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Guan Yin – A Compassionate Observer: 7-14-09


Guan Yin addressing the July 14, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Kuan Yin, and I come forth and speak for this entire company when I thank you.  Your hearts are so beautiful.  The Compassion and the Love that you show, that you give, that you radiate is not only wondrous but healing.  It is representative of the kinds of healings that are the most powerful and effective.  And yes, you can reach out and help others to heal, only remembering that it is up to the one that you are offering the healing to to determine what form the healing will take.

“And so I wish to come to you tonight, not only in thanks and gratitude for the Compassion, the Compassionate Love that you extend, that you radiate, and yes, sometimes you radiate it even when that part of you that is of the third dimension, as Ashtar would call it, may be having a conscious thought that is not quite the same as Compassionate Love. I want to assure you that that part of you which is in the higher dimensions always, always is only radiating Love.  And the more that you connnect with that part of you, the more you can bring it into your own 3D conscious being, because there is a part of you that is still conscious in 3D, less and less as we proceed together on this Ascension path to be sure, but you know you still have some 3D thoughts, which you are congratulated for having by the way.

“And even as we ask you to focus on transmuting them, we also remind you that you are a bridge and you are a leader, and leaders must always be aware of what the others in their company are feeling and thinking.  And so, as you help others to transmute any feelings that you might consider to be 3D, remember that you must be aware on some level.  And so it is to be the Compassionate Observer filled with Love and radiating Love but nevertheless the observer more and more, rather than the participant in the spreading of what you might call the 3D kinds of emotions and thoughts.  And you are all so beautiful and you are all so beautiful upon your paths and are making such beautiful progress, we might add.  There was a little spike of power was it not, and that is quite fitting.

“For what I am here to celebrate with you is this grand reunion, another reunion, wherein the feminine becomes more empowered, and the masculine becomes more compassionate.  And so it is happening, Beloveds, it is happening.  Allow yourselves to meet and greet and reunite with that part of you that you call your twin flame, your significant other, or however you choose, because that’s really that part of you which, when you came into the 3D body, you experienced some degree of separation from.  For some of you it was absolute and total, for others of you it was partial and for some you you have managed to maintain a contact or reestablished contact.

“Be advised that as this midpoint* becomes the ultimate destination, if you will, you can consider it a destination of days* on your calendar, if you want to, you will find it easier and easier to experience this reconnection.  And if you want to focus on it, it is a very good thing to focus upon, because it is a part of your Ascension process, and it is important that this reunion take place, and we are not necessarily discussing a reunion of two physicalities.  We are not necessarily discussing an intimate relationship to be established with Mister Question Mark or Ms Question Mark, although it can take that form.  And it is to be rejoiced at if it does, and explored and followed.  For some of you the reunion will take place outside of your 3D physicalities, but it need not be postponed from your hearts and from that part of you which is higher dimensional in existence than 3D.

“Now you have already received much information and wisdom aobut your twin flame, and there is a great deal more that will come, but we are here to tell you that the best source is you yourselves.  Do you feel a bit of a flutter sometimes, a closeness, a bit of getting to know you or whatever?  Be joyful and call that one forth if you desire.  Familiarity will come, we shall not say instantaneously, because you still have this thing called time, and it is still a good tool, a grand tool of your invention, but we shall say this, these energies that are coming right now will certainly facilitate and heighten your connections and your communications and your communions.  And if you wish to start, then do so by calling forth that part of you that you call your twin flame and if you feel as though it’s just a natural progression anyway, then rest easy, you don’t have to do anything.  And if you don’t feel the connection immediately, know that in earth time, there is the perfect moment that is there for you to effect this reunion.

“And it is most likely to come in stages rather than in one big explosive burst, because that might be a bit hard on your circuitry.  And so you smile and you are so beautiful and you are so radiant and I, Guan Yin, come to you now as a Compassionate Observer of all of you, but I have to tell you how much I as an entity love all of you.  You know we’re all family, and I have the honor of speaking for all who have the feminine energies and the masculine, but it is to bring the feminine out more, to come more into balance.  You may have heard that the Aquarian Age is feminine, whereas the Piscean Age which your planet Earth has just moved out of, and indeed your solar system, is more of a masculine [energy].  And this is true in a certain sense of the word, but it is to effect the absolute joining, union, reunion, communion of the Male and Female that is the goal here.  And that goal is being met, and Beloved Ones, you are literally rising to the occasion.

“You are so splendid.  We have called upon you numerous times, have we not, to participate in exercises, and so now we are saying to you, when you go to your place where you like to connect in whatever manner feels most familiar and most joyful for you, I shall be there with each and every one of you if you call upon me, as a part of your team, as a part of your reunion team, if you will.  I serve in that capactiy for all of planet Earth, and I can joyfully and truthfully tell you that it’s happening, the process is happening, it’s unfolding beautifully for each and every individual and for the planet as a whole, or as we like to say, as the One We All Are.  So be assured that you each have your own individual progress path, and you’re on it.  And from the perspective of I, Guan Yin as your Compassionate Observer, I congratulate you, for it is truly completely and irrevocably accomplished as a part of your own Ascensions.

“And so I thank you, Beloved Ones, for being together in this family, for coming together in such Love and such Compassion.  We have infinite Gratitude and you shine together, outstandingly as individuals and completely unified and united and standing together as One.  There is no star that shines brighter than you Beloveds, and it is with great joy that we see you so successfully accomplishing all of your missions upon you Ascension paths.  Never before has there been such a thing occuring on planet earth.  Never before has there been such an audience, and now we are enabled by your hearts and your invitations to be participants with you, to walk the path alongside of you and to fly with you, even so.  So thanks and gratitude from my heart to all of you and to all of us, for coming together in mission accomplished.  You are grand and loved beyond words, Beloved Ones, Family.  And so it is.  Namaste.”

* Midpoint between the lunar eclipse on July 7, 2009 and the solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 which is a window for new galactic codes to come into the Earth, especially balancing masculine and feminine energies for the Earth and the Solar System.


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