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BREAKING NEWS: Preview of Next Week & an Invitation 7/18/09



We invite “All That Is” to participate in a series of events from July 20-July 23, 2009 around the World.

July 20, 2009

There will be a necessary Optimization/’Colorization’ of the Lemurian Solar Disc in New Mexico, USA. This Optimization will raise the Octave of Energies between the Lemurian Solar Disc and the Atlantean Solar Disc as well as the Energies flowing through the entire Earth Matrix Harmonic Grid and the Master Hologram. In doing this we set up a sequential flow of events, the result will allow each new event to happen during this critical period.

This day the A-Team joins in New Mexico, a few miles from where Mark, Tara and Rama live, where the Lemurian Solar Disc is deeply based on 69 acres of land. Mark, Tara and Rama with Madame X and her husband will be joining with her best friend, Libby, and Claire, another Energy worker, who is good friends with all. They all will go there together and engage the energies around 10 pm MT, July 20, 2009.

Madame X has received Guidance on what will be done at the site. The purpose is to open the path way which will unite a common undertaking of implementing and bringing in the Divine Feminine Ray on July 21, 2009. All are invited to participate in this event, please join via meditation, we also invite:

Office of the Christ, Divine Mother; Beloved Presence of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit; Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty plus Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace; Elohim Councils of the Light of God, Archangels of the Tree of Life; Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, Hyos Ha Kodoish; Paradise Sons,’ All Ascended Masters from Earth and all friends and family from the Galactic Federation; All the Monads and Oversouls of all incarnated on Earth at this time, Great Divine Director; Initiates and Disciples from the Synthesis Ashram and all Seven Ray Ahsrams of the Christ Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Order of the Golden Robe, Pan, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Devic and Nature Spirits, Elemental Kingdom, Manifestation Council, Silent Watcher of the Cosmos; Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lord and Lady of Arcturus, Dr. Lorphan and all the Galactic Healers; Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady NESARA, Lady Nada, Lady of the Light; the Native American Eagle Master Elders, Multi-Universal Logos, Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Goddess Lodge, the Christed ET Lodge, the Eastern Masters Lodge, the Occult Western Lodge, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy.

The Optimization of the Lemurian Solar Disc this night reunites All Life in All Kingdoms/Queendoms on Earth and within Earth and prepares the way for the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon the next day.

July 21, 2009

We will be able to reset the Master Hologram and receive the Divine Feminine Energy completing the Twin Flame Heart anchoring on Earth. This Solar Eclipse day, duality on Earth no longer will be part of the New Original Lemurian Timeline/Blueprint. Afterwards, we may co-create our abundant and balanced dreams that will manifest. Examples of this are telepathy and teleportation. This happens in conjunction with the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon.

This day is the New Moon Solar Eclipse, the longest Eclipse for our Planet for a very long time. On this day there is a resetting of the Master Hologram. This clears all the dysfunctionality of relationships and brings clarity, purity, warmth, and peace coming from the reconciliation of male and female/Matter and Spirit aspects of creation.

There will be a complete balance of Divine Feminine/Masculine, Male/Female, Matter/Spirit, Inner/Outer, Higher/Lower.

Duality ends this day. The rebooting of the Master Hologram means the end of the old paradigm;fear, manipulation, lies, control. We bring in today, into this perfect balance; light, peace, harmony, and love in action.

July 22, 2009

The next step will be to clear the energetic pathway and tunnels between Oahu, Hawaii and Giza, Egypt…on both ends…and through all energetic pathways.

This day the A-Team joins with Kau’ila who will travel to Oahu, Hawaii. This is an 11:11 day. It is the tipping point, the midpoint between anchoring the Divine Feminine and Opening the Lion’s Gate. Nothing can stop the changes coming into play. There is a tunnel from a volcano site on Oahu, Hawaii, to under the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt. This day we will clear this pathway.

This is a choreographed movement which clears this conduit for unimpeded flow going through Earth. Wing Maker ships assist in stabilizing this massive coordinated effort. We will also clear all old debris on every interdimensional and multidimensional level on Earth. Pele, an aspect of Mother Sekhmet, and Divine Mother, will assist in this clearing. The Divine Feminine is in place and will no longer allow old polluting ways on the Earth. This will open up a path on the new Lemurian Timeline, to be utilized by all of the inner and outer realms on Earth.

July 23, 2009

This is the opening of the Lion’s Gate and as the day unfolds will involve massive clearings of pathways and old paradigm outpicturings. This will in turn make it possible for the final step of replacing the capstone of the Great Giza Pyramid in Egypt. With the final step in place we return to Inter-Planetary Fellowship and the exchanges between civilizations. We will be able to freely move to visit our friends and have them visit us. This period of events are precursors for First Contact.

5:5:5 At dawn the A-Team again joins Kau’ila in Oahu, Hawaii. July 23rd will be the opening of the Lion’s Gate. The Lion’s Gate is the Twin Flame Heart Activation for the Planet and for each incarnated Soul upon it. This will start with Vywamus and Mother Gaia and each Soul Cell.

The Lion’s Gate is a doorway of Infinite Love. The opening of the Lion’s Gate means First Contact is possible. It is now possible to replace the capstone on the Great Pyramid at Giza. This will connect all Stargates, starting with the Sirius– the Morning Star– all pyramids, ziggurats, and portals upon and within the Earth.

It will then be possible to meet and join on Earth with our Twin Flames arriving from home, such as, Andromeda, Vega, Lyra, Pleiadies, Arcturus, Sirius, as well as reuniting all races from all places as One Race. Meetings with Groups all over the Earth, using nanite technology, previously put into place, are now possible.

Opening the Lion’s Gate means Alcyone and the Great Central Sun may pulse to Earth Light Energy directly. Love and purity pulsing to Mother Earth and every individual here and Cosmic Rays pulsing Light Elements to an Ascended Earth and all those ascending on her. This initiates the new Lemurian timeline on Earth. We start an influx of new; shifts in the way we operate on earth, governments, political systems, banks, economies, souls, anything born on Earth now is carrying a portion of the new rainbow light energy.

The time for Peace is Now.

MarkHuber, Beth, Kauwila & A-Team


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