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UFO Lands, Beings Emerge in Texas


UFO Lands, Beings Emerge in Texas – Were Beings Extraterrestrial?
By Billy Booth


I have received an extremely interesting and rare report through the MUFON open posting archives. One thing that spiked my interest in this case is that it occurred on the outskirts of my hometown, Temple, Texas. I currently live about 8 miles from the location of this sighting.

There are two reasons that make the case a rarity. The first reason is that in all of the Project Blue Book files, there was only one listing from Temple, and that was a sighting report from over sixty years ago. Secondly, the case involves a UFO landing, and visual confirmation of three beings emerging from a door in the landed UFO.

Texas, notwithstanding the recent Stephenville Sightings of 2008, has had more than its share of great UFO cases. Here are some of the best:

The Lubbock Lights, the Cash – Landrum case, the Levelland Landings, and of course, the Aurora Crash.

The Interstate Sighting

Interstate 35 runs from the very southern part of Texas all the way to Canada. If you have ever been on it during heavy traffic times, it can be quite nerve-racking. The part of I-35 that runs from Waco to Temple is no exception, and even at night has a steady stream of traffic. Our case takes place just north of Temple, on March 22, 2009.

Nearing Temple, a city of about 60,000, a man was driving when his wife suddenly saw a strange light in the sky moving at high speeds. As she watched the object, suddenly it stopped in midair, over a farmer’s field about a mile off of the interstate.

Now aware of the unusual sight, the husband pulled the car onto the shoulder of the highway to get a better look at the object. As they watched, the UFO slowly came down, appearing to land in the field. Landed, the UFO looked to be disc-shaped.

The visibility this night was not the best, the darkness was made worse by a cloud cover. But the witness had his binoculars with him, and quickly put them to service to get a better look at the UFO. Now, he was sure that object was a saucer, and it was sitting on the ground.

The man and his wife initially looked for a reasonable explanation for what they were seeing. Could it be some type of farm equipment, or feeding device for the cattle that grazed on the land?

But, what about it flying around at great speeds before landing? It was not a small plane, nor a helicopter. Helicopters can be seen from time to time in the area which sits about 30 miles east of Ft. Hood, Texas, one of the world’s largest Army bases.

Beings Emerge

As the man and his wife intently watched the UFO, soon a door opened, exposing an orange/red interior. Three beings walked out of the disc-shaped object, the door shutting behind them. The eyewitnesses watched the activity at the UFO for about three minutes. They did not see the beings reenter the object, unless there was another door that was not visible to the witnesses.

Then, the UFO slowly rose from the ground, hovered briefly, and then headed northward at a high rate of speed. They never saw the object again.

The man refocused on the landing site, but there was nothing now but an abandoned field. The only thoughts he had was that possibly the three visitors were walking in the direction of a rest stop near the landing location. This, he thought, because he was never able to see the three as they walked out of his range of sight.

He wanted to make a U-turn, go back northward, and visit the rest stop, but he was urged not to do so by his wife. She feared that they had just seen aliens from an extraterrestrial craft. For those of you who do not know, the rest stops on the side of Texas highways are nothing more than a few concrete tables, and can be scary at night.

I am in the process of trying to dig more into this case, and if I can obtain more details, I will update this case file.



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