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JFK Leads Declaration of Sovereignty – June 30, 2009


JFK addressing the June 30,2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“My fellow Americans and Citizens of the World, I am the one you know as JFK and I am so grateful that we are here together with the candles lit, as they once were lit for me upon the occasion of the world recognizing my passing.  Well, I trust that you have ceased any judgment of the engineering of that incident.  It was most necessary for the world to experience at the time that it happened.  And I want to assure you that I am in absolute safety and yes, I shall return in my body when the moment is right.  And you may even see me upon that stage where I have been working behind the scenes in support of the coming of what you call the Golden Age of Planet Earth, and all of the events and happenings which have taken place and are taking place and are about to take place as time is still measured.

” So thank you, my fellow Citizens of the World, for once again lighting the candles.  And we are here tonight in this place of safety and security for all, and it extends to all of you. And we are here to honor the love and the sovereignty in all of us and in turn to extend it to the world.  So as these candles are lit, now you shine even brighter than before with your love which these candles symbolize.  And we shall ask that you join if you feel so inclined in a solemn Declaration based in Love of the Sovereign Beings we all are, and so I shall say the words and I shall then ask that you repeat them while your candles burn brightly, and so it is.  We shall begin.

I AM a Citizen

Of the World and the Universe beyond

And I AM in full recognition

Of who I really am.

I AM a being of Love Light

And I commit the love I AM

To empower my true Sovereignty

And I light my candle

That the Universe may see

That I recognize the Light that I AM

And I take this sacred vow

To shine my Light always

To express who I really am

To show others the way of the Sovereign Being

And to take my place in the Universe

As a shining Citizen.

Love I AM and I share it freely

Because I AM free so to do.

And I know that I have always been

The Light of Love shining

And I know that I shall always be

As I was created

Love Light.

And so it is.

I give myself freely and joyfully

To the Universe

In all of my Loving Being

And so it is!


“That was beautiful and most inspiring.  Thank you Beloved Ones, coming together in the family we are.  I am never far from you for you have kept the flame burning for me and as you have done so, I have kept the flame of my promise alive and burning for you.  And so as we celebrate this Freedom, this coming together as loving Citizens of the Universe, I say to you, you have asked what you could do for your country and for the world and for the universe, and you yourselves, Beloved Ones, are the bright and shining answers.

“And so I salute you and I honor you in these days of celebration of the grandest returns of Freedom and Joy and Sovereignty that Planet Earth has ever seen. United we are, always and ever more.  Thank you for your Love, for your Light and for your acceptance and expressions of Sovereign Freedom.  Good evening to all.  And so it is.”


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  1. ItWorker says:

    Whoa!! I am AWED… That was truly inspiring. What a beautifully elegant and concise declaration to hold in our hearts. A new Pledge of Allegiance to the universal one-ness and to our personal independence withIN it. So Be It.

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