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Mark on Teleportation and Telepathy


Is this Mark H? If so I would like to know how do you properly ask and implement teleportation. I’m not worried so much about the telepathy. I am noticing more and more after the eclipse I am thinking about something andimmediately after someone I am around starts talking about what was going thru my mind. I have not been able to harness that yet. With the teleportation, is it a physical ability or an OBE experience? Thank you very much. I have been trying so hard since tuesday but to no avail. I know i do not want to give up. I only used 3% of my brain, but not for long :-)

Thank you

P.S. I am 22, was in the Air Force as a KC-10 Aircrew boom operator. I have a picture of a giant starship too if you all would like to receive that for your site.


Congratulations on your beginning telepathy. It will increase between now and 8/8.

Along with that will come some internal instructions on teleportation.  Teleportation comes in several varieties and is a bit individualized depending on your upgraded mission assignment.

Your assignment will also be coming forward between now and the peak of the Lion’s Gate, as NOW Sirius–“Morning Star”–since 7/23 through 8/12, aligns with Giza.

Giza is now ‘powered up’ with its true capstone installed and operating and communicating with all stargates and the planetary grid.

Today is “a day out of time” and the ROSE light is sealing all new energies into the grids.

Tomorrow begins a new Galactic Year/Egyptian New Year, on our new timeline. Everything has been reset/rebooted.

Trust your intuition. It will continue to increase and will let you know your readiness to progress your personal activations.

Don’t effort or push. Try, allow, feel and flow, and give thanks that your abilities will continue to be boosted from within.


P.S. Yes, please send the picture. [Check them out below!!!]




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