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Fairy Queen Mab’s Welcome: 7-14-09


Fairy Queen Mab addressing the July 14, 2009 Ashtar teleconference:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones!  I am Mab.  I am known as the Queen of the Fairy Kingdom, and I come to tell you in brief what I have told some who came to special celebration.  We are now One with you, I, the Fairies and all of those you call the Elementals, because this great family came and opened the way for us to be reunited.  And so I come to this gathering because I want to assure all of you that you were there in your hearts and in spirit even if not in your physicalities, and I want to thank you.  With hearts full of joy we stand with you now, and we invite you to greet and dance and sing.

“Each and every one of you has fairies and others in your fields, in your home spaces, and in your hearts, because we are reunited.  As you may know we had to go and fade a bit into the mists and retreat.  But that is no longer necessary and that is why we asked you to come and open the Portal that we might reunite, and that is why I come now to make a second official announcement if you will, that it is done, and you are all welcome to the Kingdom of the Elementals as you have welcomed us.

“So dance and sing and be in delight at this reunion, for it’s all about Love and it’s all about Joy and it’s all about celebration, parties if you will, and we are here because you answered our call.  All was in readiness and all was accomplished.  So if you were wondering, if you had not heard yet, wonder no more.  And if you are so inclined, join with us in our dance, join with us in our play, bring your children, let’s have a fairy picnic, let’s have some fun together because we are here to assist you upon your path to Ascension because we ascend with you.  We have a little higher starting place, but when you join with us you are there with us anyway, and we will make it with you into the even higher levels of fifth dimension and beyond.

“We are one of the lost kingdoms you might say, that are now found, because you chose to find us and to reunite with us.  So look for us, look for us in all of the places where you think we might be.  We like to hang out around mushrooms, you call them fairy rings, and there are larger members of our kingdom.  Do not be surprised if you find a unicorn in your backyard sometime.  The unicorn will come if you put out your welcome mat.  So sweet is this reunion, so joyful that indeed, my heart is full to overflowing.

“I step forward as a representative of that which you call the Kingdom of the Elementals, and I greet you as representatives of the Kingdom of the Humans Ascending.  And so have no shyness; it may be new to you but be joyful.  Smile because we’re there, whether you see us or not in the moment, and if you feel like laughing out loud, maybe we’re tickling your funny bone. It is all about Joy.  It’s all about dancing and singing and being together.  So thank you, beloved family, for this reunion.  Reunions of all kinds are happening and it’s all magical and wondrous and true.

“Come whenever you wish to the fairy ring or any place inside or outside of your home space where you feel a special kind of feeling.  Talk to us, we’ll talk to you and we will have wonderful conversations, and we can have honey tea* parties, and we can dance, and if you ask us we’ll play our music for you. Thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for making all of this possible in what you call your time.  We have awaited this reunion and now, it is done.  And so I can only say to you, ‘Welcome to our kingdom,’ as you have welcomed us to yours.  And so it is, now and evermore.”

*Mab has given a honey-water recipe to put out for the fairies as a special treat.  Put a teaspoon of honey into one-quarter cup of water that is warm enough to dissolve the honey.  Bless the honey-water mixture and pour it into tiny bottle caps and place outside (and some inside) for the fairies to enjoy.  You might ask the fairies where they would like it placed and use something like muscle testing to confirm their response.  As you practice this, you will no doubt begin to hear their response and start up a conversation.


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