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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – July 9, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Conference Call
July 9, 2009
Transcribed by: Annie, Jan, Shirley, Katie and Nancy
Edited by: Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with Tara & Rama

RAMA – Greetings!  Oh my god.  What the heaven.  It is at the point where we understand – from what I’ve seen in the last 24 hours is the Lavender Lad had his sleeves rolled up.  He was sitting with some guy that looked like a cross between Rush Limbaugh and Putin.  They were signing some kind of document and there were all kinds of Paschat warriors.  It had something to do with the G-8.  Obama and Michelle were there as the Sirian Ambassadors.  Some how something was done between this guy and the Lavender Lad.  I was just a fly on the wall watching.

WOMAN – Rama, were you on a ship or were you transported out of your body?  How did you see this?

RAMA – Me, Tara and Claire did this yesterday morning – almost 24 hours ago – before Mark came back.

TARA – We always do a regular thing on Monday’s and Wednesday’s where we do a clearing and reconnection therapy.  It reconnects all that which we are to all that which everybody is.  It is just fantastic and it works.

RAMA – We were, let’s say, giving energy to the promise of “now is the time for peace”.  This is what is ultimately on the table.  This is why I believe Michael Jackson made, in a sense, lit up the sky if you will, with what he did at this time – whether we understand the process or not.

I, also, have to go much deeper with that in the sense that I firmly believe he was taken out.  Yet, I don’t know if he is here . . .

RAMA – They killed the clones.

TARA – Sarah Palin.  They killed the clone.  That’s indeed true.  I want to speculate just a little bit father because this is pretty evil stuff . . .

RAMA – Pretty deep stuff.

TARA – You know that he is an ET.  So guess what his dad did have him castrated because the “big boys” did not want anymore ETs running around.  They didn’t want anybody running around with his blood.  What really happened is that the lawyer, that the mother of the two children – what’s her name again?

WOMAN – Debbie Rowe

TARA – Debbie Rowe had these two children with that lawyer.  They both pronounced these children Michael’s children.  They are his children and there are no questions because it all was done – these are good people and they did that because of what the father did.

RAMA – This steps into a role where like he put that song together – “We Are the World”.  Yes, an alternative plan that only he talked about to maybe those kids.

TARA – Now, just think about how [unkind] these guys are.  Black is white and white is black.  They made sure it was 100% reversed in people’s minds.  Until you go through the higher spiritual knowledge, you would be confused to say the least.

WOMAN – I just wanted to say something.  Michael was so, so a piece of Lord Michael.  He was also a piece of St. Germain.  He had a specific mission with the crystal-indigo children – which is all of us – to help us remember who we are and to stay in love.  He accomplished his mission.  So unbelievably beautiful!  He did it in such a way that – he set the tone for all of this to now unfold.   The moment of his death, instead of it being a death, folks, it’s a new beginning.  It marks the time where we have our NESARA.  That’s what he did.  So if there is any resentment we hold in our hearts for Michael Jackson, it is time to clear that.  It’s time to say “Thank You”.  It’s time to really understand what he did.

TARA – It’s all out in the wash now.  These guys are already checkmated.  It’s pretty interesting because they do and they don’t know it yet.  It is pretty interesting.  The father[Michael Jackson’s father] was connected to the AEG Record Company.  AEG Record Company is tethered to Goldman Sachs and the former CEO of Goldman Sachs the former Secretary/Treasurer of the Bush administration, Henry Paulson.  Therefore, it’s tethered to them including Bush, Sr. and Hillary.  So they and their banker, as go-between, had these folks killed; had Michael Jackson’s clone killed.

The boy’s father is guilty too.  The boy’s father, a Jewish doctor,

WOMAN – The boy who accused Michael of inappropriate behavior you mean?

TARA – Yes.  At the age of 13.  Not only did it not happen, the boy is now old enough and he got up there and he told everybody that his father forced him to do this.  When he realized that this money that led to this thing, it led to Michael Jackson’s death.  That’s why he came forward.  Now the father is, also, connected to Goldman Sachs.  So checkmate everybody.

These guys did a collective murder of . . .  Now you understand we needed to know that – they would not come in here and show up until we got it.  Now the world is going to get it all the way because this all is going to come out.  It is coming out like crazy.  Sexgate is just spilling up and throwing up all over the TV tonight.

WOMAN – Karl Rove yesterday spilled his beans for 8 hours – 10 hours.  I think he is singing like a bird.

TARA – It was Tuesday.  It was on the day they did the memorial for Michael Jackson.  For the world to do that together – all over the world.  These guys have been checkmated by the world.  During a full moon lunar eclipse.

RAMA – Think about this one

WOMAN – There were over a hundred billion people watching Michael’s ceremony in an outpouring of love.  It was huge!  It moved mountains!

TARA – Yes it does.

RAMA – I heard today from Tom, the Ring-Tailed Cat, that Yoko somehow had contact with the family and she passed on her condolences.  Of course, John Lennon and Michael Jackson knew each other quite well.

D’YANNA– It was Guru Carnima the fullest full moon of the year.

RAMA – During Guru Carnima Day is connected with the full moon in July and this is the day that you honor your guru.  It is a very auspicious day in India.  I know that many Puja fire ceremonies are done to help cleanse the planet.  At this time it is certainly needed.

In terms of the regular news out there, what I heard today.  First, Stephanie Miller – they were all talking about how Sarah Palin, in all seriousness, is in so much trouble.  This is above her head.  Having to deal with serious corruption charges that go into drama with Ted Stevens and the “Trooper Gate” and millions of dollars wasted that involve other people’s money.  Could it be that Mark Begich becomes the next governor?  Who knows?  I think he likes being Senator.

On Thom Hartmann, he had a very interesting guest who wrote this book – can’t recall the name of it right now.  There is a YouTube video that he talked about.   He all but said the NESARA words.  Then there is a 12 minute video that you can go to and click on Thursday.  You will see his name; he is talking about the New World Order.  He all but said the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

TARA – We are going to play a 12 minute piece where he says the first three words of that phrase and then he leaves the rest of it off.  That means that’s a public  announcement.  It was on the radio.  That is a proper place for being put on notice – the dark side worldwide – that that wonderful phrase is going to be enacted as law and it’s coming up everybody.  It’s coming up and dinner is served .  Barack Obama has done his job as of Friday [July 10, 2009].  Go ahead Rama.

RAMA – I just wanted to say overall what is happening at the higher levels is that we are stepping in as the galactic teams that we have been working with that you have been hearing about – maybe I should ask the Commander here to step in

TARA – Commander Mark.  You [are] being called here.

MARK – I heard that voice; name called in vain.  [Laughter]  I was going to wait until later.

MARIETTA ROBERT – You can wait until later.  We don’t have to do it now Mark.  We can bring you in for a longer session [after Roundtable] when we get ready to start with Mother.  During that period.

MARK – That might be the best idea.

TARA – I think that Beth can also contribute then, too.

MARK – Beth and Kauwila.  Both are on the line tonight.  The three of us have been most intensely involved are here.  I would like to suggest that Beth be invited to tell a little bit about what happened on July the 3rd because it started off on our trip in the Mt. Shasta area.  That’s what I like to suggest that we start with this because it will tell you the scope of things that are happening.  The magnitude of how many are impacted by these – call it – source level waves and vibratory levels of things – I don’t want to tip the hat of what it was; I’ll let Beth do that.  I will tell you that these things are very, very – you will feel them when she talks about them.  You will feel the impact of each of these things.

We did a special operation on that day that was unexpected.  So I’ll leave it at that and we’ll come in later.

BIG WILL – On July 6th, we had visitors from our Star Family.  They came to Waco, Texas.  They landed in the afternoon and what was said was, “There were 3 of our Star Families who landed and got out.  Normally there would be 2.  This time they were 3.”  My question is why 3 and not 2?

TARA – I want to answer another thing about this.  It is not even about numbers.  That was their choice.  Assani always do everything in 3s.  Always.  That would probably be your answer for that one.

On another note, July 6th is George Bush, Jr.’s birthday.  Get that one everybody.  They showed up on his birthday.

AMO in Australia – I wanted to make a comment about this Jordan Chandler/Michael Jackson because when I followed that up on the Internet, from what I could gather it is quite unclear that it’s reliable.  There is evidence that there is no evidence behind the statement of Jordan Chandler and much evidence that he’s legally unable to make any comments.  So I just want to say that from following those leads wherever they went, when I first heard this story, it seems to be fairly unreliable.

RAMA – I’ll just say that my understanding is that

TARA – What comment did he make Rama?

RAMA – I can’t recall exactly.

TARA – Lady Master Amo what comment did he make?

AMO – The thing that is out about Jordan Chandler saying, “My father made me do it.”  Including a so-called tape of his father – which I listened to a couple of times – saying, “Yah, now we’ve got him and he’ll never get out” but when I follow them back to their source, it seems that they just sort of appeared.  “Above Top Secret” talked about it for awhile.  There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that this is really linked to Jordan Chandler.  That’s all I am saying.

TARA – Who is Jordan Chandler?

AMO – The kid who accused Michael early on.  That whole thing you were just referring to about his first trial and the pay out.  Now Jordan Chandler coming out and saying it wasn’t true; my father made me do it.  It seems to be unreliable that he’s actually come out now and said something different.

TARA – Why does it seem to be unreliable?

AMO – It all goes back to some unnamed blog entry by somebody that can’t be actually traced back to Jordan Chandler himself, personally.

TARA – Ok, Amo.  Listen.  The reason is that that blog is a White Knight leak.  Nobody is going to get to know who that is.  The White Knights has every bit of proof.  So it is totally valid.  This young boy is lucky that he’s been protected all along because Michael Jackson settled the case because of the fact that the father and who he was tethered to would have harmed the boy even worse.  If they put him through a whole scene, these guys would have ruined their life a million times worse.  That is why he did that.  Now they are going to have the whole thing come out.

Of course, the bloggers are the best people.  They are the White Knights right there.  That is why blogging is so good, because they can get the truth out.  Of course, people are not going to know the truth until NESARA is enacted.  It is already law.  The enactment process is the public announcement.

AMO – That’s great!  I’m really glad I asked the question.  You clarified it.  Thank you very much.

MAN – How as that a clarification?

AMO – For me it is a clarification if she tells me this is a White Knight/Faction 3, I am willing to believe that and drop my reservations.  I just needed to throw out into the pool that I understood that there was some discrepancies and that there needs to be discrimination about this information.  It has been clarified.

Part 2: Mother’s Talk

[Tara Invocates Mother Sekhmet]

TARA – We ask at this time, for a cosmic celebration in the heart of hearts of Mother and Father Sky and all her children.  I believe that the heavenly host is consenting and seconding the motion.  I can hear the Host of Heaven clapping and I thank you.  Mother, I know you are the Alpha and Omega.  Every 26,826 years, you and your beloved just change places and life goes to the next spiral.  Thank you for coming and sharing with us.

MS – Greetings wondrous beings of love and light.  Interesting times we are living in, with the shifting of the winds at a moment’s notice and it has shifted to the light.  At the same time, with what is occurring.

Interesting times we are living in where the fact of the light is so intense, it seems that its getting very uncomfortable for the children of Nibiru, that have not accepted love as their fate.  And we will just say it is inevitable.  We are agents of ecstatic, orgasmic happiness and it is out of the question you will be assimilated. We just insist you dial.

MARK: Get the giggles?  [laughter]

MS – Yes.  What is occurring in these moments is a total shift in the reality where we would say that the Sirian Commander has been doing what he was appointed to do – getting the nukes reduced one-third/more than one-third.  We think this is quite well , good.   Yet, time for everything to be done/over.  That is in effect what the Lavender Lad was doing with what we saw, as he was witnessing, you might say, the cabal signing the documents, saying:  “Okay, you got one up on me”.  Time to ante up.

MARK – So can you tell us more about that Mother? What documents did they sign?

MS – We have to say that there is a collaboration behind the scenes between Mother Russia and the U.S. talking about the disclosure of our presence. That has been going on since just before the turn of your century here, where you played around with something called the horseless carriage and something called vehicles that can travel under their own free energy.  It was at this point, that we knew we were along the road as what we had heard at the Council of Nicaea.  Even earlier, you would be getting to this point where you would be tinkering with the atom.  This is why we had to take the measures we’ve taken to change timelines upon timelines to keep up with the atoms, if you will.  Each atom is a universe upon universes and is at this place where no nukes – no dates.

Yet we are saying, the time is now for peace.  This is why our friend, Michael[Jackson] – you might say, he wanted to make a difference for all the people and we won’t go into whether it was his time or not.  He knew what he had to do to bring “We Are the World” together.  It is this moment about we are the world and together we create peace.  This is what is occurring in spite of what they thought they were creating in times of sorrow.  Yes, there is a moment where that which is familiar to you in this dimensional reality and at the same time,  we, the other, are quite unfamiliar.  It was like what Reverend Sharpton said, “He wasn’t strange.  What he had to deal with was strange”.

Which brings us to the point:  You want first contact?  You want a deal you can’t refuse?  We have the  ultimate answer.  Get over your issues about any concepts of what life forms look like.  Throw them out the window.  Take a look and remember the “Star Wars” movie at the bar scene.  You’ll get an understanding of what we mean.  It is not about anything else except love.  We have to love each other so much more in that sense of the understanding creator sources.  Life forms come in whatever form or shape or mechanism.

Creator Source has the pleasure of creating with self so we have some respect for it.  How that occurs?  First Contact.  Some respect for other races, other life.  In the sense of the concept of how we come together in peace.  It is not how we consider ourselves strange. It is how we got to this strange point in time.  The events are strange in that sense because of the cover-up.  Now your CIA all in trouble – all [inaudible] House Speaker and it has to do with what is the dark . . .

MS – Deep dark secret that has been held since 9/11 that Congress has not talked about more.  C blank A.  Hmmm.

TARA – Mother, but Nancy Pelosi’s not in any kind of trouble. The way you said it, you sounded like you were putting her together with the dark side.

MS – Yes and we are just making a bad joke worse in the sense….

TARA – Well, don’t confuse anybody now.

MS – Okay.  Just making the . . .

TARA – She is calling them out and they are absolutely [angry].

MS – It has to do with why do you need spy agencies to look at you?  Watch you in the bed, in the bathroom, in your car?  Why are we wearing clothes? It goes back to what we began this story.  We wanted to hide each other’s auras from each other so we wouldn’t see each other’s thoughts.  And this created reality in which – back at the time of Pangaea.  We have the ability,  as we would put a way of clothing on.  It would create some kind of shield so that in a sense telepathy was disconnected.

TARA – Disguised/covered up.

MS – It was creating static.

TARA – Except that those of us who knew about all that stuff, we could penetrate it anyway.

MS – Yes.  You rose to the occasion.

TARA – Yeah.

MS – Yet, as the xenon gas dissipated, it became harder and harder to do this.

TARA – Right.

MS – And then, you began to make these funny sounds that came out of this pie hole called talking.

TARA – Oh please, Mother.  [laughter]  You mean [it is hitting the fan]?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Yes, we know.

MS – All of it, sexgate and CIA gate – all of it.  Like our beloved sister said last night, love them because you know not what they walked in those shoes to get to this day.  Even the shred of sanity in the sense of what – they agreed to put on the dark hats and go to the level in which they have committed genocide untold.  It goes to that level where all of this – right now sore thumbs stand up Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Darfur, Sudan.

All these situations is – Gulf of Aden, star gates.  Yet, what is this place called over there?  No man’s land?  It is why we are showing up. Your UN and your other agencies of relief get shot at.  We have to do what we have to do to get the help to the children.  Lady Master Nada is busy doing this at the moment.

TARA – Mother, also Cynthia McKinney is back.  I thought Rama said something.  Can you comment on that?  Cynthia McKinney is, possibly, going to get a private audience with Barack Obama?

MS – Yes.  And like the Sirian Commander knows what the [inaudible] Khazarians, Zionists and the Bolsheviks are doing.

TARA – Well, I think he knows.  I’m thinking now what they did while she was in the prison cell and all that she spoke from there has something to do with making it official with him.  I know that.

MS – It is the understanding that – hmmm

TARA – I mean she made it . . .

MS – The Gaza land.  As we have said before, they need to pull back to 1967, Six Day War – GOLAN Heights – give it back.  All of it.

TARA – All of it.

MS – There can be only peace and what their place to begin that when he came and spoke – the Admiral – all he talked about was creating peace in that land.  Wouldn’t [it] be fitting to let it begin there – between us and the people of Palestine.  And yet, your country, if you are caught giving monetary funds to Iraqi refugees, organizations or Palestinian organizations, you are considered a terrorist.

TARA – And that’s over too Mother.

MS – Yes.

TARA – Okay, so we don’t have to go over that stuff anymore, right?

MS – Oh just rolling around in the brain here.  It is part of what is seen.  In the sense that, until the fat lady sings, while we are backstage and the guy has the bottle with the spray.

TARA – Yeah, but you are on the front stage now Mother.

MS – Yes.

TARA: I mean, do you have your tail ready?

MS – Four on the floor.  I mean . . .

MS – It has to do with what has always been said and how we go back to what you need in terms of [inaudible] situation that you can’t refuse and the dark side can’t refuse.  It is a mutual agreement – all sides win.  Where peace is declared and we show all of you how to create ecstatic joy where we don’t need these concepts of global strategies of how our hegemony can get one over on another country because the resources of that particular country is more important than the internal affairs of the former country that is falling in ruin.

You are at the point where it is about the 4th century AD.  Rome is in ruins and falling apart.  Yet one trillion dollars a year spent on your defense budget.  Take that trillion, like what has been said by the guy who wrote “We Are the World” and start creating.  Pay it forward ‘til all the countries,  so we have peace.  No standing armies in the time of peace.  Has to do with the realities of mischief.  What is Black Water, Kellogg, [inaudible] and Mareks.  We can go on Malsomaulta.

TARA – That man went further than that – the reason that we stationed ourselves all over the earth.  We did a few other things.  We put up satellites around the earth.  All these technologies so they could have a ground crew and an air crew and control the entirety all of space and time.

MS – And when Ashtar gives the word, you are going to watch Pacman eat all of those.  [Laughter]

TARA – Yes and it will be, you know, we are not into torture.  It will be painless in the sense that….

MS – No – we are talking about the nanites.

TARA – Yeah.  All I’m saying is that their programs have been discovered by the human race.

MS – Yes.  It is the ideas of mass inoculations and the bird flu, the swine flu, all of these laboratory, biological terrors of what they are trying to create.  You cling from the surface from this planet are null and void; as we have been doing these operations around the planet.  Yet they continue with the fear and they are trying to push with their small private armies to create more of this and we have to say, “Love them even more”.

Get together in groups and share the understandings about how peace is created.  You want to have a quick introduction of what occurred for the last [time]  since we left the planet and the Draconian Anunnaki wayward children took over.  We got to this point where it is called debt-based economy instead of resource-based economy.  Watch Zeitgeist‘s addendum, Kymatica.  He has the answers of how you shield your planet with the self replicating systems that are already here.

TARA – Okay, Mother.  If we’ve got self-replicating systems all over the planet, why can’t they be initiated and instantly all the water on the planet is clean?

MS – Already, the Altimarians are on top of this.  They are waiting like the others.

TARA – Yet there is something more practical than that, that is available already.  The technology is available for all the water to have the frequencies in it that Tangen water unit has in it.  I mean these are the things I’m talking about.  Where people have a real conscious time experience of having this machine in a central location in every town and every village on the entire earth. Everybody can come and get their water from it until we can, you know, fix the rest of the plumbing on the planet.

MS – We will speak to a few wealthy visionaries and see what we can get done.

TARA – Can we do that soon?

MS – In the next few hours.

TARA – Okay, thank you Mother.  Okay, what else?

MS – We would just say that what is happening on such a level as you went through this frequency shift of this lunar eclipse full moon.  What we have been understanding with what all has been occurring within the bodies, of the ascensionitis and how some are still dizzy and some having these funny pains in different areas.  Wake up laughing; go to read Swami Beyondananda’s column and you will feel much better.

TARA – Where do you go read his column again?

MS – It is called

TARA – Swami Beyondananda.

MS – It is a place in which that “The Audacity of Hope” becomes reality and as the good doctor here began about laughter and how that can heal such incredible oceans of tears that have been shed for the last 8 years, it needs to be coming to closure.  No accident that Mr. Rove was grilled for 8 hrs in a few moments of time, yet the billions of the people were focused on one man who brought such magic to this planet that a few decided to consider him stranger than them.

TARA – Who are you talking about Mother?

MS – The few right-wing [individuals] that considered Michael Jackson less than human.  We would say that they are the ones that are going to have to deal with less than humanity in themselves.

TARA – Oh Mother, also that includes Christopher Story because….

MS – Yes.

TARA – I don’t know what Alec Jones is going to do but he did it too; he trashed Obama big time and that means they did the work of the Vatican.

MS – Their fake religious leaders that are based in the concepts of ignorance will be removed.  The truth will come out as we begin to reveal ourselves. It is already happening as your friend, Big Will, has said.  Contact already beginning and they can’t stop it whether Mr. Leon Panetta or Mr. Bassett or whoever says it.  We say, “Time’s up”.

TARA – Well Mother, that was no mistake that on George Bush’s birthday he gets 3 ETs for his present right there in Crawford Ranch.

MS – Yes.  We pass the Talking Stick.

Part 3: Mark and Beth’s Ops Report and Q&A

MARK –  Okay.  Heather Harder came on earlier and there were a lot of fine subjects that came up in the course of that.  About the children, about trauma, about suffering and pain and what is real and what is our part in that in maintaining it instead of releasing it.

So another thing I would like to bring up tonight because I think it is a wonderful intro, is that we went to the Stewart Mineral Springs in the Mount Shasta area which is 8-9 miles north of the mountain, but it is where the head waters come out of the mountain of some of the most intense sulfur and most intense silica.  So you get the maximization not only because we are taking it out of the point of origin, which is a very important term.

This is where it comes out of the mountain, then comes out into the open for the first time and then merges.  Those two streams merge.  So with that, I would like to ask Beth to come and describe the first experience we’ve had as 3 of us.  That is Beth and Leela, our friend Leela from [the] San Francisco Bay area, and myself.   We had scheduled to go up there for a year, separately, individually.  And then we found out that our missions sounded very similar so we asked for permission for the 3 of us to go together. So we did.

Since this was the 4th of July weekend, we knew that something important in terms of a catalyst would be moving us from the space we’ve been in into some new space.  I think that any of you who followed what happened from that point on until now, is that you are aware that some significant things did indeed happen.  So this is the first one and I would like to invite Beth to come on now and tell us about that experience there in the hot waters of Stewart Mineral Springs.  Beth are you on now?

BETH – Hello everyone.  Yes.

MARK – Ok wonderful.  Why don’t you just start wherever you feel it’s appropriate.

BETH – What I would like to do is read what I wrote up about what happened that day, and here we go.

We are at Stewart Springs near Mt. Shasta, CA.  Me and Mark and Leela went into individual tubs where sulfur springs water is piped into tubs.  There is also a high concentration of silica, for a very cleansing experience.  There were 3 adjoining rooms and one could speak to the person in the tub next door and hear the conversation.  We were each in our own tub, in our own room.  I was instructed that I was doing a healing and I would also receive a healing.

I was told to make the sulfur and silica water in the tub as hot as I could stand it.  I was told to keep as much of my head and tail in the water as possible and I was told I must not get out of the water until the healing was complete.  About 40%???  I was told the heat would be unbearable hot and pulsing.  Pulsing face and racing heart, and I was to endure this cleansing heat even though it was unbearably hot.

Now I see Lord Maitreya, Lord Michael, and Archangel Metatron.  They are performing a planetary healing through me.  I start to see in my mind’s eye, mothers and their children.  We are healing all of the issues regarding mothering on the planet.  This is happening to clear the way for the new races of children being seeded in Terra Nova.

I see mothers and their rural countries who have AIDS breastfeeding their new babies and infecting them with their breast milk.  And in these war torn countries, there is nothing more to eat, and I see mothers raped by strangers and their babies look on.  And I see children kidnapped and forced to live in sexual servitude while their mothers cannot find them.

And I see children who are abducted, and brutalized and found dead.  And I hear the screams of the mothers who are powerless to help their babies.  And I see the babies who are raped by their family members, and the mother knows and says nothing and I see babies who were raped by members of their church, and I see the mothers crying in shame because they could not stop it.

I see babies who run over by vehicles, I see babies being brainwashed in school while mothers stand by feeling powerless to show their children a new paradigm.  I see every abortion ever performed.  I see late term abortions and the babies whose bodies are mutilated by these procedures over days before they are dead.  I see teens who leave their babies dumped and left for dead just after birth due to psychosis.  I see all the babies born to mothers who are unwanted.  I see every soul who has been in one of these situations and the loving compassion they have for that learning experience.  I see that Earth can no longer hold onto this reality, on Terra Nova.

As each new vision is given to me and there were enumerable others, I had to experience the Mother’s cries and indignation and the children’s cries of grief, fear and pain, and it was a heavy burden carrying this energy through my body.  The Galactics were using special techniques to move all the vibration of suffering through my body to clear it.  I cried and cried as this is happening.  Mark is toning in his tub and it feels like he is not aware that he is toning. Others are around in their tubs and no one complains about the toning.  He is helping hold the energy for this healing.

I saw Leela’s twin flame was here.  As I was processing the pain for all the mother issues, Leela was completing the circuit by holding love with her twin flame.

Next, I see Pele and Kauwila were here as well as Terrance and I see they are helping clear this energy.  I see that I am being healed through this process.  I see that all mothers are being healed.  All the children are being healed.  I feel as if, as a mother, I have been carrying the burden of these sufferings through the ages do be healed today.  And as the water cools off, I add more hot water and I keep the water at an unbearably hot temperature.  And I do this to have my heart beating quickly and move the healing energy through. And Pele is pulsing through me the volcano hot transformative energy.

At this point, the energy shifted.  Next, I see Ezra and Ariana, the Platinum Twins.  I see they will be birthed through me.   These ones are conceived for the new race of children, the Platinum Children.  I feel labor pains and I see both Platinum Twins being born.  I feel the head crowning and feel the body slip out of me. I see the afterbirth of each twin being born out of me.

And with this done, I see I can get out of the boiling hot sulfur water to go into the icy mountain creek just outside off the porch.  I walked down a flight of stairs outside down to a creek.  I took off my towel and stepped into the cold mountain water – spring water.  I am in there alone.  I am told to submerge completely over my head.  My body is very hot from the sulfur water.  I have my back to the bath house and I walk deeper and deeper into the mountain creek water.  I see that the mother issues are being healed in all planets in our galaxy and all galaxies in our universe and the entire universe has been cleared of the mother and child suffering.  It is no longer possible to have the vibration of this experience here on the new Earth.  I need to submerge in the cold water past my head to accommodate and facilitate this healing moving to all places in our universe.

This is preparing all for the new races of children coming in now, starting with the Platinum Children.  Of these, there will be many.  Terra Nova will be in the hands of the children.  The Indigo teenagers now and others, will move more and more into positions where they may affect change in every industry.  They will start families with the new children.  Many elder Indigos will receive foster children or adoptive children into their homes.  The new children will teach their elders about the changes that must be made to start a new earth.  They will request that the adults in their lives make the necessary changes in their own lives to make the new earth into what it shall become.

That’s all.  Thank you.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay, Mark, do you want to add anything to that?

MARK – Well, this was on the 3rd day of July and I can tell you now, that we went there without any pre-knowledge of what would occur in this area.  However, this was a complete surprise and when they came in, the individuals that were named came in, you could see they were high individuals and it was an important operation.  Because as Beth said, that until these cleansings and healings – until that was removed from the template – the master hologram if you will, would you say that Mother?

MS – Yes.

MARK – Okay.  Until that was removed, these new children could not come in without picking up that same imprint that is in all of us here. So by this happening, and Beth being a surrogate, not only it was, all of the levels of the master hologram throughout the universe was removed, that program is no longer there now.  And those memories are being, shall we say, transduced, or transmuted out.  Just as if they never were.  So we who carry some of those memories in our mind, at least they are not in our cells.

So that means that these new ones now, who must come in, if this is to be done correctly and it will be.  They have to come in with a clean slate and not pick up that and not have to process that, in addition to bringing through the higher wisdom that do not contain that.  They are all about love, all about unity, feeling and harmony.  So we were very, very thrilled once this was done.  We weren’t sure what was happening while it was going on as it was a pretty contrasting thing.

And, so then we were in the Mt. Shasta area and we went on up to that mountain the very next day for the 4th of July.  We got the intuition that this would be a pretty powerful thing and we just followed our intuitive noses, in a manner of speaking, until eventually we reached a very high level on that mountain and found the portal that actually goes into Telos, but that was not a goal, what we might have thought it might have been.

The goal was to follow our noses, follow our hearts, and to be enjoying everything we were doing and seeing that we could in fact, sense these things out, and we did – collectively.  No one had any of the whole picture – we only had an idea – so we each took turns following that internal impulse and it led us unerringly to the right place.  Then we backed out and did meditations and began to attune to the forces there and see how they were interacting with us also.

And that was a very interesting experience, to feel yourself interacting with the inner earth to feel yourself acting with the Earth and all its kingdoms and evolutions, and then of course, our favorite one, to be interacting with all of the above earth evolutions.  In other words, our family.

So this was, we were very, very you might say, high – when we got off that mountain and it was strictly because of the awareness of what we were a part of.  And that we were on this 3-4 dimensional interface between all of them, and yet they were interacting with us.  They were showing up – they would come out of their places and we would see them, experience them, and then we also went into Telos, out of body.  And Beth could tell you about that, but I realize you are a little short of time tonight so we may do some more of that on our Sunday call when we have more time.

TARA – What time?

MARK – At 3 p.m. EST Sunday, 1 pm Mountain Time, 12 noon Pacific Time.  IN order to allow as many people as want to come on, we saw that they were going to be overwhelmed, so we made this deal with TalkShoe – they’re giving us this one time disposition to have this call so more people can get online and participate.  We will be going through more adventures during this trip and how also, some of the things that Mother and Rama and Tara were talking about tonight that are going to move forward.

For instance, tomorrow is July 10th and everyone knows by now, a couple of things about that interesting date.  The Sirian Ambassador, who holds the position of President of the U.S., that Ambassador has already stated publicly, back on May the 9th, I believe it was, that he will finish his 2nd 100 days agendas.  Notice he will have achieved his goals in the 2nd 100 days in 72 days and then when we traced that out to when that date would be, you start with the end of the first 100 days and move it forward and that turns out to be tomorrow, July the 10th.

So that’s kind of an interesting date because we know some of the things on that agenda and it sounds very ambitious.  It might be very hard to accomplish and yet he is going to be in the Vatican, with an interview with the Pope tomorrow.  So isn’t that interesting for his final official act?  And Mother can you tell us anything about that final official act tomorrow?

MS: We will just say that, the Lavender Lad will be sitting observing the proceedings and would be quite interesting how Mr. Ratzinger will conduct himself in the sense of his former situations.

MS – We would only hope, in the context of the understanding, what you are witnessing is the playing out of the physical trauma drama that has to occur for the cells to get it to connect the quantum leap if you will.  Cause we feel it in the cells.

TARA – Yes and Mother, because it is within the 3 days after this full lunar eclipse and as Cynthia said, this full lunar eclipse marks the end of the end of the end of the end.  There is absolutely zilch left of the old agenda and all that’s going on now is the Hunab Ku adjustment of the first 300 years of the Age of Enlightenment Foundation being made.  And I just wanted to say something about what Beth was telling us. Because that was actually Friday and remember that Christopher Story, in the accuracy part of his story, he said at midnight on Thursday night, that as the settlement funds weren’t settled, that “real hardball” would be starting on the media.  Which means the hardest news that has never been told to anybody at all, ever on the hard media.

MS – And somebody was speculating that the story going on between Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Leon Panetta, that they don’t want to talk about the ugly secret being held in the corner.  Hmm, was it approved, to have Mr. Cheney’s death squads out there? Taking folks out since 9/11 with Tesla’s technology of death?

TARA – Not only that, he also built his own private CIA headquarters where he could do everything privately, and he did it with our money everybody.

MS – Love them even more.  How can we go anywhere else?  If we decide to be just as ugly, we got more mud on us, just like them.

MARK – Well Mother, there was another question I wanted to ask you because we have been reading some suggestions that about how the galactic revelations of present are going to take place.  Is it going to be a phased operation, would you say?

MS – In what context?

MARK – In the context that part of the story would be told, and then this would be allowed to be integrated, then the next phase would come in which would take that information deeper, further, broader.  I mean obviously, we haven’t had any details about how the decloakings would progress.

MS – We will say that there may be some disclosure about that within the next 2-3 days.  Dr. Stephen Greer is going to be speaking between now and Monday in the area of possibly Denver.  Going to be letting some more cats out of the bag.  As you know, we need more cats.

MARK – We seen them everywhere we go Mother, more cats around.

MS – Yes.

TARA – Okay Kauwila, do you want to say something?

KAUWILA – Yes. We got a message from the King of Swords today and I‘m not going to read the entire message, but there was one piece of it that really – we have been seeing a lot of pink all over the place – pink hearts coming in. I just wanted to read this one paragraph from the King of Sword’s message today and I will post the entire message later, but the paragraph said.

“This period of the full moon/lunar eclipse to the new moon/solar eclipse – you are in it now as you process thousands, millions, of entering particulates from the 7th level solar radiated coming as a waterfall from heaven as a new shower makes its presence felt [and it just started raining outside – this is so beautiful]. As a matter of the nets for catching the particles are erected, the harmonics shift again. As you can tell, there are structures constructed for some, strictures constructed for others. Not every being is prepared to receive these particulates. We can give a color to you – pink – cannot describe in any word way.

We give you this; discover the Pink Platinum Pyramid. Sense for yourselves the sides, 3, 4, 5, whatever. You will see forms that are appropriate for you. This may be combined as you see fit – 2×4 sides, octahedral, or 2×3 sides, face to face, or with common centers. Have you ever seen some of the tubes of you? [Meaning the YouTube videos that show such appearances.] We encourage you to be always in love, be always coming from love, be always intending love. Remember the 3 Ps, or P3 or PPP meaning the Pink Platinum Pyramid.”

TARA – I wanted to say something about that.  Thank you for those 3 hearts from the coral in Hawaii, Commander. They are sitting on our kitchen table and they are holding the light.

KAUWILA – That’s another thing, too.  They have been appearing all over the place. All of a sudden, these coral hearts are showing up all over the place. Maybe they have been there for thousands of years, but all of a sudden, they seem to be showing up.

MARK – I want to thank you Kauwila. I want to say that yesterday, Beth and I spent an interesting morning in, of all places, Vallejo, California. Sitting on the edge of a baseball or softball diamond. It’s a playground and there are children’s swing sets over on the side. There are huge trees there that we could sit under because it got pretty warm.  We were waiting for some information to come to us.  So I was sitting under this tree and I started looking up.  [I] saw the sun peeking through the trees, which was very beautifu,l and so communicated with what we will call the Sun Cruiser.  Also continued the greeting to Helios and Vesta behind the sun and to the great Central Sun [from] which all the light was coming and being stepped down so we could see it here on the Earth.

These beautiful colors started happening everywhere. Then they all turned – and this is from the King’s message now; that is what he was referring to.  They all turned to upside down hearts. Now I have been, for maybe a year or around there – when I do a blessing on my food, one of the last things I’m doing, is this upside down heart that becomes invoking divine grace and the mighty I AM that I Am.

That blessing ends up as 2 little blips at the end of the thing. The whole sky was filled with these things not just one or two.  They were on every quadrant, on every tree, on every bush. We were getting it from everything and this went on for 3 hours while we sat there. We were so stiff we could hardly get up by the time we got out. We were having a wonderful time. It was so joyful, so calm, quiet, peaceful, the birds were singing. Then to get this message from the King today, we knew that he was talking about if you were a galactic – if you were a galactic sitting up on a ship, for instance, and you were looking down, those upside down hearts would not be upside down would they?

They point to the solar self and the higher version, just as we were watching the Sun Cruiser.  Then what was above that?  Helios and Vesta. And what was above that?  The Great Central Sun. So that is what these 3 blips at the end of the heart were. Is that correct Mother?

MS – Yes.

MARK – Can you tell us anything more about that significance?

MS – We would just say that the King of Hearts may be showing up soon.

MARK – Aha. We smell another bluebird of happiness coming.

MS -Yes.

MARK – That would be a wonderful thing. So you see the magic that is here now? If we end this right at this point, there is no end to it. It will become more and more so because you can see with these platinum kids now being able to come in as a true physical being to seed the whole planet. We are not talking about 3D anymore. We are not even talking about 4D anymore. Everything we are talking about here is all 5D and above. Right Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Which means, those two twins representing twin flames for everybody on the earth actually birthed themselves in that birthing chamber with you Beth.

MARK – And it is also the birth of the heart. It was not a birth of the physical body even though she had to allow that process to be felt in her body. She was actually birthing from the heart because that is the new way to do it folks if you haven’t heard.  This is an update.

TARA – In the true zodiac, you did the birthing of the twins in the true twin energy because from June 20th to July 20th, it is Gemini in the true zodiac. Then July 21st when we have that incredible compliment to this lunar eclipse, which ended the old completely.  It’s my beloved Rama’s birthday and it is also Shersha’s birthday.

MS – Yes.

TARA – Yes it’s Robin Williams birthday. And it is also, I can’t remember our friend we had in Texas birthday, but that’s from a call back in 2007. Yes, it is the day of the solar eclipse and the new moon. Then on Tara’s birthday, which is the 5th of August, which is still in Cancer everybody. It is not Leo until the 9th of August.  So the 5th of August is the next full moon again.

So from full moon to full moon and from birthday to birthday, we’ve got the twin flames Tara and Rama in Cancer; we’ve got the twin flame energy born in Gemini for all people on earth. That means that the twin flames energy’s time has arrived now. In other words, twin flame energy is what is bringing this together. Black and white together, east and west together.

MARK – It was interesting that that was July 3rd. We were expecting the big thing to happen on July 4th but, in fact, we got out there just a little bit before dark.  So we were in the tub at about 6:45pm on July the 3rd and that’s when, after about 20 minutes, which puts it after 7:00. It puts it into about 7:05-7:10. That’s when it had been cleared and the platinum twins, who, by the way, were birthed into the physical dimension. Meaning they are going to be here, living, walking, breathing being here on the planet now. They were born. They were physically manifested in that energy so they had to be here before the 4th of July celebration. That is kind of interesting to us.

MS – Yes.

TARA – It represents etheric physicality, which we all are dawning now.  Our ability to see the etheric physicality of our light bodies is also dawning right now for everyone. WOW!

MS – Yes.

MARK – So you can see we are not talking anymore about 3D events.  That means all the people on this call and anyone else out there on the planet right now that are thinking thoughts of this kind this is confirmation. This is the biggest confirmation in the world that I can think of.  It tells you before anyone else sees it in the newspaper: you are in the 5th dimension folks.  This is all about cooperativeness, about sharing and about raising the frequency no matter who we are dealing with to that unconditional love, awareness that we are all one and that our fates, our destinies and our joy is ONE.

MS – Love in the cells.

TARA – Please love Karl Rove even more because he has to go through that grilling, while the rest of the world came together as ONE. We are the world on the same day. Oh, my gosh.

MARIETTA ROBERT – I have a whole stack of questions and I know everybody is anxious to get their questions answered. I don’t know how you feel with this since we didn’t get to them tonight. Is there any possibility you might want to do some tomorrow night or should we just try to wait until next week?

MS – We can do some tomorrow.

TARA: We can do some of them. Maybe pick some of the important ones.

MS – Tomorrow.

TARA – You mean you will come back tomorrow?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Okay.  Mother will come back tomorrow too so maybe we can do some now and the rest tomorrow so you can finish the call. How is that Marietta?

MARIETTA ROBERT – I’ve got three short ones here and I think you can give some quick answers to. So Mother, here is 3 quick questions. The real reason for meeting with Putin?

MS – The real reason that Mr. Obama is meeting with Putin/Medvedev is it has to do with full disclosure of our presence. How to discuss this in a tangible, sane manner rather than an insane manner called “Independence Day”.  No alien invasions.

MARIETTA ROBERT – And then the other comment. Keith Olbermann, Rachel Meadows and Chris Matthews were absent all last week. Are they preparing for something?

MS – Yes indeed.

TARA: Indeedy do. Rachel Maddow was, also, under the weather. She was supposed to be back the day before she got back.  Yet, that all worked out just fine.

MS – Yes, 40 hours of 30 hours of instructions on how we do things in a different way based on treasury banking instead of fractionalized banking.

TARA – I wanted to add one more thing. On this video we are going to play tomorrow that gentleman – is his name Elliott or something that was on Thom Hartmann this morning – he basically says that the dollar is absolutely impossible to save. There is no saving the dollar.  Period.  China and Russia have decided ultimately that, along with Barack Obama behind the scenes and Angela Merkel – good person, sorry to say to everybody that doesn’t understand that – that they are – I mean there have been some decisions made.  Let’s just put it that way, to move full bore into the enactment process.

MS – Yes.

MARK – Treasury banking.

TARA – Yes.  Treasury banking.  Enactment of it.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Thank you so much for sharing tonight. We thank all the Commanders who have been out doing these major projects.  We are grateful that you are observing all of this and doing this for everyone.  We are excited to have Mother back tomorrow night so we can finish with some of these questions.


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