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Saul – The Energy Required at This Time on Earth is Enormous


07/08/2009 by John Smallman

There is much going on in your “dream world” at present, and your energy is being used more energetically than you are used to, which is why you feel down.

As you read this great changes are occurring on Earth, and the love energy that so many of you are holding and channeling is flowing with increasing pressure and abundance because it is needed.  Many of you are experiencing tiredness, even exhaustion, and strange or unaccustomed physical symptoms that make you wonder if your bodies are sickening.  These symptoms will be with you for a while yet, so you can expect to tire more quickly and easily than normal.  Therefore you need to respond by allowing your bodies to have the increased rest that they need.  When going to sleep at night, and when you wake up in the morning, make sure to invoke your angels and guides for help and strength to cope with the greatly increased amounts of energy you are channeling twenty four seven, as Earth and her occupants move to a higher level of consciousness.

These changes are part of the divine plan that has been in progress for eons of earth time, and they are now approaching the time for completion. The energy required at this time on Earth is enormous, and so you are being driven, as it were, at maximum power.  You have the strength to channel this energy, and you all volunteered to do it because you understood how vital a mission it would be.  But, as humans, your memories of this are inaccessible to you.  To have access to them would add an enormous and unnecessary burden to the one you are already carrying.  You are assisting in ways that no others can to bring this stage of the divine plan to complete fruition, and you are greatly honored for it.

God’s infinite love for all of His creation is beyond comprehension.   His intent that all sentient beings live in perfect love, joy, and happiness cannot and will not be thwarted.   However, there is a small group of unhappy beings, of great intellect and considerable power, which is still attempting to prevent God’s plan from achieving its divine purpose.  There is absolutely no way that they can succeed.  These people are so hurt and damaged that they cannot see this, and so they continue their attempts to disrupt and prevent it.

They will not be interfered with.  Their numbers are diminishing, and so are their abilities and powers, so action against them, which has never been God’s intent, is completely unnecessary.   Yes, they have made difficulties for you, but it is necessary to allow them to continue their activities so that they may come to realize the futility of working in opposition to the infinite love of God, our divine Father.  This realization will soon dawn upon them, and then they will depart for an environment that will provide them with the shelter, protection, and security that will enable them to ponder and reflect on the enormous errors they have made, and come to understand that nevertheless they are, and always will be, divinely loved. When this realization finally dawns on them, they too will awaken into the brilliant light of reality, God’s Divine Reality, and find themselves gloriously welcomed.

The importance of your work in the divine plan is utterly beyond your powers of comprehension.  This is immaterial.   You are carrying it out magnificently and will soon be brought home to admire with wonder and delight all that you have achieved.   You are truly fabulous beings, suffused with an abundance of love and wisdom, just as you need to be to do this great work.  Soon your joy will be permanent and ecstatic!

With so very much love, Saul.



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