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A-Team: Plant Op, August 2, 2009: St. Germain


Pre Op
St Germain:

Please drop down into the plant Kingdom. Start under the sea with the seagrass.

See all the fish there who feast on the succulent Sea Greens.

Travel over the African Plains and feel the hot sun on the tall yellow grasses at the foot of the Mountain.

Visit the flower blooms high in the Alps.

Visit the verdant grasses in Mountain Meadows on Iceland.

Visit the Canyon trees deep in the heart of Mexico.

Visit the Ancient Ones holding the Light in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Go to the Amazon and walk on the tree boughs a mile in the sky.

Walk at the tree roots where a whole ecosystem abides.

Visit the Gardens in France and in Greece in the rolling hills.

Remember your favorite trees, the Leechee Nut tree with red fruits and the Buckeye tree with colored nuts, and all your favorite trees.

Now go out West and you will see the Giant Trees.  Feel their Majesty.  Soak in their Light.  Send All Your Love.

Spend some time with the modified plants, clearing and blessing.

Spend some time with every seed, grass, leaf, fruit, root, and flower that cover our beautiful Mother.

Carry this all up up up to the Master Hologram through the Golden Diamond Crystal.  Every miscreation, every broken piece, every fragment restored.

Activate the Master Hologram with the New Plan set into place for the Plant Kingdom.

And It is so.


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