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Dr. Steven Greer, Partial Transcript, Barcelona, July 26, 2009



After I had gone all over the world…, we made an assessment that these [black] programs were illegal, unconstitutional in every country.  A priori they could not use the law to protect themselves and the same applies with these technologies.  If they issue any inventor a “National Security Order” he needs to get hold of me so that I can take him by the hand and rip these things up  because they have no constitutional standing.

These people have no legal standing because they are the criminals.   This is basic constitutional law. … You can’t break the law and have a criminal enterprise and then use the law to protect myself and to hide things. They cannot have it both ways.  And therefore we are on the side of the angels. We are on the side of the law.

And so we should go forth with that certainty. Not thinking that it is easy. Not thinking that it is without risk. …

But I will you this. This is the Pearl of great price. This is what you don’t throw back into the sea. This knowledge that you have received this weekend at this conference is knowledge about really a sacred responsibility, a call to action, a call to do something about this, not only peaceful contact with interstellar visitors, and disclosure, but seeing that we lay the foundations for these technologies to come out to be used for peaceful energy generation to save our planet from the abyss it is going into.  And to alleviate the suffering of the planet.

Because for most of the people on the planet today, a third of the planet’s population lives on less than two dollars a day.  It’s already a cataclysm. It’s already terrible. And if we have any compassion for those people, we will say we will say: we will make an effort for them, for all the children of the earth.

Because it is only when there is justice and only when there is a certain decent standard of living that we can become a civilized society living in peace. We cannot have peace where 80% of the population is in poverty, where there are two or three hundred families and corporations that have half of the world’s net worth and wealth.  This is not a sustainable situation.

So there are a thousand reasons to do this that are all good reasons and the only reason not to – our fears, our timidity, our weakness. And this is the time where I’m telling you we have to transcend that. We have to look across to that far horizon. And we are going to make it together. We’re on this planet together, Schoolhouse Earth. And we are going to make it together. The only question is how much tumult, how much difficulty.

And this is totally dependent on what we do with out free wills. … They are wanting us to do this so that we become a peaceful civilization and the cosmos will open wide its arms and embrace us. …

So we have these tasks before us – contact, disclosure, new energy – and the promise of all these things is that as we pass through this journey in the coming months and few years, we will have laid the foundation for a civilization that will be here unbroken and in peace, for 500,000 years. That’s the era that has just opened.

And that’s the vision we should share from heart to heart with our loved ones and coworkers…. We have to educate our leaders, but not wait for them.  Many people say are you waiting? I say, No, I’m not waiting on anybody. Forget that.

If I made any mistake during the run-up to the Disclosure Project, it’s that I gave the Clinton Administration and the U.S. Congress too much time. I gave them six years.  I’m giving Barack Obama less than a year.

And I have announced to him … now I’m going to say something her I’ve not said publicly….  Get me in more trouble…. Who cares?

[Number 1.] If within a year of his taking office, they have not taken definitive faction on these issues, we are going to form together the Council on Interplanetary Relations and we’re going to formalize contact and bypass these useless governments in the world.

Number 2. We are just getting started. We are going to make open contact.  And we have at least one G8 country that has written me a document. How I wish I could read it to you. It is the most important document in the history of the UFO subject. And the irony is that I am not at liberty to disclose it and I’m head of the damned Disclosure Project. This is a gentleman’s agreement because it is a delicate negotiation.

But in this document, imagine this coming from the most senior ranks of a major government in the world.  This is what they have said: “We wish to go on a long journey together to make contact with these extraterrestrial civilizations. Will you work with us?”  And I said yes. So we have at least one major government who wants to do it. And you know what? If Obama does not get on board he is going to be left behind in the dust of history. Just that simple.

And number 3, we are going to persist in identifying these new energy technologies. And I have been told here in Spain there may one or two of these waiting to come forward. I hope what I have heard this week is true. I have had some wonderful meetings. And if it is, we will be the carrier force to introduce this to the world. And if we do, will you help us, will you join us when we call, tell everyone we have this and don’t let it fall apart. Don’t let it get lost.

Because we stand on the morn, the edge of eternity.  A time where this planet will become one of the great jewels in the diadem of the cosmos. A place of peace, a place of abundance, a place of enlightenment.

And we and all of our children coming with us from the other side will become ambassadors in the future to other worlds that have come this way and are coming by the way we have come.  So the cycle of life continues in the universe and we are all part of that.

Thank you for joining me. God bless you.

– Steve Greer, European Exopolitics Summit of 2009 in Barcelona, July 26, 2009


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