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Mark on Obama’s Second 100 Days…



Thank you for today’s conference call. Everything is becoming more and more amazing and very quickly!

I have been asked many times now, and I wonder myself, about the three phases of the Nesara announcement that began on October 1, 2008. It was said that the final phase was to end after Obama’s second 100 days (72 days actually) which was July 10, 2009.

Mother had said that, by that point, we would see big changes in 3D. Although we have always been told “no nukes and no dates”, this time period was put forth as being extremely significant in terms of visible changes.

In that regard, what has happened on the 3D stage at this point? And what can we expect to see, in 3D, as this summer moves forward?

Thanks again for everything.


This week is potent with potentials.

Yesterday, Obama signaled that he is looking at his own investigations. Eric Holder, his ATTY Gen, has stated that probably today he will look into various incidents that suggest criminal or WarCrimes.

This is obviously setting the stage for arrests and several names have been dropped as ‘targets': Timothy Geithner(US Treasury Secy); Dick Cheney, GBush 43; Condi Rice, Hank Paulson, Lawrence Summers and Karl Rove et al.

Lady Master Nada is in charge as of this AM!!!

That is what the 72 days deadline meant. Obama’s {2nd 100 days} work is done.

It now goes to the ICJ/World Court and that is the significance of Obama and Eric Holder’s statements about investigations.

As Madame X said yesterday: A Light envelope now surrounds the earth and will take 72 hours to infuse new energies into all of the earth.

Then a new activation/upshift will occur!

We have two Special Ops scheduled between now and the July 20th-21st Eclipse at which time new telepathic/teleportation activations will start.

We will be working with Pele, St Germain,KOS, Ashtar and the Magical realms/king-queen-doms through the end of this month and the first week of next month. We’ll send in reports as the information becomes available.

Look for more revelations on Sunday 1PM MT, 7/19, CC with A-Team.

This info comes from Madame X, KOS and Higher Advisers.

MarkHuber 7/13/09


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    A watchdog group that goes after conservative pundits.

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