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Saul – It is to be a ‘Rush’ of Mind-Boggling power


07/11/2009 by John Smallman

God’s divine plan is flowing smoothly and perfectly. and shortly, humanity’s liberation from its illusory dream will take place. You have been experiencing that dream for a long time, and now you are almost ready to awaken into the brilliant light of reality, your eternal home. Your welcome, when you awaken and the life support systems you no longer require are turned off, will be ecstatic. There are so many who love you dearly waiting to greet you at the magnificent celebration that has been prepared for this great moment of restoration.

You have worked long and hard to reach this time of change – from living in sorrow and strife, to living with unbridled joy and delight. Your awakening is essential and unavoidable, and you know this, have always known it, even though you have chosen not to acknowledge it until now. God is breathing forth unimaginable quantities of love into each one of you, which is stimulating your vital signs, your life force, as never before.

The ‘rush’ that you are soon to experience would overwhelm you had you not enthusiastically taken part in the training required to give you the strength and vitality to withstand, embrace, and experience the infinite wonder of it. It is to be a ‘rush’ of mind-boggling power and wonder that you will control and direct endlessly for your eternal delight.

Truly, your moment of Divine Enlightenment is almost upon you. So relax in the certainty that all you could possibly desire will soon be yours forever.

With so very much love, as always, Saul.



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