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Saul – You are Absolutely Entitled to this Inheritance


07/01/2009 by John Smallman

There are many levels of conscious existence within God’s divine creation, and humanity is about to move to a level where fear and survival issues do not exist. They really do not exist anywhere, but you have created an illusory environment where they do seem very real, and the time has come for you all to move on. You no longer need or desire that kind of existence.

Your collective awakening over the last few hundred years into the realization that every single one of you has a God-given right to live in freedom, with the basic human needs provided and available so that all may live in peace and harmony, has brought you to this moment. An immense shift in humanity’s perception of itself is about to occur. The realization that you are all interdependent and need to cooperate harmoniously together to ensure your continued survival is becoming apparent to more and more of you in every moment.

You create the reality you experience, and because of your changing perception of life and its purpose, you are about to make a most amazing change in that reality. It has been planned for eons and the moment for the change to occur is almost upon you.

The amount of work each one of you has done during the entire period of human existence on planet Earth is enormous. In your present chosen state of limited awareness it is impossible for you to have even the vaguest concept of what you have achieved. But it is truly mind-boggling!

You have certainly earned a most wonderful reward, and it is about to be paid in full. When you see what you have been struggling so heroically and for so long to bring to completion, your sense of joy and of the rightness of it all will be totally fulfilling. You will know, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that you are absolutely entitled to this inheritance, to this state of total peace, harmony, and balance in which you will find yourselves – a state in which all you could ever desire is instantly yours to experience and to enjoy.

It is in fact your homecoming from an apparently long and perilous voyage, and as you reach the shore you will be welcomed with honors appropriate to your magnificent achievements, as you finally lay down the tools and baggage that you have been carrying for so long, and sink deep into the all-enveloping comfort of your divine home.

You will have arrived!  You will know that the journey is over, that your happiness is total and everlasting, and that no other outcome was possible.

With so very much love, Saul.



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