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StGermain: Sovereignty With Love


St.Germain addressing the June 30, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“Greetings Beloved Family, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to stand with you, not in front of you, but with you on this glorious, glorious recognition of Independence Day.  And it matters not what the actual date is upon the calendar, as Ashtar has not explained the workings but nevertheless told you we’re all one, celebrating each and every one of us our own Independence days. For this is truly the way to gift yourselves, to bless yourselves with Freedom and Sovereignty.

“There is no master anymore.  There is no master who can enslave you or give you orders, or dictate to you how you are to live, or where you are to live, or what you can do with your life, or who you can like, who you can love, or any of those things. Tyranny is done on Planet Earth, and this is the Declaration of Truth and it comes from Love.  It does not come from judgment, it does not come from fear, it simply is the state of being of Planet Earth, for it has no place in the dimensions to which Earth is risen. It has no place.

“Just as you have said goodbye to fear and to all of the fear-based emotions, if you have been noticing lately that you don’t have as much fear as you did, that even if you get some kind of a communication from an official government source, you don’t take it as fearfully as you would have even a few months ago, you’re right on track, because in the Golden Age there is Freedom and Sovereignty, not just Freedom to express yourself, but Freedom to be who you really are.

“And there is so much Love abounding that who you really are is simply Love, and you express Love in all that you think, say and do, and so does everyone else.  And so you recognize the Sovereignty of each and every being on the Planet with you, and you don’t confine that recognition to the Kingdom of the Humans, you extend it to all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth, below, on, and above, and you extend it to those of us who come from other realms as Family with you. And you have already extended it to the Kingdom which was in the mists for so long, of course that is the Elemental Kingdom.

“You extend it indeed to the Universe, and by expressing your own Sovereignty you teach others, until pretty soon the entire Planet is expressing Sovereignty based in Love, wrapped in Love. There is no other way for Sovereignty to be real for everyone. It is not just the kings or the presidents or the oil people who have the God/Goddess-given mandate to be free, to express in their own ways. It is every living being, below, on and above Planet Earth, and that, Beloved Ones, is true Sovereignty.

“There is no other way for Sovereignty to be Love based. There is no other way for you Beloved Ones to be Sovereign, save to recognize within yourselves the Love that you are. And so in this day, in this moment in your time, celebrate your own Sovereignty with understanding of what it really means. It is so important, because this is a time for the World to celebrate independence, not anarchy, not chaos, that is when there is no binding of Love, you see. Everyone out for themselves, everyone climbing upon the backs of everyone else, is not true Sovereignty. It is fear based. It is more about power and control over others, and there is no place for that in the Ascension Process.

“So make that distinction and understand what this Family is all about. It is about each one, each member being Sovereign unto himself or herself, while at the same time expressing only Love, and feeling and being only Love, so as to recognize the Sovereignty of everyone else, no matter what Kingdom everyone else belongs to. And that, Beloved Ones, is true Sovereignty. That means that you are master within your own kingdom, your own fields of being, and as everyone else is freed to be the same, that is the marker or the key sign that the Ascension is taking place.

“It’s all about Love, all about Freedom, it’s all about being free from the dogmas, the programs, the boxes and all of those symbols of what you call the third dimensional former reality. Its about ascending into a liberated state, being free to be the Love you are.  No government official is going to knock on your door and try to snuff out your Light.  No employer or boss or slave master is going to dictate to you what you are to do, and perhaps even resort to brutality if you don’t comply. No one is going to hold you back. No one is going to judge you as anything less than a perfect, loving, Sovereign Being, and that’s not really judgment. That’s more of an expression of grateful appreciation, is it not? This is the World that you have ordained for yourselves Beloved Ones, and so we shall have the following: a Declaration of Sovereignty in celebration of the Sovereign Selves we all are.

“And so there is one who has asked to come forward to be with us for this Declaration, and so I, St. Germaine, shall congratulate you, because it is done, even though you may have yet to live it, and do it, and be it in the moment that you’re in.  And I shall say happy celebrations of Freedom.  Liberty to all.  And I shall also advise that you acknowledge, and recognize the presence of Lady Nesara in your lives and live that to your fullest capability.  Envision it or visualize it; draw pictures of what it looks like to have it fully activated upon Planet Earth; take yourself in your mind’s eye to the announcement; be in the audience, and see it happening in front of you; be on the stage and be an announcer; bring it into absolute manifestation.

“Oh it’s going to happen whether you do it or not, but you might as well start the Joy now. Live it, be it, to the fullest extent that you can, and Love every moment of it. Here is your financial abundance, here is your Freedom from the institutions that would keep you bound and in your 3D boxes, except that you have risen to the occasion and called forth a whole new way of being for all of Planet Earth. Here is your opportunity to participate in what are called the humanitarian projects, and there will be plenty of those to do, because it is the destiny, and much deserved, the birthright of each and every one of you who came to be here at this time.

“That your visions of how to help the Planet in its healing are yours to engage, to live, to have the Freedom, the abundance and the abilities to bring your Love to the specific projects, is a part of your heritage – it’s one of the reasons you’re here.  And be assured that you’ll be able to do so fully, completely, successfully and joyfully.  And in so doing, you’ll bring even more Love and more Joy to the World.  So this is your opportunity to pause for a moment and celebrate who you really are and how the rest of the World is coming to be, thanks to you.

“And so I, St. Germain, thank you all heart to heart as the loving beings we all are. I salute you Family, Beloved Beings all, for being here in this gathering and for being the Love that you are to the World. We are never really apart, and we shall be even more together upon Planet Earth as the World as a whole comes into full recognition, with the Freedom to do so, of who we all really are, and that is Love. And so Beloved Ones I would ask that those of you who have your candles ready, begin the process of lighting them as I say farewell to you, and as this Beloved special guest comes forward to greet you. And so it is, evermore! Namaste!”

© Susan Leland 2009.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

Transcription thanks to Deborah Urquhart and Arnold Troeh


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