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Mark Huber Telecall – July 12, 2009


Mark’s Conference Call
July 12, 2009

Transcribed and edited by your transcription team: Annie, Jan, Shirley, Katie, Nancy, Gwen, Barker, Andrew, Stephanie, and Adithya.

Part 1: Ops report with the A-Team

BETH – Hello everybody.  Mark and I wanted to tell you today about a trip that we took out to Mt. Shasta.  We were requested to do this by Saintt Germain. He  asked us to go in the physical to Mt. Shasta to visit the Inner Earth Portal, to do meditations there.  We were gone from July 2nd and we returned on July 8th.

We worked closely with Kauwila in Hawaii while we were there and other members of the A-team, and we want to share today some of the things that happened to us. Also, Kauwila is joining us today with a message from the King of Swords, and the message, it is addressed to all the members of GRT.  So, we’re going to share that today, and I wonder if it’s not a good time to start out with that.  Kauwila, can you come on?

KAUWILA – Hello, this is Kauwila.  This is a really unique message.  I have not even read it, so let’s see, here we go. Aloha everyone.  This is a message from KOS [King of Swords] to the Galactic Round Table community and it goes like this:

“Blessings be sent to all. This is a first of its kind, is it not? To speak with you by this method to all of you.  We have been waiting for the precise moment in time when enough of you would be ready to have the time together with understanding.  It’s like some might say, you are now ready for the graduate courses to begin, with you in them.

Before we begin, my partner and I must continue our communication at the java place we both love, at 6 am, to watch the sun rise upon the waters of Lemuria.  Our favorite combination is of the coffee and the mocha.   The coffee bean and the cacao bean both have been used as representatives of what has been called money. But they are sacred to us as they come from the earth’s regions of origins and sacred knowledge – true knowledge of humankind’s origins.

To the interrupters, we say this:  ‘We know who you are and why you have appeared, from time to time, within the audio calls. As well as some of the postings, as well as in the energy fields of some of these members. We say that these members have learned to bring a joyful countenance into their faces when you appear.  Your power to disturb is gone. These beings send you light and love for one reason – the transformation of this planet, the transformation of the galaxy and the transformation of you. Their loving, pink heart light of love is their only greeting with a hand outstretched to ask you to step across the bridge of understanding and forgiveness.

We all love you and it is now at this precise moment that we offer this hand of love to you, and to let you know that you have the chance to remove the dark hat you have been wearing.  Accept the white hat of light and ascension. The choice is yours. The Hawaiians know that they say, ‘Aloha’ to those they are welcoming into their homes as well as to those who are leaving their homes.  Which Aloha is for you?   No matter what you choose, you will be loved.  That is all we have to say to you.

This morning, at the Java On The Rocks place this comes from.  We are waiting for the message to arrive, after being awakened at 5:44 am.  Our joy is very key to arriving in the dimensional experience. That is one reason why we come together to this place.  Java on the Rocks, a beautiful place to have coffee and look out on the ocean.

There is not such thing as a joyful experience. There is no such thing as a sad experience.  What we say is all aspects of life that peak to joy and appreciation can be helpful in the ascension process. It is not the experience of joy that causes the ascension rather the becoming the joy in every aspect of your being.

Speaking of light, as you have cast aside your shadows by allowing the light to shine them away. We say you are no longer in troubles by what was never there. We remind you that the light feels light, meaning there is a lightness of weight on your being. Lo, as we speak of light the sunlight shows itself here…  This is how you can sense the light; it weighs nothing. We can thank the weight loss program for that.  Ha!

Specific situations that you have, specific missions each of you are getting. In your lightness and joy you will discover them. Do what the light and joy request, and the light and joy in you multiplies.  Now, as these next operations, as some would call them, are of a higher sense, they may only be accomplished by groups that are being in light. Being in joy. No mental discussions will reveal these to you.  That is what we call a mental defect.

Now, many here have been called to their groups.  Many have discovered them, and many are trying to find them. This happens in a 5D way, only like a compass needle finds its direction.  It sees what it is and aligns naturally with the greater magnetic lines of the planet. Does it do anything?  Does it say ‘where is my line?’  No, it sees what it is and the alignment follows.  Very helpful to remember this:  Force not.  Fear not.  Ask not, except to request the higher guidance. Most important:  THE OLD PARADIGM’S OVER.  WHAT YOU TRY TO DO THE OLD PARADIGM WAY, NO WORKS.  You all have your teams. The aligned is easy and natural and no titles are required.

When you say you hear ‘Commander’ or ‘Lady Master’ we say of what only refers to your command and mastery of one’s own conscious fates. There are no titles and no “better thans”; no as in the old school ways higher than.  Blow, blow, blow your boat gently up the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily now go have some ice cream.”  – King of Swords

BETH – I’m here Kauwila.  Thank you for that message.  Nice to hear King of Swords speaking to all of us.  I resonate with that greatly.  Kauwila and I spoke with Mark before the call and asked what he wanted to talk about today.  His style is always ad lib so there is nothing scripted, but we especially wanted to share info from the trip. One of the things, I know he was going to ask me to do, was to read my accounting that I wrote of July 6th.

This was the day before the full moon and the lunar eclipse.   One of the most important things that we were asked to do during this trip was to travel to Mt. Shasta.  I would like to read the happenings of July 6th when we went up to Mt. Shasta with the purpose of finding the portals in the Earth of Telos and meditating there, and holding the dreams for Terra Nova.

After breakfast we drive back out to Mt Shasta. When we reach the Mountain, we follow weaving winding roads.
To the west are ridges as far as the eye can see, blue mountains. In the foreground to the west are brown sand colored hills, dotted with immature evergreens. On the road up there are many tall ancient old evergreens. To the east one sees Mt. Shasta.

It is another clear day. One sees brown sand and rocks with snow covering predominantly on the north face. When you see the snow it casts a pink glow over its surface. When you gather up the snow it twinkles with all colors. The weather on the mountain is hot sun, it will scorch your skin if you are sensitive. The air is calm. Every once in awhile a swift wind comes up, it dies back as quickly as it came up. There is a temperature range throughout the day.

Mark and I pull up to the top most parking lot, far above Panther Meadows. There large and small rocks stare at us from a steep hill. We feel aware there is a special energy today, coming from the life forms all around us. The rock faces on the mountains seem to be smiling at us.  Tomorrow will be a full moon in Capricorn, the sun is in Cancer, the sign that rules emotional connectedness, compassion, and personal expressions of love.

We begin to walk up the mountain.  The slope is challenging, but essentially easy to walk up. One of the first things we come to is a family, which is Native American.  There are no others around.  It is Monday afternoon after a busy holiday and delightedly quiet up here.  Sitting on a boulder is Grandmother, long black hair with gray tinges around the ears.  I shake her hand and say, ‘Hello Grandmother.’

Mark also shakes her hand.  Her daughter is there with two granddaughters.  The two ones are aged approximately 10 and 12.  The two girls are playing in a natural mountain spring. The spring shoots up from a rock outcropping and spays a fan of water 2 feet high.  It looks delightful. I want to run up the outcropping to play in the water.  I prefer to let the family explore it alone.  The spring water has made a trickle in the rocks leading all the way down to where we stand. I cup the water and drink it. It is crystal clear. I wash my face; it is hot here.

I take off my shoes and stand in the mountain stream barefoot. Grandmother asks me if it is icy cold.  I can only stay in a couple of minutes.  I walk over to her and show her my red toes and say, ‘Yes it is very cold.’  I put my shoes on. Mark is talking to her about how the magical realms are returning to Earth now. We thank her and move up higher on the path.

As we move up the mountain, a bird flies near us, cawing. It has a grey body and white and black head and tail feathers.

It does not take long to get to a flat area of rocks and short evergreens. This area is where the Shasta Portal is. The energy here is palpable. There is an overall feeling of well being that is above recent experiences.

Mark and I stare into the sun. The sun becomes larger to show the Great Central Sun, the sun behind the sun. We both say hello to Helios and Vesta. We both have had a long connection to them. We say hello to Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet’s Twin Flame Heart. As we do this, the sun shines the finer aspects of light green, baby blue and pink as well as yellow. Mark says hello to SunCruiser.

We sit down on the rocks and sand in the shade of some evergreens.

We see that all the elementals appear more interactive today. We discuss how it feels fully 5th Dimensional here. It feels as if everything is interacting with us. There are little sugar bees buzzing around us. There are yellow mountain flowers, low to the ground,with soft petals that remind me of Edelweiss. There are other flowers with round petals, which are white and purple and yellow. These flowers resemble Johnny-Jumpups.

We also notice that the rocks on the ground appear sentient. They seem happy we are here. It is hard to describe the dreamy quality of the Elementals in this very special Inner Earth Portal area. It is undisturbed from outside influences, a very protected spot.

We decide to watch the clouds awhile. These are not your typical vapor clouds. These clouds are space ships. We watch them as they shape shift. The clouds appear somewhat like barrels. These barrel shapes roll over exposing new layers of clouds. There is a dream quality of how they swirl and change shape. Sometimes it looks like they are smiling. They merge together and become small, they stretch out and become big.

This with the pastel sunshine is ethereal. Watching it takes one into a meditation. Mark looks to the ridgeline on the Mountain at a slightly higher elevation. He sees smaller air holes opening air along the Mountain, breathing holes for Mother Earth. The anchoring of the 5th D energies is quite evident here.

I ask Mother Sekhmet to please explain the Earth Changes happening to the Planet now:

“As the Timelines are corrected, we are experiencing realities which appear to overlap. This can be disconcerting at times. It is an illusion. Being in the 5th D frequency energies means being in connection of love for all things.  This is where you are when it feels like you are communicating from your heart. This is a place of peace.  This is a place where you are certain what you are doing is correct for this now moment.

The overlapping sensation comes as issues are cleared out. Living in the heart, focused 5th D energy clears lower vibrations. Any feelings of unsureness, ambiguity, anger, deceit, stem from the old energies. When this happens, phone a friend, email your spiritual family and talk about it.  Your friend will help bring you back to center. This is the best way to clear the lower frequencies from your Being. When feeling agitated or uncomfortable with a situation, that is a sign to make a movement.

That is a sign to take action. ANY ACTION will take you closer to removing the lower frequencies.  Allow your Guidance to flow through and act according to what feels right.

Earth changes now are happening at a fever pitch. The Galactic Federation is working worldwide to coordinate the new timelines.  These timelines are not new creations.  The timelines are being corrected back to the Original Timelines.

The Earth Matrix electromagnetic harmonic Grid is being worked on from other Stars and by the Cosmic Rays. All are rising up in lightness. All are becoming lighter in element, in our human grids and the Earth Grid. All are able to hold more light in our subtle bodies, both as humans and as the Earth. All is connected going back to the Source. All is being affected by Earth changes.

There are reports from those losing time. Some are prepared and going back to the ships to receive downloads for the next step in Earth Missions. Usually there are no memories and one comes back noting they were ‘out’ for sometime. This is nothing to fear. If this happens, permission has been granted to receive contact from Guidance this way.

There is an urgency to take care of unfinished business. There is an urgency to put into place abundance needed to move forward on new paths. Clear the old things, which no longer serve you. The less clutter around, the easier it will be to find the path ahead. Move into a new understanding of your environment. Shift away from responsibilities, jobs, relationships, and material items, which hold your attention in lower vibratory frequencies.

Attract resonances of Higher Frequencies by honoring higher frequencies and acting on Higher Guidance. Follow your Guidance, even if you cannot see where it leads.

If you feel peace in every now moment, you have found your path. If you feel excitement at every now moment, you have found your path. If any part of your day is not an experience of love and peace, change it. Change this and your future now moments change to peace and love.  Co-create your highest possible potential.

As the new timelines are put into place, in alignment with other Earth energy, as doorways and portals become open. As water-covered Earth shifts and rises again, there may be experiences of electric glitches, miscommunications, loss of signals, frustration, and loss of control.  Move through these moments and hold on to peace.

As we hold awareness and focus on the dream, Terra Nova is born into love.These current Earth changes coincide with celestial shifting. As well as great movement worldwide of Galactic-Human operatives.  During these times of coordinated efforts of those on Earth and throughout the Universe, it is inevitable that large scale evidence can no longer be hidden.”  [Mother Sekhmet]

BETH – Another part of the trip I would like to share.  During the trip we stayed in guidance with Mother Sekhmet, KOS, St. Germain, Metatron and several other of our guides. We also communicated by telephone with members of the A-Team. They also helped support and guide us for parts of our trip. There was a large portion of the trip that was training for Mark and I; and also for Kauwila and other members of the A-Team regarding communications and guidance.  There was part of the trip that I wanted to share with you. When I was flying back on June 8th I flew out of Oakland, CA… [interrupted by Kauwila, announcing Mark was on the line]

MARK –  We will try to do this in an unusual space that we haven’t been in for a long time, in the office.  We all have many identities. They are all delightful. They are all welcome. We love each and every one of them.  We are so joyful that we are reintegrating with all of our aspects from the galactic levels. They are delighted to be with us. We are now doing incredible things that none of us thought we could do, even to have this conference call.

KAUWILA – Perhaps some of the things that have been happening, as Lady Beth comes back in, we’re really finding that so much of the work is not work at all in the old concepts. There is so much that is being channeled through us; working in a group where you’re not really working. You’re instantly tuned in.

We’ve been seeing clearings, each of the three of us in our own way, we had an individual clearing last night that we were all doing together but we didn’t even know it at the time. This is really the way of the new 5th dimension and that is we will be working together with our groups.

Many of you are working together already, with your groups. You might not know them by name yet, or you might not have spoken to them on the phone.  Its really amazing how this is happening. The work is being done on so many different levels all at once. We did have a communication from, I forget who it was from, it was a communication that was like a timeline, where there are many, many things happening at once.

It’s almost like a timeline stew, where people are being. Last night a timeline, Hawaiian timeline was cleared, in my experience, along with an old experience with a professor I had back in graduate school.  All of these things were happening all at once. So, it’s very different than our traditional experiencing of 3D/4D.

There’s a number of operations that are going to be taking place, with many, many, many of you. As the King has said, we are now at a new level. This particular message, which all of you are hearing today. This is the first time that the King of Swords is communicating [to all of us].

You’ve heard him communicating to Rama or Mark. There may be a lot of you who are going to start hearing a voice that says, “I’ve got a message for you.  You need to hear this.” You may need to share it, or you may need to share it with your group. It’s quite an amazing, amazing time. We have stepped into a completely new paradigm. Which is what the King has talked about. The way it was before, forget it. We’ll remember from our own experiences.  It’s just amazing.

The Joy!  I don’t know if anyone else can sense it in their own lives. The joy level, the light is coming from above and it’s coming from below. It’s coming from the side. It’s coming from the inside. It’s coming from the outside.  There was an experience yesterday at a shopping center here where so many of the stores have closed. I was speaking with a lady who is from the Christian background. We were talking about how the light is coming in.  How she was walking by a store and she was getting kind of a dark sense about it.

As it turns out the store was closing down.  And I had the same sense.  I learned later on that the store was actually closing.  A lot of people, it doesn’t matter what religious background they’re from, or what type of an educational background they’re from, everyone is starting to get it. We were talking and were just ‘getting it’. We didn’t have to say any words. She said her praises and blessings and ‘thank you Lord’, and I said my ‘Thank you Universe’.  It’s really an amazing, amazing time to be alive right now.

MARK – Time is simultaneous.  It is not linear. What we are doing is connecting in different ways in different times and space and we are actually integrating those other times and spaces into this one. This morning as an example, I hope I’m not repeating anything.

As we were all together on our own little conference call discussing the events of last night and today, we were each getting at the same time communications and connections with other times, and places, aspects and selves. So this gets a little bit disconcerting, but it’s so much more fun if you just let yourself enjoy it and not insist that it be in linear time space. Because it’s all touching the space we truly are in. Which is heart, mind, unity, feeling, and harmony.

The magnetics on the planet, are in a three day period, right now, of inter-leaving, inter-linking and over-lighting. So that we are being inter-penetrated by magnetics, by electromagnetics, and by crystalline bright new energies like the Platinum Ray and the Gold Ray in combination. These are impacting every single one of us.

In this next three day period of time, there are things involved that we’ll talk about.  For instance, the solar disks.  For those of you who have read about our special operations all across the planet. Involving millions of Ashtar Command ships, as well as all the kingdoms and evolutions inside the earth, on the earth, and around and about the earth, we are already there.  We are already in the 5th dimension.

Our task is to go to our heart center and our high heart center which is just above that, and it’s not in 3D.  It’s in the higher dimension.  But as we open that, it connects us to everyone and everything. Now we are connecting more than ever before. We are connecting with the master matrix hologram, for the whole Nebadon Universe.  That’s a super universe.  That’s our universe.

We are connecting with that and we are, also, even connecting with those beyond our universe. In some interface manner that I can’t explain but it’s all happening.  They are all interacting with us now because they are fully aware that the pivot point of the Earth for these shifts that have to occur to initiate, they begin here.

As soon as we send something out, it’s a consensus reality. Then it impacts them; they return that augmented by their higher perspective. So, this thing is very interactive and getting more so every day, and that I wanted you to understand.  The fact that the King of Swords advised us that he was going to speak to all of you  today, for the first time ever. This is telling you, every single one of you, that you are connected. You are a part of this.

I mentioned before a long time ago that this double diamond that goes down into the heart of the Earth Mother and goes up into what you could say poetically as the heavens is connecting us all. We are all one grid.  We are a light grid.  It may have 144 strands, it doesn’t matter. We are still one grid.

As we come more into joy, and come more and more into celebration, and as we come more and more into not seeing ourselves as our physical form but as our heart-mind. We will find that it matters not what the other person looks like in a physical way. Because we’re connecting with the truth that surpasses all other truth.  It is Source truth, it is not our truth. We are Source truth love in expression. It is ours and as more and more of these seeming separations are dissolved. They are dissolving rapidly.

Beth, I think you can tell them about what happened on the 6th of July. Where we experienced one timeline. Some interesting things happened because we got into this space, where we were connecting with all the life forms. We were connecting with the nature kingdoms and we were connecting with the heavenly kingdoms and evolutions of the Ashtar command and beyond. We can’t name all these ones.  We don’t have to.  They’re just one; we’re all one part.  Many layers, many frequencies, and they’re all coming from love.

And so we encourage you to allow yourself to set aside your disbelief. Your thought of yourself as small and unimportant.  Every single person on this call is a gigantic solar being whose center is all and never has been anything but love. This is the way source expresses. And throughout the whole creation, and we are invited now to remember, and to embrace, and to realize that there is nothing to fear because what we are dissolves all barriers.  All we have to do is let our child go.

Now, I want to turn it over to Lady Master Beth. Let her continue on putting you into the picture, as to what you missed while we were gone.

BETH – Everyone heard what happened that day, when we were at the portal of Inner Earth. Those connections that we made with the Elementals and the animal kingdom. And also the message received from Mother Sekhmet, regarding an explanation of the Earth’s changes and just an echo of what Kind of Swords said. As well as what you just said now. About how to deal with these changes and what they mean.

MARK – Did you share with them the fact that we arrived on one timeline. While we were on that timeline, we were making a rendezvous with some of our family, t as that was occurring suddenly a whole bunch of timelines collapsed.  We started a new timeline without telling anyone?

BETH – No, I didn’t share that part.  What I had shared was that a large portion of the trip was a training exercise between us and the A-team regarding receiving guidance, following instructions, and coming together as a group, and that those collapsing timelines were a part of that.

MARK –  Each one of us, Kauwila, Beth, and Mar, and Rama, and Tara, from other times and places are all connected to Pele.  We have all had experiences with her and I want to say, believe it or not, from the very beginning.  From the first implantation of the seeds on this planet of Lemuria. The whole Lemurian original template, and I would like to ask Kauwila if he could share just a little bit about his connection with Pele.

KAUWILA – We’re all merging into one, so it could be that we’re all Madame X and we’re all Lady Master Tara…

As we talked about, we had a conference call among the three of us. We’re even forgetting when we talked, on what day. There is no time any more.

Pele is really such a wonderful part of all of us.  She represents creation, she can also represent destruction. But it is more of a destruction of the old.  The tradition here is where if something is not in alignment with the truth or with what is best for all, which is why we call that “pono”.

Pele has a wonderful habit, or way, for example, if people have built in a sacred area, while she will normally give a communication. But if it’s not picked up and honored, then sometimes she will send a little bit of lava down just to burn up what was there and start fresh again.  So, really a lot of us have been experiencing quite a big of burning up of old things, which is a wonderful thing.  I know in my own personal experience that if it is resisted and allowed it to burn up, it is a wonderful experience because we are releasing that old weight, we’re releasing that old energy.

So, we have been getting messages from Pele all along the way, even most recently something, we’re  connecting to the [New] original.  Mark was talking about that they started a new timeline. This is part of this brand new timeline.  This is Lemuria the only way it can be now.

Hard to describe, but this is what is happening right now. This is being re-established and it is being regrounded into the planet, but also into the entire galaxy. There is a new Hawaiian kingdom that is coming to pass.  And I don’t mean to say kingdom, actually what was written by Pele was it’s a new Hawaiian monarch twin Flamedom.  A cute way she said you could say this is it’s the “King/Queendom or the Queen/Kingdom.”

Once that is established, the Lemuria aspect of the higher dimensional line will arise.  So, Lemuria is coming back. Not necessarily in the sense that maybe 20, 30, or 40 years ago, people would think that means the continent will come back up out of the sea.  Bits of that may happen, but this is about the Lemurian continent, meaning that the concept that will be coming to the entire planet Earth.  So, Mark do you have anything to add to that.

MARK – Yes.  She used the specific term “New Original”.  The new original, Lemuria timeline, not the old original timeline.  It is a new and original timeline.

I just wanted to share, because some of this needs to be told.  In 1990[or 1993] when I was directed. I was here in Santa Fe and spirit came in and said, “OK, for your next growth, you need to go to the lands of the volcano.  We need to use this raw, primitive energy to take you to your next step. And so I sold everything and got rid of everything and moved over there.

There I was on the beach, far away from home and so I said to spirit, “I’m here.  I’ve given up everything, sold everything.  I need a sign from you that you hear me and you can begin to show me what my next step is, because I’m here”  I wasn’t moving for a day.

I was moving to be there, until they kicked me off the island and told me to go someplace else.  At that time, I felt a Pleiadian ship overhead, and all of a sudden in the courtyard of the resort, where I was staying. Suddenly, it erupted with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of birds. They weren’t there before, one second before.  I recognized that they were Pleiadians.  They were Pleiadian representatives, let’s just put it that way.  They were nothing but joyful.  You might call it raucous, joyful, because it was a sign to me.

The very next day, Pele came to me and she just jumped my bones and merged me with the volcano. I became the volcano.  And I said, “Oh, this is interesting.  I don’t remember experiencing this before.”  And then I got the message from her that I was to use the fire codes and other movements to talk to the great elementals that were helping the Earth Mother, to sustain her form.

And suddenly I found myself channeling to them, “OK you guys, it’s good to see you again, and we have some work to do here. Because the Earth Mother now, you’re representing an old pattern, where we had to hold her together.  She now needs to breathe, so it’s my job here, (meaning Pele, me or whatever that was I was merged with which was the volcano)  It’s our job to loosen her girdles so she can breathe more easily.”  I felt the resistance and said, “No, this is essential.  If you love the Mother you will help her breathe now.  She must expand.  We are awakening and coming back to a new realignment and a new structure.”

And they heard me, they did. They loosened her girdle string so she could breathe better.  Then we sealed the fire letters, we sealed those entry points to the gates.   Anyway, we sealed it so it would be locked in, the new expansive mode.  And then she popped me back up into my body and I’m laying there in this incredible bliss from this experience, this awesome experience, and with that a Kahuna, an aspect of mine from some ancient, or some very high place, merged with me and sang.

That’s all, no talk, just sang.  And when this singing came, I was in tears that were coming through me, and this voice is Gravel Girdy.  It is not a melodic voice, but all the animals in the area came forward and joined us.  The birds flew in, squirrels, everything in the area silenced and then came over to hear this beautiful singing.  And I’m just sitting there singing with tears coming down my cheeks.

This is the magic that Pele, that Mother, all the kingdoms of evolution, when we’re working together.  This is incredible love, incredible magic that comes forward.  It’s so beautiful no one could deny it and no one would want to be away form it.  So, that’s my personal experience, one of my experiences with Pele.

These are wonderous beings – Gods/Goddesses.  They are a part of Mother Sekhmet.  She has other parts – Dhirga, Firefox, Kahli, Porvata ; these are just different forms and different cultures. They know her by other names. But these different sisters, if you want to call them that way…

RAMA – The Red Tara.

MARK – Yeah. So they have energetic expressions which to some people are more significant and to others less. But they comply in a composite form, they are the wholeness. They are everything, whether you want it or not because there are jobs to do just as plants decay, bacteria do that job. It is all part of the One. It is all part of refreshing, renewing, and uplifting life.

So I would ask you only to consider the possibility that you are going to be experiencing all of these kingdoms and evolutions many, many, many beyond what anybody has ever written about before, because in this next month or before even this month is over. We have already been told that the magical kingdoms and representatives from the magical realms (and there are about 200 of them).

Because we went to a counsel meeting on the new Jerusalem and they came for this counsel meeting and they were told by Ashtar and Merlin and everyone that is time, its time to welcome new ambassadors and to send your ambassador out into Terra Nova. Because it is not Earth anymore – it is now 5D. This is Terra Nova. It is the crystalline diamond form of Earth Mother and that these representatives, one ambassador from each realm or kingdom. The Fairies, all of these, you know what they are. The Elves, but you don’t know all of them. We didn’t.

They have been locked away from us behind a dimensional door because we weren’t the nicest people to be around. Now that that has changed, they are willing to come back out because Earth Mother cannot ascend without them. Just like she cannot ascend without us. There is no separation. We are just one wholeness and as we welcome and embrace the more diversity, the more joy you will experience.

I didn’t mean to go on about this, but this is yours. This is coming experiences for you. Welcome it and it will come faster. Don’t resist this because all you are doing is resisting the love that is wanting to share with you, in many ways that are too miraculous to discuss.

BETH – About what you were talking about, about the volcano activating. I want to share more about our July 3rd experience. On July 3rd, we went to Mt. Shasta with Leela . It was the first time we looked for the portal. Then I have a quote from Madame X, which she sent me about her words. And then, Mother Sekhmet, come and stated what happened on July 3rd.

We searched for the portal and we walked the serpentine path as we were guided and we found it and we sat on the rocks awhile. And Madame X has explained to me, has mentioned to me in the month of July.

‘I opened up all the doors and tunnels in the intra-terrestrial world and connected them to Mt. Shasta along the Andes to the Patagonia. Mt. Shasta is the key in the ring of fire’ – the ring of volcanoes through Mt. Shasta, which is a dead volcano. I saw the lake shining, with small crystals all over the area. Liquid golden energy was pouring down covering everything. I asked Mother Sekhmet about more details.

Mother Sekhmet speaks. ‘This day on Mt. Shasta, you stood on the doorway of Telos. Telos is a city in Inner Earth. Through the poles and through tunnels, there are entry portals to Inner Earth. Inner Earth is home to visitors from star nations. Star ships are able to enter through the portals into Telos, and the other cities in Inner Earth. In this protected space, the elementals, divas and other kingdoms are greatly evolved.

In this protected atmosphere, 5th dimensional frequencies have been maintained. As more ambassadors travel to Inner Earth, after the announcements, the full realization of what Inner Earth has to offer will be known. The star nation visitors to Inner Earth now, enjoy riches of elementals not remembered on earth for a long time. The healing qualities of sentient and evolved life forms here are great.  The healing force of love is felt in everything there.’

MARK – Did you want to read anything back about what Madame X wrote in her report especially about the solar disc.

BETH – I would be happy to pull that up and share it.

Part 2: Madame X’s Talk

[Note: The Audio recording quality was very lacking. This portion of the transcription is a collective effort of several members of that team.]

MARK – Beth, do you want to introduce MADAME X?

BETH – Yes everybody. This is a thrill to introduce Madame X, a member of the A-Team. When I saw a vision of Madame X doing her work when we were working with the solar discs, I saw a 30 foot being, and I saw her wearing a white gown. And it’s the gown saddles as in rivers on the floor down by her feet. And it wasn’t actually a gown, it was all light. And there were, it looked like small colorful embroidered patches of color and Peruvian patterns on this gown of light, and it was obvious to me that I was looking at a Goddess.

And that would be my introduction to my friend Madame X, a very interesting, wonderful person doing a lot of work for the Ashtar Command. So welcome.

MADAME X – I just wanted to say something about what Mark was saying about the Terra Nova. (inaudible) We’re in a difference state, in different multi-dimension levels and different places. So we all get the same information; the same missions. That is why most of the different people have the same information. (a reference to similar channeled information from varied sources)

I am working on that multi-dimensional level. We all know each other. We all help each other to make the process faster. The planet has been receiving a huge blast of energy in the last week. The next three days are going to be bigger. So we have created a shield around the planet. It’s a shield of light, which controls the light so it can go pouring into the planet slowly. That’s got to take at least 3 days until it covers completely, so we can move forward into something else that is coming, that is going to be huge.

And in that, if all of this has a lot to do, because we’re in, I mean since the ancient times, since the Lemurian times. They had all the golden energies on the planet. And it was a solar energy carried by solar beings.

So, in the past, we know about Isis; that she used the golden energy of the Egyptians; that she was the one that carried that golden energy within her.

So she actually was one of the first ones who brought down into the planet one of the first solar disc when she created that area in Egypt, that it was called Pervaz.

In 2003 I was there with a group. We built back that solar disc, so it should activate all of the solar discs around the planet, and we would know by then, where they [all] were. That’s how I ended up going to Lake Titicaca, and I discovered where the main solar disk is in South America.

How it is used for – a solar disc is an inter-dimensional gate. It’s a huge portal of golden light that connects you with the Source. At the same time, it was used for different things. It could be used as a platform for interdimensional travel. It was just like a circle of energy to be melted, and to be invisible and travel within the light. It could be used in the heart and the solar plexus. It [could] change completely the DNA and other things in the human body so we can adjust to the new frequencies.

So at this point, most of the solar discs on the planet are already activated. There are 12 of them in different places. The last one was in the (inaudible, sounded like ‘River’) Amazon that needed to be activated. And once all of them are connected, that golden energy can flow around the planet and everything.

MARK: So, Madame X, would you answer a question for us here? We know that the Lemurian Solar Disc was here in our area, you know just outside of town. What we want to know is has been activated? It sounded like that it had been.

MADAME X – I think there is a huge area between New Mexico and Colorado where this solar disc is. Yes, it’s activated, but there are some solar discs that have a different coding, and there’s some code on that disc here in the Rockies, and the Rockies that need to be activated.

Those codes need to be decoded. That is what I was saying to Rama the other day; that all of us that live in this area should get together to decode what’s still in there; to hold the energy for America.

MARK – Sounds like a wonderful idea. Could I ask you to go into a slightly different area and talk about the eclipse energy coming in on the 20th-22nd time frame?

Could you speak a little about that because we have been hearing from the KOS and others that there’s going to be a major transformation in technology that will allow us to connect in different ways. Can you talk about that?

MADAME X – They told me that first, that all this energy that is coming through now, that it will be over on July 15th. Then through July 16th when the energy of the Mother is coming through. The meaning, that the symbol of the Mother coming back to the Earth, that will extend all this new energy. That will also affect all the systems that you said. And we’re going to be able to, to morphing in our physical bodies. We are going to be able to do all that sorts of things with our minds. We are going to be able to suggest – to do all kinds of different things that we didn’t know. And I think that that’s a great gift, and we have to start up to reconfirm all that – being in the ship and remember everything that is happening there even though we don’t know each other.

Mark – And this is including telepathy and also teleportation, right?

MADAME X:  Exactly, because these are the ships that are around the planet. Some of us are ready. There are some of us that are ready to go to the ships in the physical body without being restricted in any sense. Then there will be more of them to try in which they can express – and we can do lots of shielding with using our minds and our hands.

MARK:  Wow, this sound very, very exciting.  Now, share anything more with us that comes to you through your Heart-mind.

MADAME X – Well, I just wanted to say about Lemuria, I just want to say that Lemuria is also in South America. And when I was in Madagascar with all the lemurs there, in the mountains there, and now when I was with (inaudible) there, I saw this little monkey that looked exactly like a [lemur]. That is what reminded me that Lemuria is coming back, and it’s coming back with all the information and all the coding and all the Light that was lost during that time, and most of us have lived through that timing, so we’re bringing it back again.

MARK – So. did you hear our message from Pele that we got this morning talking about the new, original Lemuria?

MADAME X – One of the masters told me last year in one of the ships of the Andromeda Command. They were saying to me, you have to start watching the planet not on a third dimension, but that the third dimension (inaudible, but  possibly said “is surreal”). The fact that (inaudible) that you’re saying, it’s the same thing.

MARK – Would you tell us a little bit about Commander Ariana?

MADAME X – First of all, I started when I was a little girl being a part of a group that it was dedicated to (inaudible) formed a connection. And between them they did the (long inaudible). That’s how I met Ariana, and she is one of my guides from the Andromeda Command.

And she has taught me a lot of things. How to go to go to the ships, how to shield people, how to take people into the ships, how to use the energy, how to open up a third dimensional portal. So she’s been my guide, and whenever I need to do important things, Ariana, which is a commander from the Andromeda Command, she helps me.

MARK – I think you gathered from our reports that Beth, and myself to a lesser extent, on the 3rd of July that we brought forth through the mind heart space the birthing of two platinum twins, and one of their names is Ariana.

MADAME X – I will say (inaudible) that she is a Grey-lighted being, and she has been on the mission for planet Earth for a long time. She is a commander of the ships, and she is all over the place. And I know that she’s over Mt. Shasta; all over the world; she’s all over the Andes. So that is wonderful for me to know that she is coming back.

MARK –  Thank you. Of course as you know, for Beth and I, that Metatron has been very much powerfully guiding us, along with St. Germain and the rest of them – the gang.  Ezra and Ariana are twins. Did you feel an energy of Andromeda with them?

Madame X – Yes.

Mark –OK, that’s what I was going to get you to say for them. And did you feel the platinum ray that they’re representing, that they are seeding in at this time?

MADAME X – Yes, (inaudible) crystals of the Diamond Light.

BETH – Hello Madame X.  I was wondering can you could please elaborate more about the 12 solar discs, and as well as the 13th?

[Unrecognized speaker here] – “We are the 13th.”

MADAME X – That’s exactly what it is.  There are the  12 solar discs, and each in different places throughout the cosmos, and the 13th is the solar ray. So we are those portals.

MARK – And we are the 13th correct?

MADAME X: We are the 13th. We are the solar ray. We’re all that’s here. We are the Portal.

MARK – Very good answer.

KAUWILA – Anyone that is a member from GRT can look at the photos. There is a new photo album I just put up right now, which is “Kauwila’s Photos of Interest”.

I put, when I was walking to the, just almost at the coffee shop today, to listen to [KOS]. All of a sudden, above, we have a volcano here. And all of a sudden I looked over there was this – it was very clearly a ship, and I knew it was Ashtar’s ship, maybe, and it doesn’t look like the New Jerusalem. So that photo, I took the photo. I mean it looked astounding when I was looking at it, but then when I took the photo, and that is again in the photo’s section under “Kauwila’s Photos of Interest,” it is unbelievable. And Beth was saying, that is the one, that was exactly what you saw when you were flying?

BETH – I took a connecting flight from Denver back to Minnesota. I was tapping on my computer, and out of the corner of my eye of the window of the airplane, when I was flying home, I saw flashes of light, and I looked out my window and there was an enormous ship right off the wing of this plane.

And, I caught my breath.  I waited to see if anyone else was seeing it, and I heard one of the passengers say, “My God, look at that.” So when I saw Kauwila’s. I also took a photograph. I realized after I was looking at it for 5-6 minutes and communicating with it through my heart that I needed to take a picture, which I did, but it was 9:00pm at night and nearly dark.

And my picture is similar to Kauwila’s . When you are looking at the photo, you can’t see what we saw looking at it. But, when I was in the meditation with Mark on June 14th, I brought back my first memory of the New Jerusalem, of being there and seeing the ship.

In that mediation, I was out of body, and I was on the ship, so I knew what it looked like, and when I saw it, when I was flying on the plane and I looked outside and it was there, I knew that’s what it was, and now that I see Kauwila’s photo, it looks exactly the same shape – it’s hidden in the cloud formation – it’s cloaked to look like a cloud.

But when I saw it, I could see the cantilever roof of the bridge. I could see the span of windows in the front of the bridge. And then there’s this kind of power center at the belly below the bridge, and when I was on the plane it was flashing white lights to me.

And I was saying…. And these lights were very clearly flashing in this cloud formation, but it wasn’t moving. It was sitting still so I could look at it, and the lady on the plane was saying, “Wow, look at that!” because she saw the lights flashing.

And I was saying hello to Admiral Sananda, and I was saying hello to Ashtar. And I was connecting with my heart with everyone on the bridge, and then I was naming a list of names. I was saying hello to them, and then the flashing white lights turned to flashing purple lights.

And I said, “Ah, hello St. Germain.” It was so stunningly beautiful when you are seeing it, you know, as a first contact that even these photographs don’t pick up what it looks like. But then, I started seeing red flashing lights, and they looked like what lights on an airplane looks like. They look like actual flashing red lights, and these are the shuttle ships that I’ve seen, and they have green, red and white circulating lights going around. I’ve seen these in the sky a lot, but this night when I was on the airplane, the New Jerusalem stayed within my view for 30 or 40 minutes.

And while it was there, I was watching these shuttle craft come out of the belly of this very large  craft and fly out from the belly and go down to Earth. And then I also felt them coming back. And I watched them dock in. There was these flashing lights, flashing lights, kind of like a little airplane, but nothing like an airplane. You see these flashing lights, and then all of a sudden when they dock, the light disappeared as it went up into the ship.

I was very excited about that experience, and I have shared it with Kauwila. Then I heard his excitement seeing this today, and he sent a picture and the cloud formation is the exact iconic shape of what the New Jerusalem looks like. When I’ve seen it on the ship and when I saw it in the cloud formation when I was flying on the plane. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this experience didn’t go out to many other members in the near future. I don’t think it is coincidence that we’re all seeing this now.

KAUWILA – No, not at all. It is interesting in this photo as well – the underbelly of the ship is, right under the rear-end of the underbelly of this ship is the volcano Hualalai. So, there is no mistake about that. There is no accident about that.

Part 3: Q&A with the A-Team

MAGICMARY88 – Mark was giving his little talk earlier and it said, and “What you need to do is…” and then the line went dead and I couldn’t hear what he had to say and I know it is really important.

CINDY – Can you reference it to what he was saying just before that?

MAGICMARY88 – He was just talking about what we needed to do in order to bring in the new energy properly.

MARK – Well, I’ll see if I can, you know, once it’s said, it is out of the loop again. That’s kind of the way, there is a pressure to say a certain thing, then as soon as you said it, it is complete and you go onto the next one. But, what in general, everyone is telling us, every single one are telling us the same thing: BE in joy, be in full openness, be in embracing. BE NOT doing something because its heavy, because its required, because it’s a discipline.

Forget all that! We are through that. The only thing that counts from here on in is: BE joyful. Allow more than you ever thought you could allow. Remember that what you are is so much greater than anything – anything at all. If when you are coming from love, when you are coming from joy, when you are wanting peace, when you are wanting celebration, when you are wanting reunion with your family, you are there.  So just be knowing this is going to happen.

You heard some dates mentioned. Three days from now for this light band that is around the Earth to set in because they have to infuse it slowly so that it isn’t to contrasty for us. When that completes, then a new period of connectivity occurs and we integrate that by opening up to it. That’s all there is to it.

None of these disciplines you’ve been told about are necessary. I know that this sounds terrible to people with major discipline practices, but I’m trying to tell you, just go to your heart. Don’t think it’s complicated. Just be there and feel and acknowledge everything you are feeling. Acknowledge everything that comes to you. You may think that’s my own thought.

Well, feel it. Does it feel light? Does it feel joyful? Are you getting excited? That tells you, it is more than what you think you are. If it is more of you than indeed it is. I am referencing of entire dimensions and very interesting inner dimensions, to say the least, you will love it. So just be in that joy, be in that knowing that you are connected. There is no one in the universe that wants you not to be connected.

All of the light beings in the universe are jumping up and down, with joy at all of us that are coming. When one joins, thousands more join. I mean every single one of us that wakes up to that inner feeling. With me, its mostly feeling and then the feeling presents a picture. Well, I just go with the feeling that bubbles up and it’s a, you know, Beth does it one way, Kauwila does it another way. We all do it different ways. There is no guarantee on how you are going to experience it, but know that you are going to experience it.

All you have to do is ask. They cannot communicate with you, they cannot bring you healing, they cannot do anything unless you ask. And don’t limit what you are asking for because they are not limited. You understand? There are many realms, there are representatives like Lord Acturus is a collective condensation of vastness.

You know, this is the same thing, Metatron. Ashtar. Everyone of these. KOS, Tom the Ring Tailed Cat, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone want to hear from you. I know this sounds odd, but in fact it is the truth. We cannot move forward until everyone feels connected. So, don’t ask for money, and don’t ask for power. That is not the true power. The true power is understanding that you are love and there is nothing greater than that. We are love and expression. Love in action and love in presence. We are points of presence upon this plain.

If you remember that, we are that which we seek. We are here now and we are awakening and sharing that as rapidly as we can. With as many as we can.  I guarantee, you cannot open [up] fast enough to absorb all the remembrances and the connections that you are going to be experiencing. So don’t hesitate. And don’t ask for mission plans and all that. Just understand, you follow your feelings – that is your mission. Just do it. Step out knowing it is true. You will find you will be supported. We have to take action.

RAMA – And you might just see the Elves, too, Magic Mary.

MARK – Yes and I can tell you, you will. If you haven’t seen it before the end of this month, get ready!  By the end of this month, approximately 200 magical realms are going to be with us once again. So you will be able to experience them. That is their desire also to interact with all of us, because we will all become One. That’s the only way the full planetary ascension occurs. All the kingdoms, evolutions and magic for every child on this planet, much less the new ones coming in. They can’t live. Not to have the magic is like not having food, not having mother, not having sister, brother, father.

It’s the family and they cannot live without it. So we have to upgrade as fast as possible, so we can be here with the new children. Every one of them is going to night school at night.  Dolphins are teaching them holographic knowledge. That compresses learning, that would otherwise take up to a lifetime to learn. Every single night, they are getting a new lesson.

TARA – I think I’m in that classroom with them. My child has fun doing stuff like that.

MARK – All the Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows are there so enjoy it. I hope that answers your question.

CINDY – Guest117:  Why have we not seen any arrests yet? I thought we would be by now. Is rolling out NESARA a one-year endeavor to conclude September 30, 2009?

BETH – I would like to say comments about that. I saw Tony on his website “Welcome to the Light” has posted a new article. Eric Holder has requested a special investigation regarding the Bush Administration. So I would consider that article as some evidence of moving towards arrests. There may be other comments. I think it was very astute of Tony to pick up on that. It is very interesting to read, if you want to check out

MARK – Thank you Beth. I would like Rama to come on because he had a little contact this morning he may want to tell you about that speaks to this.

RAMA – Yeah. I mean this is the first time I ever met Jack, the Alien Hunter. He called me up on the cell phone and said, “You want to meet me at this place? Meet meaning here – now.” I said, “Today? Now?” He said, “In the next five minutes”.  So I said okay. [I] went to this park and met him. This guy is like maybe 6’4”; he kind of looks like Hulk Hogan with the long blonde hair and the mustache and every bit the Navy Seal Delta Force.

He just came here to say this is happening now folks.  Get over it! The understanding is that I suspect these guys could even be being arrested today, but I don’t know. I’m just trying to say that the feeling I got from him and the very fact he showed up out of the blue, tells me this is happening now.

MARK – Well Rama, you also had [a] contact on the radio that [was] telling you – you want to speak a little bit about that?

RAMA -I heard Jack Rice talking . . .

MARK – Ex-CIA man.

RAMA – Yeah. He has a radio show on “Air America” and he was talking to Janet Karpinski.  They were both saying, “It is high time to go ahead and try the Bush war criminals.” She was in charge of Abu Ghraib, this lady.

MARK – She was right there.  They needed a fall guy or gal. They picked on her. She has abrogated all of that and said, “Here is the truth folks.” In addition, we have been seeing things on-line, that have been talking about Rumsfeld and that have been talking about the – who are some of the other ones?

RAMA – Cheney and Rice, Colin Powell, David Addington.

MARK: Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, David Addington who is formerly with the National Security Council and the Iraq team.

RAMA – Scooter Libby. What’s that guy? Richard Clark.

MARK: Scooter Libby.  Richard Clark is actually a double agent. He was head of the point – COINTEL – which was counter insurgency intelligence organization. That was doing things in various countries as part of monitoring the insurgency operation under the last administration. He was there under Bill Clinton.

RAMA – And Proconsular Porter Goss.

MARK – Two other names that were mentioned were Timothy Geitner. You all know that he is momentarily, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary. And who else in that?

RAMA – Mr. Summers.

MARK – Yes. Lawrence Summers, who is the Council of Economic Advisers to the President.  These ones were co-opted.  Barack Obama knew that and he brought them out so they could hang themselves. What we are hearing that these ones are headed for The Hague. Yes no dates, no nukes and no flukes.

This is all momentary so pay attention to what Madame X said about the next 3 days, and then a change. Then comes the 16th through the eclipse, another wave of change.  These are building on each other and escalating. Everyone in DC knows that arrests are coming quickly.

RAMA – Yes.

MARK – When they start, there will be no stopping. What else is coming quickly? Steven Greer, in the next 24 hours, will probably be doing another galactic disclosure message. We don’t have any details, but Mother has told us about this. Trust me. Trust Mother. It is happening. There is no doubt about it. Barack Obama is aboard on it, he knows about it.

This is a way that he can step back and pretend to know nothing, have it come to him and force it upon him. He just said, “Throw me into that briar patch. I want this to happen, but I can’t tell anybody it’s going to happen”. There are so many other things, also. Single-payer health plan. It is not dead by a long shot.

We have Mark Begich, who is the Senator from Alaska. We will hear more from all of these people, believe me. They are front-runners. They are true speakers and they have, you might say, their induction orders. They are ready to go when they are given the signal. They are already hinting on things they are going to do.

RAMA -I just wanted to say that during this last lunar eclipse, as the sol[sun] was sending out its rays of energy, working with whatever was going on with the sunspots. Space ship showed up in the corona of the sun.  It is on the SOHO website as well as Dr. Michael Salia.  He has pictures of it on his blog. So this is saying they are right here, right now.

MARK – Let’s see if we have another question. We are just trying to answer as many questions that we have heard already when we answer one of them because we know we want as many things to be answered as possible.

KAREN – I have a question for Beth about the birth of the platinum twins in Mt. Shasta during your trip. My question is “Are they, was this a physical incarnation or inter-dimensional incarnation?  How does it affect births around the world since I work with these babies?”

BETH – This birth, these twins will be coming into the physical. When I experienced this in the tub, I felt every physical aspect of birth. I felt the labor pains and the ring of fire and I actually felt the bodies moving out of my body. I also felt the placenta being born.  I think it was part of the cleansing that day. I think it was a clearing for these new children as they are birthed in the world that they will have a clear path.

All of the things that were associated with birth, such as: pain, fear, control of the birth by outsiders who are attending the birth – that sort of thing – all of that was cleared that day. So as these new babies come in, their birth traumas are over so they can come in clearly to Terra Nova with no interference. I think that the birth that day was experienced on a multi-dimensional level. I don’t think actual babies were born physically that day, as far as the Platinum twins go. I believe they will be here in the future in the physical, but so that was a multi-dimensional experience.

MARK – In that same regard, the lady asking the question would like to know this I feel, Madame X as part of her report. Beth you can speak to that. She mentioned that she was asked to remove all the viral agents from the matrix, from the template for everyone. So for these new kids, as Beth was just saying, cannot abide these vaccinations and things of this sort. So you want to speak to that Beth?

BETH – I saw a vision of all the children. The crystal and diamond energies, platinum energies. There are different names, but they are all the new children. There will be more than one race of new children coming. When I saw these children coming to the Earth, it was impressed upon me that they will be the new leaders of Terra Nova. They will guide these changes that we’ve been seen foretold about clean water and food for everybody. All these things that we visualize in this new world will be brought in through the children.

They will be the ones guiding these new changes. They will do this by impressing on the adults in their life changes.  When the announcements come and organic food is everywhere. This will just become a new part of the lifestyle and the old paradigm of the medical farm servitude of forcing things on people. Its nothing to fear or worry about now. There is a lot of discussion about that. It will just come to pass and it will no longer exist.

MARK – While we are on this subject, these new kids are our future. I mean all of our futures. We are only guardians at this time. We have come forward. We have done our job. Our job now is to hold a clear space. A true heart space for them to be nurtured and to unfold. They will be giving us instructions. These are not coming from children; these are coming from home. I hope you feel that. These ones are whole, here and as we nurture them. We hold the space for them to grow up to mature. They are going to be exponential.

You’ve already heard about the Aegean Sea night schools. Beth and I experienced something and Leela did too when we were there. We talked about it on the way back. Just south of Shasta is another peak that is all green. It is a percolation chamber there. To cleanse all the waters coming through there.  These are underground rivers and underground streams and underground energetic patterns. They go through this filtering matrix there in that mountain and when they come out, they are totally pure and totally in harmony with the Earth.

The same thing out is true in Giza. Giza is a water purification chamber.  All of these things are going to be coming out and talked about. It is all part of this process of purifying the air, water and earth and sustaining it. Not just doing it because obviously if we continue to pollute. Then we would only be [causing more harm to the planet]

BETH – There is something more that I think is really important to share. This is something to suspend disbelief about.  Things are changing how they function here and the old is going away. Some of these children will come into the physical and they will not be coming into the physical through a pregnancy.

They will just be here. If any of you can imagine, if you are past, you don’t have to imagine, this has to come into a child-bearing woman of a certain age. If you are an elder and you can imagine yourself fostering one of these children, you can reach out and start to communicate with these new children and attract them into your life. Some of them will come as foster children and come live with the elders.

I think it’s important to share that we think about a new paradigm, because some of these children will come through the younger generation. That will be important, but things will also change. Some of these children will be able to come into the physical without having a birthing process. When that time comes, it will all seem very normal to us even though today it raises many questions.

MARK – Yes. I just want to add to that. This is so important. We have been told by Mother, that in the new, in the full bloom of Terra Nova, that there will be no more physical birth in the old way. There will be heart-mind births. In other words, two loving beings who have accepted and who are in full telepathic context with the soul will make an agreement. That is an enlightened agreement, not a burdened agreement. These beings coming in now will only come where they are loved and where they are communicated with.  All of this is completely arranged before the contract is made.

The second thing is that this isn’t restricted to young people. My goodness folks. As souls, we are, without a doubt, so much older than we have any idea of being. So some of us are immortal already.  These DNA upgrades are happening every single day. These DNA upgrades are continuing and will not stop as long as anyone is here on [this] plane.  They are going to happen. You don’t have to do anything, except to allow. It is already [in] the Divine Plan. It is already Source, Grace, Light and Love that is bringing these about. It’s been decreed. It’s been promised.

Don’t worry about it. It will be taken care of.  If they [old souls in elderly bodies] have a heart-soul desire to foster one of these new children, these children will know it. They will gravitate there and begin to communicate with these ones. There will be no mistakes, no accidental births at all period. Get over the idea of physical birthing, through the old fashioned sexual process. These unions are divine unions.

BETH – These new children need to come to the planet in large waves. They need to come to the people who have understood these ideas for the last decades of time. They are ready to act on the new plan for the new earth. They [the new children] will come looking for these foster parents. Some of them will come through birth, through young women. Many of them will, [however], come to families who desire to have these children living with them.

MARK – This is what’s ahead of us.  I know we are taking some of these questions a little bit aside. There is so much to be shared, so [many] of you that are ready to hear it, that we encourage you to ask questions on these expanded levels.  We’ll be happy to share whatever comes through us, on these subjects. We are all discovering this together folks. Nobody has all the answers. Those questions are heard when you say it through your heart.  Everybody in the universe is aware of these questions.

The hierarchy has to wait, by law, because we still have free will. They have to wait for us to ask. When we ask now, they’ll bring through an answer in the most appropriate manner.  You may hear it in any one of a number of places. The person next to you may turn to you and tell you the answer. Be open to receiving.

BETH – The other thing that I understand is that these children are coming here now. If you have someone in your family who is 3 months old, these are one of the new children. They are here now. What we are speaking about is going to be happening on larger and larger scales of more and more souls. Much quicker, but these new babies are here now.

CINDY – This is from Starfield, United Kingdom. The UK announced today that they want to vaccinate everyone against the “piggy” flu.  This person would like to know what he or she could do so they are not forced to have to have the vaccination.

MARK – I just want to say that one of the operations that we did was with all the pharmaceutical companies, as well as the Annunaki or Maldek, DCM or whatever you want to think of [them] as. That particular factory, that was producing all of these things were destroyed. The feedstocks for them were destroyed. The ET scientists that were producing them have been taken away. The other scientists that were in harmony with the negative ETs, have been arrested. They were taken to The Hague.

What I am trying to release to you here is forget the fear.  It is over. The Galactics have neutralized every single one of these things. They were primarily psychological weapons.  They were promoting them that way to [create fear].  If you actually looked at the number of people, you would find more people have ordinary coughs, colds. All the stuff they are talking about isn’t there.  No matter what country you are in. You don’t need to be afraid!

The Galactics have said this will not be allowed. You need not worry.  At the rate these changes are taking place, those things will not be allowed on the planet period. Their vibration will not match 5D. Earth Mother is saying NO MORE!  I hope you hear that.

BETH – This will absolutely NOT come to pass. With all of my experience in hospital work. I feel that in the fall, when this starts to come around. This is the last bit of misinformation. Kickback from these groups, that are trying to keep us in fear. The less we focus on that. The less we put any energy into that, the better. It is misinformation and will not come to pass.

CINDY – Tarantula18 asks: Do you know what the purpose [was] of the star craft that flew into the sun? It was shown on YouTube.  Would like to have it confirmed by the A-Team.

RAMA – It was monitoring the solar activity that Sol was putting out during the lunar eclipse and also during the 7/7 Coronal Mass Ejections.

MARK: That was a very unique event and so they wanted to measure the affects and everything else. This is not a negative thing whatsoever.

Remember what the King of Swords said in his message. To all those mischief-makers, who are trying to play in our party pit. We know who you are, we know what your agenda is and we know that you know that we know. So be advised your game is over.

INDIGO – This question is for Mark or Rama. There was a story on Reuters on Friday. It was about UBS. You know, if you all know, UBS was asked to turn over the 52, I’m sorry I don’t know what the number is, but the names of the account holders that they had; they had money in those banks and they are pushing back from this. Their response is that it is a violation of Swiss criminal law and that they are also protecting the bank’s secrecy. I think there was a deadline in the news today for some type of agreement to be made with the US and if that agreement wasn’t made by noon today, the case is going to court tomorrow here in the United States.  I think even the UBS attorneys and officials say that it is not very good for UBS if that happens. So is there something you can add to that to tie it in to everything else? That would be great. Thanks.

RAMA – I would say what is going on is a complete shuffling of our economic system.  It has to do with the Lavender Lad setting things right with the banks, now that the banks that are not going to comply with Treasury banking will ultimately dissolve or be gone.  We might be looking at banks that are dragging their feet.

MARK – Another thing. Rama saw this, and we talked about it earlier. During this July 8th, I believe it was the G8 meetings. Barack Obama, St. Germain and a bunch of unhappy folks were in a circle.  They had documents on the table and they were looking very sick and angry and disgusted. They were signing these documents.

Understand that the corporate economic system is broke. UBS is broke. The only hope for that? That is why they had to shuffle their feet here and pretend they still have funds.  They can’t pay those things because they don’t have it. The second they admit they don’t have it, their doors would be closed. So these things that are going on behind the scenes, allow them to happen.  Don’t worry about it. St. Germain has it all handled because in effect, he owns them all.

MARK – So the plan is there. We allow those people to go bankrupt. We celebrate that an era is ended. The very next day, the U.S. Treasury Banks, and their equivalent elsewhere, open up again only under a sound system without the debt and the shenanigans.

CINDY – A person was saying that their inner guidance told them to stay inside during July 21st and 22nd. Could this be due to radiation?

MARK – My answer is very simple. Anything that suggests that you need to be in fear is disinformation.  All of those negative scenarios are garbage. What you are cannot be destroyed. What you are becoming is too marvelous for you to even imagine, so you will just have to experience it. There is no need to hide. Open yourself up. Display your light. Speak your truth and let the chips fall where they may. You will feel liberated more than at anytime in your life before. This is the time where it can all happen. So please! Don’t buy into that, unless you don’t want to experience the joy. Nothing to fear!

KAUWILA – Every one of these questions are absolutely wonderful. Many of us have been through all this. It took us like years to go through that waking up [process].  Now it is happening and its like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on?!”  Then all of a sudden, it’s gone. Now I see what the next step is, this is the new dimension we are in right now.

CINDY – This is from MetatronChild: Do you know where all the solar disks are?

MARK – We don’t have Madame X on right now, but understand they are distributed.  Some of them are movable. As a matter of fact, we had an experience when we went to the Aegean Sea. After we had activated this solar disk, it recognized us and reset our codes to match its own. Then, almost the next day, we were in the Aegean Sea.  There Horus and Isis appeared and they apported it.

They brought it in and put it right there. It is a ten story disk folks. Not only did they bring it there, but they asked us to walk into it.  When we did, we were 800 trillion years in the past.  Beth and I were standing side by side and our guardians, our guide was saying ‘This is you. This is you making the decision because you looked in the future and you saw how this gets messed up.’ Then we walked back through that same portal and were back in that same room.  Then the disk, Horus and Isis disappeared.

But, the thing is they can be [moved] and that is what Madame X was suggesting a little earlier. She put one over Independence Pass, in the Rockies. She said there was more work to do there.   When I asked her about the Lemurian disk locally, we fixated its original position is here.  She said that thing has a range that goes up into Colorado.  As a matter of fact, she inferred very clearly that we would all need to hook together and facilitate some more adjustments and refinements in the coming days.  We will be happy to do that. That is our delight, to hook into this. So don’t be fixated on a geographic position. They know where they need to be.

RAMA – I just wanted to say one thing. There is a disk under the Dome of the Rock. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is in Palestine.

MARK – The point is, we are just spacing out just like everybody else. That is where it is, in the Dome of the Rock. That is correct. That is [where] the master star gates [are] on the planet. These master star gates can still be controlled by the other solar disks. Particularly, that one that is in Peru on the Bolivian border there.

CINDY – So I am going to combine some of these questions people are asking. Can you explain for the “Newbies” on the call and on chat when are all the prisoners going to be released? When are we getting our monies? So can you breakdown again what has to happen first, then the next thing, then the next thing for NESARA and just to give a quick brief breakdown on that.

MARK – Sure. This is not a difficult thing. Understand there is a sequential flow of events. Many things are involved and they all have a particular place. We know absolutely that the next thing that has to happen is arrests. Nothing less because this involves 9/11. It involves war crimes and all the other associated crimes, criminals and things that have gone bump in the night.

TARA – Okay, Mark, I want to say this. This is something scheduled for tomorrow is for [Attorney General, Eric Holder]. There has already been a call made for investigating further how Dick Chaney was involved in the surveillance as well as the torture program that was kept covered up.  The surveillance ended up in Tel Aviv. That means every single one of our records, went to Tel Aviv. That means these guys have committed beyond treason. This is a planned execution across the planet.

MARK – Eric Holder has already been tipped that he may call a special session of Congress with Bernie Sanders and all the other good guys like we have already mentioned before: Al Franken, Mark Begich, all of these White Knights in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. This is coming up folks.

TARA – And Congress is going to vote for the investigation to proceed so everybody’s got their part. Congress has to act on this.

MARK – This is the legal system, as we know it. Even though we know the results, even though we know they are guilty. They have to be given what amounts to a correct legal opportunity to change their minds. It may not change anything but this has to be done and the sequence has to take place. The International Court of Justice has to take over the thing. As soon as its announced, that war crimes is done. It automatically goes to Lady Master Nada and the International Court of Justice. That is the only venue that is appropriate for these types of things.

TARA – I want to say this that we’ve been watching Sarah Palin. [She] is a good example. She already had her opportunity to fess up and she chose not to. Therefore, her determined outcome has already been decided [upon] by the White Knights with her being able, as a soul, to take the opportunity.

MARK – With respect to the question about when are the prisoners . . Those people in prison, who should have never been incarcerated, because they were not incarcerated under constitutional and common law. Those people, Barack Obama has already signaled he is doing a case-by-case review, which is probably complete by now.

No new arrests would be made or prosecuted, [through old processes] once our announcement comes. At that time, he [Obama] is signing a blanket waiver except for the few [violent criminals]. We are talking a very, very small percentage. All the others are going to be released.

They are going to be given reparation for unlawful confinement. Many of those have lost their businesses. They’ve had their professional integrity stripped from them. All these things. These are our brothers and sisters.   If we do not stand for one law for each and all of us, we do not stand for anything. We are standing up and so are many others.  Lady Master Nada has the authority and the responsibility to dissolve courts where necessary, even our Supreme Court.

They are quaking in their boots as this begins to happen now because they are being exposed across the country. So listen [carefully] in these next days; you will see indications.  Patrick Fitzgerald is sitting there, waiting for the bell to ring. So he can start announcing these already indicted ones. All fully ready to be transported to The Hague. This is going to go fast folks.

Yet as Ashtar, as Mother and the King of Swords have always said: no dates, no nukes and the King of Swords adds no flukes – meaning there is no [mess]-up here. It will happen in exact sequence and you better fasten your seatbelt. You better take deep breaths, because when it starts, you will not believe how fast this all will happen. This is all coming up now.

You will not see the sun set on this year, without many, if not all of these things, having occurred.  Everything we are getting is that this is happening so fast now, because all of us are waking up and embracing more change, more  joy, getting and letting go of more of what has depressed us. Our victim hood and every other thing [is over]. There are no mistakes. Karmic Laws are such that we have to accept that we have been a partner that we have facilitated, even if we didn’t realize we were.  This is all important and it is happening now.

TARA – I’m  going to read what Wayne Madsen says at the beginning of the Christian Mafia exposure.  He says “None have ever achieved the kind of power now possessed by a powerful and secretive group of conservative politicians and wealthy businessmen in the United States and abroad who are known among their adherents and friends as ‘The ‘Fellowship’ or ‘The Family’.

‘The Fellowship’ and its predecessor organizations have used Jesus in the same way that McDonalds uses golden arches and Coca-Cola uses its stylized script. Jesus is the logo and slogan for ‘The Fellowship’. Jesus is used to justify Fellowship access to the highest levels of government and business in the same way Santa Claus entices the children into department stores and malls during Christmas shopping.

When the founders of our nation constitutionally separated church and state, the idea of ‘The Fellowship’ taking over the government would have been their worst nightmare. ‘The Fellowship’ has been around under various names since 1935. Its stealth existence has been perpetuated by its organization into small cells. A pyramid organization of correspondent associates, friends, members, and core members. Tax exempt status for its foundation and its protection by the highest echelon of our own government and those abroad.”

MARK – We’ll be putting this out or a link to this article so that anyone interested can read the rest of it.  [*** Tara provided this article, which is posted below.]  These are just the indications.  I want to mention something, the last thing that Tara said.

Beth and I were instructed [by the KOS] to turn our car in at an unusual place which happened to be in Vallejo, California. We were making our way, seemingly, homeward but had no reservations.  Then we were told to turn our car in, that was going to take us to the airport. So we were instructed to walk 3 blocks away from the street where the car rental place was. After turning our car in, here we are dragging our bags behind us, with no plane ticket. Just following the instruction.  So we sat in this playground with nobody there but us. Occasionally, someone would walk at the far end of it. But nobody seemed to want to be there when we were there.

It was a delightful day, so we put our bags down against a huge tree with over arching branches.   We were in the shade because it was getting kind of warm. I looked up and I attuned to [the sun]. Then through that, the sun behind the sun, with all the beautiful cosmic colors that is Helios and Vesta.  Then through that, one knowing the source of that is the Great Central Sun. They were all stepping down and [were] reflecting that Great Light which comes from galactic center.

As soon as I made that attunement, we started seeing these different colored rainbow colors coming at us. We sat there for 3 hours folks right on the ground and we were in sunlight bliss. Hard to describe. Time suspended itself and all the time we were there, these upside down pink hearts shown in every quadrant of the sky. Anything we looked at, they would paint it with one of these hearts – all pink.

Then the next day, we got a message from the King of Swords. That Kauwila was saying we need to do a meditation. [He] needed a color. Please give me a color. So Beth and I both said, “Well obviously the color is of the pink heart”. I

The next day we get a message from the KOS saying, “Now I want you to concentrate on the platinum pink pyramid”. He repeated that [phrase] in several different ways. What he was trying to do was to make sure we had all of the elements.  It didn’t matter how you mix them, it was the same thing. This is the new concentration.  Do this now. This is the color. So when Tara was talking about the Pyramid of Power, immediately our new construct is the Pink Platinum Pyramid of Power.

TARA – I wanted to say something about that. I was contemplating how I could tell a little bit about this. What’s a Quetzalcoatl? It was found in a crop circle and with a hummingbird. I mean the hummingbird showed up and there is a stele of Quetzalcoatl. It represents the Shining Ones and they call it a white man, but it doesn’t mean that. It means that everybody is shining their light and the keeper of pyramid is Quetzalcoatl.  Its written in the book of Thoth, which means that Thoth was Quetzalcoatl.

MARK – That is T-H-O-T-H.

TARA – Yes. In other words, he is a Kumara.  Sometimes they call him Sanat Kumara so that’s how high up . . .  Kuthumi has to be equally understood with St. Germain.  The main Mayan pyramid is in the grid of time and synchronicity and the pyramid. There are 12 pyramids.  It says here the writer of these pages is I, Thoth, the scribe who moved through many realities as teacher and author. I am linked to the Great Pyramid as a creational force and the hummingbird is creational force.

MARK – By the way, the hummingbird . . .  When Beth and I were up on Mt. Shasta. [On] two occasions we climbed to the summit.  We found the portal.  We sat there in meditation, talked to and communicated with the various realms that were present. I can only tell you, if you were there and experienced it, you would understand how 5th dimensional it was. The inner portals, the outer portals, the faces in all the nature beings.  All the rocks had faces. They were smiling faces. We were interacting with them in a fully conscience way with our eyes open and talking to Kauwila at the same time.

The last thing that happened when it was time to go, this hummingbird flew up. Flew up in front of Beth and it flew right over to this little twig right by my head.  It stayed there for almost 5 minutes. Hummingbirds don’t do that. They are always in motion, they don’t sit there in park.  This was our signal. “Yes, everything you’ve done is complete”.  So thank you, Tara, for mentioning the hummingbird there in that

TARA – And the hummingbird in the Medicine Cards is the completion card. The name of it is Joy and it’s the number 44.  Here we’ve got ourself with the 44th President. I want to go . . .

MARK – And Kauwila. The King of Swords told Kauwila that we’ve moved through  [333] and now we are into the 444s.  We’ll soon be into 555s. So be alert to these changes when you see them. You’ll see those numbers line up on your clock. Understand you are getting a message when that is happening.

CINDY – [This is] being asked a lot. About the Star Trek technology – transporting technology.  Can you go into a little bit of that? And there is one thing after that.

MARK – Yeah.  I will tell you an experience that Beth and I both had.  Rama has had this before too. This is not a singular experience.  Our experiences were after we met the council from the magical realms on the New Jerusalem. Rama was on duty at that time. He was too busy doing what he has to do. He noticed that this big convocation was there. He just didn’t know that Beth and I were there until we told him the next morning. After that council, we went back to our bodies here and then we got that feeling of sleepiness, which usually means they are going to take us back somewhere.

What they did was take us back to a [transporter] platform on the New Jerusalem, which is 5th dimensional.  This is where it gets into the Star Trek stuff. They had to do some operations, that had to be done outside of the physical universe, or physicality. So what they did was put us on that platform. When they [energized the transporter], we felt all of our self coming apart, Then coming back together again when we got [ to our destination. Which was the] Tenth dimension.

They shot us up to the 10th dimension. [This was] the only way to get us there quickly. The 9th dimension is the last visage of physical matter. So when they took us there, they did this once again to us.  In some unusual way, they intermingled some of our molecules so when we came back from that, we were disassembled again and then reassembled in the 5th.  Then once again sent back down to our bodies.

This was so that a certain part of our coding could take place outside of physicality. So all these things you’ve seen – maybe they are not quite the same that you’ve seen on Star Trek – these things are real.  They happened. We experienced it. We also experienced that kind of unity where you are inter-blended. You cannot completely separate yourself from the person next to you. That’s not uncomfortable.  It’s not a problem.  We came back, you might say, more and more solidified in our individual identify. We were still aware of that inner mixing. We were still aware that actually a part of me was in her and a part of her was in me.

Obviously, until you have experienced that yourself, nothing in there is fearful.  It is a little contrasty if you haven’t felt yourself disassembled before because we were aware of it.  It is just a part of the wonder. Ecstasy in the cells. When we came back to our physical bodies, we were so expanded and the feeling of our cellular structure that we were just enjoying. You cannot describe it any other way and I wouldn’t care to because I’d rather you experience it. I guarantee you folks, this is up for you and that’s why we are talking about it so thank you for that question.

CINDY – Okay, Mark. I think my experience that I told you about this morning that happened yesterday might be helpful for everybody that is not having what you and Beth, the A-Team is having. I think it might help relate more – when I was at the Vet.

MARK – That’s a great one. It will also sensitize them – they think they may be going in for prosaic reasons, which may not be why they are going into various places and services and locations. They may be going there for very different reasons.  So please do share that Cindy.

CINDY – This has never happened before and I’ve met a lot of great spiritual teachers, physically you know, been introduced and have known them after that experience. Yesterday, my cat started doing an unusual meowing and she would lift her leg out and start crying.  I thought, “Okay.  Got to go to the Vet”. Well, you know, its late in the day; the Vet’s closing.  But, I loaded her up and took her to my Vet.  My Vet said, “Sorry. I’m already booked up and we’re almost ready to close. You need to go to the emergency Vet a few miles away”.  So I drove my cat down there.

Luckily, there wasn’t a long line.  I thought I was going to have this woman Vet and this man came into the room.  He was my Vet.  We couldn’t find anything wrong with my cat. [However], while I am there, I am getting so overwhelmed with love and joy.  It was coming from [the Vet]  He was just emanating [it] and he didn’t even realize it.  Tears started coming down my face.

“Well, I can’t find anything wrong with her”. I said, “No, it has nothing to do with her.  It is you. I am being so overwhelmed with love and joy just coming from who you are”. I’m getting goose bumps.  I looked at him and said, “Can I hug you?” He was so surprised by the look on my face he just said, “Sure”. I said, “I don’t think you understand who you are and what’s coming from you”. He looked at me and said, “I’ve never had anyone say that to me before”.

I smiled and said, “I think you will”.  So we finished up and I left. I told Mark about this today. Correct me if I’m wrong, Mark said I was to meet this person so he could sort of have, what was the term you used Mark?

MARK – Activation wake-up call. And I have to say Lady Master, now that we’ve got you in a hot seat space. Watch your own heart. It will tell you more about that than you have already have cognized. I will leave it at that.

Egypticat. So Mother is smiling at you right now and saying, guess what, if you look in the mirror and you put your voice in his body, what do you think he is saying to you?

TARA – So that means that Mother Sekhmet is the She and her father Ra so they are saying, they are connecting Sekhmet with Ra right here.

MARK – And the last label is Abracadabra. So watch out for the magic claw. You have just been dusted by the Fairy Godmother.

CINDY – So my main purpose of telling this story that occurred to me yesterday is for everyone that is listening.  It doesn’t take you to be a Beth, a Mark, or a Rama. You’re here on these calls for a specific reason and you might not realize it, but you are just beaming out so much. Like Mark said, in oddball ways, you are going to meet people.  You are going to activate them somehow without both of you knowing.

So I just want you to know, you don’t have to go on these special Ops that they go on. You are doing so much for this planet so that is why I said that.


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