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Mark on a Question RE: Next Moves?



Let me lay out my understanding of where we are as of 7/24/09:

* The Inner Earth is now clear in its energetic pathways, and the Giza capstone is now replaced to enable activation and operation of the stargates and portals.  The operations of the past month or so have cleared the supporting cast and dark energies that propped up the remaining Cabal. Therefore, they are operating solely on their own merit and with no external assistance.

* The required environment for First Contact, and all the changes of government and policies such as NESARA, are now in place.  There is nothing left to do in regards to preparation.

* Teleportation and telepathy are now possible to anyone that asks for training and implementation.

If all of this is accurate, what do you see happening next?  My thought is that we should see the arrests imminently as the stage is now set for the true actions to manifest.

I would very much like to hear as much information as you care to provide, as i am at a point in which I feel I have a good understanding of where things stand, but need to know where we go from here to offer up my energies to it.

I continue to patiently wait for my chance to engage this operation.  I feel like i’m watching a saga unfold that sounds great, but I can’t be part of it in the way I want in the conscious world we currently reside.



Well, we have a few items to allow to come to completion.  Arrests are first, and the New Jersey ’44’ of yesterday gave that a big nudge forward.  Tomorrow is “a day out of time” before we celebrate the Galactic New Year on Sunday the 26th.

There are things in motion tomorrow as the “sealing of the planet” by ROSE light takes place.

Look up in the sky and you may see this Platinum Pink or Rose color tomorrow around dawn and sunset.

Then things can move forward on the 1st day of the Galactic New year.  We have been working pretty hard today and tonight more will be done.

We will report more when we are cleared to do so.

No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes, per KOS.

Mark, Beth, Madame X, Kau’ila


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