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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – July 2 ,2009


Mother’s Conference Call
July 2, 2009

Transcribed by: Annie, Jan, Shirley, Katie and Nancy
Edited by: Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with Tara & Rama

Big Will – My first question is to Rama.  The question is, is the fat lady beginning to sing?

CHER from Mt. Shasta – This is a question for Rama also.  Today for the first time in the NYSE history, it remained open for an extra 15 minutes. Which is kind of strange because at the closing at 4 pm the stock exchange was down 188 points.  At the end of that extra 15 minutes the stock exchange was down another 35 points to 223.

They said the reason they were staying open an extra 15 minutes was because they had several glitches during the day and they wanted to make sure that all of the buyers and sellers, in case anything was missed, got taken care of.  Which is really very strange.  Usually when you have a down market, that’s almost down 200 points, you don’t leave the door open for another 15 minutes.

For it to drop 35 points in 15 minutes was pretty amazing.  Now, when they made this decision, most of the people were gone, the specialists, the brokers, all the flagmen, and everybody.  So I wanted to know, have you heard anything that’s going on. Because I know that Morgan Stanley today reported that they are probably going to have to declare a loss this period after paying back the US TARP money.

I thought that they just went through a stress test that said that if they paid it back they would have no problems, they would be solvent.

RAMA – Greetings!  Such stories; where to begin?  I would say it all goes back to that morning called 9/11 2001.  And that is where folks have been talking about since today, and it’s ongoing.  I’ll just say Sibel Edmonds, like we heard a week and a half ago, is singing.  She has a blog. (Editor’s note: Her blog is at: )  Let’s just say the cat is out of the bag, and to answer you Big Will, the fat lady is back stage and I hear she has been roaring.

TARA – Does that count for singing?

RAMA – I guess.  In terms of the big news, that crop circle that showed up in England at Milk Hill (editors note: has a picture of this crop formation) , that says it all.  It has to do with the energies coming in with first contact whether Obama says it or not.  I’ll just say that I would hand it over to my father at that level because I’m not going to prejudge the Captain on duty.  That’s not how it goes.

At that level, Ashtar calls the shots along with the Admiral.  Yet, what I am saying, what these symbols talk about is everything that’s happening where everybody is going a little looney.  And the way Randi Rhodes started her show today, it was like the beginning of a game show.  It was “who is going to be weirder than Michael Jackson?”

Let’s go back to 9/11 and come forward. She went through all the different stories leading up to now.  As of right now, it seems our friends in black – Karl Malden, he was another one.  That’s five [celebrities] in this last week.  Karl Malden was 97 and he was in that movie, “The Streets of San Francisco”.

These guys, this time they did 4 and it has to do with the symbols of 4.  July 4th?  I don’t know, and I’m not saying anything.  I’m just saying that I’m playing the fool here because I don’t really know what’s up Mother’s sleeve or the Captain or the Admiral. I am who I am.

I’m just saying that what is being sung on the wire right now says we are approaching as this lunar eclipse on July 7th. Has to do with the energies coming in that I believe is Alcyone and Mother themselves amping our sun up at such a level where it’s possible a mass coronal ejection could happen, and the alien symbols in this crop circle.

What it tells me is that there are millions and millions and millions of ships here.  I mean, billions?  I don’t know.

TARA – They are comparing these on the north field there was on June 21st and 22nd, and then on the south field on June 27th, and on august 4th of 2003 there’s a comparative analysis and that was on the full moon back then.  And that was south face field, called “Swallows” and there were beautiful swallow birds, three of them. There’s another symbol on each side from June 22nd to July 5th.

On each side a Mayan lunar glyph for the 13 days past the new moon, June 22nd to July 5th.  And I guess that is Tuesday, isn’t it?  Full moon lunar eclipse on the 7th everybody.  These are very precise I would imagine.

RAMA – What I’m being told on an inner level is that this is the energies of Alcyone and Mother coming in to crank it up all the way, if you will, in the sense that the dark is revealing all of these crazy weird behaviors, acting out, all these senators and congressmen. Right now whether people know it or not, Cynthia McKinney is sitting in a jail cell in Israel and this is not funny.

TARA – It’s the 4th day.  So, Lady Master Nada went over there, right?

RAMA – Lady Master Nada is in Gaza.  I talked to her on a video phone today.

TARA – You know, all of that help was refused.  So are these people getting some help from the star people?

RAMA – I think there’s a bit of big intervention on the way here and so it’s no accident they are pre-empting the news with specials of Michael Jackson.

TARA – This was Michael Jackson, 2 days before he died, proving that he was in fine health he wasn’t having problems.  And also they said that he had been doing private shows when he was living with the Sultan of Brunei. He was making $1.2 million for them every time they did a show, so there is something that is really fishy about him.

Ashtar on the Road seemed to indicate that he was taken out by some kind of a particle beam weapon again. In other words, they took him out from a distance with those scalar interrupted frequencies. It caused him to have a heart attack.  Now we also heard that it could be that Michael Jackson is somewhere else.

RAMA – And I don’t know that; the King has never said that to me yet.

TARA – There is a possibility.  It would have to be crazy not to think that his father wouldn’t go after him.  His father came out, and they had another story today on Keith Olbermann that David Schuster was talking though, that – remember they were saying that there must be someone, or is there someone who would want him dead?

If he would be worth a lot more dead than alive, it would be his father.  And remember, his father did not get a dime from him.  Everything was given to the mother, and the children as well.  And now this lady is claiming that they children are her children. Yet the way it was put on Keith Olbermann when they asked about stuff is that they really aren’t and she’s trying to save face.  So, love them even more, and we can see that they know that something is up.

RAMA – This goes way beyond, way more than just Sexgate. This is about soul matrix.  I have heard it said, and I can’t remember what being brought it through, that the passing of Michael Jackson has helped to create the groundwork for peace. As peace gets declared the ships land. It makes sense.

TARA – Christopher Story, knowing that he only works for the queen, he’s trashing Obama along with the bad guys in his administration. Since we know better, it’s ok. So we will say that on Saturday, the 27th of June, this is the same day that this crop circle showed up. We have got them check-mated.

OK, so Christopher story was informed on that day of a deadline for a performance of officially high debt and grossly overdue settlement money.  That this had been advised and the deadline for the close, the possibility of meeting that deadline was last night at midnight.   And then it says, relevant parties were informed that failing settlement in full by the deadline, exposures of crime hitherto kept secret from the general public will proceed.

And the service was requested to stand ready to receive a steady stream of compromising material which has been held back hitherto. Now remember, he doesn’t know that Barack Obama, or he chooses not to actually reveal that he, is a White Knight Faction 3.  So, I’ll just read this last paragraph.  “What’s being said at the end of this whole thing is that participants in this structured settlement equals co-conspiracy with economic high treason. Those who may decide to fall for the blandishments of the United States Pied Piper” (and he’s calling that Barack Obama), “and who agreed to settle on his corrupt ‘take it or leave it’ down payment now and IOU out into infinity terms.”

This is all Hillary everybody, because they don’t want to die and they don’t want to be facing their economic high treason. That’s how they made Barack say, “Well, ok, I’ll give you a little down payment now and will pay you forever, and will never be able to pay you in full as forever means forever.”

Meantime Hillary will think that things will go on for however long she must imagine that she thinks they are going to go on. Ok, and immediately because these folks, the real ones that become the dark hats in Barack Obama’s administration become the co-conspirators with the official perpetrators of this latest variant extracted from the US Treasury box of scam, and it’s not the United States Treasury; it is the United States criminals that are holding all of this up.

What this means is that Lady Master Nada gets the talking stick and she gets to take the World Court into consideration. They said they will be participating with the corrupt United States authorities in an operation designed to pillage the American tax payer and to burden future generations of Americans.

As such, these co-conspirators (see how it fits in nicely with the World Court taking over?) become financial terrorists along with “Obama”, double agent known, Geitner, Hillary Clinton, and then they say Bill Clinton, and that’s a big no, Bush Sr., Bush, Jr., Bernanke, Kissinger, Greenspan, and the rest of the syndicate which is holding not just the United States and its people to ransom but also the whole of the rest of the world as well.

Promises were made on the 17th of May 2008 at Madison, Ohio and on the 15th of May 2009 in Erie, PA.  Failure to deliver on these promises will trigger: 1) wide ranging exposures of criminal financial operations that have hitherto been withheld in order to assist the so-called settlement process.  2) is the court action on both sides of the Atlantic will be triggered. That means world court on both sides of the Atlantic.

RAMA – What is being said here is all the signs are leading up to Superman showing up.  What can I say?

PHILIP in VA – I just wanted to share with you guys that during this conversation, there’s a friend of mine, I’ll call him “Rick”, and he worked for Ford Motor Company for 30 years. He was supposed to receive his pension on May 15th and they’re not doing anything.

They’re holding the money and they’re not communicating with him.  This happening to a lot of people out there who were due to collect their 30 year or 35 year or 25 year pensions, and I just wanted to share that with you, and maybe reflect with your all-seeing eye.

TARA – Thank you.  And yes, remember, Barack Obama just gave a little talk.  He went around and talked about Universal Health Care and that lady told her story that she has reoccurring tumors that are cancerous and that she cannot treat her body because she has no insurance, and he asked her to come forward, and he hugged here, and then he said we’re taking care of this situation, and for the rest of you we’re taking care of it.

Yet there are a few more steps that need to be made and it has to do with the elders who are resisting the change and of course he has no authority to accuse even Dick Cheney of anything.  And of course Hillary and all of Dick’s people are forcing him today also.  Not to take out of national security and reveal some Dick Cheney documentation that proves that he did some very criminal things and I’ll just say that it’s the same thing, it brings it back to Lady Master Nada because the dark hats are preventing justice from being served.

Not only to the people in the country, to the people of the entire earth and now it’s shown that these guys did this on purpose and people are not getting their pensions.  They wanted the people to actually say, “I don’t care, you can have all the power you want, please I need to eat, please give me my pension.”  And that’s what they thought.

That demonstrates down to the Nth degree that they would actually make sure that everybody that could would not survive, and they did it all the way to that point, so now I think it’s time for peace and love.

RAMA – And I would only add at this time, as Cynthia said last night, let us go into that place of such incredible love and static joy right now and hold these ones in that place because it helps them transform even if they don’t know how. They will get it either way.

TARA – On Rumor Mill News, all these videos of all these gold certificates of the Philippine Treasures are exhibited now. That’s the very, very, very, very, very last of the game.

RAMA – They’re real.

TARA– The only thing she doesn’t connect with is the fact that all that gold is in the country. She still thinks it’s over there. That’s another final moment thing.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Someone sent me an article from the Internet with the theme of investing in gold with the idea that in just a few days they would be able to trade their dollars for a gold backed dollar. I don’t know where the story came from.  If the person is on the phone and wants to speak up or we can talk to Mother about it, or Rama you can answer it now, but that was a story.

JOYCE – I read that article. It’s someone wanting you to invest in what they are doing. It’s just an investment newsletter actually.  Course I don’t have any money to invest, but I get them anyway, and that’s where it came from.  I can look it up and tell you exactly who it was

MARIETTA ROBERT – it looked like an investment thing, but they were saying…

JOYCE – They said that in a few days… the treasury had already switched over and in a few days and you’d be able to change your money into the gold back dollar.   I wonder how they knew that, how they know as much as we do.

TARA – The enactment of the law is yet to be done.  So it won’t be possible for people to actually do that.  Although announcing that means we could expect a possible doing of that. Good Heavens,  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

JOYCE – I think that’s what it meant.  Things were going to change in a few days.

TARA – Well, let’s see them enacted.  The enactment would be the Announcement. The enactment will not happen until they expose these things at a deeper level. Until they arrest the culprits for that exposure at a deeper level.  Remember Barack Obama said it would be 72 days into his 2nd 100 days and he would be complete with what he needed to accomplish on his part on those 72 days and remember Barack Obama cannot do anything about NESARA. so that’s what leads me to believe that it would go to July 10th, which is the 72nd day.

In this time between now and then the stuff that is going to be exposed is just going to be earth shattering.  And remember that even tonight again, they had Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson right on the television screen. The King of Swords told us way back, when they outed her that.

He said that they are the smoking guns to the real smoking guns.  And the real smoking guns, they’re all real, I’m just saying to the original smoking gun, which is 9/11. What was supposed to happen on 9/11 would break into an announcement or an enactment of the NESARA law. Once she would show up at the most strategic time. So she showed up tonight.

This is right after midnight last night. The first news on the first day of the biggest exposure that there is, that they did 9/11 and Valerie Plame is on the stage.  True to form, NESARA, yes.  No dates.  No nukes.

JENNA – Rama would you address the question about the stock market; I believe it was Cher from Mt. Shasta that was asking? Do you know anything about the stock market plummeting today?

RAMA – I do recall it, and I’m sorry I did not address it.  I heard the stories, too. I have some friends around Albuquerque, Santa Fe that play with the markets in drip funds and they just play with 5 and 10 and 20 dollar investments.  Yet some of these folks are tied in with White Knights.  The word is that the White Knights were playing with the systems.

That is as much as I’m allowed to say. I think they were tweaking the systems and that’s why there was a glitch or several glitches.  They had no way of describing it other than electronic glitches.  It goes back to that movie, “Ghost”, when Sam came back.  I’m just saying, “Magic is afoot.”

TARA – Big time.

CHER from Mt. Shasta – That would really explain what was going on today Rama, because I watched the whole ticker tape go by and there were only a couple of stocks that ended in a positive position.  Gold, technology, banks – everything was in the red.  So, that would explain it.  They’re messing around with our heads.

WOMAN – Also, wanted to know if that had something to do with that very interesting article of the theft of all that gold from Canada [].

RAMA – Oh, yes.  All the gold has disappeared from Canada.  I believe there is a shuffling of the deck, the cosmic deck, and it has to do with the Lavender Lad divvying it up to everyone – $10 million for every man, woman and child. Bernie Sanders said it more than once on the TV show.

If they would create universal health care in this country just like in Sweden, and in Germany, and in France, and in England, and in Canada. I understand the glitches that sometimes the stories that were told about people having to wait and how to get certain kinds of care.

All of these things are about to shift radically, as the ships show up and they show us quantum medicine. It’s called medi-science. It brings another piece to this, how we don’t need to play this currency or funds on markets where everything is provided for us and is self-replicating system. Like what Jacques Fresco talks about in the Phoenix Project – Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum – and then Kymatica.

These movies talk about how this is about to shift into a place where we have incredible cities of light that are self-replicating, recycling and we never need to touch one drop of the Mother’s blood called oil. A lot of it can come from free energy as the ships show up.  We just create it out of the ground.  Tesla had technology where he could take certain kinds of light bulbs, that had certain kinds of filaments.

I think it’s what our friend John Malousky was trying to create.  A Herkimer diamond filament within a light bulb that never goes out. It lasts forever like millions of years.  I think these things are entirely possible.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Last night on Nova on PBS, they talked about how they are actually making these diamonds and that everything will be running on them; all of our computers, our phones. They are able to create these now.

It was a Nova special, so some of you might like to watch that.  I thought this is what you’ve been talking about. We now have the diamond created that will be used in all this technology and they were talking about how everything would shift that way.

RAMA – I concur, Commander.

WOMAN – What is the best way to explain to people, who are not privy to the information that we have. How do we best explain to them, in a gentle way, about the whole new aspects of the health care system and pensions.  What do you and Mother suggest?

RAMA – I would say in a gentle, loving way, try to explain to them that what they have been taught in a certain way, as we have gone through life, we were fed disinformation and…

TARA – Now there is all kinds of research that has corrected all this disinformation despite their intentions not to let that come out.

RAMA – The whole idea of life insurance….they are betting on you dying.  How about assurance of lasting forever?  That is a different concept, living forever.  I feel as though what is about to happen, and I say that “I feel” because I’m getting used to being both a Leo and a Cancer and it’s a trip and a half. I’m just saying that what I sense going on here. Is these ones who were here before the gods were here are calling the shots and Annunaki Elohim will have to fall in line and take their licks as they move on to the war crimes tribunal on Dracos.

TARA – Ray McGovern is really revving up the engines because has been doing a series on Free Speech TV.  It’s called Speaking Freely With Ray McGovern.  This morning I watched another one, called “Ray McGovern shares his insights and opinions on the CIA and other branches of U.S. intelligence”. He lays it out in lavender and he nails our military for compromise, not just George Tenant, but all the people going down the tubes. A lot of people quit the CIA at certain times, and I’m just saying, that means 9/11 again everybody.

Part 2: Mother Sekhmet’s Talk

TARA – We ask at this time for thanks to be felt, for gratitude to be felt, for love to be felt, for understanding to be felt and experienced now by all and that our loving presence can be reaching all people so that peace is definitely possible at this time.  Let’s remember that the Menahunes are here.  The pot at the end of the rainbow – Lord Sananda Kumara said, “I cometh on that rainbow.”  So here we are, we have our pot of gold. We have our Mother.  Greetings Mother.

MS – Greetings wondrous beings of light, love, peace and joy.  Interesting times we are living in.  Indeed.  With the stories coming out across your transmissions, that have to do with anything but the real story.  Interesting how they fill your airways with other stuff and the real news of what is happening is we are one second away from showing up in your reality.

Ah.  Your scientists and physicists have no understanding of what is coming in the sense they have to take the quantum leap into that nagual place where Jaguar Man walks with them.  He will teach them the ways of the jungle as well as the forests and the water. It is time all the stories get told of all your cultures that are both indigenous to this planet and the neighboring planets on out so that your true her/history gets told the right way instead of these funny books that seem to point the way and the way is inside.

Listen to God source within. It is the only way to get there.  What is happening on your planet – they want to shake the very foundations of what your reality is with anything except war crimes and what is going on in Gaza and the other places like Afghanistan, Kabul.  Hmm interesting.  It has to do with the gigantic cover-up that’s still and yet, breaking through in the sense of the fact that they can’t hide anymore from anyone.

The “sexgate”, as Captain Ashtar has put it, in the sense they can’t seem to keep their pants UP no matter what.

When it is all said and done, we probably and most possibly will have 60 members of Congress left.  All the rest are corrupt and we do not know what to say other than we’ve got to do this in a way in which it is done with love.  Your Founding Fathers asked the same questions:  “How do we keep this republic alive?”  It is true.

The energies of that mysterious guy that showed up and said, “Sign the document and I’ll see you in a few centuries.” Like the Highlander, he made it through but, a few of the others didn’t make it.  It has to do with the fact that the Lavender Lad calls the shots in terms of this Republic.  He has said, “This will be the New Republic. It is already coming to pass.”

And the Sirian Commander is taking care of it by,  what [oes the Man with the Plan say, “I will help you if you are sick.”  In that sense, time for this to come forth like other industrialized nations – universal health care where it is free.  As we step into your reality, all of these concepts, ideas, ideologs will shift as we teach you.

Like what Dr. King just talked about, how you spark that energy within you and you take it to the quantum levels with Dr. Quantum – up the rabbit hole or down if you choose.  It matters not.  You become the particle – be working at the speed of light and even faster, maybe warp 10.   You take it to that level instantaneously – heals Adam Cadmon.

Within each particle is the etheric blueprint of everything you need within the process of awakening to 24 codons. So that we have the X-Men right here.  It is at that level what is occurring and we would say in the upcoming energies of what you have to [inaudible] – MCE.

TARA – What’s that?

MS – Mass coronal ejection with your lunar eclipse.  Don’t know what your sun Sol is going to do.  We are just saying, we, Alcyone and us are creating energy waves that at the magnitude your scientists are scratching their heads because [of] the energies across your galaxy.

Neighboring galaxies have them very concerned in the sense of what is approaching and yet and still some stories say, Nibiru is in orbit and you can see it at times.  There are pictures of it looking like a second sun.

We have to say all of the stories are correct. We are here to come and collect our wayward children to take them back to Dracos to stand trial for war crimes.  Not just on Earth but intergalactic war crimes that go beyond the measure – billions of worlds that have assimilated – trillions and it ends here and now.  It is occurring.  It is simply like the Hobbits dropping the ring into Mount Doom.

Simple, love them because it is what they can’t understand in a perplexing polar universe.  Love is the greatest answer; it floods the cells with the radiant light of I AM that I AM.  Nothing goes beyond this in that sense of activating the electronic presence – that energy of what Mommy/Daddy Ballard used to speak about.

When you invoke the radiant tube of light, nothing can touch you not even nukes.  They are very worried that you are all going to get your tube back.  It is already occurring, spontaneously, with the Indigo Crystal children. Generation X Y and Z  – some of them don’t even understand how to work with it.  They act out.

They enlist and go to Iraq and maybe deal with the screwed up ideals and come back with PTSD.  Some of them do other things like get involved with the criminal gangs across your planet, or the drug trades, or the illegal arms deals, the corruption.  It goes to each level of what is occurring here where all of it is being sealed by simply bringing it back to that place of balance and love.  They can’t stand it; it seems they are acting weird.

The best way we can describe the latest news is the way Randi Rhodes put it on the game show today, “Who is weirder than Michael Jackson?”  We don’t know where to go with this because we are all part of this; we are all one.  Even him.  He was an Asani, maybe a gray person.  We don’t know.  We have to say, there are trillions, quintillions of life forms out there that have self-activated their DNA strands at an exponential level. That they have to keep track of it on their own. Because it is they are their own best judge of the ascension process as we monitor the planet.

It is happening at that level for all life on all levels.  The cop on the beat in Mumbai, the hooker over in Bangkok, the judge in D.C. – they are all getting it.  It has to do with the fact we are here and we are not going away.  So get over it!  Get used to it!  It is not an invasion.  It is because we are you, you are us and we hold the key to your ascension process, with the very strands we hold in common with all life forms.  That DNA strand is moving at a quantum level that we have no way to describe except peace.  Now is the time for peace.

Part 3: Q & A with Mother Sekhmet

MARIETTA ROBERT – Thank you Mother for all of your [inaudible].  We do have some questions.  Are you ready for questions?

MS – Sure.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay, this first one, I wanted to ask:  “If Bernie Madoff, the one in jail for 150 years, is a clone or is the real Bernie?  Or is he off on an island somewhere having a wonderful life?  He seemed to surrender too easily.

MS – That is the real deal and he is not a happy camper.  They are having to teach – let us just say, he is having to get a different reality.  Yet, understand the octopus goes so deep, this guy has tentacles that go across the planet and they are still, to this day, being extricated in terms of your financial scandals that go to an astronomical level.   They wanted to buy a planet and she’s not for sale – EVER.

TARA – No.

MS – The store is closed.

TARA – And in the beginning see, he went kind of willingly simply because the deal was that the dark hats would take care of, you know – you might say, he would be a cover for the rest of them, take the fall you might say.

MS – Or want his sword will he?

TARA – And he thought he was gong to get a whole different thing than that.

MS – We would say, his wife is going to be joining him in a cell very soon.

MS – It all has to do with what Wall Street has to become – called Main Street.  No more “golden parachutes”.  They don’t exist.  The Lavender Lad calls the shots and we will say it like that.  It is just a matter of time before they are headless.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Ashtar spoke about Michael Jackson’s soul contract in his last teleconference. Subsequently, from a personal message from Kuthumi, Michael carried the divine feminine. Can you explain this and the role he played on Earth in the ascension?

MS – Oh yes.  He was bringing in an energy of androgyny that is not a bad thing.  Akhenaton was androgynous and many different life forms.  David Bowie played with this game.  Many of your famous figures in your stories here – legendary – were supposedly these androgynous beings.  It has to do with how we had to over light different stories – her story, his story – to get the job done in order to create peace.  Michael Jackson was an individual, we say, on a certain level.

We would say he maybe knew about us, and he was in contact with us. His people – maybe the folks from Zeta Reticuli or Assunaisli.  We do not know.  We would just say only in the sense what the Dreamakers – what we are working through right now – knows.  On the level in which what is occurring is, he is – definitely… dark side took him out.  No questions asked.

TARA – Well, except that he might be – a clone got put in there.

MS – We don’t know yet, we would just say, on a certain level, he represents an energy that is bigger where it is on a magical level we go beyond what he was accused of.  It brings in the idea of what he created in that place. Was it not Neverland?  What an idea with Hook and everybody else.

The story is about how we heal this with love rather than war.  He was trying to bring that into focus.  Yet, on a certain level, when you get to the place when you mess with the biomedical, military, industrial complex, you get off center and you can’t hear our voice.

TARA – Except for one thing.  You know they started his hair on fire and that was a serious injury.  He’s had excruciating pain in his head ever since they did that; it never went away.

MS –  They did the MK with him we are sure.

TARA – And also, I think they were using HAARP or something.  They were doing something to cause the pain on a continuous level.

MS – You do not hang out with Liz Taylor and Henry Kissinger and walk away unscathed.  Unless, unless . . .

TARA – Yeah, I was going to say that, because unless Elizabeth is in a plot to help get this done, too.   Remember she was kissing cousins with Henry Kissinger and wouldn’t it make sense that she would help him?  In other words, help him because no matter what every person – that is a person of color – is controlled – not to mention all the rest of us that they don’t consider anything but useless eaters.

MS – Yes.

TARA – And so, they always do this.  They set every – the Beatles, Tavistock .  They set the Beatles up to keep everybody happy while they are doing all their dirty work and nobody is following the trail.

MS – But they didn’t expect the exponential understanding of  “all you need is love”. Is the story that got unfolded and woke everyone up.  The dark side wasn’t expecting that.

TARA – No and in other words – it did work.

MS – The hippies have won.

D’YANNA – I would like to say something to you if I could.  Hello.

MS – Speak up.  Speak up.

D’YANNA – Hello everyone.  I was just watching the Michael Jackson tape that has been revealed, of his last rehearsal.  It’s an incredible song about freedom and how the dark side did not want the children of light to awaken.  They don’t care about us.  That is actually the words in the song and he is marching like a Nazi.

And then, in a place in the song, this light comes from above and he and the dancers act out kind of a channeled sequence where they receive understanding – you might say from above and they awaken and claim their freedom.  I believe Michael Jackson was the icon for the Indigo Crystal children to awaken them.  They tried to stop him from doing that and it was impossible; he has too much love.

He loved this planet and he loved the children of this planet and that’s why, he in a way, sacrificed himself so that freedom could happen.  That’s what he did.  So, he’s fine.  He is very happy on the other side and now he is healed.  He knows he is truly loved and that was his big wound anyway.  So everything backfired in their faces.

It went 100% the opposite direction than what they expected. The outpouring of love for him and for the healing of his soul has happened.  We need to celebrate that.  It is a wondrous thing.  I can’t wait for you all to see this tape.  It looks like it was just released tonight so I hope you all will get to watch that.  It will be all over the news tomorrow.

MS – What channel?

TARA – No, no, we saw it.  We saw it on Keith Olbermann this afternoon.  That’s why we say everybody watch MSNBC. Keith Olbermann and Rachel Meadows [time]slot. Because that is where you are going to get the news first of the enactment.

MS – We would like to say to add to that Lady Master is the fact that at this time what’s happening on a exponential level is the codons of the Indigos are going off and waking up very fast.  This will – it will help in the process where we are one breath away.

D’YANNA – Thank you Mother.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Thank you and thank you D’Yanna for bringing that to us.  The next question is:  Does a whistleblower interview that will soon be published on the internet, a Dr. Otis Peterson, a staff member in the chemistry division at Los Alamos Lab, has reportedly revealed how he came to understand that 15% of the world’s population, of all races, have ET ancestry that can be seen in their DNA and are also resistant to mind control technologies.  Would this 15% of the population be those people who have the RH-negative blood?

MS – Could be.  We would say affirmative.

MARIETTA ROBERT – So would they be 15% of the population?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Yes.  In other words, it was .04% and its up to 15% in the last 30 years.  That’s pretty cool.

MS – It is an introduction of, you might say, Professor Xavier starting his school for extraordinary children now.

TARA – That’s right.

MARIETTA ROBERT – The next one we’ve talked about several times, but it is asked again.  Mother, I’ve been asked, what would prevent the economy simply rolling to a halt after NESARA’s announcement when people will have wealth?  Who will show up to work at a grocery store, a gas station or bank?  What is the answer?

MS – We have to say . . .

TARA – Going to higher technology.

MS – It is a process in which if we could answer this question simply, watch Zeitgeist‘s addendum- Kymatica.  These movies on Google video explain how the process as NESARA is announced. That we begin building the light cities as we show up. All of you in the sense of paying it forward so to speak.   It spills out, fills up and spills over across the planet.  It creates the ways in which the circular cities are built.

The concept of working a J-O-B.  You are creating a process where you might want to explore different careers of how things are terra-formed. We give you the crash course in understanding how to terra-form a mountain or rain forest or let’s say, a fertile plain where food needs to be grown. Wheat that never had any GMOs in the process.

We show you how to create these and the sustainability of it – care for it – along with the protocol androids who are lovingly serving in that process.  Where as you never need to care for it, it is self-perpetuating.  You have the leisure time to shift – wakening the pineal, pituitary glands to the point where you have your abilities [inaudible] as we also introduce the xenon gas into the atmosphere.  That will help the biggest story as well.

TARA – And we will need the money for a while.

MS – Yes.

TARA – Those different things will continue to go on.  Remember, it’s going to take awhile for everything to stop.  Again those of us who are receiving these larger funds. That is why we are going to be required to start the projects of all the new technologies and we won’t need a gas station anymore.

MS – No.

TARA – We’ll only be, you know, going to the new technologies.  The electric car was created way back in the 30s; it has been waiting forever.  It worked then.  It should have been there a long time ago.

MS – There will be in terms of how the streets get cleaned, how cities take care of themselves.  All of this is self-generating.  Jacques Fresco has the right idea in the sense of the Venus Project.  Yet, it is still in the process of being paid forward.  We can just say, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, put their money where their mouth is and are helping him at the moment.  Others are coming forward as well.

TARA – Anti-gravity technology is coming out more and more and more.  The shift is going to be such a quantum shift between now and October 28, 2011.  Remember, as we get to the beginning of 2011, everything that we thought would be taking a whole year is only going to be taking 20 days.

MS – We do not need to go through an ice age, polar shift and the stories that are out there – as mass coronal ejections increase up to 2012 with the cycles of your sun.  Our presence, within your sphere of influence, called the ships that are circling your planet like a golden necklace. Nothing gets in except light, love, peace and joy.

TARA – I was just going say, too, that as recently as 3,000 years ago, there was no ice on the poles. There were rivers and forests and you might say hot temperate up there.  That’s only 3,000 years ago and they are not even saying that – that is not very long ago at all.  The reason it is melting again is because it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.  Of course, you are helping the polar bears with this problem?

MS – Of course.

MARIETTA ROBERT – The question:  It says Russia reports field magnetic storms emanating within the African tectonic plate boundaries which may have caused the recent loss of the two airliners.  A new ocean developing in the vicinity of Ethiopia.  Would you elaborate on this?

MS – We will just say that what is occurring on the levels of what this is speaking of has to do with the pieces of the story that are not being told.  It is the fact that the craft that are coming in – in certain areas of the planet and the vortexes that are opening at an exponential level to. You might say Earth Mother is increasing her energy as new being in magnitude and certain things are happening in which she is shifting herself.

We are not speaking of Earth changes; we are speaking of how she is raising her frequency.  It is affecting us, it is affecting the weather, it is affecting the animals, all of the plants.  Like Dr. King said, “Things are a bit wonkie”.  Got to treat them with the utmost of care – almost like a China doll, you might say.

And at that level, with the velvet hand, yet it is what the Admiral brings, Sananda Kumara. Not sure where we are going with this thread, except that we are just saying. That on a certain level, what is occurring with your technology called planes, other kinds of the way in which you travel,  needs to be compensation made for these sudden anomalies that occur. And as things are increasing in magnitude as things pop.

We are just saying, that free energy is extremely imminent.  There are technologies just waiting to be brought out of the closet, if you will, where you never need to play with the gasoline anymore or the oil fields in Iraq or Iran or Turkey or anywhere else.

TARA – We never needed to dig for any of the natural resources because there was a way to live the way the planet was without invading her at all.  That is what’s really the bottom line.

MS – There are technologies we will unveil which are crystalline in nature.  Like your friend Dr. Lamooski; he created this filament for light bulb, maybe last a million years – why not.  Put GE out of business.  Speaking of which, Mr. Tesla was much more than what people gave him credit for.

He was speaking directly to us, yet nobody wanted to hear those stories because it was too far out.  Maybe now, the stories can be told so that we can bring peace back to this planet.  That’s what he truly wanted to bring and what did they do?  They used it to create something like HAARP; no angels played this.  We have to say, Mr. Mark Baggetts will be taking care of HAARP and Sarah Palin very soon.

MARIETTA ROBERT – The next question has to do with the people that we know and love that have already made a transition and about our own incarnation.  How does all of this work?  Do they move on with us since we don’t have recall now of whom we’ve been in previous lives?  If we are going back into God, you know, how many lives or planets will we be able to see?  Will we know our family?  Will they have consciousness if they haven’t had it here?  Just how will all of this work and will we be aware of who are family members are?

MS – We will say that as peace is declared, NESARA announced, all the stories can be told about all of us as different races.  We will stop using the word race – we are one – we are humanity as humanity wakes up to their galactic heritage of the understanding we came from many cultures, better word.  How these cultures and societies co-exist within peace outside the sphere of influence of what you have been told.

We live in peace – people never die, never grow old, don’t get sick and that will be momentarily here on this planet as it is announced and how your families fit into this of your galactic heritage as we get to interact with all of you.  Ship’s counselors will be showing up or the equivalent of liaison officers that have ways in which we can co-interact in round tables of discussion and it can be broadcast on your airwaves, your transmission waves freely without fear of censorship or the Gestapo kicking in the door for violating freedom of speech.

TARA – Mother, before we go on, you made me thing of another circumstance of violation of, you might say, of freedom of speech.  Well, any kind of freedom to act even, with Cynthia McKenney and I just forgot to say this.  She is still in prison and in the prison, we heard it on Amy this morning, she actually said from the prison cell that Israel was guilty of war crimes in their custody – in jail and she said it on the air that it’s pretty – that’s called the whistleblower kind of all kinds.  That is why Lady Master Nada, you know, over there.

MS – We spoke to her today.  She is in Gaza helping the folks.  That is all we can say.

TARA – You also said, though, she was over there to help Cynthia get out and to make sure they don’t do anything worse.  Of course, she is over there, too, listening to the facts and that means high treason for all the Israeli Zionists.

MS – Netanyahu is about to fall as the leader.

TARA – Thank God.

MS – It is the understanding we have nothing, no ax to grind or grudge against the place of this wonderful land.  Yet we have to say the truth needs to be told that the true name of this land was Palestine and it needs to be honored in that sense where we go beyond religions – we are ONE race of beings called humanity with galactic heritage and beyond the 13 tribes of Ariadne – that story that never gets told except to the indigenous cultures and that word – even the people of your planet.

TARA – Except that, now we know that Ariadne was Arachne  and Arachne was Olfiocous – now we are getting somewhere.

MS – That has to do with the Lavender Lad showing up with his golden violet ships at this time.  We would just say, as he has put it, this country USA Jerusalem will be the republic and always has been.   These ones that have tried to take the gauntlet of power they cannot handle it.

They have forgotten their love in the sense we will re-introduce it to them and we will leave that up to King Dracos and Princess Ordolla of the Draconian Empire.  Yet there are treaties, truce – no war between Dracos and the Federation or Confederation of Worlds on any level.  All are in agreement that the war criminals – intergalactic in nature – need to go back where they came from and be dealt with according to their laws.

That story has to be told and that brings in how all of us as families interact with each other.  We hold no grudges against any reptilians. In fact, one of our doctors is sitting beside us right now.

TARA – We have a dear sister here and she is our friend Libby from Ecuador.  Oh well, she’s not from Equator but she might as well be because she has been living down there half of the time for a long time now.  How many years Libby?

LIBBY – Seven years.

TARA – Seven years.  Do you want to say anything about the people down there?  Anything getting accomplished in terms of the oil monsters and cleaning up things and getting after them?

LIBBY – Just once everything else is cleaned up and then all the corruption and all the black ops and everything is out of these countries that undermine the country and the people taking care of themselves.  Once that is out, everything will take care of itself.  We are just waiting for the NESARA, the announcement, Master Lady Nada, St. Germain.  Once all that is accomplished, it’s going to be a beautiful environment back to its cultures.

The Elders, the children, the families can re-assume the life they’ve had for thousands of years without interruption of western civilization impeding and coming in to take the oil, to take the minerals, to take the timber, destroy their rivers, and destroy their hunting and foraging areas that took care of their communities.  But that’s coming close to an end.

They will then resume back to their heritage that they have always had for thousands of years before the destruction of South America by the colonizing western influences.

TARA – Do you want to say a little bit about Marcella and her work and the land that she has and the insight into the ancient vortexes down there and the Monastery of the Seven Rays, etc.?

LIBBY – There is not much I could really explain about Marcella’s portion but she does work with the Solar Disk.  So she plants and places the Solar Disk and its energy and the varied portals of the different places that require that part of the healing and connection to the grid.  She just recently came back from Brazil – did tremendous work in Brazil.

She was also working, because she is from Peru, with a circle of bringing forth indigenous shaman at a higher dimensional level and resolving a lot of the frequency issues that are happening on their land, their frequency and gridlines also.  So working that Solar Disk to help those colonies, not colonies, but indigenous tribes to re-absorb back into their land and cleaning their land with the frequency of the Solar Disk.

It would be more if we could get maybe Marcella on a future phone call and she could really expand on the work that she is doing.  She has a beautiful farm in Peru where it’s been her family farm for very many generations.  The government had come in and taken it from her to give to a contractor to give them the mineral rights to go and start digging for the minerals of gold because it is a rich land of gold in her area.

So that’s a fight between what’s indigenous and what’s been held for generations.  The government is just handing over land rights and mineral rights to total outside corporate strangers coming in and wanting to just rob and rape the land.

TARA – So it couldn’t be any sooner for all the people.

LIBBY – It is very close; it is very close.  We can smell it and the steam is coming off the teapot.

MS – Time for crumpets.

TARA – Ah, Mother.  Thank you Libby.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Our last question tonight, Mother, is from someone who is in Israel, resides in Israel.  We have an international call and this person was wondering if it is possible to ask what the current fate, energy-wise, is with the country of Israel?

When will it be cleansed of those “Lizzy” renegades who seem to have adopted this country as their place of abode?

MS – We can tell you right now that that land is under the jurisdiction of the energies of this one who brings that frequency of the fire energy in. This is Serapis Bey along with the Djinn and the energies that this bubble in which ancient Luxor on the Maxine flame. We use that word, has to do with the flame that was lit in the paw of the Sphinx.  It goes back to the time when Lemuria was around and before.

That energy of what is unfolding from the magnetic generators. if you will, through the Giza Plateau.  We will just say, what is occurring throughout that land Egypt into Israel along with the energies of Al-Aqsa Mosque, inshallah, we will say that the Dome of the Rock is Palestinian as well as Israeli and the people there.

It is that ONE land, ONE people.  Originally this was Palestinian land and we just have to say, the Reptilians that have usurped it are being removed as we speak and their shadows as well.  What has been built into the wall, the Wailing Wall, underneath Wailing Wall many discoveries if you were to see what we could see throughout all of these areas leading to Giza Plateau.

When the Annunaki came here,  [inaudible] /Ninhurzag/Anu laid out a grid pattern across your planet that to this day, your scientists still have not figured it out.  It has to do with these vortexes of star gates.  We will just say, Israel will be freed, the Fatah will be removed in the sense of the light that is coming forth.  We pass the Talking Stick.

MARIETTA ROBERT – We thank you Mother for all your insights and your awareness to help us understand what is going on.  We are very grateful for your energies and for the one who brings it through here.


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