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Saul – A deep Longing for Much More than Life on Earth Offers


07/05/2009 by John Smallman

As you stand poised at the threshold of the new Golden Age for mankind, many, who until now have thought little about life’s meaning and why they are on earth, are starting to experience unaccustomed physical and psychic sensations.  They find these very unsettling and disturbing and wonder about their sanity, yet at the same time find them interesting and intriguing.  They want to talk about them, but are afraid that others will think them foolish, or worse.

And these of course are the first signs of an awakening – an awakening to the realization that their lives truly have a meaning and purpose beyond everyday reality.  They are beginning to feel a deep longing for much, much more than life on Earth offers, and yet this makes no sense to them.  They are confused and lonely and lack a trustworthy listener or guide.

But their intuition or gut feeling pushes them forward, insisting that something of great moment is happening, and they want to know what it is.  As they search for answers they stumble upon books, blogs, web sites, and magazine articles covering these issues and with which they resonate.  They meditate and pray, which may well be a new experience for them, and their sense that their existence does indeed have a meaning strengthens and intensifies, encouraging them to continue gathering information.  As they do so they start to trust their gut feelings, their intuition, their inner knowing, which they find does not mislead them.

Yes, they still have doubts, even deep skepticism at times, but this is quite normal because up till now their life experiences had led them to ridicule such apparently unscientific airy-fairy nonsense for which they can ascertain absolutely no discernible factual evidence.

To find themselves beginning to give credence to such weird ideas shocks them.   And yet they find they can no longer treat them with the disdain and derision that previously they would have done.   So they pray and meditate more, as these thoughts continue to fill their minds regardless of any effort they may make to block or deny them.  And in their periods of reflection or meditation they start to find some peace, their anxiety eases, and the thought occurs “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were true?”

Some will get a sense of the presence of their spiritual guide close to them, and this will bring them great comfort. You all have spiritual guides available in every moment, longing to respond to your request for help and clarity.  Ask, be still, and listen.   You will hear, if you really want to, but you will also find it very easy to dismiss what you hear as an overactive imagination, something you were taught from a very early age to block out or disregard “because it was nonsense and would do you no good.”   Such firmly ingrained beliefs are difficult to release; nevertheless you can do it, and your spiritual guides will give you all the assistance you need.

Then you will awaken into awareness that wondrous events will soon cause fabulous changes in the way you experience life on Earth.

With so very much love, Saul.



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