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A-Team: Deva Op, August 2, 2009: St. Germain


St. Germain to the A-Team: The Devas and Natural Spirits

Thank you both for meeting with me tonight.

The Devas.  Ah!  Little is known, yes?  A full spectrum of things?  Including the Angels…

God, angel, spirit, demi-god, celestial being, deity or any supernatural being of high excellence

Nature Devas are responsible for ‘things’ such as fire, air, rain and trees.  Most of them assumed a minor role, and then later their deities rose into prominence.  These higher Devas control much more intricate tasks governing the functioning of the cosmos and the evolution of creation.  Some, such as Lord Ganesha, have such tremenduous tasks under their diligence that they are sometimes called themselves Gods, under the Supreme One God.

So, you see, Devas are the Mystics who make Magic.  Some Devas you know?  Pan, ThunderBeings, Glenda, the Good Witch of the East, Merpeople, Thor, Mercury, Haaton, Horus, Ganesha, Hanuman, Leprechauns, Wizards.

Visit tonight with these magicians and play with them, and create with them.

The dragon slayer may want to visit the eastern Dragons still guarding the magical misty mountains in the Himalayas.

The elemental Spirit, IJAR, is a deva, and so is the mermaid from Java.  Both you and Mark live with devas?  Yes.

You both have a relationship with them.  You both understand how to make magic happen.

You are invited to explore Merlin’s crystal ball.  Look into it, what do you see?

It can show the past, present or future.  It only reveals what the looker must see.

What color is it now?

How can this be used to make magic?

Both of you try it now…….What do you see?

Let this be your launch point.

Play with the Devas.  Make Magic.

Remember Now.

~St. Germain.


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