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Saul – Your frustration and Irritation are Understandable


07/29/2009 by John Smallman

The time of waiting for humanity to rise into full consciousness is almost at an end.  Very soon indeed the wonderful moment of awakening will be upon you all, as your ‘alarm clocks’ announce, with the most compelling and uplifting music, that a new eternal day of utmost beauty has dawned to delight you.

It is impossible to give you even the slightest idea of the wonders life has in store for you, especially as it seems to you that you have been waiting so long for the promised arrival of fully conscious living.   The joy to come has been talked of with great enthusiasm for what seems an interminable amount of time by so many guides, prophets, and mystics, all, apparently, to no avail.  Nothing has happened!

Your frustration and irritation are understandable as you continue to live in the illusory world of separation, darkness, and anxiety into which you were born as children with such hope and expectation.  It all seems to be taking far longer than you thought it would for the new golden age to arrive as divinely promised and guaranteed.

The moment is close…you sense it, and yet this period of quiet preparation feels as if it will never be complete.   It is indeed an unsettling experience leading to anxiety and doubt.  Relax – you truly know, deep within yourselves, that there is nothing to worry about because God always delivers as promised – live mindfully in the moment and trust that the gift of life you have been given has a most wondrous purpose which will very soon be gloriously revealed.

God is not teasing or misleading you.  He loves each one of you way beyond your ability to imagine or understand, which is why He created you as absolutely perfect beings to enjoy for ever the unimaginable and unsurpassable wonder of His Divine Reality.  Your apparent separation from that state is just that, apparent.  You are going to awaken to the stunning glory of the new day because it is God’s intent, and yours, that you will.

Continue to trust your Divine Father, Who is incapable of disappointing you, deceiving you, or abandoning you, and know, as you do at the deep center of your being where you are One with Him, that all is well, all is divinely taken care of.

With so very much love, Saul.



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