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Saul – A Sense of Hopeful, Joyous Anticipation Will Arise Within You


07/14/2009 by John Smallman

As the illusory world in which you have chosen to hide from God’s divine Reality changes, and humanity starts to become aware of the most unsatisfactory nature of this illusion, a sense of hopeful, joyous anticipation will arise within you. You will wonder why, because you will begin to experience these feelings before you become aware of the changes.

These feelings are a direct result of humanity’s increasing intent to focus more time, energy, and enthusiasm on its search for personal spiritual development. Spiritual growth or development is your reason for being human, and the intent, the will to move in that direction has always been anchored deep within you. It was placed there by God when you chose to make and experience your illusory, separated reality of pain, suffering, and fear, so that you could never be truly lost. What you have been seeking for eons is already within you, as saints and mystics have been telling you. Finally, humanity is beginning to hear, and it is this that is bringing you joy.

What you are finally starting to hear, understand, and accept is the knowledge that you are infinitely loved by God. That this has always been so, and that your experience to the contrary is indeed a very unpleasant dream from which you are beginning to awaken, is seeping into your awareness. You thought you had made your illusion leak-proof, in order to contain and maintain your dream, but that was ultimately impossible; and the seepage of Reality into the illusion will soon become a torrent – an overpowering tide of divine Love that you can no longer resist, ignore, or avoid.

No wonder you are starting to feel joyful! As the divine Love touches your awareness there is no way you cannot feel joyful. And the fullness of that joy can only expand until you are once more completely enveloped in God and suffused with His Love.

Your return to awareness and the experience of God’s divine Reality is almost upon you. Your place within your inheritance is guaranteed. The celebrations that are about to begin are beyond wonderful, beyond amazing, beyond exhilarating. Your welcome home, which has been planned for eons in the divine Certainty of your arrival, will be awesome in its magnificence – just for you!

With so very much love, Saul.



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