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Saul – A Big Increase in Energy is Allowing Apparent Problems to Dissolve


07/19/2009 by John Smallman

The build-up of planetwide, divine energy-healing is progressing beautifully, as an ever- increasing number of people start awakening and becoming aware that God Is Reality – not a myth or a fairytale.  This awakening into awareness of God’s existence brings with it a compelling enthusiasm to learn more about Him, and a willingness to open up to His abundant love.  And so an optimism about life and its purpose grows within them, and they find themselves able, and indeed desirous of, becoming more accepting and understanding of one another.  This happens first in their personal or social relationships, which become far more satisfactory and enjoyable, and then carries over into all other areas of their lives.

Humanity is truly waking up, and the benefits that will occur as a result will be enormous and quite amazing for many who have become accustomed to obstruction, negativity, and anxiety as a fact of life.  With this growing optimism comes a big increase in energy which allows apparent problems and disagreements to dissolve, almost as though they had never existed.  Pay attention!  Expect joyful cooperation, and begin to experience it in the most unexpected places.  The illusory world in which you have appeared to live for so long is dissolving before your eyes!

The Real World is all around you, ready and waiting for you to become aware of it.   And as you do so, you will be rewarded with a sense of peace and satisfaction that is beyond anything you have ever experienced in the illusory reality in which you have chosen to hide yourselves for so long.  This really is a time of enormous change, which is to be of unimaginable benefit to mankind and indeed to all sentient beings created in perfect love by our divine Father.

Joy is rolling in like a tidal wave to sweep you all up in the wonder of the Reality that God created, with limitless enthusiasm and perfect understanding of what His beloved children required and desired.   Your eternal happiness is close at hand because it is His will and yours that it should be.

With so very much love, Saul.


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