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Lord Melchizedek Channel to the A-Team


[Lord Melchizedek is the Universal Logos and third most powerful being in this Universe. He is not a man or angel, but a great god-like being made by God especially for this position. As Universal Logos, Lord Melchizedek oversees the Ascension process and development of ALL beings in this Universe. He is also the Head of The “Order of Melchizedek,” which is the priesthood and seminary college of The Great White Lodge. You may call upon Lord Melchizedek for help, guidance, protection, and training, and he will surely do everything within his power, control, and jurisdiction to help you. Pronounced (Mel-Keys-a-Deck).]

Hello Everyone,
After some very intense operations, we realized we needed to go to a higher level for a fresh perspective for where we are going. We both agreed we should go to Melchizedek. We went through all the protocols and Melchizedek agreed to share this message.
Please post AS IS. Punctuation is added by Melchizedek for emphasis.
This url is included to let people connect with “who Melchizedek is”.

“This is Melchizedek.
Your Planet Earth is at a turning point.
All the changes you have been waiting for are on the threshold of being put into practice.
As one sees the ease of lifestyle put into place, one will look around for ‘What is Next?”
With the stranglehold gone, you each will have honest media reporting, world peace, and plenty for all. This will be a very different atmosphere.
This will happen quickly.
In this new climate many of you will look around and be ready to play, ready to Cocreate.
In this new world you will have the freedom to work together to produce the best of everything.
This will change how children come onto the Planet and how they are raised.
The New Children are a major part of creating a New World.
Some are coming in with no prior Earth lifetimes. They have lived in places where group consciousness is the norm. They are coming in from places where they know only love and bliss. They have not experienced hatred, violence, lack of plenty.
These New Children will bring fresh ideas to the consensus reality. The mix will be changed. With the dark ones, the controlling ones gone, and the New Ones here, there will be an expansion in mass consciousness before unbelievable.
These New Children will not tolerate pollution, they will insist that our medical model transform to the immortal model. They come from places that do not know death. When they are finished with one experience, they simply lay down their “body” and move on to a new experience. Some of them come form places where they do not use or need “bodies”.
Once the basic survival questions are dealt with (pollution, illness, death, for example)
Minds, Emotions and Bodies will be clear to CREATE.
This is when it will become interesting.
This is when it will be fun to know the other races from other places far far away. It may be fun to explore other cultures.
How will the Earth look when all creation is based from love?
How will Earth look when the forests, jungles, tundra, desserts, are restored to balance, to pristine beauty? How will it be when some of the far off balance climate changes are put back into balance?
How will Earth look when magic is restored?
I am not talking about the fearful things in your society, evil spells and such.
I am talking about communing with those whom live in partnership with the elemental, animal, natural, devic and mineral kingdoms. I am talking about understanding the languages spoken in these kingdoms.
Many of you have been talking about telepathy. Try this with a plant, or your pet cat. You are already doing this? Why not have telepathy with an elf or a fairy? Why not see them return to your gardens and wooded clearings?
The New Children know these things as their reality. The New Children will expect and require a World where all the Kingdoms have been restored and all of the Knowledge about these things is available to all who seek it.
The New Children will Cocreate a World where all knowledge is accessible.
They will achieve this by visiting the Library which has been kept for them at Inner Earth with Mikos at the crystalline Alexander Libraries. They will achieve this through their new ways of learning, of those we only have shown glimmers of, holograms, learning on space craft, inner plane learning.
The New Children will Cocreate a World where it is the norm to explore interdimensionally and multidimensionally. Their “science” while include all planes, all dimensions. Their World will include all souls incarnate on all dimensions of all races. They will live in an inclusionary World, a more colorful world, a more magical world, a World where the exchange method is Love. This brings unlimited potential possibilities.
We are looking for those who may foster these children as the early transitions go into place. These foster parents will be there to provide the grounded foundation necessary to keep these souls on their Path, free to Explore, free to Implement and Free of Limiting Thoughts. These foster parents are often the Indigo Children. They have prepared by experiencing parenting ‘Done Wrong’, religion ‘Done Wrong’ schools ‘Done Wrong’ medicine ‘Done Wrong’ self-governance ‘Done Wrong’ and entertainment ‘Done Wrong’ in every form there is. They are the ones who daily buck the system and demand change.
By experiencing it ‘Done Wrong’, they have learned to Cocreate a consensus reality, based on Love. These are the folks who will be asked to look after the New CHildren. These are the ones entrusted with the New Vision. The New Vision for the New World will be brought to the World by the children. It is tantamount that the first Foster Parents be balanced and Guide the New CHildren and keep them on the path as the early transitions take place. These parents will not say no to new ideas and they will foster creative living alternatives.
You are dawning a New Age on Earth.
Everything you can dream is now possible in this Galactic New Year.
Strive to be one of the Prepared Ones. Raise questions, ask for Guidance and spend your time working at learning new things. Be Creative and Cocreate.
Imagine a fractal in your mind. The tiniest part of it spirals out further and further and further into infinity it then spirals back down to the tiniest part. As it becomes the large part it breaks forth into new creation, it bursts forth into new dimensions, it extends out into infinity. Practice being the tiniest part of the fractal and practice being the largest part of the fractal as you Cocreate the New Earth.”
In addition to the above, as the Audience was completed, Melchizedek concluded with the following:
“That is enough for today, little One, Grasshopper. (gives me a peck on the lips)
He turns to Mark and Me and says You are Both Blessed as you Do Your Work. You are Guided by the Very Best and you are watched over. He placed his hand on our heads extending love and he was giving us His Blessing.”


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  1. jamtheden says:

    This is my reality too.
    And I love it.

    Much Love

  2. jjfricker says:

    Keylontic Science beautifully gives the same message and uses the same terms and language. It has been said by those of the higher dimensions that the true message of love and light will come from many sources.

  3. Victoria says:


    This is great news. I have a fewcquestions, how are these children coming into this reality?
    Are they going to be born here? Why do they need ‘foster parents’?

    I ask because I recently had a dream where I was brought into a huge “round shaped” craft to introduce two ‘different’ groups of children to each other. I was teaching them about their different cultures and history. I am not a teacher in this world, however I am awakened and can’t wait for the Grand Awakening of this world consciousness into the New awakened reality.

    Much Love, Light and Kindness,


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