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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – July 16, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’ Conference Call
July 16, 2009

Transcribed and edited by your transcription team: Annie, Jan, Shirley, Nancy, Katie, Andrew, Gwen, Barker, Stephanie and Adithya.

Part 1: Roundtable  with Tara & Rama

Rama – Greetings.   What has been said out there today? Starting with Stephanie Miller: she had a guy called the “Rude Pundit,” and he was making comments about Senator Jeff Sessions.  What was being said is that he has no business making the comments that he is making. Because he is directly involved with the cover-up of 9/11. So the very people that are disputing Ms. Sotomayor, are the very people who brought us 9/11.

So, we have in a sense, Senator Patrick Leahy, and others working with the forces of light, are getting the job done. It is assured she will get confirmed.  Then the Supreme Court has to hand the gauntlet over to the International Criminal Court. The International Court of Justice.  Whether getting air play in the US or not, Mr. Taylor over there from Africa, is getting roasted slowly in the International Criminal Court or the ICJ. I’m not sure exactly which one.  I just know he’s being grilled on both sides.

Jack Rice’s friend also came on Stephanie Miller this morning and talked about the fact that Mr. Obama will speak up and say that he’s handing the gauntlet over to Eric Holder. Who hands it over to the special prosecutor from the ICC, where the Bush Clinton crime family is next on the docket. I think that’s coming up [at] any time with the announcements to follow.  I believe the arrests are so extremely imminent, [from] the way folks are talking.  I’m sort of watching Pat Buchanan on Rachel Maddow. The steam is coming out of his ears, because he’s very upset that a lady of color is getting a position.

I heard something interesting, first on Randi Rhodes and then on the Ron Reagan show. The new Surgeon General is a woman, and she is of color, and Mr. Obama picked her.  What’s being said is that we are all one race.  Let’s get over the issues about color and what species we are.

Tara – We’re all one species, that’s why we’re all one race.

Rama – We need to understand this one. The dark side is pushing The Hague like nobody’s business. It’s time to create peace; that’s what is being said on all levels.  That’s as much as I have heard, other than I spoke with the Poppy Lady today. She told me all kinds of crafts are being seen all over Afghanistan, and Iraq and Iran.

There was some kind of issue that occurred at an area of Iran’s nuclear facilities where large crafts were seen. I do not know if the crafts fired upon the nuclear facility, or if they were just observing the activity going on there. They would not have fired on the nuclear facility, in the sense that what they were observing, maybe, is the spy satellites the U.S. were dealing with what’s going on. It all has to do with the fact that the time for love is now.

Rama – There are stories upon stories out there that are being misinformed and disinformed.

Tara – There’s a whole lot of disinformation going on, and just ignore it.  What else did we just learn is going on out there?  Something else got put out there that was major disinformation, big time.

Rama – About Obama’s birth certificate….he was born in 19.5 degrees Hawaii.

Tara – Obama honored W. E. B. Du Bois, who is the founder of the NAACP.  When Martin Luther King, Jr. was here, he said that he had two mentors: Ghandi and W. E. B. Du Bois.  He considered them equal. So that is another thing that means that W. E. B. Du Bois is from this land and he’s from Ghana; that means both.  So that makes him a Grand Maji.  They are both Moors.  This is something about the history of our whole nation transforming again. Barack Obama was saying that, what was taught by W. E. B. Du Bois. The purpose of the NAACP was for, I didn’t get to hear the whole thing.  Make sure that you know though that this Moorish nation has now been proclaimed.

Rama – This is not just about civil rights. It’s about human rights on all levels for all life forms.  This is how all the kingdoms come back into wholeness.  Please do not buy into the hate; that is what Randi Rhodes said today. She’s one to know.  Coming from a “serious side” of New York, as well as Florida.

Shirley – Can Rama clarify what he just said about The Hague? Because I’m not sure if I misunderstood what he said.  I thought he said something along the lines of “don’t do something to The Hague.”  Isn’t that where all the prisoners are supposed to go?  So I’m just wondering if he could clarify that statement for me.

Rama – I was saying, don’t buy into the “hate” stories out there on the radio and the TV, not The Hague.

Jill – I read [some]where [that] Mrs. Obama is 3 months pregnant.  Does Rama know anything about that?

Rama – Yes, she is 3 months pregnant.  This is a crystal child coming in who is a total master.  It’ll be a boy.

Tara – That means it was in the latter half of May[Michelle’s conception].  The baby will come in [interference]

Big Will –  Rama, what was the reason for the killing of the two people in Florida who were care taking for those 16 kids?

Rama – My understanding is that it has to do with the assassination rings that lovely Cheney set up around this country. Also has to do with the diversionary tactics going on to try to take away the focus on what’s happening called ‘Ms. Sotomayor getting confirmed as the first Hispanic judge on the Supreme Court,’ and it’s certain to happen. This is guaranteed.

Tara – The trials commence.  The opening of the sealed indictments commence.

Rama – This goes all the way back to 9/11 and before.  Project for a New American Century, and the School of Americas, and the idea of the concept, that anyone other than the perfection of love is your enemy.

Part 2: Mother Sekhmet’s Talk

MS – Greetings beings, wondrous beings of incredible light, love, peace and joy. Magic is indeed afoot, as we approach this solar eclipse ,with the energies of what is unfolding in terms of all the kingdoms coming together in love, balance and joy. Peace! That is what is unfolding, no matter what else is going on. With the false evidence appearing real, in terms of whatever has been seen, or heard or experienced.

Even on the call tonight, you can see how intense the energies are in the kitchen. And we can say, even as we approach this solar eclipse. Fall along with Helios, Vesta and Alcyone. Going to increase in magnitude with what is unfolding. Only love can withstand this radiance. It is already been set into the process of how you ascend with all of what you are doing with the various areas across this planet. As much as what is being done with the light. Indeed it has already come to pass.

The timelines have been changed, and much has occurred in the sense that this matrix holographic program [is] falling apart at the seams it seems. And in the sense of folks that have clout and say so, stepping up and understand the rule of law and how things are done in the sense where human rights are honored. Goes beyond civil rights, [inaudible] rights for all life forms. It is how humanity is making the quantum leap.

We understand that you are honoring mission to the moon today. In terms of the 40 years ago Apollo 11 landed on the moon. On his birthday the 21st, yet that was a soundstage setup. Maybe in Area 51, maybe in Hollywood. We would just say that we went to the moon long before 1969. We were told, ‘There’s the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out.’ And as things are shifting in the process of what was and what is now.

New Commander Indian Chief in charge, and a process of full disclosure unfolding. Where what JFK, Sr. put out the white paper about putting man on the moon. Joint mission with Russia. Now another story unfolding here with Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin behind the scenes. Joint issues – missions.

Russia/US on the moon and much will be disclosed in a very short moment concerning your 6 mile high glass structures that were not built by you people, yet they were built by someone. Has to do with the folks that were there before you showed up in the 50s/60s. We would say, has to do with the architect of this solar system. The ones who were here before the Gods were here. How all of these structures come into play of what is occurring here.

Your natural electric system about to get up and running called the Tesla Coil oscillating current. We would say, that some tweaks are being shifted in terms of different areas on your planet. Like that before the great crystal state. There were, you could say, power substations in various areas of your planet. A group of folks could go and sit around this substation of crystalline energy, and if they had problems with the body, mind, spirit – it would be uplifted because it is of a crystalline nature rather than a DC current. Even crystals can work at operational level of oscillating current. Can be used to be full on as well, All of this will be unveiled very momentarily.

There are many issues afoot here in terms of how all of this [is] unfolding and very short, short, short moments before these ones are paraded out at [inaudible] to the Hague. And we would say, now is a good time for the declaration of peace in this time in which what is unfolding between lunar eclipse/solar eclipse. And we would say, there are irons in the fire that are up to the hilt that are getting the job done. Won’t say what they are, yet Mr. Stephen Greer and Stephen Bassett have put their heads together and other stories being said across the wires to Mr. O[bama] about – it’s time for full disclosure.

It is the way in which all of the fuses can be extinguished right now with the stories that you might say, humanitarian crisis first and foremost unfolding. The stories that are not being said: – Israel declaring that enemy combatants – anyone who comes to show up to help Palestinian people. And why are these stories only being told on Democracy Now and Al Jazeera? And Al Jazeera shut out of their offices in Israel. Because they don’t honor the RA.

TARA – Oh, those shut out of their offices in Iraq.

MS– Oh was it Iraq?

TARA – It is just Al Jazeera has no place at all – anywhere. In other words, they [were labeled a ‘terrorist organization]

MS– It is just the fact that[this is disinformation] News the World Wing They say the truth of the Middle Eastern News.

TARA – Oh, and that’s right Mother. There is, in Mosul, there is a dam on either the Tigris or Euphrates River, and it’s so bad that it could blow any time. And they even tried to build an iron structure to block that from happening, but it is beyond even that repair. Unless they do something major right now, it will leave most of the entire city under 65 feet of water. And the suburbs of Bagdad will be under 15 feet of water. So I just want to ask you Mother, is there some kind of operation going on somewhere? Or can we create one to deal with it?

MS – We will just say that the Captain is aware of the issues at hand, and we will say he will be briefing us momentarily about it. And in the midst of all of these things happening, what is unfolding is unprecedented with the fact [that] everybody’s third eye popping open with all the energies going forward. Telepathy becoming more normal. More and more of the folks going to wake up. It is happening so quick maybe Mrs. Palin might get a look at what she is putting out as the trash talk and take a look at the thoughts of others. Realize that she better shut [her] mouth NOW, while she is that ahead of the game. Along with many of the others that are preaching the ideas of hate and the concept of one against another.

The stories go back on infinitum. And we say, Satya Yuga Happening now. If you want to take your quarrel, take it to Herculobas. That is what we got to say on the issue and you and T-Rex will work it out quite well. There is more than enough room on Herculobas, and it is already coming to pass.

And what is happening here as this planet unfolding in its blossoming of the lotus flower of incredible ecstasy and joy. The facts things are unfolding in a very good way where you are seeing incredible light unfolding in miraculous ways across this planet. With what is being seen, throughout your skies. Yet, it is interesting that they would wish to cover it up with the fake fairy dust to try to shift a good thing to clouds of ominous mist. Not coming to pass. As you are witnessing the solar eclipse coming in, anything that is not of that frequency of the I AM. We will talk to you from that which is known as the Void.

MARK – Well Mother, speaking of that last issue. During the last operation, on July 14th, over on South Point. With Pele and Madame X and Metatron creating this vortex, golden light vortex there,  all the polluting types were disappearing into that vortex, and so is this not then what you are talking about just now?

MS: Yes.

MARK – Anything that is polluting and destroying is going to be history?

MS – It is being sucked up, we might say, under the very ground it is standing on.

TARA – Tonight they were showing that scene where Michael Jackson was doing that Coca-Cola commercial, and his whole head of hair just went aflame. It was burning for 8 seconds before these guys came to rescue and help put it out. And that was when they said he started to do the Darvon [pain pills]. Because there was something so painful that never went away. And I just was wondering, did the White Knights put the clone in before they did that to him? And that was the clone that got that way? Is that when that happened?

MS: Yes.

TARA – In other words, that was a planned Black Op?

MS– Yes.

MS– They have messed with this guy so much….

TARA – Oh my God.

MS– We don’t have the words, except honor the fact that he came. He shared a concept, “We are the World.” What else is there to say?

Part 3: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

Heidi – I have several young people around me who want to unfold their blueprints. Is it time for them to begin doing this?

MS – Yes, it is.

Sharon in Shasta – Hello Mother. In the Sotomayor “trial,” or rather confirmation hearings, there are a few Republicans asking her a very strange question. Each time, I was being drawn to the question. It was something like: When would you submit your powers on the Supreme Court to International Law? This question has been getting asked by the people who were giving her the hardest time. Could you answer that? Thank you.

MS – What we will say is that she is keeping her cards close to the chest, if you will, until the time is right. It has to do with the final outcome of how these folks are brought to trial in The Hague. As (a) Supreme Court Justice, as things unfold here, the gauntlet will be passed to the ICC and the ICJ, where Lady Master Nada is in charge.

Big Will – Mother, my question is concerning President Obama. Once the announcement is made, what will his position be? Will he still hold the same position he holds now? Thank you, and I pass the talking stick.

MS– Yes, he will have the same position he has now. It is part of the process of how we go from a republic to planetary citizens and join the different Confederation of Worlds.

Marietta Robert – I have several questions that are all along the same line. I think asking this question will answer questions for a lot of people. Is there a specific point in time where chronic imbalances such as cancer will no longer be able to hold their energies within us because of the increasing light coming through? Is there a defining time when these imbalances would no longer be able to be held within our bodies?

MS – Yes. The time is now, as the energies are increasing by the second. It is increasing, in the sense that folks are getting spontaneously healed by their own 24-codon DNA going off. We can remember our sister Cynthia telling stories about folks being shot and waking up in the ER, sitting up, and the bullet hole healing up as folks watch. Other friends have told us about this as well.

As things are unfolding here, you are all immortal, and that is why we have to say that as peace is declared on this planet, weapons of mass deception, as well as of mass destruction are dismantled. People will never grow old. People will never die. People will never get sick. Just like in Telos. It is happening now folks. This is why all the kingdoms are joining together. Yet your biomedical-military-industrial complex, or that shadow of it, still slightly exists in some realms, and [inaudible] is at the bottom taking apart the screws as we speak.

Marietta Robert – Okay. This question is about the moon. This question was written on the 9th of July. “I was watching the moon on the night of the eclipse. I noticed it had energy shooting out of it in all four directions. It looked like a cross ,no matter from what angle, and all through the night until around 4 a.m. this was happening. It was like the moon was surrounded by a corona of energy. It looked like it was backlit, and I have never seen it like that. Was this part of the energies that were coming in that day? Did anyone else see this?

MS – Yes. It is the energies that are expanding and shifting just like the planets throughout your solar system. The poles are heating up and the core is activating. You might say that the sun in the center of all of these bodies of living light – living love – are waking up and activating. Your moon, artificial as it is, is still a living machine. It has feelings, ideas, concepts, dreams: if you can even imagine a machine. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Yes, they do.

It is part of the holographic matrix of what is unfolding where we work in cooperation with all living technology. That is why the true technology is nature and nature’s God. Everything else is replicated out of that. That is why when you look at a cauliflower spiraling out, or broccoli, that is what we are.

Marietta Robert – We are totally going to jump tracks here. I have a number of questions about the man named Jesus. This is about the crucifixion. Some of the books say that the church wasn’t put together until 300 years after Christ’s supposed death. Pontius Pilate and Nicodemus staged the crucifixion to make it look real. He (Jesus) fled to France and lived to be near 90. Can you give some enlightenment to these people who are so concerned about what really happened then and how it might affect what is going on now?

MS – What we can say, is that there were three Christs that did the mission. In order to get it done. The one that played the game, called crucifixion, had six strands of DNA. [He] was named Aruhabi. He looked just like the man, the Admiral. In order to pull it off, it was all set up. Even the man named Pontius Pilate knew that, they could not create too much of a stir – then Rome would get involved. No one wanted Rome messing with the Jewish sector. Things could get very ugly; called a major war at that time. So they staged a crucifixion and Jesus (Yeshu) quietly left on a land speeder to go to, Rennes-le-Chateau.

Tara – In southern France, outside of Lourdes.

MS – And put the little box underneath. You know you saw the ‘DaVinci Code’. You saw the mad monk with the motorcycle chain wrapped around his leg, when they broke into Rennes-le-Chateau to get the box. The box was empty inside the church. It was all about the grail inside you.

Tara – Inside the womb, actually.

MS – Yes. It is the power based in true love.

Tara – You might say the womb of creation.

MS – The void is the only way. You cannot get past the void. It is where we create that which is energy, out of the time-space continuum called evil. Thom Hartman did a good rant about this time on Tuesday. What is the nature of evil? He asked the question: “Would you consider George Bush evil?”

We have to say, It is not so much the personality. It is about the energies we all agree to play with. White Hats, or Dark Hats, or Purple Hats. Doesn’t matter. All of it is relevant in the sense that we are all one voice, one heart, one mind. If we are to survive as a planetary species, we get with the program. Now is a good idea. Peace is a good idea. That is why these ones are tearing their hair out across your planet. Wake up folks! The time now is for peace. All of these ones who are trying to be [silent]. Those like Benjamin [Fuldord], Cynthia McKinney and others who have a role to play are passing the talking stick. This lady who has testified on Bill Moyers show – The Journal – about what Charles Taylor did. It is at the point where, the goddess has spoken. Time for peace.

Marietta Robert – The next question is what is Obama doing? Norman Solomon says a close vote nears on a supplemental funding bill for more war on Iraq and Afghanistan. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the White House has threatened to pull support from the Democratic freshmen who vote no. In effect, it was so important to President Obama to get the war fund that he was willing to paint a target on the backs of some of the new progressives in congress. This person says, “I thought Obama was on our side, and now he wants more wars?”

MS – He has to play these different roles, in order to catch the mice in the traps. To expose all of the mechanisms tied in with the Israeli war machine, APAC, Mossad, B’nai Brith. It is not that we are attacking Israel. We are saying.

Tara – No, this is the Zionists.

MS – Yes. It has to do with what has been orchestrated by these [ones[. Our wayward children are on their way out of this dimension as we speak. What Mr. Obama is trying to do, in whatever way he can, is to create a way where some kind of communication can be created, even if it is in a negative context. Dialog.

TARA – Well Mother, when it’s being said like it’ss being said and its not positive, it has to do with Hillary.

MS – Yes

TARA: – And Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.

MS – And Hillary showed up in Mumbai, India today on her way to Bangkok, Thailand for some kind  of talks.  And we’ll just say…

TARA – Oh, there was also some, there was the Nam Summit in Egypt today. And I mean the entire summit of all these Middle Eastern countries are helping Palestine and they’re not condoning at all what Israel has done. Very good thing. That’s why when Barack says something, and these huge summits says something else. You’ve got to listen.

Remember in Turkey, Barack said, I am a Moor and a Muslim and the United States has never been, nor will it ever be, at war with Islam.  And therefore, all of these attempts to go to war with the Islamic people – which is Hillary.  Is just that, it has to stay out there for them to believe that they can keep pushing their own agenda while Barack Obama does the other part of his double agent job. Where today, you heard from Jack Rice again.

MS – Yes. Jack Rice earlier this week came right out and said that Dick Cheney did 9/11 – guilty of high treason. Arrest him. Get on with it. We are saying, Mr. Eric Holder, along with [Lady Master] Nada and Provost Marshall General and Joint Chiefs of Staff.  All of it is being orchestrated and at any moment you could see a shift in the wind.

TARA – And now also Mother, between May 9 -11, when the Mayan calendar shifted into the New Age of the No Time calendar. From that point on, Barack said, ‘I am contemplating losing my cool this coming week.’  And he meant it, and what he did is he went to Lady [Master] Nada. And so Lady [Master] Nada and he and the KOS and St. Germain and all the people that are behind that, put some necessary steps together between then and now, so that Barack Obama can call for the arrests. That’s what has been going on.

MS– Yes, its time for some blood wine.

MARK – Well Mother, we notice that Barack Obama’s birthday is coming up on August 4th, just before the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, where Sirius is aligned and is our morning star.

MS – Correct and as that energy is approaching, it is he, the Sirian Commander, will rise to the occasion.  And we are just saying that the facts blasting that has been said by Stephen Bassett from his website to send facts to Washington. Getting the attention in terms of time to talk about full disclosure of our presence. And we will take a little trip back in time. If you remember during the time of Hitler as he began to persecute and single out and create a little drama called ethnic.  These Jews[ the Zionists, they need to be taken care of, the final solution.

And we are just saying, that what he was bringing up at that time, same thing going on now in the stories. People of color, people of ethnicity, that have to do with anything other than the fact its alien to them and the next step would be us. Would be on the terrorist watch list called ‘alien life forms’.  Not coming to pass. It is already dismantled and the technology known as Project Blue Beam not happening. We are just saying, all of what is unfolding is leading up to peace.

TARA – It is leading up to arrests and the enactment of the law. NESARA.

MS – Yes. The time for hate and war is over, yet understand what is going on with the concept that this great talk of war, if you will, with the energies. And it has to do with as everything is being shifted, moving up in octave, as great native master said,  “When you are in the river, let go, and just go with the flow of the river and watch what happens.”  And you will meet magic along the way up the river.

TARA – I was going to say one more thing Mother. There was a whole bunch of people that were assassinated today.  A lady in [Germany]

TARA – Yes, well that was the other day.  Although the Islamic people are outraged. Because the one who killed her by stabbing her 18 times in front of the judge and the whole court.  He hasn’t been indicted or anything. And they are saying he needs to be executed immediately for killing a mother with child. The judge is not doing anything about it. That’s very bad.

MS – It has to do with the corruption. It goes to so many high levels in terms of what your elected or unelected officials have done.

TARA – Yes and it also shows that Germany, is still Nazi Germany. Its not the problem of the middle eastern people. It’s the problem of Nazi Germany.

MS – We think these draconians wanted to create a banana republic called planet earth. Yes. This has to shift to one of ecstasy and joy. Not any other way. It is inevitable that the fairy dust is going to touch you and that magic dust is going to wake you up and you’ll get the giggles.

MARK – That’s going to be later….

MS – Sooner, much sooner.

TARA – Mother, Pele on the big island of Hawaii. That’s you in Hawaii.

MS – Yes

TARA – And Kauwila, when he was singing that androgyny of the Hawaiian language came to mind. Because remember at the 19.5 degrees.  Well Pele is just close enough, I’ll tell you that much.  Hilo is exactly 19.5 degrees so Pele is right on top of it.  And I’m just saying, that’s you, that’s the Emerald Green Ray, the Shakina Ray, returning from the land of Pan all the way to the present. So I mean, that…. And Lord Maui is another one.  I know that’s the next island. Lord Maui is over the Haleakala volcano and Pele is over all volcanic activity. And Lord Maui is an androgynous male.

MS – Yes.

TARA – That means the male has his bride of Christ marriage within his divine female in perfect balance. And I felt that coming out of Kauwila. Thank you Kauwila.

Also the Aloha Council is like the karmic force of the Motherland and Mother Sekhmet sits atop that along with Lady Master Nada. So that means you’re calling upon the Aloha Council to bring justice.

MS – Oh and a piece of news that did not get much airplay. Mr. Hank Paulson was grilled on both sides today. He was very upset. Randi Rhodes let it rip this afternoon. And she said Hank Paulson along with Ben Bernanke along with all the other AIG bonus bailout [recipients] are going to go hang.

MARK – Well, one of the things that … that aspect of your self Mother, at 19.5 degrees was saying, was that the Queen Kingdom or the androgynous, the perfectly balanced individual with male and female or female and male, because it doesn’t matter which one you are. When that comes into balance. That is the new King/Queendom monarchy of the new Lemurian Hawaiian mind that is coming to pass now.

This has already started, so watch what happens and you will see, not the ancient fighting of male/female, matriarchy/patriarchy.  It will all come into balance now on the 21st of this month.  Watch what happens!

MS – Yes. Zena will put her sword down and pick up the sewing needle.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Well, we will let you, if you want to summarize anything. Is there anything else Mother you want to say before we do our close here?

MS – Only that as we work through these energies, that are increasing in magnitude by the second. Remember that we came here in loving presence and gratitude and ecstatic joy to come and be part of hearing such a radical story, if you will.  That only way we know how to describe this radical story is so long and thanks for all the fish.

And it is in a sense, the biggest story ever told about all of us as ONE energy wave of incredible light and love and peace and joy. That said, we would take on such a magnitude of a mission if it would be said that we would change an entire polarity from one of free will choice to one of the law of one. It is already coming to pass. And it is only that we can say, we have no words of gratitude we can express except thank you and we love you.

MARIETTA ROBERT – One last question that has come in on an email here and the question is: what is the most important thing as individuals they can do on the 21st, as Mark was explaining about the special ops and the special things that will happen that day. As individuals, how can we assist or what would be the most helpful to us as individuals?

MS – We would say, think with your heart, as this energy that is coming in, with this eclipse, is the most powerful eclipse of your 21st century. We would say, what is unfolding here is the opportunity to put the key in the keyhole, open the door. Now is the time for peace and it makes it so in the sense that, as all of the energies are unfolding with a solar eclipse, and the increased frequencies of what is happening with the particular alignments. It has to do with how the activation energy is occurring here where there is much fire going on, yet within the fire is the frequencies of a place in which there can be peace.


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