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Mark Huber Telecall – July 17, 2009


Mark’s Conference Call
July 17, 2009

Transcribers: Shirley, Adithya, Nancy, Katie and Gwen.
Editors: Annie and Steve.

MARK – So one of the things that we might start with is letting all of you know that all of the posts, and there have been a lot of them in this past week, are now on

And when you go to that website, its not a yahoo group.  That’s a regular website.  When you go there, you don’t have to sign in or anything.  You can just go right immediately to that page and there is a breaking-news preview.

It may say invitation.  I forgot exactly what it says.  But, it’s an invitation to join and I don’t mean in the unusual sign-up way; this means spiritually join.   And it outlines a preview by day, each day, what’s happening this next week beginning July 20th so that’s tomorrow.

Things are going to get underway and they are going to continue escalating very significantly with each day’s sequence of events that are starting to happen.  And I wonder if I could ask Kauwila, or Beth, since we are on the same line, to start the preview report.

KAUWILA – Thank you Mark.  This operation came a few days ago and I’m not sure what date it is.

Aloha, everyone.  My name is Kauwila for those who have not heard my voice before.  I live in the island of Hawaii, in the State of Hawaii, and I live on the Kona side.

We have been working with Pele; I have or we have.  All aspects of ourselves here and we have been working with Pele for quite a number of years in sort of a solo type of way and finally now, it’s like coming together with the GRT or CIP group.

Mark and Beth have been very strongly directed, if you will, by the King of Swords and Pele and St. Germain to carry out these various operations basically around the planet.

So the one that has just come up is where we have, I’ve been asking, well, I really wasn’t asking at all, I wasn’t asking for this, but we knew there would be a next operation.  Wasn’t quite sure when it would happen.  And these dates were all coming up at the same time.

First 7/21st and the full moon, let’s see full moon, the new moon solar eclipse and we had previously went to a full moon lunar eclipse.  But the 21st date is coming up and then the Lion’s Gate on the 7/23-24th.  Then there is something else, another related event on the 26th.

I was at some point, I was just kind of asking.  When is the next, is there an operation?  It feels like there’s an operation around this time and so I immediately was given the word Oahu which is the island where Honolulu is located.  Very populated island and so that’s where it kind of began.

At that point, I began making calls to Mark and Beth.  We started talking about what dates, what is the dates and what’s happening and so we began to see that the group, that there was something that needed to be done on the 20th of July, which is oh, tomorrow.

We were discussing and what was coming through is an operation with something to do with the Lemurian Solar Disc very close to where Mark, Tara and Rama are living in New Mexico.  There was something to be done at that location.

I was getting from my own instruction that this, there was something about I would need to fly to Oahu.  This is not a long flight, only 45 minutes from the Big Island to Oahu.  And one of the connections that might be helpful for people to know is we all get these preparation phases of the preparation.

I was really working, living full time on Oahu from about 1995 to 1999 when I moved back here to the Big Island.  During those 4 years on Oahu, I lived on the west side, which is called the leeward side and its home of the largest congregations of native Hawaiian people.

There are many sacred valleys and sacred haieus – sacred temples, sites over there.  I basically lived there for 3 years out of my 4 years on Oahu and got to know it very well.  I just felt completely at home there.

Even with my somewhat lighter skin with all these darker-skinned Hawaiian people.  It is really quite a wonderful community once you allow yourself to enjoy it.

So when the operations started coming, I believe what happened was, first we got a message when I was there.  I believe Mark and I were talking and this is probably a long, long time ago, maybe 2 days ago, 2 or 3 days ago.  And we were just talking about what to do.

I said I can see something going, you know, to the Mt. Ka’ala which is the highest point on Oahu.  Ka’ena Point is the western most tip of Oahu and it is considered to be, long been considered a jumping off place for spirits when people pass their souls, their spirit will leave the physical or leave this earth plane to the next level, will leave from Ka’ena Point so that was part of it.

Several other things came up while we were talking and there was something about Mt. Shasta.  But the first thing – and, Mark, correct me if I don’t have this quite right – but the first thing that came up was this is because we have a connection with Barack Obama who was born on the island of Oahu in the town of Honolulu.

So Mark had mentioned that there is a this strong connection and can expand on it a little more.  But Barack Obama has been taken to the pyramids at Giza when he was a younger boy/body and he went to Giza.  Giza is part of it; there’s something about activating the capstone.  We are getting all these different pieces.

When I got to looking at it, I seem to know some other things to so we were throwing these things back and forth a little bit and then Mark says, “You know I think we need to call in the King of Swords here”.  So we hung up and I asked the King of Swords, “Okay.  What is going on.  What is the operation to be?”  At least we were looking at the Oahu portion of it.

So what happened was, I had a piece of paper, white paper and I was kind of moved to draw and so this is just a drawing on this white paper, has some circles and some other things and it is posted, if people want to look.  It’s in the photo section of GRT/CIP under Kauwila photos of interest; it’s the very last one.  So there’s these circles going around and Giza is in the center.  And there is a operation to be done.

First of all, there was an order, 1, 2, 3, 4.  And one was starting on 7/20 and it had to do with the Lemurian Solar Disc in New Mexico.  The second part had something to do with Mt. Shasta connecting [interference].  Mt. Shasta was also the 2nd part.  The 3rd part starting on 7/22 showed up up at Mt. Ka’ala which is the highest mountain peak on Oahu on the west side of Oahu.  The 4th part that came up was a place called Lualualei.  There were several things that were coming up on the 23rd.   Lualualei is used as a naval storage space – used for weapons, bombs and things like that.  There was also Ka’ena Point lookout, Manana lookout – Tantalus and Manana Lookout places on Oahu.  We’ll get to in just a moment.

So there is really a sequence of events that was showing up.  So with that picture in mind, I just wanted a way to teach from what King of Swords gave me.  I got here on the 16th – I think it was the 16th.  So the King of Swords was reporting and it said, “Kauwila took his walk just now and he was reminded of his sacred duty that we are all embodying at this time”.  This is to the entire group that is listening right now.

KOS MESSAGE (Kau’ila comments are in brackets except for the one [the colorizing]) – “As Kau’ila took his walk just now he was reminded of the sacred duties that we all are embodying at this time.  Why are we here?  It is for this moment and time.  Sacred clearings, sacred reconnections, sacred honoring of the Parent we call Gaia/Vywamus.  Yet beyond these there is even more than you yet see.  We are fortunate and we KNOW that; that you are working as it were together under the influence of higher Mind and higher Still under Angelics that prepare the way and overlight each of your missions.  We applaud the open minds and loving hearts which are within each of you now.  Step out with these for this most valuable mission.

“Please look at your diagram given to this one here [me/Kauwila] earlier in the day.  Look closely and you will see, the native Alaskan, head in native fur hood.  [And there is like a circle on the inside with a larger circle around the outside and it really does look like some kind of, someone in Alaska wearing a fur parka.]  Look closely and you’ll see within the head circle the connection of the Alaskan native to the Hawaiian native peoples.  [Look closely and you see the windmill in the lower circle. There is like four posts coming up – looks like it could be a water wheel or windmill.]  Look closely and you see that the windmill, could be a waterwheel, free energy if you will coming to the front in the power Sun center of that being.  Look closely and you see the connection with all native peoples of the Americas, encapped by the portal at Mt. Shasta.  Look closely and you sense the connection to inner Earth.  Look closely and you even see the connection to the ancient Greek and Roman god spirits, Tantalus.  And look closely and see the Infinite Creator in the shape of the 8.  [This drawing looks sort of like a figure 8, a vertical figure 8.  [interference] 5 is in infinity.]

“This is not a joke, as well…if you see the coding of this phrase, Lemurian Solar Disc.  Code marked LD by this one who did not follow my exact instruction, but we will keep him anyway (Hah!!)  “Lemurian Solar Disc”, code mark is/should be, “LSD”.  You all get what I mean now, yes?  Key to clearing  opening the gateways you are about to go is tune into the REAL LSD (you need none at all of the big pharma LSD)

Imbibe/harmonize with your LSD before you leave for this trip, each of you, all of you.  Harmonize with it on each portion of the operation.”

[This Lemurian Solar Disk is very important and its almost like its telling us that its needed to be, something needed to be done with the Lemurian Solar Disk before this Oahu operation could get started.  So and this is one more piece here.]

“This Lemurian Solar Disc has found its activation place, and needs not further “energizing” as you might say.  It does require an alternate, shall we say, new, never-seen- before, colorizing, of a crystal blue nature, this is known to your one called by you, “X”.  [They are referring to Madame X.]  As we “call” her, if you will, Ka Toor Neh o ka La (“o ka La” = if the Light, you do not recognize the rest …)   The colorizing allows the frequencies to enter for the next portion of the operation.  It [the colorizing] is scheduled for your 20 PM – 21 AM gathering.  [meaning July 20-21st gathering].  At this point, we say Congratulations!”  (End of KOS message.)

So the first step of the operation has to do with Mark, Tara, Rama, and Madame X coming together in New Mexico on the 20th to begin with what the King is telling me, the colorizing of the LSD.  And the reason this is important [interference] is that there is a an operation on Oahu which also brings in this blue light, this crystal blue light and it’s actually generating a wave around Oahu with this crystal blue light.  These are the gold of this next operation the King says.

The Op (?) is to wipe clean the slate of all native people, mistreatment, harm, injustices, broken treaties, broken promises, cultural degradation, emotional harm, including physical, written corporate harm, including environmental and animal, plant, insect, bird mistreatment and all sorts of these promises of money.

The second role is repatriation of all native people to their original homeland and reparation of divine imprint and grid present in all native cultures to Gia/Vyramus.  Goal 3 is in brightening with crystalline diamond platinum of all Inner Earth channels, transportation tubes, master sentient computer rooms, master sentient control equipment, all [inaudible] sentient computer rooms and controls equipment.

At this point, I could not write anymore so what came through were these 3 words:  Metatron, Giza, Lemuria.  These were shown in the order they were given.  So Metatron first, Giza second, then Lemuria.  The next goal came straight from the Lavender Lad (St. Germain).  So here were go.

Goal 4 The Master Attunement of the awakened pyramid at the Giza location to the OLTL (Original Lemurian Timeline).  This must be carried out NOW.  That is the main object of this work.  And it says, now back to the King.  At this stage, I’m really getting that it would be helpful to have either Mark or Beth to come in and give their talk, since we just talked about the goals of the operation. Are you open to that?

MARK – Kauwila, I would like to say, first, before we go any further.  One thing I wanted to make a little correction on was Barack Obama.  We mentioned that underground, undersea conduit that goes from Honolulu to Giza – to the King’s Chamber in Giza.  That happened when he was over there and everyone probably remembers it.  They had a tremendous, well it was called, a storm with electrical outage for about 12 hours or more.  They had to bring in emergency heaters, and he declined those generators.  But what really happened during that time when he was over there, you know…..

KAUWILA – This is Christmas time right?

MARK – Yes.  This is not in his childhood; this is now.  I mean in these last months.

RAMA – When his Grandmother died.

MARK – When his Grandmother died.  Anyway, during that outage, he was taken at night underground to Giza.  He was placed in the King’s Chamber and there were several with him. Then he stepped out of his body and there is a space between the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber.  When he was out of his body and walking around in his light body, he was easily able to find the doorway, which leads to an underground Ashtar Command Base.  He was then taken from there to the left paw of the Sphinx underground.

There was a plane from Sirius A – shuttle craft from Sirius A – that took him again, in that manner, to Sirius A.  He attended a council meeting there where he was told because he is the ninth member of the Sirian High Council of Nine.  He is the ninth member and this is his mission and they told him what his mission was.  Well, its kind of interesting because to do that, you have to merge with your higher self.  So he was given that and he was returned in the same manner that he was taken out.  His [biological] father, who is not who most of the public knows. His [biological] father, Tara you want to mention that?

RAMA & TARA – Malcolm X.

MARK – Yes.  Malcolm X is his [biological] father –  true.  There is a story about that, but we don’t need to go into that now.  The point was, his father, his [biological] father is Malcolm X had gone through the same exact process before he died.  He appeared to the Sirian High Council and was, you might say, briefed and debriefed and then returned.  So this is an exact sequential flow of events.  Like everything else we’ve been talking about, it cannot happen until its right moment.  When it does, it triggers the next sequence of events.

We are doing it all to share something with all of you today because, just before this call, I had to go in and do a meditation and I had to go lay down to do it.  And after that meditation, one of the things we did today in our breaking news – invitation we sent out last night and it’s on all of our websites now.  GRT-INTEL, GRT, CIP, and News discussion groups, and Welcome the Light.  Also it was sent out to other forums and groups.  The reason is the King of Swords wants the maximum dissemination of this information because it affects all of us.  There is not a soul on this planet that this operation does not affect.

As I went into meditation, thinking all I was doing was clearing a little fluttering in my stomach, which is not normal for me.  When I do these things, you know, we do these things, we just trust we are going to be guided.  So I knew I had to do that and as I did that, I began this invitation.  It surprised me very much and what I was told or shown by doing it was that it’s no longer future, that we had to make this invitation NOW and I had to experience it now, all the way up the chain of command, if you want to call it that.  All the way up to Alcyone [Lord Suryea].  All the way up inter-dimensionally and mutli-dimensionally to all the twin flames, all the twin hearts, everyone.

So this is BIG folks.  All the nature kingdoms, all the magical kingdoms and invite them in.  And I can tell you, this just about tore me up because, emotionally, it was so big a feeling that I mean I realize, oh my goodness.  See we are no longer in linear time and that’s part of what that was showing me.  Is that don’t think of this as tomorrow.  We’re in this energy now.

Kauwila facilitated the anchoring of the Divine Masculine energy on July the 7th.  Then at the midpoint, which was July 14th, that’s when we anchored the new Original Lemurian Timeline [OLTL] at South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii.  That’s what all the twin flames of everyone on this planet came in – above this planet extending up into the master holographic matrix itself.

We’re all these other twin flames.  We are not just an Earth-based being.  We are in these other dimensions, other realms and we’re connected to all of them whether we know it or not.

So they asked to be included and all the twins, all the twin flames of all of them.  Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone, I mean no exceptions.  They all asked to be included so they are included and they did overlight and send their light down through all these conduits of all of us.  I’m speaking to all of you out there because you were all there.  Every single one of you were there and every single one of you had your twin flame there.  That light, our concentrated light, poured into South Point on July 14th exactly on the midpoint, which is perfect balance and what’s been missing from the female/male relationships on this planet?  Perfect balance, perfect integrated partnership.

What will happen on the 21st?  I’m just jumping ahead because I want to finish this piece here.  What will happen is all the anchoring of the Divine Feminine, balanced Divine Famine.  Not matriarchy, not patriarchy, no more.  It’s gone; it’s gone now.  We changed that.  We shifted that and brought in the New Original Lemurian Timeline and anchored it.  It’s done.  That’s it.

All we have to do to complete this, is this operation on the 21st, which it doesn’t activate; it uses the energies of the Lemurian Solar Disc, which as you know, there are two discs.  The Atlantean Solar Disk and the Lemurian Solar Disc.  Atlantean was masculine; the Lemurian is feminine.  Each of them was lacking in the other.  There was an imbalance as a result and what this is doing now is restructuring this so that each male and each female is balanced in male/female within their own self and then with their twin flame, as all of these partners showed up on the 14th.

That now makes it possible for a joint operation of individual and collective restructuring so that all imbalance is removed from male/female relationships.  So on the 21st, when this solar eclipse takes place and a new moon within a few hours of that, very close.  When this takes place, Katie, bar the door.  I’m telling you, this is going to be more powerful than anything that has happened thus far because it could not happen until all that has happened has been done.  So when that happened, our twin flames are going to again join with us in anchoring both and all parts of that triad.  It’s going to happen.

So as we go forward in this, I just wanted to get that out first.  Now, I want to call on Beth and ask her to give a little more about who we invited to join us.

So, Beth, if you could come in and take this over at this point.  We want people to understand who all is involved, who all are invited.  And by the way, during my current meditation echoed by Rama separately, he was told the same thing.  It isn’t coming.  It is now.

RAMA – I mean this is totally.  Mark wasn’t up.  I talked this morning, somewhere between 8 and 9.  I was called up to the mountain here and I went up to this place I call “The Bridge” where you can look out across maybe a hundred, two hundred miles across New Mexico.  I could see the energies being anchored in, with what y’all are doing so.  What Ashtar told me is, “Go ahead.”

MARK – So that is what we are going to do, but I just wanted to verify with Rama that what happened here for him this morning up on “The Bridge” and for me in this meditation really cemented in the knowledge that we are NOW fully in multi-dimensional now time.  There is no linearity to it and all that is an illusion, which will quickly be removed.

First of all revealed for what it is, an illusion.  Because we cannot separate.  All time is instant.  All time is now.  We created this illusion so we could experience these reflections in polarity.  Now that polarity is dissolving and reuniting, the last piece of my mediation this morning, believe it or not, was so powerful because I called upon the dark hats, the light hats, and every other color hat you want to name, and said, we started this as a joint mission and we will finish this as a joint mission.  There is no difference between us so let us unzip our outer garment and our roles, our play roles, in this grand experiment and come together now before it’s too late.

Let’s come together and celebrate that it’s over.  We’ve all done our jobs beautifully, and it’s time now to reveal that we are all equal and we’ve all played our roles perfectly.  We have always been one and we will always be one.  That’s all there is to it.  I just wanted to share that piece because that was so powerful.  I was shaking.  My whole body was shaking with emotion because to give up all of that worry and polarity of polarization and become unipolar once gain and to reunite with our twin flames is just beyond description.  So in that regard, Beth, if you are there, would you please come on and rescue me here now.

BETH – Hi everyone.  Very glad to be here today.

I want to start out by saying there is so much information regarding the next few days.  What’s going on is that it takes each one of us to show another angle of it to explain it all.  What I would like to do is work backwards starting with July 23rd, the opening of the Lion’s Gate.  Each one of us have been talking for months and months, if not longer, about reuniting with our twin flame and desiring First Contact.  Everything that’s happening in the process now and over the next few days with these celestial changes is making it possible for First Contact to happen.  It is all a precursor for First Contact.

And part of First Contact is our twin flames coming in on these ships.  They will be coming from places like Andromeda, Vega, Lyra, Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius as well as numerous unnamed places that I don’t even know the names of.  But this is the beginning of inter-planetary contact and it will be back and forth communication.  That is what First Contact is all about.  The opening of the Lion’s Gate is the doorway to instant love and it allows this First Contact to take place.  All the events that will be happening over the next few days are part…..

As we come together with our twin flame in this infinite love, part of that is recognizing that all these different races are now becoming one race.  We are all one.  The opening of the Lion’s Gate is also a shift into this infinite love which means we are shifting away from the old and we are moving into new governments, new political systems, new economies, the new souls coming in.  Anything coming into the earth now is carrying a part of this rainbow light.  This is what it means about the Lion’s Gate is opening on July 23rd.

Going to July 22nd, this is the day we will be clearing out the conduit between Oahu and Egypt.  And it means it will be unimpeded flow in that conduit and that is what St. Germain was talking about with activating Giza.  It is time now for the capstone to be replaced and when I say it is time, I mean no dates, no nukes.  I don’t know when that’s going to happen, but that is what this sequential flow is following to result in.

And when that happens, that’s what will be part of the First Contact experience.  It is an important part of it.  On July 21st, the energies will be coming to the earth regarding bringing in the divine feminine and that completes anchoring in the twin flame part of the tri-fold flame and this is all part of us coming into these reunions with our twin flames and bringing infinite love back to the earth.

On July 20th, July 20th is a very interesting day and I would say that Madame X holds the deepest meaning of what’s happening on that day because that’s her part of it.  That’s her special piece that is happening that day.  So I don’t want to talk about that part of it, but what I do want to say, the beginning of all of this is the reuniting of all the realms and all the kingdoms on earth and there is so many special parts of that.

For all this time that we’ve been waiting for these changes to happen – and I mean millions if not billions of years, for all this time, the native peoples on every continent in the world have been holding the star knowledge in their stories that they tell their children, in the [inaudible], they have kept the knowledge of whom in their cultures and all of the native peoples on every continent in the world have gone through terrible times of late and this will be reconciled on July 20th.

Not only the native cultures around the world, but also the magical kingdoms are being invited in as well as the animal kingdoms, plant kingdom, mineral kingdoms, devic and nature spirits, elemental kingdoms.  All of these are being brought into this twin flame anchoring.  Every soul cell on the planet will be complete and balanced in the male and female and that is very significant.  Then this also includes all of the elder councils that have held this love for us in their hearts waiting for us to ascend and come out of duality.  That’s what is happening this week.

So the elder councils from all places of [inaudible] that we can mention, plus the elder council from Inner Earth.  I published a list of them and you can Google them.  They each have deep significant meanings and I can’t even begin to understand all of it, but I know that each one is very important.   And each one will be there with them in New Mexico on the 20th to start this whole process of colorizing the Lemurian sun disk and I’m really excited that this is all happening now.

MARK – I thought Beth was going to go on there.  [laughter by all]

BETH – I can sing more.

MARK – I know and you may need to and I assure you that you will need to.  I want to announce something else and this is going to cause Beth to shake in her boots.  Or butterflies in her tummy, but just before we came on this conference call, Beth was informed that the way she has been receiving things is no longer operative.  She now needs to receive them directly and to direct channel Mother and Metatron and the King of Swords because as these things escalate now, we have to have the quickest and we have to have the truest, most accurate information in moments, sometimes micro-seconds.  The only way to do that is to get rid of the barriers to communication.

You know, when you are in a situation that we all know, things happen very, very fast and now they don’t just happen in our linear mind, they happen in our inter-dimensional, and our multi-dimensional – all of us – our wholeness.  So as we [are] reconnecting, and as I’m saying this, I’m talking about all of you out there.  There is no one on this call that is not affected by this.  The change is NOW and everything you’re going to see in this next week is going to do nothing but shock and surprise you and open your heart more fully than probably its ever been opened.

I assure you by the end of the 23rd,  you’re going to be very different than you are right now.  You can take that any way you want to, but I can tell you it’s the most joyful thing you can imagine.  This is not planetary ascension – it is wake up.  It is wake up, it is communion, it is reunion.  It is too many things that we could talk about in a linear way forever, but it is important.  The fact is, it’s happening.  The time for waiting is over.  We are in it.

TARA – I just wanted to say the 23rd of any given day, month, year.  Any timed sequence is the most powerful number there is.  It’s because it brings the twin flame energy as well as the 3-fold flame energy that you are and we are all together.  And that means ascension for everyone whether they’re here or not.  In other words, they may be just walking off the ships everybody.  That means they’ll have landings for more massive groups of people.  We might be on……yeah Rama you want to say something about that?

RAMA – I just want to say that what these energies, like Mark said, Katie, bar the door.  Ashtar, the way it hit me, this is not just wake-up; this is recruitment time.

MARK – Ah yes, we forgot to tell you that one of the things that are happening here is that you’re all having your new missions activated.

RAMA – Step up to the line and swear the oath.

MARK – This is palpable to your contract.  It is just being changed now.  You may sign it in your sleep, but it will still be operative.

RAMA – Your next of kin are along for the ride.

MARK – Yes.  When you sign up for this new mission, as you have or you wouldn’t be here, that’s the fix it’s in.  And that means your whole DNA line is signing up because you are their representatives.  You are the ground unit that volunteered for your entire DNA line.

TARA – The other thing is that there is no more vows to institutions.

RAMA – Yeah.

TARA – That is really a hooker and I’m just saying remember by the 70s, we had 2 billion Catholics and we had something 73,000 different Christian sects and that made up 4 billion of the world’s people worshipping the icon called Lucifer rather than the Office of the Christ.  That is over.  That’s the same thing there are no more Gurus.  There are Avatar Agents of Happiness and everyone has one.

MARK – The King of Swords has also said very, very seriously and joyfully “Every one of you can now have your heart’s desire.  All you have to do is love it, be in joy when you feel it, when you reach towards it – it will reach towards you.”  This is the time.  This is now.  There is no other time and there is NOTHING to fear.

All fear is an illusion because what you are cannot be destroyed.  It is forever.  And now, we have already started the human physical/galactic human integration and also activation age reversal process.    Restructuring, if you want to call it that.  Into the crystalline diamond body which has properties that very, very few, if any, fully know.  And we’re going to find out much more about that very shortly.  Even in this message today, King of Swords or St. Germain wants to add a few words on the subject of what that is.  So Kauwila could we ask you to come back in now and give us a break and take this into the next phase here today.

We’ve gone back and forth so anyone trying to find their place in the script is going to be having a problem.  Because we are doing this as we are spontaneously being guided because everything is changing in every moment and you might as well get used to it.  Because it is far more joyful than trying to program something out the old way because it is just a happening.  So Kauwila with that, I will turn it over to you.

BETH – Kauwila, may I make a comment before you begin?

KAUWILA – Please.

BETH – I wanted to say to everyone that what Mark was talking about was that for a very long time now, I’ve been having telepathic communications between me and the masters and that’s how I’ve been getting my messages. This morning, they said to me, you can channel now. You can speak out what we are saying to you and report it and then you don’t have to go through the laborious process of
bringing it out of your memory and typing it in. It’s taking too long.

The reason I’m sharing that is because it’s similar to what’s happening to everyone else. Any channeling that you read regarding this solar eclipse with the new moon. All of them say, and every single one of them have said, it is time to clear out the old because it can no longer exist. So I would encourage everybody to go within with whatever process is for you and any challenges you are facing, financial, political, relationship, anything that’s not sitting right with you right now, you will have extra assistance from your higher guides during this period so clear all that out and start to co-create your dreams. I think that’s the theme of the message, at least part of it for now. So I just wanted to share that. So thank you Kauwila.

KAUWILA – Thank you Beth. It does not matter how many years you have on this planet or how few years you have on this planet. It makes no difference whatsoever. There is another part that you know, relating to Beth, that many of us have our missions. Just recently, I mean Beth and myself are fairly recent [inaudible] really made clear. There is a, so here we are, going from one place to another. Going to Mt. Shasta or going to Oahu or whatever. Everyone is activated for their mission right now.

The other thing I wanted to point out before [I] start to share a little bit more about the King. He said about this mission that once you can tell, once Mark was talking about this, when you tune into that and harmonize with that, you can feel the joy level go up. We’re all in this place of joy. We are doing
what we really love to do. I’ve given up, personally, work in a couple different fields but most recently, I’ve been singing for 3 or 4 years at this farmer’s market every Saturday, every Saturday. It was very clear to me that it had to be my last day. I said my goodbyes and I’m not doing anything like that at all. A completely new life.

This doesn’t happen in any particular, it may not be all at once, but things are happening to us to encourage us to release who we thought we were. It is absolutely wonderful. Once that freedom comes in, oh my god this is great, this is great. This is just what the operation is going to happen on Oahu and, if we do get Madame X on the phone, otherwise I’m sure the text will be put on GRT. The first thing that happened with the Lemurian Solar Disc starting about 10:00 local time on the 20th, the crystal blue colorizing of the Lemurian Solar Disc over there.

[Recording starts here.]

Another piece of this is that just, when was it, yesterday, the day before yesterday, when I got this message. It was to physically take pieces of Pele, which are small pieces of lava that most of them are quarter inch to half inch. I just picked up a whole handful of them while I was in Kilauea on May 10th
which was a Buddha full moon so it was what we are to do. So yesterday, I sent off by overnight mail to Rama, Tara and Mark, these pearls, what they are calling Pearls of Pele which are to be seeded physically in the ground over there and which I am also to take over to Oahu. They are to be seeded around all parts of this part of Oahu and of course, in this case, there is a couple connections. The connection is Pele is a wonderful dissolver. You put anything in the path of Pele when the lava is flowing, it will get dissolved pretty quick. So what will happen is, these pearls as they are distributed around the island, will help basically dissolve or remove all of the stuff that will be falling down.

What is coming to pass is that on July 21st, which is the new-moon solar eclipse – this is from the King of Swords – there is a complete reset, or rebooting if you will, all dimensions, all locations, everywhere in the universe. The Original Lemurian Timeline [OLTL] began as previously received we have an operation (the 4 of us or the 5 of us – however many of us) to take place on a certain time on that day. As the gate opens again, as it connecting many facets of rejuvenation, regeneration, generation of the Divine Feminine on Earth.

Now on July 22nd early, there is a flood of crystal blue light from the Lemurian Solar Disc through a point – if you don’t know exactly where it is, there is map on GRT/CIP. What happens is there is the crystal blue light flows into Ka’ena Point, through Ka’ena Point. Normally, it has been used for people to leave this dimension before going out from Ka’ena Point. There is a generation of a huge circular tsunami around a crystal blue tsunami wave around Oahu island. The island will be encircled and domed in this crystal blue water dome which then you can call it either collapses, sinks or descends into 3D-4D in its own way at Oahu. This is not an actual water tsunami, but an energetic tsunami, which will somehow also be visible, looks like visible in 3D. All is cleansed on Oahu at high noon Oahu time. Most will sense it and some will say what was that. So at 7/22 at high noon, the massive cleanup begins on Oahu.

This allows a complete reset of the old paradigm concept represented worldwide by Oahu. They are referring to Oahu with many people when they think of paradise, they think of beautiful pictures of surfers, music, Waikiki Beach and you see Diamond’s Head which is a crater, but you will see the sideways view of Diamond’s Head in the background. So it is very well known in the minds of people for that. At that time, I will be going to Oahu and actually I am supposed to arrive after noon. I will be arriving at 12:10pm. The next day, it will be at Mt. Ka’ala, which is the highest point on Oahu. And Tara mentions 23. This is on the 22nd but the hour I’m supposed to be there in minutes is 23:23 so at 11:23, I’m to be there and stay there for 4 hours so as the transition occurs from the 22nd to the 23th in Hawaii, then we get another 23 so its 23, 23, and we’re going into the day July 23.

So at point, this massive cleanup is happening so I will be going to Ka’ena Point, walking out there before Sunrise. What is happening there is the Menehune construction congregation where beings enter for cleanup of Oahu. So the Menehune who are small-statured beings who are very well known and famous on Oahu for building roads and stuff like that. They will be coming in at Ka’ena Point. They’ll be preparing a path for cleaning up Oahu and preparing a path for the next step.

The next step at 8:02, millions, probably more than many, Lemurian originals come in through Ka’ena Point, from Ka’ena Point and repopulate Oahu in the following forms: babies that are born that day, adults or babies of rainbow caliber – in other words, not adult babies, but adults in adult bodies – I guess that is what that means – all multidimensional beings without physical bodies (they can make them).

So at this point, now the entire process going on this whole 20th through 23rd rocess is overlighted by Metatron. But when the Lemurian, original Lemurians come back, it will also be overlighted along with, by the Menehune and with the prime overlighting by Metatron. So the next day, basically, going through taking it traveling from the very west point of Oahu, I’ll be in my car driving from west to east along the southern coast of Oahu which is where Honolulu is and most of the corporations, military, a lot of military are there so as we go there, we’ll be listening to spirit for words [inaudible].

There will be several stops to clear the rubble of power stations, churches, tourist venues, industrial corporate energy, [inaudible] energy, old city energies, ship and ocean industries. So we end up after we go all the way through the lower side, down past the lower side of Oahu, as we go all the way through there, the south side on A1 (?).

At the end, we end up on a place called Manana Island and Manana – it’s actually the overlook, looking over Manana Island which is a flat top island which means buoyant. Manana means buoyant. So what happens there is the, not the old matrix, but the new matrix will be coming in there. The new timelines will be coming in there. They mention mano, which is sharks, manu which is birds and others of unknown type from various other dimensions. These spirits will enter from Manana Island. They will probably shield all of us because there is more joy than we’ve ever known.

The last piece of this operation, this is on the 23rd. I will be going to a place called Tantalus which is a mountain in the middle of Honolulu. It’s near a valley, called Manoa Valley, a very fertile valley that is used to grow caro and plants. Now, there is a quite a few houses there. The main thing about this is we go up to Tantalus Overlook, which has a beautiful view of Honolulu. You can see Diamond Head. You can see all the way to the west side where we just came from. This is a beautiful overlook but it’s to look and to see and really enjoy the new vista which we’ll all be enjoying at that time.

If you look up Tantalus Mountain, you will find several mountains there. These were all named back in the early 1900’s/1800’s by the students at the Punahou School which is right in Manoa Valley. If any of you know anything about someone, someone went to school at Punahou. And who is that? Starts with a Barack and ends with an Obama so that was his school. So that connection again with Barack Obama. I think that is wonderful.

So the last bit here is that – oh, one last piece I wanted to share with everybody was that when this half of the message came through, when the second half of this message came through, usually I go to have coffee at this place, Java on the Rocks. When I was walking back from that, I called Beth and Mark to talk with them about it. So basically I was telling them it was just wonderful and this is the gist of what is going on and I think I did end up reading the whole thing to them.

As I was walking back past the hotel that was there, called the Royal Kona Resort, all of a sudden from above the parking lot, slightly above where I was, a beautiful lady, her skin was like a cross, like a light brown skin with her hair, dark black hair wrapped in a scarf and she was holding this small bouquet
of flowers. She smiled at me. She was pregnant. She was probably very, very close to her time.

She just smiled at me and walked past – no words were exchanged, but it was so beautiful because I knew she was carrying a crystal-diamond child in her womb. As she walked away and as I talked to Beth and Mark about it, we knew that this was an indication of what was coming. A new baby is being born, a new birth. It’s happening for all of us, for all the crystal children coming in right now. And right now, I’m kind of speechless. So I pass the Talking Stick.

CINDY – Mark, I would like to add to what he said about 23, 23, 23. If you add 2 and 3 together that’s 5 and from Doreene Vertue that would be a 5, 5, 5. She states, buckle your seatbelts because a major life change is upon you. So I wanted to add that to everyone. I don’t know about anyone else, I’m assuming a lot of you are having this, but I cannot get away from 111, 222, 333, 444, 555. Its on signs, its on license plates, it could be on the lottery board, I mean its everywhere so when you see these numbers, your angels are talking to you.

BETH – Cindy, this is Beth. I want to say that on July 23rd at 10:23 maybe a significant time on the Lion’s Gate day regarding the message you just said.

MARK – I would even add to that, agreeing with you, on that day, a massive change, that’s the King’s words, massive cleaning, massive clearing, massive shall we say, re-ordering of priorities. The old paradigm dies on that date. Or shall we say, its simply swept off the stage to make way as does Pele right? When she burns with her fire, she creates new land. I would look also on 23:23pm on that date before it ends.

From the early hours of the 23rd that started at 23:23pm local time in Honolulu. At that point it starts and it sweeps into the dawn of the new day. So not one minute, not one minute of the 23rd will not be in that energy of change, change, change. All the way up to 23:23:23pm.

TARA – The other thing is that the number 7 is Divine Violet Flame alchemy so you’re sending alchemy through every situation, which means that the result we are defining, is ascended ecstatic joy.

MADAME X – I just wanted to say that I was told by the Ashtar Command and Master Sananda to go into New Mexico and help decode some things that are coded in the solar disk in that area and that’s going to be bringing down, I mean, huge amounts of energy to this country and all around the planet and that’s going to settle a special energy for what’s coming this week. It’s going to be a huge portal, but its going to allow very, very intense energies, solar energies coming down from the Divine, from the Source and it’s the beginning of the change.

MARK – Okay, well thank you very much for that. Do you have anything else you want to talk about? What have you been experiencing here, like, in the last 12 hours?

MADAME X – I know that we are already there. I know that the portals are already connected. Everything is connected and everybody is here that comes from different places are already connected. We are all connected through the heart as we are one heart, we are one mind, and we are working for the same purpose. So even the group that I have in different places, they are working
with me, they are joining me. They are helping to clear all the tunnels, and the water in the Inner Earth so everything is ready for what’s happening tomorrow.

MARK – Thank you so much for that because this is, we have not talked to her about this and this just happened from early morning today to right up to the minute before the conference call started. So that’s when we were all informed, as when Beth was told to direct channel, if you want to call it that. All of these things are part of this change and what this is saying, these 555s that are coming, we are already in that changed energy right this minute. So that means all of you are being changed right this minute.

So tomorrow, starts the formal recoding process of this, if you want to call it that. You can expect anything and nothing at all, but also be prepared for everything because this week is going to be perhaps, for all of us, the most important week thus far. This, we have been waiting for so long to get into Phase 2, well Phase 2 is about to start. And with that, I would like to ask Kauwila to come on and talk about some of the massive changes beginning with Oahu, between Oahu and Giza, etc., that the King of Swords told us about. We may have to repeat a few things, Kauwila. We said before, just because the impact of this is too important not for people to really get what we are talking about here. So if you would come on and do that.

KAUWILA – Yes, I’ll come on. … There is again, we have this huge, we call it huge, it’s all huge coming, this huge crystal blue light, crystal blue light. It’s a very, ahh, what should I say, it’s got such a, it’s an energy like, it really wakes you up like a dip in a cold pool. It wakes you up; it starts to wake things up.

And it looks like the, on this grand event is happening, as its coming, the Lemurian Solar Disc is activated and recolorized with this crystal blue and as its coming through Ka’ena Point. This entire operation, it forms this huge tsunami wave all around Oahu and what it actually looks like its doing is
freezing all of the other corporate, all of the dark energy, all the buildings that have been built on this old paradigm, it is freezing everything and it just crumbled.

And once the crumbling takes place, it’s like after this takes place and we go through and the Menehune and Kauwila begin to really assist in the cleanup and the removal of this. It looks like a lot of it is being removed through some type of, it looks like a tube, a channel that connected with Peru and I’m not exactly sure what the details are with that. Now no details are necessary.

So after this event happens, its like there is besides the cleanup, there is a refreshing wind. I see it right now. There is a refreshing wind coming through the island of Oahu, going through the earth if you will, to the Pyramid at Giza. Its almost like I’m seeing the Pyramid at Giza. Its like the wind coming up and the top pops up, the old capstone pops up and the new one is there – its just there. I’m not sitting here making this up. This is Kauwila and it is just there.

A brightening of the entire planet begins right there. The whole new paradigm is right from that moment. The reset has happened, the cleansing has taken place, the capstone – the old one is blown off, it’s poofed off, and the new one is there. Its crystal, diamond, platinum with a tinge of pink on the top of the Giza Pyramid. Oh my God. Pardon me, I have to take a short minute rest here.

MARK – Well, why not ask Beth come back in here to talk about what she is getting right now.

BETH – Well, when the Lion’s Gate opens, one thing that is….it is happening now, but this great energy is going to be coming in from the Great Central Sun now. And prior to now, there were filters in place to densify, I don’t know the right word, that energy so that our bodies could take it in, but now what’s happening is that is being cleared. We are being able to receive the pulses directly from the Central Sun. These pulses of energy that come into our bodies and also the cosmic rays. The elements that are contained inside the cosmic rays.

And when I say elements, I mean the atoms like potassium, calcium, those sort of things scientists have found in the cosmic rays before. Those are changing over. Now that Mother Earth is in this new crystalline light body and our human bodies are becoming more silica-based. Now selenite crystals are being found in the cosmic rays which are the embodiment of purity and love and so these new
energies are coming down from Alcyone and the Great Central Sun and the new cosmic rays are coming in.

Our bodies have changed over, Mother Earth has changed over; everything is lightening up. What Kauwila said about the capstones, I saw the same change. I saw the new capstone coming into place. I saw the top of the pyramid lighting up and I saw that this was happening in conjunction with First Contact and that would anchor into the earth matrix grid and that would connect all the portals and all the tunnels and all the conduits throughout the earth and so I had the same vision as Kauwila at a different time. This is part of the meanings of what’s happening on July 23rd. There is so much happening, all at the same time, that its hard to grasp all of it.

KAUWILA – Beth let me ask you this question. You saw something on the last operation about the sea lions. This thing and the Lion’s gate. Did you see a specific thing, was there two?

BETH – When we were at South Point Beach, Kauwila, you were alone on the beach. Jesus and Mary came then and they were representing the male and female aspects in that vision and they were walking beside you and out of the ocean came an entire flock, I don’t know the right words, of sea lions and they were barking and they were up on their fins and they were wobbling and barking and
acknowledging you. Then they were diving into the ocean so it was the joining of the land and the sea, male and female, and the animal kingdom aspect was inviting in this new energy of male and female and it was a blessing to [the] land [from] the sea. Everything is becoming whole again.

KAUWILA – It was a symphony of sea lions. We have some, they are called monk seals here. There is also I know some type of monk seals, sea lions in Oahu.  So they’re all over the place. Kind of like birds. Kind of like such a connection now with everything. There is so much happening all at once….

BETH – Well Kauwila, when I had that vision, it was shown to me as Jesus and Mary. I want to clarify; I mean Mary Magdalene and that’s very much representative of KOS and Lady Nada. But I was shown Jesus and Mary because they’re saying that all the old paradigm is moving out to sea, we are done with that. It is that blessing from these others, you know, KOS and Lady Nada and this new energy which brings to mind NESARA. But that’s what all that represented I feel.

MARK – So Beth, I have to ask you also right now, if you check inside to see if you get a vision of Oahu after the change.

BETH – When I do that, it looks like rainbow light shooting from the center of the island. And where that’s coming from is from the capstone on Giza. Both of them are lit up and everything that’s under the water, under the sea, in the tunnels which is a passageway where craft fly. Craft fly through those tunnels and there is a rainbow light coming from one end to the other.

MARK – And who is it that we know that told us about the pink platinum pyramid power pulsing.


MARK – Well because Giza is now being transformed into what it was, what it should have been originally, what it would have been if there hadn’t been this dysfunctionality and separation between the sexes and so on and so forth. So now it transforms into this platinum pink pulsing power that will be there because that was the importance that St. Germain stomped on the floor three times to say. Not that he ever does that. [laughter by all] He just stomps on the floor so people get it, but anyway. It had to be from Oahu to Giza.

KAUWILA – I’m also seeing what you talked about. I’m seeing the rainbow colors from Oahu to Giza, coming from Giza under….We won’t talk about it. What came through, was such a brightening of….there are various…..looks like there are these 12 points all around the globe or …… I’m seeing them right now more around the equator, but first thing this bright sort of like, bright diamond crystal
light with white shimmering blue light, no white light coming straight off from Oahu, straight up from Giza, straight up from all these various points. Right now on the equator and they are all swirling, shimmering, shimmering. Right now we are on the equator, but and I’m seeing this now happening in other parts of the globe…..these….oh my goodness. That is what is coming through, so that is what I’m seeing right now so I share that with you.

MARK – Well one thing else that I believe St. Germain told us, the single most important part of this is that this new Lemurian, new Original Lemurian timeline [OLTL] gets anchored into Giza. That is critical. This tells me that it is assured now. What we have just talked about and what you both have just seen, I was feeling also. And I understand that we are talking about inter-dimensions  and multi-dimensions. And that people who are still caught in linear thinking/feeling won’t quite get this just yet, but they will get it by the 23rd when this happens on the most dense level which is earth.

Cause Pele has already said, as we saw on the July 14th, the vortex that opened went into her belly. That was the part that was submerged below the sea and the part that was above the sea so this was all balanced. And Metatron of course did the double tetrahedron to keep the balance and the triple flame. And at that point, which corresponds linearly to July 23rd. Would you care to repeat, either one of you, what was going into Pele’s belly?

BETH – Kauwila that is your area, but I know the answer.

KAUWILA – Basically, anything that was harmful to the earth. I’ve seen old ships, old cars, old you know, even horses and buggies. More modern transportation. Even the oil cans and oil bottles. Everything that goes into transportation that would, the transportation industry that is harming the
earth, that has been harming the earth. All of it was going in. Everything was going in. Pele of course was doing her wonderful thing sitting there in the ocean, bringing them in and burning them up. Pretty massive.

MARK – Especially if you add the Corporate USA and the Corporate UK and the Corporate World Government.

KAUWILA – Yes. It was the whole thing. It was the whole picture because there is more than just the physical environmental things that have been going on. It is the whole paradigm that I am better than you are, we are better than them, it is the whole imbalance of this system. There was such a massive [inaudible], I can’t describe how massive it was. There is no way to really describe it, but we had such a large, large, such a large operation just that one particular part.

MARK – When you add the twin flames of everyone on earth. Just talking about our local happenings. When you add the twin flames of all on Earth that means there was no more war between men and women. There was no more competition. Everyone was standing there witnessing and celebrating because that went on almost all night.

They were celebrating this potential and therefore we all said yes. Yea, yea, it all shall be so and so it is done now. This has to out-picture. So, the time between then and now, and even the time between now and the 23rd, all these are the in-picturing and out-picturing of the new original Lemurian timeline and we are that.

KAUWILA – Yes, yes, yes.

MARK – Or to quote Barack Obama, “Yes we can.”

KAUWILA: Yes we have.

EAST IOWA – This is Roxy. I was a little confused about twin flames. You’re saying all of our twin flames. And my question is: If all the twin flames coming to Hawaii, how are we to meet our twin flames?

MARK – That’s not……. , but go ahead Beth.

BETH – -I would like to say, on the 14th when we were at South Point, Hawaii doing the ops. All of the twin flames came off the ship and when that happened, it was….they were coming in their light bodies and they linked with their twin flames here in their light bodies. There was an acknowledgment and a joining and a welcome back.

And everybody was aware that they have this connection whether this happened in dreamtime or etherically. I’m not sure, but the way that the twin flames joined together that day was in light body. When the twin flames come back, and join with us in the physical, it will be in the physical and it will not be in Hawaii. Mark, if you would like to add to that.

MARK – Yes and one other thing we have to keep emphasizing here. We are not recreating something old. This is the new original Lemurian timeline, but this one is also perfectly partnered by the Atlantean solar disk. So the Lemurian solar disk and the Atlantean are both partners. Equal partners and it cannot happen without that.

TARA – Another thing is that remember our junk DNA has been fully reactivated all the way across and that’s where new creation comes from. So as we remember these beings are here, and they’re not just human, they are from the plant kingdom, the fairy kingdom, the diva kingdom, the elven kingdom, the dragon kingdom, the Paschat, the angelic. All of these kingdoms have been renewed and
fully actively ascension-coded with both the code of the Lemurian and Atlantean sun disks. So we got to get ready. That is all that’s left. Are you ready?

NORA – I would just like to make a statement and the statement being the word celebration was said earlier. In this celebration we get to meet each other in some way. So I feel that celebration is in the moment with each person that is on this phone call so is that going to happen physically?

MARK – Yes, it is going to happen physically.

BETH : Well, we’re doing it right now.

KENLICHA1235 – This is Kenny from Florida. This is for Tara. My friends and family are Christians and you are saying that they are, it’s talking about Lucifer. Can you explain to me more about that? Is it being a Christian? Thank you.

TARA – Okay. That’s a very good question. Remember just a little while ago, I said no more vows to institutions. So the institution that you are questioning is the Vatican here. The Vatican still orders people around and they make vows, including the Knights of Malta, which Blackwater worldwide is a member of. So we are going to be dissolving all political, religious, scientific, economic, agricultural, religious institutions.

The Office of the Christ is an office and in the east, we call it the Office of the Buddha. In the west, we call it the Office of the Christ. And every prophet that has ever lived is bringing the message and that means us because this generation is the prophet generation. So we are all holding the Office of the Christ and we are dropping all our dogmas and our catechisms.

MARK – This has nothing to do with your belief. It has everything to do with their control of your belief and your ability to express that. That’s all that’s leaving. You are coded from Source not from the church. And that part of you that is coded from the Source because it comes from Source and nothing can decode that except the Source. So that Source Light is here now. The Source Grace Light is here now.

All that means is that removal and dissolving only takes away the illusion. All the essence of each and everyone’s belief is fully honored – fully. You will only feel joy as you discover from within yourself, within your God particle and higher consciousness coming through you, you will understand how blessed you are in this moment and all we have to do is accept it. We don’t have to do anything more, because we already IS that. [laughter]

TARA – Also the eclipse on the 31st of this year is total and it says that everything that is Maya is gone by then and any allegiance to any institution that is Maya is gone with it. So now is the time for peace and love.

MARK – Beth, did you have something?

BETH – Yes. How this is going to launch on July 20th when they are doing the work right at the Lemurian solar disk in New Mexico is they will be energetically joined by every Elder on every council of all the representatives of all these groups. And the reason they’ll be there is to anchor in this freedom from the attachments of what we made that into in our thoughts that will no longer be.

Everything will be cleared out and brought into the higher meaning. And all these counsel members and elders and deities and everyone associated with that will be there at the solar disk that night.

MARK – When that solar disk gets aligned and fixed in Giza, it will transmit to the whole planet, and that is the key event. So this, everyone, of those things we are talking about, is the anchoring in and then the thorough merging of all in the I AM essence. That, in my estimation, is part of the colorization. It is not a physical color; it is actually a spiritual color. So the Family of One is coming back together again in a whole new way. Without dys-functionality, without any of what has been.

BETH – This is the anchoring in of the ONE race and there will be no more divisions anymore. And this, all of these counsels and that colorization of that solar disk is the prelude to what Tara was talking about when the eclipse happens and then it’s wiped away.

It is a process which will be happening in the celestial bodies on earth through the universe. And it will take, you know, these days to move through this process and it is a sequential flow from beginning to end. And its us coming into the ONE race and the beginning of peace because the time for peace is now.

TARA – These two disks have a connection with the sun behind the sun.

RAMA – Helios and Vesta.

TARA – Helios and Vesta as twin flames sit there and they have the connection with the Great Central Sun. So this energy called the Photon Belt Energy has been flowing in from Alcyone into Helios and Vesta. Into our sun Sol and into these two solar disks and the energy is in the form of this higher vibration of the Violet Magenta Flame.

RAMA – Dust. Gold dust.

GUILIO – What was the real reason Obama met the Pope on July 10th and what happened there?

RAMA – What happened there was Obama had a little chat with his un-holiness along with St. Germain to let him know, here is your walking papers, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

TARA – And he was talking to a hologram, just like in…..

RAMA – That’s right.

MARK – So when you said, un-holiness, he was actually quite holy-gramic?

RAMA – Uh huh. [laughter]

SUSAN – What will happen to those struggling in great ways now with sickness, drugs, negative energies, etc.?

MARK – Well, first and foremost, the recoding is of our Galactic DNA, that is the junk DNA that scientists have called it. And the truth is, this DNA contains codes for immortality. We are already in soul immortal – period. Now, we are also adding physical immortality or as much of it as we care to use. Because once you know that there’s nothing that can take you out, you can change your form, alter your form at any point you want to do a new mission. And that will be the new way.

But in the meantime, first of all, we have to get all of us aboard that care to go. Because if somebody wants to hold onto a diseased body, well, you know, that’s their right – free will/free choice. So we are not forcing this on anyone except I will say this. Because this is a planetary ascension, all of our DNA,
every particle of matter and spirit, every one of us, every single species here, from the animal, vegetable, mineral, any of this is being upgraded whether it likes it or not because we’ve all agreed to it or we wouldn’t be here so that permission has already been given. And what you do with it is your individual thing. But yes, physical regeneration is in process – it has already started. And Beth do you want to talk about that for one second?

BETH – Yes. What is in place to have soul healing is here and we have everyone on the planet from fully awakened ascended masters on down to people who after first contact will deny they are seeing spacecraft. And everything is an individual choice. And so when you are saying well, what will happen. It’s not like Mother Teresa is going to wave a magic wand and everyone is cured – it won’t be like that.

It will be, if you become awakened and you believe, then after First Contact all of the necessary technologies will be in place for full healing. That’s going to be an individual choice on the soul level with the contract for each individual. So there’s a lot of miracles happening now and as these awakenings take place more and more, this will become available to anyone who wants it. And so there’s no, you can’t respond for a group, you have to say it is all individual choice.

MARK – That means you have to ask. If you do not ask – they will not force it on you. So if you ask and allow, hear those permission things, you are a divine being and no one has the right to tell you what you are going to have or not have. You have choice. And I just want to say, if you ask, or rather, not if,
when you ask, you will receive – if you allow.

BETH : And if many of you have friends and family who are in that situation and you are wondering about them and if you feel inspired to fill them in with more information, it is still their choice. But if you feel inspired to do it, that is your signal that you should share.

GUEST95 – Talking about the twin flames. Will we get to meet them when we are in physical form like after First Contact?

MARK – Yes.

BETH – A resounding yes, yes, yes, yes.

STARFIELDUK – Why have so many of us been experiencing extreme tiredness and many physical symptoms since the solstice?

MARK – Well the simplest answer is when you let go of illusions, it takes a lot of energy because there is a part of you that believes the illusions are real and letting go of them is tough work. Even though, all you have to do is allow and I mentioned it just before this conference call. I had to go in and lay down because I was feeling some flutters in my stomach.

What do I do? What any of us should do or can do, have available to do. The second we feel something like that, we just go inside and say thank you for reminding me that there’s something I need to look at. Would you help me do that now? And the second you do that, you will start having those feelings and that is all they want to do is to come up and be included. You have nothing else to do except invite them and to allow them and this is the same with feelings.

BETH – That physical symptom is an invitation for you to lay down and say, show me the solution for this challenge that I’m dealing with that I cannot no longer hold onto. It also could be many things. If you are very sensitive, you are feeling those energies come in from the divine feminine. All of these celestial changes are happening. It could also be that all of these things we’re talking about, the DNA being recoded. You are feeling that on the physical.

MARK – It’s a good sign that you are transmuting your old stuff and you are ready to take on your new life garments.

BETH – In other words, all of this is true and you are feeling it.

SE ARIONA – My question is also about the twin flames. I think, but what I’m hearing, there is confusion so I just want to make sure, what I think it is is correct and, if not, anybody can correct me. I thought our twin flames was basically another piece of ourselves and that we are going to maybe meet them and see them, but they are not going to be our future mate. Where it seems like a lot of people think their twin mate is coming to earth to be their partner. So which is which? That is my question. Thank you.

BETH – I will just say that your twin flame is a divine aspect of you. It is not you. It is soul self of that divine complement that is you and there is many different ways the twins can come in the physical. And sometimes it results as an over lighting of the higher aspect of the partner that you are with. And so that part of it, the intricacies of all of that, I don’t think I even understand all of it now.
But some people are married that are in a happy relationship, some people are married and they’re in an unhappy relationship, and they are hearing about these twin flames coming in and causing a lot of disturbance and imbalance because there is a strong desire to be with your twin flames.

It is not like they are going to walk up to the door and say I am here. Just understand that they can come in through aspects of people who are already here and that part of it is very detailed and more information than I have right now. But just look at it from your heart perspective, from the wider view and there is a lot of information out on the web and a lot of reading to do.

MARK – That gets into another aspect of this whole thing about institutional vows. That’s what is leaving cause no one can tell another divine being what to do. You can ask their permission, you can ask their opinion, whatever, but when they make that decision, it is their decision and you do not have a right to interfere with their divine choice in the matter.

Some people are only holding onto an institutionalized form not a true heart/soul/spirit commitment. This is not about signing anything on a piece of paper ever, that is what is leaving. What you love is always a part of you, always has been, always will be. No one can take that away from you. So anything
you love, its here right now. And through your heart, you can access it and will access it. So there is nothing whatsoever to fear on this and the 3D pictures are going to start dissolving because the 5D picture is far more complete, far more joyful and with no stickiness to it. Next question.

DEBBIE – Hi guys. I just wanted to find out if someone, Beth or Mark, if you guys would be willing to put together sort of like a timeline and when we can expect that. I can translate it into different time zones because I think that someone like myself, I want to definitely be involved in at least going into meditation and I would really like it if I could have an idea of when you will be conducting different aspects. And I’m on the east coast and all you guys are almost all on the west coast. That would be helpful.

BETH – I will commit to putting that together for you and I will also add a link which Crystal sent to CIP this morning which is an animated planetary view of what is happening celestially. And it shows it perfectly and its really neat so we’ll combine those two things and I will get you to put that out on GRT.

MARK – That was such a good question and that is the idea of all this. More participation, more personal involvement because this affects every one of us. So thank you for these kinds of questions.

NE ILLINOIS – Most of my questions were answered. It was about things like cancer. Actually the one question I don’t recall being answered. Is there any more detail on First Contact?

MARK – First Contact is a process, as we have said repeatedly because we are being told that. That there are 3 things in particular that are, you might say, joined at the hip. One of them is the arrests. That has to go because we have a corrupt system in place that would interfere with any part of this they could. So when these arrests happen, they will be on TV so there won’t be any doubt they are happening. They will be taken to The Hague because of war crimes, 9/11.

All of this comes under Lady Master Nada and the International Court of Justice, the World Court jurisdiction. In some cases, the International Court in the UN but this is, most of it is going to be in the Hague. And there will be actual war-crime trials held there. They won’t be like you’ve seen them before because when people are grouped together, they all have the same, shall we say, charges they have to answer for. Since the crimes are the same, they can answer so say we one, so say we all. And then with that, the decision is rendered for whole groups, whole categories of people. This is going to be very, very fast folks because all the evidence is already there and its only how do you plead.

So that is the arrest part of that. Then the next thing is the disclosure of galactic presence which has been covered up for 62 years continuously by the cabal, by the secret government. That has to happen. That’s another pre-condition and say another leg on a 3-legged stool. And Rama, you want to give the third one?

RAMA – I’ll just say that what overall is going on here on the greatest levels.. This is like the great council of Elrond at Rivendell. With all the kingdoms showing up to answer up – ante up. And at this point in time, you know, even David Wilcock in his weird way, is saying that the end of this year, Obama will disclose the presence of the galactic. We are not waiting till the end of the year, this is happening NOW.

MARK – That brings us to the third and what we all know the best. It is an acronym called the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). In Washington DC, they simply call it the Reformation Act. That is the last step. When that happens, decloakings.

All of these things we talked about will happen in a coordinated cascade manner. You will be hearing your EBS system go off and you may well hear the Captain and the Admiral speaking to you from the New Jerusalem bridge. And at the same time on TV, you will have Lady Master Nada who is the highest authority both off planet and on planet of the legal system. She is the president of the solar tribunal. She is our bag woman, if you want to call it that, in the nicest possible meaning of that. Our postal lady that is in charge with declaring when deliveries will be made. And she has already said, that once she announces it on TV, not through some internet site. On TV. It will happen within 72 hours of the time she designates.

So she is totally in charge and her twin flame has the enforcement arm of that and the delivery vehicles. Which will not be your Brinks trucks by the way. So just understand, all the provisions of NESARA, including change of government, all of this will go into effect simultaneously, debt forgiveness, all the provisions will become effective upon enactment and that will be announced. That’s the third, that’s the biggest, but it is a 3-legged stool and you cannot have one without the other. Otherwise, any funds that would be made available would be stolen, you would be liable to be killed, all of that. So those folks that are in charge of that have to be removed and they will be, to a nice containment facility, and they won’t bother you anymore.

GUEST23: The ICC began in 2002 and cannot prosecute crimes before that date so how can they prosecute the 9/11 crimes? Didn`t Obama remove that?

MARK: No, he did not. On 10/1/2008, the KOS along with Lady Master Nada. It was a twin flame setup. Lady Master Nada brought an Executive Writ from the International Court of Justice because Bush failed to pay his debt and therefore this effectively was bankruptcy. And then the KOS in his role, he has always had that role since 1999 and his role is to get NESARA announced and also to take care of business. And he has a few folks, like 16 million galactic humans with all their abilities and another 4 million worldwide militia to help, if you want to say that. The point is he put us inside NESARA law on 10/1 the first day of the new fiscal year.

While the outer form is there that will fall away upon announcement and you will find what has already been accomplished beneath the surface. Everything is ready to go. The gold is here in this country – it came from 34 other countries. It doesn’t matter; the whole point [is] it is here. The new rainbow currency is already in the banks; it was already to go upon giving the word. This sequence cannot be changed. It was already decided a long time ago and every event to the second – one thing happens, then the next can happen.

Right now, we’ve moved into multi-dimensional time; we have moved into multi-dimensional awareness. That is why we are sitting here talking on the 19th of July about something that, supposedly, is going to happen on the 23rd of July. So understand linearity is a joke, an illusion, that is leaving us rapidly. Nonetheless, it will appear because people are in different states of awareness. As this wave goes through the whole population, which it has started right now, then it will allow a picture to the most asleep ones of our brothers and sisters on the 23rd.

TARA – Also on the 23rd [is] the beginning of the Lion’s Gate and the end of it is on the 12th of August. Then Mother comes in on the 13th.

MARK – The Sirian Ambassador is the Sirian Ambassador because guess what happens on the mid-point of Lion’s Gate, which is 8-8-8? That brings in his ascendancy, if you will, to his galactic role and the morning star at that time is Sirius. That, also, aligns with Giza – just exactly what we’ve been talking about that the King of Swords, St. Germain and Metatron have been telling us. This is all connected. It has to happen in this exact sequence.

Nothing goes forward until the [inaudible] is done. But at that point, this completes his first – his birthday is actually on August 4. The next day is another eclipse, the third eclipse in a row. That one will inaugurate this new era in another aspect of its unfoldment. So once we start this and I’m here to tell you right now – and Rama and Tara are here and Beth, and Kauwila and anyone else out there who is sensitive and Madame X knows this – it has started. We are in this new energy. The new timeline has been placed in. All we have to do is walk through the sequence and you will see it happen. The King of Swords used the term: We have passed the tipping point. Nothing can stop this. Nothing and no one.

MARK – We are going from an earth-based government to a galactic-based citizenship. Of course, we need a galactic-based government at that time which means ALL of us. Not a top down; this is a round table. Why do we call it the Galactic Roundtable and Star Gate Roundtable because that is the new form.

RAMA – There is no head of the table; no dictator.

MARK – Right. Never again.

GUEST96 – Can you tell us anything about the bomb that NASA is plotting to blow up on the moon?

RAMA – I will tell you that the Galactics will take care of whatever technologies they’re trying to detonate on the moon’s surface.

MARK – This is true across the board. Every prediction, every prophecy of disaster is removed, dissolved, and ended. Take that inside and process that. Therefore, every one of these scare stories, swine flue, every one of these has ended. You have nothing to fear and don’t let anybody tell you that you do because you don’t. We are on the fast track now folks. It goes very, very fast from here on out. All we have to do is stay out of our own way and keep our hearts open and celebrate whatever joy you feel in anything – anything whatsoever at all. You will find it expand exponentially.

GUEST98 – I do not feel any different now than I have ever felt. Does that mean I will not ascend or awaken?

MARK – Depends on whether you want to or not. If you want to, then expect to feel something pretty darn important, pretty darn quick. That’s all I can say. It is your choice and not anyone else’s.

The King of Swords said nobody is left behind who wants to go. In addition to that, nobody can tell anyone else their moment because guess what? You are all Gods and Goddesses. You have all set this up and determined when your personal moment is correct to add your particular abilities, knowledge, wisdom and joy to the mix.

It’s like a puzzle piece. Some have to sit on the side until you find the key. When the key pieces are put in, then suddenly you can see, oh, all of these can go here and all those go there. That’s the way it works. We all did this before we came in so that when this time came, we are pretty coded. I would choose it – in the beginning it was infolded and now it is unfolding. Nothing changes that; you set it in place. We all had to do this because it’s a fail-safe system. If you want to go, you are going to go.

BETH – The fastest way to ascension is to find your joy in every moment of every single day. If you’re not feeling joy, look around to see what you can change to feel joy. Any relationship you are in, job, situation that you are not feeling joy about – change it. Then in the next moment, if you are in joy, stay
there. If you are not in joy, then change it. Then do that again and again every single day, day in and day out. It is the fastest path to ascension there is.

GUEST34 – Question for Mark. How will First Contact and telepathy affect the closed-minded people of the academic establishment and things like that? [Part of the question inaudible.]

MARK – First Contact – there are two phases to First Contact. There is decloaking. Actually, there has been decloaking going on in various areas and even some isolated landings. The term has been so, shall we say, built up, ballyhooed that people don’t understand that it has been going on for a very
long time. It’s accelerating every single day.

Now what happens when mass decloaking occurs? There is a radiance because remember these are bioorganic vehicles. Ships if you want. These are projected consciousness. Ashtar – all of these project this out and because they are in light bodies, they can go inter-dimensional or multi-dimensional. All of these things are possible but since it’s higher dimensional, and all of it contains an open heart energy. When they decloak, there will be nothing between you and them. Meaning that radiance, that higher dimensional joy, that love, I mean unconditional love, will suddenly touch your core. When that touches your core, well, it is possible that you could resist it, but to resist it would take you out. Because it is so expansive, so joyful and touching every cell in your being, it would not be the recommended choice to try to shut it out.

RAMA – It’s the way Mother put it to me once. She said, “This appointment is more important than any other appointment.”

MARK – He also asked abut the academic institution. Understand that learning as we have done it is ending. Now learning as we are going to do it is beginning. We have accelerated learning processes and many of the teachers out there in these institutions are coded for these so there isn’t any reason to be in fear either because this is what we call mission upgrades. For the ones for whom that is their joy, they will get upgraded and they will continue in their joy. But they will not be doing it because they have to do it to earn a living. They will only be doing it, and this is true for all of us, no matter if you are an artist, no matter what you do, you will only be doing what brings you joy.

If it does not bring you joy, as Beth was just saying, time to change it. Time to say “Here’s what my joy would be” and you will be heard. Because when you tell spirit, when you tell the universe what your joy would be, you have your choice, you will be given the way to realize your joy. I did not say, it will
be gifted to you. NO. It already IS yours. All you have to do is get out of your own way and allow it to come in and claim it.

Ask and you shall find the answer. So if you are a professor in an institution, don’t worry about it. Whatever brings you joy is what you will do next because you will no longer have to do it because it’s the only way you can pay the bills. All of that is going to be forgiven and everybody is going to have $10 million dollars in one form or another. It doesn’t matter. Right now, just understand that abundance is going to be everybody’s right so it’s only a matter of finding your joy and communicating to your own inner being what that is. Your inner being knows it already but they are waiting for you to discover it and ask for it. It is your inheritance and cannot go to anyone else. So I hope that answered your question.

GUEST100 – Would the 3-pronged needs be addressed. Mark just mentioned. How soon after July 23rd should we expect First Contact?

MARK – You will be in First Contact at that point. Remember, some of this is on very high levels, some is on inner levels and some of it will be physical. We do not tell the dates. As you open your heart, as you experience this stuff that changes everything. Timelines, if you could see them, are collapsing like

This is a new Original Lemurian Timeline and it is a marriage also of the Lemurian and Atlantean. The whole one-heart idea is to bring us all back to the same page without distortions. All distortions are being removed. Therefore, the only thing that will be left is partnerships of purpose and power and love and light. That’s it! Because we won’t be fighting ourselves and if we are not fighting ourselves, we will not be fighting anyone else either. And that is why peace must be declared and it will be. All the troops will come home and all wars will be stopped. So I hope that answers your question.

TARA – Love, truth, peace, freedom, justice and beauty.

CINDY – Okay. The email about August 18th through the 22nd – it’s So that is the Harmonic Convergence event.

MARK – That is Patty Cota-Robles’ website. She will have the full information on her website.

CENTRAL AL – This question is for Mark. Mark, very recently, in the past couple of days, mind you, I have been feeling an urge, an immediate urge to discern, to give the information to a person who I’m talking to if I feel a certain vibration coming from them.

If I feel they are the type of person who will listen, I feel compelled to start talking about NESARA, the physical changes, ascension and all this type stuff. And I also feel urges to mention this in my groups, like my Corvette group or my motorcycle group. Is it wise to do so and if it is, is it also wise to do it on
the telephone?

MARK – What I would say to that is, first and foremost, understand everybody has free choice. Everybody has coded times to awaken. It is nothing wrong with them if they cannot hear you in a given moment. When these changes that we are talking about take place, remember balance. Balance and higher augmentations and activations are going to occur for everyone.

I would say follow your own heart with anything on anyone. Allow them to ask you because if you have the information, trust me, spirit will provide plenty of people to ask you what’s going on. Then you can give your answer, but we must respect everyone’s right to say no. If they don’t ask, then its better to wait until they ask because it will happen.

TARA – Or you can give them some food for thought and say “Did you ever think that there’s a possibility that everything is changing and can be quite quickly changed for everyone?”

MARK – That’s just a lead in. If they say no, I don’t think that, then that’s the time to be silent. So this is just reverence for everybody. Everybody is equal on this whole thing. There is nobody ahead of anyone else. We all come from the same Source and we all have the same pathway even though we use
circuitous routes to get there.

NE ILLIONOIS – I just wanted to get re-confirmation of where we can find the timeline stuff you are going to put on. Is it going to be under GRT? Under what category will it be there?

BETH – It will be on Mark Huber’s website which is On the home page you are going to see an invitation to the events and all you have to do is click on the icon right on the home page. It will give you all the information including the timelines.

MARK – I wonder if I could ask Kauwila to come on and to make any final summary statements he would like to make.

KAUWILA – My particular view of all this right now. I kind of have a hard time not laughing with joy. I see these beings. I see all of them. They are so joyful. They are so joyful at this process taking place right now. It is just complete utter indescribable joy and this is something which all of us can tune
into. Remember the most joyful moment of your life or joyful moment. This is even thousands and thousands of times greater than that. It’s just amazing.

So the only messages – Beth will post these timelines and you are welcome to tune in with any of us. With myself on Oahu at the particular time if that works for you. But remember, also, we are basically out of the time thing, so if the time doesn’t quite fit you, just pick your own time and you can tune in. It is the intent and the ideas that have been put forth today. You are all part of this. We are all part of this. So thank you all for being a part of this operation.

MARK – I would like Beth to make her final comments.

BETH – Thank you everyone for joining us today and I look forward to linking with you in the higher realms as we go forward through this process of finalizing the manifestation of the Twin Flame Heart in Mother Earth and in ourselves. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you very much.

MARK – Sounds like we have all had a chance to share enthusiasm and miracles – there is no other word for it – miracles that are occurring every single minute. We could on and on about what we have experienced in the last two weeks alone. Everything that you thought was going to be so hard to do is going to be incredibly easy. It is going to be joyful. It is not going to break your back. I’m not talking about your job; I am talking about everything. So understand everything is going to become facilitated. Everything is going to become invited. You heard us send out this invitation. They asked to be included.

We will be going to various sites around the planet and we will be inviting and releasing codes there at some of these sites that allow them to interact with us. The most joyful one that is coming up, and I can’t even wait to tell you about it, is the return, full return and full interactive capacity of the magical kingdoms, the animal kingdoms, the nature kingdoms. All of these. You know, just pick your favorite one and it will be there. Just pick your next favorite one and it will be there too. This is why we are getting so excited about all of these places and opportunities that are no longer going to be opposed. They are all going to be facilitated.

MARK – Okay, thank you.


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