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8/8/09 New Plan Advancements In Process For All on the Planet


We just completed a long awaited visit to a 700 yr old tree, OOB, with Merlin and an ancient Pleiadian Galactic White Wizard aspect of Mark. A cellular merger was facilitated by Dr Lorphan of the Siran Council.

This took awhile. We then entered the portal to the magical realms. Beth is typing up that report and it will soon be shared.

We are now getting ready to go with our A-Team to a meeting with our Andromedean-Team mates on Commander Ariana’s craft. We will together  complete a critical alignment of the Golden Crystal so it can now be set into the new earth’s grid and galactically connected.

A separate report will follow. This is of quite significant interest to all on this planet who want to be able to create newly and beautifully and with abundance supports.

Mark and Beth

Here’s a note from Susan Leland–Ashtar-on-the-Road


Mark sent me a copy of your email, and I want to assure you that Fran speaks for all of us at Ashtar on the Road.  These are interesting times we live in, but the light of truth shines brightly for all!

Ashtar has already spoken many times in appreciation of the mission work of Tara and Rama and Mark and the A-team.  He told me last night that, on our next conference call, while being particularly supportive of them, he will be addressing the topics of discernment and connecting with one’s own truth, and I know that he will do so in the most loving and empowering way for everyone.  I don’t know whether St Germain will speak also, but I will request that he do so.

Next Ashtar-on-the-Road CC is on: Tuesday, August 11th, beginning at 6:15pm, pacific daylight time.

Blessings, Love and Peace, Susan Leland  :)


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