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Saul – Healing is Love, Truly and Unconditionally Expressed


07/26/2009 by John Smallman

Many people on Earth at this time have issues with pain, suffering, and death which have led to a Health Care Industry.  Health care and healing should be a work of loving kindness, not an “Industry”, with mindful attention to the sick one, leading to true understanding of the cause of and remedy for illness.  All illness is, at some level, a choice that an individual makes in order to address issues in her life that lie deeply hidden.  True healers listen to the sick with compassion and acceptance, allowing them to experience their fears and anxieties, and making space for them to understand the underlying causes, and so release them.

As humanity moves into full consciousness, and the awareness of the oneness of all sentient beings becomes accepted, the healing abilities of more and more of you will develop and become available to all who need them.  Healing is love, truly and unconditionally expressed.  When those who are sick find unconditional acceptance, healing occurs.   If the body is very badly damaged, as is often the case, it will frequently not be possible for it to be totally rid of all the ravages the illness has caused.   However, the individual, by uncovering within herself love and self-acceptance, will indeed be healed, and joy will replace fear and anxiety, and her pain will be relieved.

It truly is God’s will that His children be happy.  He loves them all perfectly, as they are, and they have no need to fight each other for His attention, as they have been doing for so long.  As you move towards full consciousness this is becoming apparent, and you are changing your ways as a result of this knowledge.

Mutual compassion and cooperation is something that has occurred occasionally after earthquakes, floods, and major accidents.  But it has not lasted.  People have always returned to their old self-centered competitive ways as they perceive their own needs as more important and more urgent than anyone else’s. This is now changing.   All across the planet people are coming together in cooperation and acceptance of each others’ needs to deal with problems and issues that, until now, have almost always divided them.

This improvement in human relations is gathering power and momentum, and is now unstoppable!  You are finally realizing that each one of you has something unique and wonderful to offer, and you are opening yourselves to accept this, and to make these invaluable contributions available, which will bring the most inspiring changes to the way you live and experience life on your beautiful planet.  You are beginning to rediscover the joy of life, as you start to remember and experience the oneness of life with each other and with your loving Father.  Supreme bliss and happiness await your awakening into full consciousness.

With so very much love, Saul.



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