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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – July 23, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Conference Call
July 23, 2009
Transcribed and edited by your transcription team: Annie, Jan, Shirley, Adithya, Katie, Barker and Andrew

Part 1: Roundtable with Tara and Rama

RAMA – Greetings.  Oh my, another wild day on planet Earth, as they say.  What I can say is that Mr. Obama, the Sirian Commander here, has laid it out in lavender once again. At the same time, there are folks saying that he [Obama] sold us down the river. I would say what we have been witnessing for the last 8 years; he came in on a mess that was left by Darth Vader.

Darth Vader and his hand puppet are about to be indicted on war crimes. Rachel Maddow is talking about it [War Crimes] right now on MSNBC.

The race card has came up again. Mr. Gates was racially profiled entering his own home. If this had been a white man, that would not have happened.

TARA – It wasn’t about the entry.  After the police entered the living room and he proved to them who his identity was.  He was very smart.  Before he did that, he called the Chief of Police and said he had a racist cop in his own home.

RAMA – These are the pieces the mainstream news will never say.

TARA – Obama nailed him in his speech, which was completely aired.  It was on in the first of Keith Olbermann’s shows.

RAMA – Almost all the radio shows and all the talking heads were talking about this today. It’s just that the radio folks, all day have been harping on this one in Obama’s speech and how Harry Reid has sold us down the river by saying there will be no vote, by the recess and it will go into the fall.

There are other folks out there that have led a forest fire under this drama. Has to do with the diversions that are going on right now. The last few weeks it was Michael Jackson and whatever else. Now it is something in the sense that there are many cracks in the dike. Over 30 people arrested in New Jersey today having to do with international fraud and money laundering, i.e. Bush-Clinton crime family. They are trying to create a situation for Obama to fail and he will never fail.

TARA – It’s not about him failing.  It’s we the people. So that idea[failing] is already passed.  Yet Obama asked earlier, remember this is not his jurisdiction any more, remember he said his part was really completed on July 10th, the 72nd day. He said on the 73rd day “I will rest” aligning himself with the Moorish tradition, as a result, catapulting the race card out in front.

Two weeks ago tonight, at the NAACP’s 100 year anniversary and addressing W.E.B Dubois as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mentor – his mentor in the east. Knowing that W.E.B. Dubois got an education and he was an alchemist and a Moor. He had parents from Ghana at the time of Abe Lincoln who actually, were slaves here. He got an education through Britain and the United States and Harvard.   In Germany, he went to this university.   This means he connected with the pan German Nazi’s, black nobility.

He met with the Galactics and the Ashtar command and the star nations in 1961, which determined things that were going to come in.  They came in besides Queen Elizabeth’s head.  She is gone now and with the demise, the race card is on both sides of the pond.

RAMA – Over all, the talking heads were speaking about was how imperative it is to bring peace into the dialogue. That’s the only way our friends from the stars will show up as peace is declared. It’s already being done.  Yet we are playing out the last final second.  It may seem like an eon being stretched out to the Nth degree, where time is moving very slowly.  Yet, it’s moving very rapidly.

TARA – It means both things are going on. The planet is actually flowing.  It appears that everything that’s on the outer periphery – the sun in the center – is in this place of surrender and that’s the only place where they could shift the ages.  We did.  We went into the Satya Yuga, when the Hunab Ku went in.  By the way, today is the Egyptian New Year’s Day.  Happy New Year, Akhenation, Moses.  Rama did have a physical incarnation where he came in yet he did not die.  Remembering that we maintained and kept our stellar, our divinity.  [Inaudible] Stellar Society.

You have the divinity and then you can misqualify the Divine.  So Egypt is where it all began.  So Akhenation is where is all began.  So Osiris who was St. Germain, Rama and Isis who was Isis.  It was just the teaching of the Green Tara.  I was called Ankhtara by a British medium in the intervention right now of the civilization’s development.  Which means the Green Tara of the west which is in Egypt.

RAMA – In the process of what I heard – Thom Hartmann had a few incredible people on today – can’t remember exactly. What was being said is as we move into a place – he spoke about that place was in the sense using the race card to change people’s realities – pitting one against other so ideas are formed.  Then people go out and act upon those ideas.  He gave a few examples of how we get inundated by telemarketers.  This one guy got crazy and threatened to shoot the telemarketer if he didn’t stop harassing him.  So the telemarketer actually took it as a real threat and reported him to Homeland Security.  This guy got arrested.  It’s where it is being taken too far.

Like Cynthia said last night: so much love so that these folks have a chance to look their own demons in the face and control their demons to the point where they can heal their demons.  Just like Cynthia has talked about.   All of this has to do with the Jinn because the fire element has been overrun.  It’s coming back into balance in the Satya Yuga.  Yet, the Jinn have been running rampant for many eons.  Now, they are listening up and have fully come back to love.  Yet, we are still witnessing those cosmic strings… pockets of energy that still need to disappear.  It is happening as we speak

TARA – We are going to read about this gentleman tomorrow because Black History Month and Henry Louis Gates, as you know, is really in the news.  Was born September 16 of 1950 in West Virginia.  He is a Moor and he is one of the most powerful academic voices in America.  He is the most recognized for extensive research of African Americans history and literature.

For developing and expanding the African American studies program at Harvard University where W.E.B. Dubois studied before him everyone.  He got his Ph.D. at Harvard as well.  The first black to have received a Ph.D. from Cambridge University.  Mr. Gates is the author of many books, articles, essays and reviews.  He has received numerous awards and honorary degrees.  Gates who has displayed endless dedication to bringing the African American cultures to the public has co-authored, co-edited and produced from the most comprehensive African American reference material ever created.

In naming Gates one of the twenty-five most influential Americans I 1997, “Time Magazine” described him as a combination of “the braininess of the legendary black scholar, W.E.B. Dubois and the chutzpah of P.T Barnum, the Chairman of Harvard Afro American Studies Department has emerged as a prolific author, a whirlwind academic impresario  and the de facto leader of a movement to transform Black Studies from a politically correct academic backwater, into a respected discipline on campuses across the United States.  Former Black Panther Angela Davis got her Ph.D. in these studies at Berkley and is teaching there.”  This is checkmate everyone.

At the same time we have Dick Cheney, in the President’s face on Libby’s pardon. He just wouldn’t give it up. Rachel Maddow is covering it.  I’m just saying that this is it.   This is 9/11.  Sibel Edmunds, Valerie Plame.  We’re getting ready for the enactment of NESARA , as well, everyone.

In the larger area of spiritual awakening that total solar eclipse, where it actually happened, on the 21st the first day of the true Zodiac of Cancer, Mother Sekhmet’s arrival on the plant as the Emerald Green Ray of the Shekina coming into the planet.  Mother Sekhmet’s total solar eclipse on the 22nd, which is the master number of all the prophets of the Moorish.  Come in on the 22nd ray.  We are the prophets’ generation.

BIG WILL – As I was saying earlier, we had 4 interruptions on the call tonight. Electricity went out, phone service went out, calling from my cell phone, and I’m looking at these solid huge massive clouds.  I can see the blue sky, but this cloud is so massive like a mother ship and it’s just not moving. I want to have Mark say something on this because right now I’m very excited about this.

RAMA – I’ll just say that it is a craft, send only love to them and they will respond in kind.

TARA – I think it’s a good craft and that’s why all the lights went out. Because the energies are so powerful. yet send it love no matter what.

BIG WILL – There is no sound whatsoever. It’s so huge. This is the only craft that is stationary and it’s directly overhead and my electricity went out 4 times when we were on the call.

SHIRLEY – Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox are over in Baghdad today, doing a goodwill ambassador trip.  It says that they will be staying with her good friend, Queen Noor.   Does Rama or Tara have any comment on that?

RAMA – Angelina Jolie is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. What she is trying to do, along with Queen Noor, is zero nuclear proliferation, with reducing all the nukes across the planet.  Zero nukes. On a greater scale, as a member on the council she has to kind of do some duty for the troops; it’s a part of that job.  I hope that answers the question.

SHIRLEY – I knew you said Queen Noor is on the good side.  Whose side is Angelina on?

RAMA – I think she and Brad Pitt are between a rock and a hard place.

TARA – They are wealthy visionaries that have received blessings and started working since Pangaea days, together in Africa. With Queen Noor

RAMA – I’ll just say that as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations she has to tip her hat as Laura Croft to the dark side [one of her movie roles/Indian Jones adventurer type].

TARA – This is the NESARA wealthy visionary activities that you are hearing about, Shirley.  Everything means something now because we’re in Lady Master Nada’s turf. They’re going for the jugular.   They are going and telling stuff they have never told before.  They are bringing us right up to the brink of 9/11 and then NESARA gets enacted along with these arrests.  They just started it.  These guys are caught with their pants down up here in New York, Jersey City and all three mayors.  My goodness.

RAMA – Mitch McConnell looks like he saw Mother.  He looks pretty scared.

WOMAN – I heard on Keith Olbermann that Patrick Fitzgerald had interviewed Dick Cheney and I don’t think he was under an oath so he won’t release any information? Anything on this?

TARA – That’s right.  “They” is Hillary Dillary Dock and the Bush gang.  Everybody’s going to get it now because, the light is on to these guys. He said, “Bush me.”  Every time these guys pull a fast one,  they’re on it.  And Rachel Maddow says, “Here’s what they’re doing”.

Part 2: A-Team ops Reports with Beth, Mark, Tara and Rama

BETH – As everyone knows, Kau’ila is in Hawaii.  He has flown to Oahu and when we spoke with him this afternoon, he was at Mt. Ka’ala.  What I wanted to share with everyone was on July 23rd all these massive clearings are happening. We received a report from Madame X this morning. Mark and I met Kau’ila at 11:23 last night in meditation and early in the morning [here] and Madame X sent a note regarding 23rd [of] July:

“Dear Mark,

In case you read this before your travels, mission accomplished in perfection. We cleared all the tunnels and areas from Hawaii into the Great Pyramid in Egypt. There was still some density in a few areas and that was released, through a tube of Light into the Cosmos. Now the energy flows back and forth and the cap over the great tip of the pyramid is back in its original place. I felt the energy on Earth when it returned, and the blast of light was huge.

This serves as an antenna for ships to recharge and serves as a doorway for interdimensional travel and many other things. It’s ready to be used now for the highest will.  All of us were together last night and Pele cleared the path where it is most needed. Your journey will be successful. Please keep me posted on what’s happening. Blessings and it’s been a joy doing the ops last night with you. I now have everything prepared for today the 23rd.

Much love and light,
Madame X.”

This is what King of Swords was talking about, when he came through Kau’ila and he told us of the four schools of the things that we wanted to accomplish during this period between 20th and 23rd. Today is very much a clearing and a cleansing date. I have been experiencing that. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had things pop up that needed to be cleared out.

MARK – There were 2-3 periods today where we were talking with Kau’ila and reporting with Madame X. They were the same as documented. In addition to that today, there were 2 or 3 more waves because there was a progression as these clearings took place.   The next phase of the operation was to take place. He was in position. When he got there, there was a portal open.

It was right near Haieu, which is a sacred place where there is a portal and much has happened in the past. This one was open and he knew instantly, without a question, that this was it. As we talked, he saw the portal open but he got the information that within a couple minutes at the time we talked that 44 million Lemurians were coming in to help re-balance our representation on this planet.

As you know, we have been living pretty much under the Atlantian or male dominated approach.  This whole mission here is taking place over this 4 days of time. [It] has been to bring in a divine empowered female – feminine energy. That completed on the night – actually the end of the 20th..  We just pre-coded it on the night of the 20th.  So now we have both.

On the 21st , we ended up having both masculine and feminine.  Divine template.  These are balanced male and females, anchoring the new original Lemurian timeline and the new era.  We’re on a new timeline, whether anyone notices or not.  This one has a new matrix: a template that requires all of us, the planet, us, and everything connected to it, to be in male/female matter spirit balance.  The goal here will be planetary ascension. This includes those of the whole planet and everyone on it. It has to be balanced in matter and spirit and male and female.  This was accomplished.

Yesterday, the 22nd, at 23:23 which is 11:23 pm last night. Kau’ila had to be in position to begin the cleansing.  It had to start so it would be involved for a 23 hour period of time.  All those 23’s – 2+3 is 5 – there were 3 five’s.  This is the most important change you can have, in the material world.  This is the most powerful period for changes.  Therefore, the changes that came in, since the new template was inserted and anchored and activated.  Anything that is not that, has to transform or leave.  Anything that is materially or spiritually not in alignment with the partnership of twin flames and matter/spirit, male/female, children/parents, all of these have to be balanced now. The other is removed and is being removed now.

So the massive cleansing started on Oahu and then out to Giza and then on around the planet from there.  This was the massive cleansing of old and no longer appropriate things which includes pollution, which includes any kind of dominating behavior as, opposed to co-operative behavior.  So as this has progressed, guess what we were experiencing?  That’s what Beth was alluding to, is that any echoes in us that now the spotlight was shining on because we could feel where those places are that, with an open heart, you could feel very easily.   It was places that had not been healed, yet.

So that was obviously to go forward with the next phase.  This has to be healed right here, right now on this day.  It was a massively accelerated cleansing process for this to happen.  That will continue to ripple through the whole planet and everyone on it.  Anyone in resistance to this will be transported or be removed or will remove themselves by that energy because they will self combust or simply disappear from the energy.

So the result of this is that tomorrow – today we got the 44 million Lemurians coming in –

TARA – It is 44 that were actually charge in this sting operation between New Jersey and New York.  There is no mistake.

MARK – So these number things are going to start; you are going to see them everywhere.  You are going to see them just as Tara said, in the number of people being exposed and arrested.

RAMA – Tony Soprano is going to The Hague.

TARA – Synchronicity of the numbers, where the computers all line up.

MARK – You are going to see this in your practical life.  We don’t need to address too much of the details right now.  Just wanted to paint the general picture here.

Tomorrow, twin flames can be on the planet.  Now they can overlight an existing relationship, if it is positive.  If it is chosen to completely ascend, then they’ll simply overlight it.  But they will be here.  All twin flames.  In cases where relationships have grown, as far as they can, both twin flames will come in and then these people will leave the relationships they are in. If that is no longer appropriate.   There is no judgment in here.  It is strictly appropriateness.

Of course, you can always have overlighting from the inner planes.  They can be here in anyway that’s most appropriate for the individual case.  Everybody will have a say so on this.  It’s coming in and that starts tomorrow.  [July 24, 2009]   The cleansing had to happen first, from the master template.  Of course, we each have our individual templates. So we’re each clearing what has already now been set in motion.

When the ships lowered that cap onto Giza. That restored the re-connectivity of the whole planet through the grid system. That’s why all the conduits going there had to be cleared first.    That’s pretty massive.  You are going to see effects from that because the energy coming off the cap stone was quite massive.  Madame X alluded to that; she said it was brilliant.  That is a fully active coordinating center now.

All the rest aligns with that.  That is why the Lemurian Sun Disc and the Atlantean Sun Disc both had to be activated and share their common program which is now a balanced program.  These mergers will take place.  They will happen in so many ways, it will be hard to keep track of them.  We are no longer[in the old energies], all of the other is over.  The effects of this are permanent.

TARA – The course has been permanently reversed.  That is what today actually meant/represents.  Remember the beginning in Egypt.  This is the conclusion.  Ever since, in the entire history of the children of Israel, from then ‘til now.   Egypt was at the same time as Sumeria and Babylon.  So the Annunaki went and did their stuff in Babylon.  The Aser elder race of Akhenation and the Solar Disc did their work in Egypt to set the record on its course.  We are completing it today.

MARK – And today is the first day of the Lion’s Gate which reaches its peak on August the 8th.   Everything continues on.  The major emphasis ends on the 12th of August.

TARA – Which is August 12th.   That’s what they did in the Philadelphia experiment – the closing of the rip of the time/space continuum that finalized itself in Atlantis.  Yet, it began 35,000 BC in Lemuria, when the Annunaki attacked the first time.  Dozens of ice ages.  We are finishing all of that.

MARK – So this is why it had to be a New Original Lemurian Timeline that we got anchored in the Lemurian Disc.   The same thing was true for the Atlantean Disc.  This heals all the dysfunctionality that were a part of both [inaudbile]. This was the successful one.  This is now [inaudible] here.   I would like to ask Beth to talk about the next step which is going to be sometime tomorrow.

BETH – Everything that Mark and Tara have been talking about are very heavy concepts.  I just want to review, very briefly, what does that mean for our lives.

Essentially, on July 22nd, we know the master hologram was reset.  That happened during the solar eclipse.  That means that every mis-creation that was before is gone.  It dawned on the 22nd, which is the night of the 22nd.  We’re working all of the conduits, the star gates and the inner portals and Earth, are completely cleaned out and the cap stone is returned to Giza. That is big news.  That relates to interplanetary travel and other higher gifts being able to be utilized just now.

It, also, relates to anything that you can dream… it can happen now.  So this is big time to review your life… what you’d like to co-create and make it happen.  The last thing is the beginning of the Lion’s Gate opening.  [This is] the finalization of the infinite love that’s coming in and the twin flames returning.  This also brings in the new children… they’re coming in that way.  They are a part of the 44 million Lemurians.

As far as tomorrow goes [July 24, 2009], going to be opening the portals of the magical kingdom.  That will be the next part. The magical kingdoms will be returning to Earth.  These are many different forms but what it means is that Earth is being repopulated with all the things, that had to leave before because they couldn’t be here in the lower vibration.  So the elves, the fairies and all the ones we like to work with – all the magic is coming back.  This, also, includes all other kingdoms that we talked about before.  Everything is being anchored back into that twin flame heart.

MARK – An interesting thing happened today.  Rama got to talk to the King of Egypt.  As you know, Egypt is where Giza is and it is, also, where the Lion’s Gate is aligned with Sirius.  The Sirian Ambassador has his birthday on August 4th during this Sirian Lion’s Gate period.   Also, during this time, surprisingly enough, is the anniversary of Harmonic Convergence.

TARA –  The 16th and 17th [of August], right at midnight.

MARK – So you can see there is a whole lineup – a sequential flow, if you will, of things.  You might want to listen to what Rama has to say that he got from the King of Egypt.

RAMA – Anubis.  He was speaking about – what Mark and Beth have been saying – when the cap stone went on the Giza Pyramid.  This activated a lot of stuff.  How that energy is affecting various areas – the only way I know how to describe it is in the movies when you watch that electric tube, Tesla coil energy, just start glowing.  I would say for folks who have Google Earth, take a look – or there’s web sites out there where you can look at the Earth at night – take a look at the Giza Plateau and see if all three pyramids from space are glowing.  I am pretty sure they are.

MARK – Did you say what the King of Egypt told you?

RAMA – He just said everything is running under normal parameters, for the first time.

TARA – And what Beth and Mark and Tara and all of us have been talking about is right on the money.

RAMA – It is right on the money.  Ain’t no accident that 40 folks got arrested in  [New Jersey] today.

TARA – Actually, there were 130 political people that were involved.

RAMA – It’s within and without.  As eclipses come in, the ripples – it’s like a major boulder got dropped in the pond and the ripples are going to happen now for six months.

TARA – Remember what happened in New Jersey under their cover those FBI Division #5 guys that were sitting by the bridge there from New Jersey across into New York.  They did 9/11.  They dressed up for photo ops with all their Arab clothes on and said, “These are the 19 Al Qaeda-ists.  So that is the same state that’s involved with that, too.

MARK – One more thing I failed to mention was – guess what?  We have another eclipse coming in the first week of August.

TARA – It goes through the entire Mother’s Lion’s Gate in Cancer.  My teacher, William David said, “Watch when Cancer comes around.  That’s when the Age of Aquarius is going to really hit the fan.”  And anchor.

MARK – So then Beth if you would like any closing statement you want to make.

BETH – I would like everyone to be aware that Kau’ila is still in place in Oahu.  There is work to do there, yet.  It will be interesting if he calls in and let’s us know what is happening in [conjunction] with the messages that he brought through from the King of Swords.

Part 3: Mother Sekhmet’s Talk

MS – Since you are all part of this story, wondrous beings of light, love, peace and joy.  As you are witnessing these new templates, new timelines fitting in the right way, overlaying the old.  It’s looking a bit like things are stretching. With the new energies, got to fit the corners or maybe its round, completely spherical, everything fitting the right way.  Yet, whatever is going on inside us, is a fitting in the right way.  Like you said, Kathy[the guest on tonights call]  sometimes you are afraid to take that quantum leap – step out there.  We say, “Ah.  Got to get out of the boat to walk on the water, eh?”

We’ve been walking on the water for long, we’re tired of waiting for all of you to show up.  Now you are showing up and getting with it.  Welcome.  We have to say, “Not hard to take the quantum leap, walking on water, walking on air.”  Remember the scene in the “Last Crusade” where the Templar told Indiana Jones, “Walk across that little stretch”.  Looked like there wasn’t a path across that canyon, yet, there was a path.  And the same thing – Babaji has said for may thousands, millions of years, you can walk on water.  Here you are doing it now.

The miracles are unfolding that very fact you’re here.  Unprecedented.  The timelines have shifted already.  This is why there are so much, in the way of shifting how the thought processes work within this structure called Adam Kadmon as you are working within a unified field of incredible, orgasmic love.  Nothing can occur except more love and that is the brightest light that is occurring right now in the sense of the Ruby Ray Masters.  That love [is] coming in.  That is shifting all of your and our realities, so that we can do this with peace and grace and love.  Now is the time for peace.

All of the things that have been going on since the so-called “King of Pop” took a walk on the wild side and joined our side, you might say. In the sense, is he here, is he there? We’re not going to say. What we are going to say is NESARA is getting announced. It is the reality in which your Sirian Commander spoke up yesterday talking about the fact that we have had so long a system that takes care of an elite group. An elite circle with universal health care served in Congress.

Yet, if you are the ‘useless eaters’, as you sometimes get called by the folks out there, you get no health care.  A great shift is occurring and the Blue Cross Democrats are going to have to face their own cross they are bearing. It’s just not the cross you are going to face.  It is the bear you are going to have to cross and it is a very large bear. It is that reality, in which everyone is equal here and the roll of the roulette wheel is shifting all of it right now, in favor of the light. We are just saying the heroes are here along with the prophets and it is getting done. The fourth turning. Go and look up those words in Google, the fourth turning. That is what is occurring on your planet now. The great revolution is about respect.

TARA –  It has to do with the fourth quadrant that we’re in, right Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA –  That’s the heroes coming back now.

MS –  It is no accident that the race card is being played right now. We would not even want to use the word race; we are all ONE. Yet different factions of our society have decided to create xenophobia about themselves, thinking they are better than themselves. Yet in that reality, we would just say, ‘ignorance is not the way’. It is the reality in which that when a group of society isolates itself, from other sectors of society, issues come up that have to come to a full circle cycle of healing and balance in order for the whole to heal.

Right now, needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, so time’s up. This is why the light has won and we are all ONE. No accident that the Sirian Commander is speaking in a way in which we have heard the story. He speaks differently to folks of color than folks of non-color. We would just say that no issues about that. It has to do with what is inside, Adam Kadmon. That the people of Kemet know when they are being addressed by the Sirian Command.

We have to just say as certain sectors of society isolated themselves. Created xenophobia within their own being, within their own isolated realities, that because maybe I am of light skin, that I am different, that maybe I have more light than someone of less light. It is not so. It is how we all chose, in the infinite grace and wisdom, as we all took the gauntlet or pen if you will and signed on the dotted line and came in free fall, forgetting everything. Yet, we have these Rainbow Rays with all of us. All of the twelve rays, 144,000 rays. All of our four-legged friends, finny ones, and winged ones, and… furry ones, and ones with scales as well.

All are ONE. It has to come to that place like Mr. Gates said. This is about that issue, where we have to heal this one, in order to create the atmosphere for us to land. Simple and stupid. It is how a civilization reaches that level in which you understand the consequences of your actions. In the sense of being smooth in cycles of frequency, resonance, magnitude. That energy has to come back and we are just saying, now,just like Michael Moore said, “Time’s up Mr. Bush, Cheney, all of it is being paid now to the Piper”.

You will have your Sat Yuga. It is already occurring. There is only love. It is just this fake story that seems to endlessly play out, in these last final moments leading up to 2012. We’ll just say, in any second here, it might, the video tape will stop. You might see somebody like that wild guy in the movie “Network” and he’ll get on the TV and he’ll have a wild look in his eye and he’ll just say, “its time folks. Let’s talk about the real story called 9/11 and everything afterwards.”

TARA –  We got Scooter Libby taking the rap for Dick Chaney and you know…..

MS –   He is not going to fall on his sword. They are going to go to The Hague and stand trial in Nuremberg #2. Where we the people of planet Earth get to look on. Look torturers in the face and say, “I’m sorry, I love you, thank you, please forgive me”. Then we can have peace.

Part 4: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

MARIETTA ROBERT –  Last night President Obama held a press conference and he said, in reference to the timing of health care, he said “The stars are aligned.” Can you expand on that please?

MS –  It means that the stars are aligned in our favor. This man has been groomed for this position for a thousand years and this is why no one will talk about Malcolm X.  It has to do with the fact that we [have to] bring in that energy of Kemet for the people to heal all the issues that happened in the Orion War between Sirius A and Sirius B, Pleiades, Lira, Vega and on. We have to say, the stars are aligned for the magic of NESARA to get announced. That is what is occurring here.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  Is health care one of those steps that must be fully accomplished before NESARA is announced? What they are asking is what are some of the other steps and is health care one of those?

MS — We will just say that, universal health care; all of these issues, get resolved as NESARA is announced. Because there is a new shakeup or shakedown if you will. The perps take the perp walk to the final cell block, if you will. And we will just say how this gets played out right now, Nancy Pelosi has said, “There will be no recess”. Yet Harry Reed got up there today, and said, “There will be no health care until after recess”.

It is one pitting another against each other. We would not know how to determine the nature or behavior of these life forms. Other than to say, they are highly illogical and expect the Naugal out of them. Which means magic. And that in of itself could very well be they pull a fast one and they hold on and carry on the gauntlet through August. We would hold that thought. Inshallah.

TARA — Well, Mother. Where is Harry Reed in terms of his membership in this body called Congress.

MS — He is teetering on the edge, because his life form exists and is kind of tenuous at best because…..

TARA –  He has been having himself tethered with Hillary hasn’t he?

MS –  He is tied in with the Las Vegas Mafia. Goes back to the Vatican.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  What part, in the sequence of arrests resulting in punishment does Sotomayor play? Does she have to be seated in the Supreme Court before this plays out? What is her part?

MS –  We will say Eric Holder will be appointing two special prosecutors. [Lady] Nada is one of them.

TARA –  And Fitzgerald?

MS –  Fitzgerald could very well be the other one.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  The Obamas are expecting their third child. Will this pregnancy and birth be traditional or will it be more like childbirth like discussed last Sunday, without actually carrying the child or anyone carrying the child as I understand it?

MS –  We will say that Michelle Obama probably will have a birth at home or in the hospital. We are not certain. Yet this child coming through is one of the heroes, one of the Crystals that is holding the destiny for America. The I AM Race.

TARA –  Yes and it’s a good chance it could be a healing process of Abraham Lincoln coming through next February.

MS –  The child is a Master coming in.

TARA –  It’s a healed version because remember, NESARA has everything to do with what happened with the Moors coming in. Because they are both Moors. Maybe it could be John Hansen coming through, who knows. I’m just saying, it has something to do with the greater purpose for them being married. This is a physical birth and however they do, whatever they do to birth the child, is not going to be in the etheric. Not a fifth dimensional birthing process like what  was asked about there.

MS –  Yes and we will say they will do a physical birth, yet magic is afoot.

TARA – A full awake being, right Mother?

MS – Yes.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  Is it true that the Democrats are going to ask Nancy Pelosi to step down from the Speaker of the House and if so, why?

MS –  We would just say, those are some of the radical right rumors out there. Thom Hartmann discussed this today. Kind of chuckled and said, “You’re going to have to pry her cold dead hands from that gavel”. We will just say that even she will have to come full circle, and have to answer for what she has done.  She told us so awhile back.

TARA –  Well you know Barack Obama does too. He did something with Putin in Russia.

MS – Chuck Hagle. Espionage of the highest order and they are lucky Mr. Putin, did not put him on the laser table and cut him up like a steak. We are just saying, it is the James Bond reality we are dealing with here and its time for it to be over. Let us have peace NOW.

MARIETTA ROBERT –   It’s reported that President Obama and his family landed at Edwards Air Force Base, when they returned from their trip to Russia. Could you comment on the significance of the landing at Edwards and was there another meeting with the Sirian Ambassador?

MS – Yes. that is what occurred. We would believe that the [inaudible] has [landed at] Edwards Air Force base with them.

TARA –  Who did what?

MS – Obama, Michelle when they returned from Russia. Landed in Edwards Air Force Base and met with other Sirians. It’s about the healing of this whole gigantic story, which goes back to the fall of Luciefera and Lilith. Lucifer, Jehovah is all complete, all done. And the Sirians had a great role in it.  It is complete. Now we are witnessing the pieces are falling.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Can you comment on the FEMA national disaster drill scheduled for July 27-31. That would be from next Monday through Friday. And I haven’t heard about this, but they are saying that there is a FEMA national disaster drill scheduled. Can you comment on that?

MS – We will just say that, they are trying out other kinds of diversionary tactics. Scenarios in the sense of exercises, if you will, to flex their muscles. Of different agencies in the event of so-called, fake war on terror kind of scenarios. If you want to stretch it: false flag events. We are just saying, they want to play with this. Yet what is going on, is they will be met by the Ashtar Command. At the same time, we would just say, don’t worry, be happy, be calm.

Be aware of witnessing the energies, that if you see that these events are unfolding, we have read many stories in the last week or two. We are just saying, speaking through the Temple here, stories about how the sheriff is the highest law in the land in the township and there are certain sheriffs in certain areas of this country that will, within the parameters of what they said would be these exercises of FEMA. Certain sheriffs have said, we will not allow the other agencies of FEMA or Homeland Security to come into their jurisdiction.

So it is a bit of a confrontation of sorts whose jurisdiction overrides whom. And this comes into the understanding, these guys have, as Thom Hartmann and many others have said. ‘When you have a standing army in the time of peace, there is the atmosphere for mischief.’ So it is time to dismantle all standing armies. So we can have what is the understanding is the first steps to the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, United Federation of Planets and Star Systems. Not an accident, not a joke. As your standing armies stand down, we can interact with you. Teach you things you haven’t yet begun to dream of or you forgot. And we don’t need these armies based on war.

It is a perspective of how you create the adversaries, off of word magic you learned in Kymatica, how they twist words to mean certain things. This is the tragedy witnessed with Dr. Gates. This is why this is big. it has to be healed, as a nation, and we are just saying: it is moving forward we need to go on.

MARIETTA ROBERT – What can we do, as a collective, to expedite arrests. Can you make some suggestions?

MS – Ah what you do as communities, call up your senators and congressman. Politely speak to them and say: you would like them to know, that to this day, former bush administration has not been tried for war crimes. They are guilty of high treason and they need to be dealt with. If you would say something like this to your elected officials, they take note of this.

Randi Rhodes speaks of this all the time, that if she calls them up, they hear it. They want to hear from you, the voters. They are just like Obama said push me and that is how things are gonna get done. Yet the big push has happened already. We pushed the energies, with what is occurring with the energies occurring across the planet. Everything is getting healed back to wholeness.

MARIETTA ROBERT  – How will the energy changes affect the children?  How will people be able to relate to the animals they love?

MS – as the energies are shifting, we are becoming more telepathic. More aware of the Nagual, the other side of life. Where the language of the is heart spoken openly. Animals will begin to… you will hear their songs and voices in unison. Of course, all of us together. There are many that are ready, yet it is part of the tone of shifting of the dimensions. Where our paschat relatives and canine relatives, have a thing or two to share. Have you read the book “Conversations with dogs”. It is about telepathic reality, it is no joke. The Dog whisperer, The cat whisperer, the horse whispers. pet psychics. All of these things.

They are on the edge of the great understanding. All the kingdoms are balancing each other out ,as they come out [from behind] the cloaking shields. Appearing before our eyes. And it is in a sense appearance can be deceiving, yet there will be a removing of mask of illusion.  We get see each other with the birthday suits. [It is not judgmental], it is that we are incredibly diverse. How we created our selves in the infinite orgasmic of that creation of two twins flames joined as one. Reflects in all species. Whether It is in the creation of fungus in a petri dish or speaking through this temple of the living god. We are all one.

HEIDI – Will you please help us to take the measure of our love so that we may know where we are in unfolding our individual blueprints?

MS – We will just say as we are creating this incredible magic right now with all of us waking up at the speed of light. This love carries forth all of the experiences now so there can be peace.

CRYSTAL –  I wanted to ask if anything can be done about geopathic stress water veins and ley lines, because they are affecting a lot of people’s health. And I’ve been in areas like that and I’ve seen what its doing to people and I was wondering if anything can be done to change and neutralize it in all places.

MS – We can say that many of the different lay lines, grid lines, these water lines, are being shifted around the planet. Things that were are not as they used to be because we are in new timelines. We will just say that as all the kingdoms come out of the cloaking mold, we will see incredible magic with our streams and rivers and lakes – the very air that we breathe and the plants, the animals. It will be as if you are in OZ.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Are all the present human beings now at 5D?  If some are still at 3D, are they going to be affected by catastrophic Earth changes?

MS – The time for that has already been nullified on many great levels.  Yes, [inaudible] so many tricks [inaudible] would want to go through that [inaudible] circle.  They will create that for themselves.  They will not [inaudible] for the whole.

ROXY – I went within myself – my higher self – and asked what am I to do?  The answer was – more or less – I was like a light gatekeeper and I was to stay here ‘til the last one awoke.  I didn’t quite understand if that meant until the last person wakes up.  We’re to awaken people and it was kind of confusing but then I still knew that when the last one awakes, I am to be here.  I am Pleiadian so I was just going to see if you had anything to say on that.

MS – We will say [inaudible].  As the awakenings continue to occur within all the different galactic families, the Pleiadians will be coming more and more into prominence along with the Sirians, along with all of us.  We are all part of this.  Your awakenings will happen just as exponentially as everyone else’s.  You’ll begin to remember who you really are, Lady Master.

JAMES – A few days ago I had a dream. I was looking at a flat screen. It looked like a technology download. If so, when would that download take place, number one. Number two, what was the origin of the download? The Pleiadians, the Sirians, or the Arcturians.

MS – We will say that is of the Arcturians.

MARIETTA ROBERT –  Mother, do you have anything in summary you would like to say?

MS – Yes. We will just say in loving presence with all the energies that are going on we only wish love for all of these life forms who do not seem to get the understanding the light has already won. We would only say, go in peace in the divine wisdom of the understanding here. This is the time for peace. Peace has already occurred.

It can only be that reality in which the majority of this planet has chosen peace. It is inevitable as we are witnessing the facts of all that is. All of the shadows, that was, cease to continue. It is just one split single second. We live in the light of the Most Radiant One.


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