to do is get yourself elevated up and out of that tarpit so that you can then say, ‘Come on, its really nice up here, if I can do it you can do it,Beloved Ones, come and join me.

When you beam, is that not an invitation to follow the light that you are?  Think about that.  In fact we can say to all of you beloved family as our command members, as a beamer you are just one big bright invitation.   And let it be and rejoice that it’s so because that’s who you are.  You are here to lead the way Beloved Ones and you are all having experiences, and you can blossom if you choose, if you feel you are not ready to step beyond.  But the reason we have suggested that you share your experiences is simply so that you come together in this grand community of the One we all are, and so that you put out your hand to help others.  And so that in sharing you actually join hands, and dance and sing and say whoopee …. You’re doing it.  We may not all be doing the same thing, we may not actually all be on the same time flow, but you are all creati ng new timelines for yourself anyway.  So if you have ever played the game of leapfrog,  don’t see yourself as the end of the line; you are just ready to make a leap, if you want to think of it that way.  This is not a competition to see who gets there first.  There is nothing competitive or negative or down in the dumpies about any of this.  This is about you and your Ascension.  Now we will just cut right to the end.  We have said this before to you.   You are all going to make it, as long as you don’t hold yourself back.  Nobody is flunking this course.  But it is a course that leads to graduation.   And so in order to graduate, you need to commit.

Now we have done commitments, affirmations; we have done beautiful visualizations and meditations along the way.  And we are getting into some high-powered stuff now.  The timelines have changed so much that this family is moving ahead at warp speed …. Hmm …. quite more than warp, maybe triple warp speed would be a better way of putting it.  Anyway there are exponential risings taking place. Now if you don’t see yourself in your own personal bubble rising, just take a moment and see yourself there, and look down and see yourself rising and see that your feet are off the ground because that’s where we see you, Beloved Ones.   Every time you smile, or beam, or have a  heart experiences, you know what we mean by h eart experience?  We are talking outreach here, we are talking connections.  Heart connections take place first and foremost within your own beings, and remember that great big being that you are, and  we ask you to see if as spherical because in 3D its easy to look at flat representations, you are not flat Beloved Ones, you are well-rounded beings, and it is to bring all of you into that happy, joyful, synchronistic harmony because that’s how you get it done, when you are all there.

Then you can beam up a bit and then you don’t feel like you are there because you are so light. And that’s perfect.  That’s wondrous.  Take yourself up into joy.  Now as we have said there are many, many helpers, mediations, groups and so on, and we suggest you go into the marketplace, we have suggested that before, find a funny spot or a rainy spot or whatever gives you joy, and just beam at everybody going by.   Have you an idea how many timelines you will facilitate the creation of by all of those who walk by?  As many people as walk by that you beam.  That’s right.  Infinite possibilities and potentials are there, just by you being there.   Do you have any idea how magnificently you shine? We have told you many times you outshine the brightest of stars, and now your auras are filling in with the c olors of higher dimensionality.  Oh yes, you still have your greens and your blues and so on and so on.   And all of these colors are transmuting into the higher colors.

Where there was red you might now be starting to see something that you call magenta or pink, you know the pink platinum.  How many of you have seen the magenta, turquoise, orange crystalline light.  All of the colors of the higher dimensions have that crystalline glow, that platinum that shines and makes the colors so luminous.  Some of you have seen the ships emitting the mysterious colors, it’s like ‘Hello, yes we are here for you and we are signaling.’  Open your heart just a bit wider and feel the messages that come in as you see the light of the ships.  Does this mean you all have to run outside and see the ships otherwise you have flunked?  No it does not.  As you are looking out at the sky with your 3D eyes open, close your eyes and use your third eye and see all.   You are all having wondrou s connections and experiences, so share them.  And for who you are, for the totality of who you really are because we have told you many times you are not all you are in the mirror because now you are more in the mirror, enjoy it, love it, live it and be assured you are on the right path, because it’s your path.

Nobody else can put the next step of your path out in front of you except you.   And we are going to share something with you, you may not have known before.  You know that before you came into this body you had a meeting with your own special guidance team and right away you designed your contract.  You put your divinity into the contract for the experiences of this lifetime, the final lessons that you would learn but retain the wisdom of for this life, this Ascension because you all came in to be on the path of Ascension if you were 6 or 60.  We will share something with you.  Throughout eons of time, you first came to the land of Lemuria – did we mention you have all been there – there is an entry point for you to come, and so you came way back then.   You had, shall we say ,your recurring themes, the biggies that you have experienced in some way or other over and over again in more than 1000 lifetimes here in bodies.  You may not have known that but think about it.

Now some dropped off along the way as you got your wisdom.  But you may be experiencing an encore in this lifetime something that hasn’t come up before that you are consciously aware of ,something that happened long ago and far away but you’re not really too sure where it came from, just a tiny little encore and its message to you is, ‘Well done!’ Transmute it a bit and let it go.  Congratulations. Take the wisdom and say, ‘Thank you Beloved I AM.’  Because I AM done with it.  There is a trophy case and there is a place for all of the lessons you have learned and everyone is represented  … just imagine, something of all the colors you love and resonate with ready to go in your trophy case.  If something comes up that you are not familiar with, know it’s from a lifetime experience, lesson, wisdom, and well done.  We are so excited.

Now we are going to do something tonight …… a welcome home.  So appropriate that we have brought these ones to a place where Lemuria is very much alive.  What they are doing is going around and doing what they are inspired to do.  And you know who gets to be the chief inspirer …. Ha allow the 3D vibes that have grown up here to rest in peace to be transmuted so that what is coming through is the real homeland.  And you all know the homeland is Lemuria.  So what we are going to do tonight is bring Lemuria to each and every one of you. Lemuria is already there in your heart, Beloved Ones, it is there, so we are going to activate it so that each and every one of you can hold hands and join heart to heart with each other and feel, if you will, call it the Lemurian citizenship, your heritage.  After all, you came from the galaxy and beyond, and we ask those of you who felt ready to stand forth and affirm that the last time we were in communion with each other, so now it’s time for you to anchor Lemuria, firmly activate it, it’s already there, so we are going to bring you if you are ready to stand with us.  So we are going to ask you to affirm your coming home to your homeland in your heart.

We ask that you allow us to bring you on waves of Love, to this most sacred and holy of places that you may join together once more as you were together in the very beginning when you stepped out of the craft and when you slowed down your Merkaba craft long enough to take your places here.  No matter who you are, no matter where you are from originally, you have all the homeland in your hearts and in your beings.  And so, Beloved Ones, we come to this point in our togetherness when, if you choose, and if you are ready, we are taking you to the higher dimensions that you may feel the connection with that which is your homeland on Planet Earth.  And so if you choose to do so, repeat after me and I, Ashtar, shall lead this Ceremony of Homecoming, and so we shall begin:

I stand tall in my being

And I see myself upon the shore

And I feel the sand beneath my feet

And I honor the rocks from which this beautiful island has been made

And I take myself back to the beginning

When this was a land of welcoming

A landing place for me.

I came in representation

Of my homeland in the stars

And I claimed this land as my earth homeland

And now I see the colors of Lemuria shining bright

In all of my being

And I feel the connections once more

To this holy and sacred land.

And I feel the peace

And the joys

And the empowerment

Of the sovereign IAM

And I stand forth now

As a citizen

Of Lemuria

Home again in my heart

And in all of my being

And I shine forth

The light of Welcome Home

To all of Planet Earth and beyond

And I represent my homeland

With joy

And peace

And love

Infinitely and ongoing

And I say to myself

I AM the Spirit

I AM the Divinity

I AM the Sacred Being

Citizen of Lemuria


And so it is.

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this real-time transcript.


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