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Ashtar Telecall – August 11, 2009



Well good evening everyone.  Even-ing, what a great word – it has more than one meaning you know.  Where the beings are in this room who are bringing you this program, it is evening.  But we are going to talk about another kind of even-ing … or shall we say evening out.  And it is grand indeed.  This will be a rather unique program even for us – we know we are a bit unique – there are those who think we are a little far out and that is fabulous, because we are as that is the whole point and mission of this group is to bring themselves far out.  5D yes.  Or beyond.  And to assist the entire planet in getting as far as 5D and as individuals they can go beyond at any time that they wish to do so.  But from 3D to 5D that’s a pretty big jump, and we know that you all are very much tuned in to all of the changes, and what we are engaged with at this present time is a grand evening out, in other words for all individuals particularly those in the human bodies, but even for the other kingdoms themselves to become even within themselves.  That is another way of saying balance. That is another way of saying being able not only to sense and to take in all of these wondrous energies, and to shall we say receive the benefits of all of the wondrous energy exercises that are being done, even though some of them are being done in dimensions higher than 3, they are impacting beautifully upon 3D, and they are coming more and more, and more and more people are becoming more calm.

Oh some are still experiencing some storminess – some are experiencing where they didn’t think they had anything to experience in this area for instance, break ups of relationships that they thought would go on and on.  Well this is like a wake up call saying you need to be doing something different or with someone different, or moving someplace different or just being different.  So it’s all coming about but in a very evening kind of a way. Fear is largely dissolved and gone.    The energies of fear, the programs of fear, the clouds of fear, the dark hat creators of fear and so on and so on.   And so what there is is the very essence of beingness and that is Love.

Now love can have you giddy, it can have you overflowing with the emotions of the joy of it.  It can take you into these higher dimensions of being where you already are anyway, you just don’t know it, it’s called Reunion.  And Love of this universal kind can be the greatest bond, and we mean bonding in the highest, most joyful sense.  This oneness with all.   This desire to do missions, projects and exercises to help everyone.  All of these spring from that great Love.  Creativity itself can be born in this highest atmosphere of Love and you know what happens when you create in the highest of vibrations.   You bring it about you, shall we say, ground it into your reality and it becomes your truth..

So we say to all Happy Evening, joyful evening, well done, keep going and it’s a grand process that you have committed to being not only a part of, but because you are here, and because you are awake, you have committed to being a leader.  You might say an Ashtar Commander in the forefront of the action, only the action is Love, the action is peace, the action is serenity in everyone’s being.  And if that sounds a bit contradictory, contemplate for a moment being completely at peace and serene, and how can you not bubble up or overflow with joy, because it’s such a relief for one thing.

How many of you have enjoyed calmness and peace and serenity, and a sense of well being, an absolute abundance in all that you desire, we are not just talking about dollars here.   How many of you can say that you enjoyed that in all of your lifetimes here in this body?  That really wasn’t your mission, you know that your mission was just the opposite or some part of the opposite, so that you’d know.  When peace comes knocking at your heart you’ll know it, and you may overflow with the joy of it, and that is all perfect because Beloved Ones you stood in line for this, and you’ve earned it. You’ve been such faithful, faithful members of the Ashtar family in your missions that our hearts overflow    with the love, the appreciation and the gratitude that we have for all that you have done and been, for all that you are now which is grand and divine indeed, and for all that you are becoming – Masters, Ascended beings, and living to your fullest potential in full acceptance, recognition and use of your divine gifts that you all have.

Now that’s a lot, and we tell you now that each and every one of you and we have scanned this family, each and every one of you are firmly both feet and wings upon the path or above it, because it’s a little more fun to skim over the surface, is it not?

You are flying Beloved Ones, you are flying.  Your bodies may be having a bit more of what you call the ascensionitis or the symptoms of ascension.   Be at ease with it.   Come to peace with it.   Take lots of naps.   And know that you have this marvelous team, and that your team director or manager is You, Beloved. Your divine self. Your divinity.  Your higher self, or super consciousness or however you want to call it.  Welcome.  Your homecoming.

Welcome home to that part of you that is.  Stand forth and know the all that you are because you are grand and glorious, and you shine, you shine so bright, and you are radiant beings and that means you are sharing it. Take all of the love light you need or want or could possibly imagine for yourselves and then share it because you know what, there is always more  – you have infinite quantities available and we have said this before, this is a time to bring these words forward again because they have taken on even higher meanings as these energies continue, as the portals continue to open, as the lions gate opens with a big roar, and it has done so.

Now we know that you are all wondering what we are going to say on another topic.

Before we get there we want to make one more comment about the absolute appropriateness of our togetherness at this particular evening –  you know this is a date you call   8 11 11,   Well it is a triple 11.   When you have a moment go and look at your pin which you punched into your telephones or whatever magical instruments you have for being together and joining us on this call, take a look, it’s another 11 – you can’t get much higher than a triple 11 day, can you?  Hmmm ……  Is that not delightful.   By the way you might take a look at the telephone number and see what that adds up to to.  There are a lot of fun big numbers and we want everybody to get high, when you think about it.   No accidents, no accidents at all, so just enjoy.

Now we know that on certain levels and we call them the more active levels of third dimension, that there is still a certain social consciousness going around, we know that, it’s rapidly disappearing and we are going to tell you to take everything in to your perspective – discernment, discernment, discernment.  That is the key word. Now there are others.  When you receive information from any source, whether it is your next door neighbor, or your newspaper, or your television or from one of the messengers.  How does it feel to you?  What does your heart say?  You are going to attract the messages that vibrate where you are, so in the moment you might get a little fear-based message and that’s OK because your job is to recognize it and clear the fear out of it, and see what’s left.  If it resonates with you that is wondrous, but take the emotion of fear as much as you can, that’s a part of your mission assignment to remove fear from anywhere in your being.

When you do so you will find that you will be much more able to take on the role of the observer and you can take delight in all of the differences.  You can celebrate the differences and say oh how wonderful that you feel this about this, I feel differently but that’s wonderful too.  You are all wonderful and everyone is wonderful and everyone is loved.

Even those who are putting out the dark programs are loved.  Well there are not really too many of the dark hats left as you know, but love them anyway, forgive them and if someone comes along with something different to say, love them and let them be.  It takes much less energy to love.   You can throw in a few ho’ ponoponos or dendrite clearings or whatever you want to do when you recognize something that does not seem loving to you, if there is a little fear you can clear the fear.   Discernment and say oh you are so wonderful, and we do appreciate so much the fact that you have a perspective and so on and so on.  It doesn’t mean that you have to … what you call …. there is an expression  … oh yes ….You do not have to buy into anyone else’s perspective.  You are god/goddess in human body, yes but you are god/goddess.

Does God express judgments?  Does God say negativity is good?  No, God doesn’t really express negativity.  Humans do and it has been very enlightening and very useful.  It has created wisdom.  It has created a desire for truth.   But Beloved Ones the truth of anything for each one of you is within each one of you.   I, Ashtar, speak from the perspective I have, and you know it’s Love, and that is what I have for you, a lot of other things, esteem, gratitude, honor, respect and just plain Joy at our togetherness.   So I have a joyful high-vibe perspective on things.  But I also observe, and I tell you that everyone is loved.   The only way to quantify love is to say that it’s infinite and that’s really not very quantifying is it?   But that’s quantum physics for you, ha, we snuck that one in didn’t we?  Alright …

This is a very serious and solemn topic but we want to keep the vibes up where they belong, and we want all of you to know that there isn’t anyone who has spoken on the internet or on the telephone or verbally whatever, whose opinions and perspectives are not honored.  We only come before you with the truth as we know it and as we convey it, and the most important conveyance of all is not so much what comes out of the voice’s mouth, as it is the feelings it invokes in all of you.   So if you resonate with it, let’s just keep on going because we’ve got a lot to do, missions galore!  And to those who have said no, that’s not my truth, wondrous indeed are you for striking out on a different path, for going back to a path that you were on before, and for being true to yourselves.    We only hope that the messages that you are receiving are as joyful as the messages that we are receiving.  And we shall leave it at that.

Now we wish to move along.   We are in a most auspicious time.  You know what is about to happen. Whether you know it or not, the pieces for this have never been more in place than they are at this moment.  You know what we are talking about, some BIG announcements.  Big, big, big, big, big …..  Yes NESARA, Yes First Contact, ha!  Official First Contact we will say …..and so on, and so on.

Now let’s explain why.   It’s because you Beloved Ones have evolved to where you are now.  How about that?  You’re calling for truth as you never have before and we are speaking of the Planet now, collectively, the collective consciousness.  Everybody knows about 911 and everybody’s getting pretty tired of all of the lies that have been purposefully put out there by the disinformation specialists – love ‘em, love ‘em, love ‘em, and thank them and appreciate them and keep your vibes up now because without them there would not be such a clamoring for truth.  So everybody wants truth and its coming forth like a hurricane, and its shaking people like a hurricane and its going to continue.

Stay even Beloved Ones, keep your consciousness up, be the observers and be the bringers of joy.  How does that sound?  Because as these announcements become more understood, those who are so afraid of change are going to start breathing better, they are going to start enjoying life better, and they are going to say Wow, I have a whole new perspective on the thing cause my bank account has a bunch of zeros in it now, and this gives me the inspiration to take a new perspective.  I can feel joy now because I am allowing it.     Because nobody is stuffing me into a 3D box and putting the lid on me.  Oh, oh, I now understand who was stuffing me into the box and putting the lid on me.  Ha ha!  I declare myself to be free, cause I don’t have to be in a 3D box anymore .. now what’s this, tell me more about this ascension business.   I want to get on with it.   You see.  This is what is going to happen.    We have just given you an encapsulated perspective.  We have just taken you to revelations updated.  So continue with that and see where it leads.

Have your scenarios ready to give to the world.  Have your creations ready to gift to the world.    Be spontaneous and do your joy dances now, and start sharing that with others: your dances, your music, your paintings, your E-mails, your poetry and all of that.  Live in 5D at least or higher if you choose.  But 5D you consider to be your base to which you want to invite the world to join you at.  So that’s the mission. That’s what you are here to do. Go beyond 5D if you choose to by all means.  But remember that the main mission right now is to get everybody up into 5D, then they can shall we say feel their wings, choose their next mission, their next adventure and you Beloved Ones will be going higher if you choose to do so, and if you haven’t already done so.  Remember once you get there, you can come back to 3D as a 5D individual.    You can even have a 3D-appearing human body if you choose to, you can appear in the human body you have just lived in its all up to you. You have choices.

Be not sad or down in the dumpies or afraid if your best friend, or your lover, or your mother, or your father, or your child does not seem real interested at this moment in what you are doing and where you are going. If you go there first, you literally leave a trail.  You remember Hansel and Gretel?   They left a very visible trail, only problem was that somebody with a dark hat came along and gobbled up the trail or picked it up or something.  Well there aren’t any more that are going to do that.  And what’s the trail anyway.  Its a trail of Love and those who don’t seem to be quite up to where you are on the path will be delighted to join you once they give themselves permission to get out of the box that they are in.

You know a great wise one said the only thing that is constant in this world is change, and change is happening so fast that it is inspiring shall we say, some of those in human bodies to dredge up some fear that they have not yet done their Q-tipping out of, or that they are creating anew because change can be intimidating and we know that Beloved Ones.  So, if some change or other comes up in front of you, give it a new name.  Call it opportunity, call it another step upon your wondrous path.  Call it whatever you choose, but make sure that you give it high vibes, wave your magic wands of light, send Ho’ponoponos  or whatever it is that works for you.  Don’t forget the violet ray – you have free 24/7 access to that and to the Sword Excalibur which waves the truth.  Utilize your tools Beloved Ones. If they are a little bit rusty or dusty, get them out, polish them up and use them.   And whatever else you have in your tool kit.  If you are drawn to a group, a class that wants to inspire you with some new tools, and it resonates with you and you just know that’s for you, then go for it.  Here’s a bulletin:

There is no right way or wrong way to get there. There is no wrong way to get there.  How about that.   There is only the way to get there and every way is right.  If that sounds judgmental remember we are speaking in terms of 3D perception here.  Well we can do that – we can exist in all dimensions and we have to come into 3D or we have to scan 3D as we call it.   Take a perspective on it, and know where the consciousness is.  So be prepared.   Do your exercises and know that there is no place for fear because it simply cannot make the trip. So if there is some fear it just needs to be gathered together, called forth, recognized, acknowledged in some manner and transmuted.  And what are you transmuting it to anyway?   You are taking the energy – because energy is energy, you don’t destroy it – you’re simply moving it up into a higher vibe – call it love, call it joy, call it excitement, call it fabulous anticipation.  We are moving, we are moving, we are moving, up, up and away and we like to use these directions because it’s much easier to visualize, is it not?

So get out your tool kit, then go within and take a look at what is active and what is not active in your tool kit.  Cause you’ve all got all the tools did you know that, you know telepathy, the ability to bring in the messages, give them to others, the ability to do what you call automatic writing, the ability to see the colors in the auras and the energy fields around all beings who have energy fields.  All of those you have, there is a tendency right now to specialize but wait a minute, dear ones, for your acknowledgment and your welcome and your acceptance and most of all for your willingness to take them out for a test run.   Give them a try, and as you do that you gonna find yourself more and more into what we call instant connections.  What does that mean?  It means you are going to get in connection with someone who is passed over and is living in a higher dimension, or you are going to start seeing those energy fields out in nature or you are going to have an invitation to the next fairy ball or you’re going to have a unicorn come up and ask you for your love and affection and attention.  Or you’re going to have a conversation with a mermaid, or a dolphin or somebody interesting is going to come your way and give you some wisdom, or you are going to give some wisdom to that one, and you are going to discover that in giving wisdom you receive, and in receiving wisdom you give.

Because you see we are all connected, we are all family.  That which we call love is the greatest connector of all and so as you connect with the All That Is, you are going to amplify your communications more and more.   And if there is a general title that one can give to the items in your tool kit, it might be communications devices.  No matter what it is.   And so we call upon you to discover, or to identify one which is a bit dusty or rusty or you just plain haven’t tried out yet at all, whatever it is, telepathy or remote viewing, out of body, seeing the colors, writing some music or some poetry or just writing something.   Enjoy.   You may have tired it a few years ago.  Enjoy the relative ease with which it comes to you.  Call forth the connection and enjoy the ease of communication that you’ll be discovering.  Remember the energies are here to facilitate and so is your guidance team, and remember who is managing or directing your team.  Ha ha – that gives you a clue doesn’t it?  You choose.  You can go in and ascertain what your team sees as your next triumph in utilizing your tools, but remember it’s you in charge Beloved Ones.

And from there you enter into communion – communion just means you hone, you deepen, you widen, you increase the vibrations of whatever communication you have chosen in the moment.   Now that puts a whole new light on the concept of multitasking, does it not?  Because here’s something to consider, you might be multitasking your communications, your tool kit skills.  You might be using more than one.  What if you are communicating with Mother Sekhmet and having a jolly conversation and all of a sudden you see her in the room with you, you get the fact that she’s right here saying    bring it on, I am ready.  Are you, Beloved Ones?

Now we shall continue.

We have a little something to share with you and it is perfectly alright if you tell the voice because we made her aware of it, we just didn’t tell her that we were going to reveal all of this – she was in quite a communion as is called dance, so she finally thought to say what’s going on here – we told her we were amping her up a little bit – because we have an exercise tonight that has not been done before ever in this gathering in all of the years, let me see, 5 years – yes 5 years that this communication has been going on through this voice.   She was quite nervous at first.  And we hadn’t quite gotten the rhythm you know of when I, Ashtar, had something to say, and she was a bit intimidated and scared, and that is fine we let her have her moments of fear, but we always showed up when we said we would be there, and a few other times.  And now we are constantly in communication.

So we went a bit of a step higher and did activations and she said oh goody, I am so excited.  What are we doing?  And so we told her and she said  “Wait a minute, am I really ready for this?”  And we said well we just told you so and we made sure of it, and we just helped you with your permission, and she said OK I gave permission, yes let me see now I’m checking, yes I gave permission, and she went through her usual ritual. And it was most delightful for us because we already knew what she was going to hear and what she was going to find out.

And she checked in with the individuals that we named and yes, they confirmed, and she came to this conference call and said OK Ashtar I am leaving it up to you and everyone else because I am with you, I love you and I trust you.  Don’t believe we have ever heard her say that before. Took 5 years but here we are.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

And so on that note we are going to tell you that we have a most solemn exercise for tonight.  We are going to tell you first off, I, Ashtar, am going to explain it.  To give you the overview and to get it started.  And I will tell you what it is about to begin with.  We are asking each one of you to stand forth and to affirm to your conscious selves and to the world, your membership or if you wish to call it your citizenship in the Galactic Federation on behalf of Planet Earth and all of its kingdoms below on and above.

We have the red carpet rolled out for you, and so we shall ask you as we explain this a bit further, to affirm to yourselves first of all that yes indeed it is time as you measure time.  You are ready to stand forth as representatives of Planet Earth and we have some marvelous representatives who will be joining in this exercise.   They have volunteered to come and be with you at this most awesome and sacred moment and they stand ready to come before you – or shall we say they are waiting for you to arrive.  What does this mean?  It means that you are committing your entire being to being together with yourselves.    You’re already on the ships, you are already in the higher dimensions anyway.  We are talking about your consciousness, a part of which cant help but be still in 3D. We are talking about lifting your consciousness into a 5D perspective. We are talking about affirming your readiness to live in 5D, to take the 5D perspective, to think Love first and foremost, and then to base your discernments and your perfections from that perspective.   Now we want to say to you, you are all ready. You are already here with us.  We are only asking you to bring your consciousness into the joining.

Are you worthy?    Absolutely.     Do you deserve to be a representative of Planet Earth    to the Galactic Federation?   Absolutely.  You already are.   Are you perfect?  No, you don’t have to be, neither do we.   That’s one of the joys of it.   Are you a perfect being of Love?  Absolutely yes.  That’s what joining us is about, it’s joining the love.  And if there is anybody out there who cannot accept this as the truth of your being in your heart, then you are invited to observe and to join when you feel ready.  But we want to tell you now Beloved Ones, you are all ready.  You have been preparing for this moment throughout all of your lifetimes.  This is a step on your path but it is huge.  And so we ask you to go into your hearts and to at least come with us to the place where this will take place.  There are beings of love, only beings of love there to welcome you, your entire Ashtar family, the consciousness of all of Planet Earth, the higher consciousness shall we say, the love of the universe, the masters, the angels, the dwellers of all of the kingdoms are represented here in this sacred place and as we have said before, that part of you which is outside of your humanness is already there.  And there are those special beings who will bear witness and there is one in particular who will lead the exercise and you will know and recognize him and we will tell you anyway when we get there.  So fasten your seatbelts, or prepare yourselves in whatever way you choose to.  We invite you to go once more to your crystal elevators.

You can close your eyes and breathe yourself there if you choose to. And see in your minds eye or your heart, wherever your vision is at this moment, your beautiful elevator, the doors surrounded by crystals and that is all coming into your field of vision and that is all you see.  And know that it is your elevator. Your own personal elevator.   And know that your guidance team is with you every step of the way as you walk towards this magical wonderful elevator.   And as the doors open, you see that it is waiting for you and so you step inside and see that its all crystalline and beautiful.  The lights of the universe are shining and warming you in their glow, all the walls, the ceiling and even the floor.  And you may see your particular birthstone, your gemstone there.  More than one.  And you see all the colors that you love so well and you feel all the warmth of all of the healing crystals, the loving crystals, the empowerment crystals and you know you’ve got your power suit on for this journey.  And you know that you’re headed in the right direction.  And as soon as you and your entourage of loving guides are on this elevator, the elevator starts to move up.   And as it does so, you feel a sense of exhilaration; you feel a sense of moving perhaps even out of your human body but definitely you are moving, higher and higher you go until you arrive.  And you know you have arrived because the door … the elevator stops and the door opens.

And I, Ashtar, shall say to you Salut for the elevator ride even as you move forward and see me there and the company comes to welcome you, and to be one with you, and to join with you as you join with us.   Formally, officially in your consciousness, in your heart, in your great mind, your feelings and in all of your being.  So come now and stand – this is the altar of truth, you see the Sword Excalibur, you see the Violet Ray, St. Germain you recognize and here come forth three representatives to witness and one who will lead.  And you recognize the three witnesses, and they are ones who are Beloved, and they are ones who exist inter-dimensionally and they are aware of it even now.  And so you will see the brightness of the light around them as they come to witness you and your affirmation.

And the first one you recognize is the Beloved One whom you affectionately know as JFK.  For he is indeed a citizen of the world and the galaxy beyond.  And on the other side of the three you recognize beloved Dennis Kucinich for he is Ambassador to the Galaxy and citizen of the world of Planet Earth.    And in the middle, you will recognize the great Ambassador himself from Sirius, and he is called Barack Obama.   He comes to bless you with a step forward and you are already honored for the great, courageous step that you take – the courage that comes from your hearts Beloved Ones.

And now focus upon the one who will lead this affirmation.   And he is as you may not have heard him before but you will recognize the beloved energy that he brings, that is the energy of Love, and the energies of Oneness.     Please welcome this one, and I Ashtar say to you, Salut.


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