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Ashtar Telecall Notes – July 14, 2009


(First portion missed.)

MARK – I wanted to share with you a couple of things that are happening right now. Also mention a couple of other sources.  Today, there were a couple of postings and one yesterday. “Welcome Home, Metatron” is out there on  It’s talking about on July 7th, at this point on that eclipse, we had an infusion of the divine masculine intuitive male.  Sounds like a contradiction. It’s the feminine male.  We are on the midpoint between July 7th and July 21st.  When July 21st comes, the divin e feminine masculine, or the powerful feminine, will come into the planet. As of tonight, this is breaking news, shortly after Ashtar speaks, 3 of us in different parts of the planet, will be coding in new twin flames. This will fill the whole planet. As part of that preparation, this involves the Lemurian solar disk, which is actually going to influence an entry point in Hawaii. That’s going to happen tonight. We are at a shift point. That will bring the new original Lemurian timeline. It’s going to be set in motion. It compliments exactly the Atlantian and Lemurian energies.  The Lemurian was feminine and the Atlantian was masculine.  Perfectly balanced in both feminine and masculine and so all the twin flames can begin to meet each other. This is a very big thing we’re talking about. It involves activation of telepathy and teleportation. It is all involved with the true twin flame reunion. I’m very excited to tell you about that.

Tara – I wanted to say something really important. This is a brief note to let you know Aurelia Louise Jones passed away this morning. Many new she had been ill for a long time. She is out of pain and in the midst of a new grand adventure.  Everybody was involved with her at Mt. Shasta, across the planet. What was the name of those events where the Lemurian

Rama – equinox in solstice

Tara – also spiritual things going on for a weekend.  Wesak.  Very good, thank you.  I’m just saying send her incredible amounts of love.  I’m sure she is radiating it back.

The title is misleading “Congress is outraged that Cheney concealed a CIA program to assassinate Al Qaeda leaders, yet they should be investigating why Obama is continuing and expanding U.S. assassinations.”  Since Friday, Rachel Maddows was talking about this.

Rama – Jack Rice

Tara – Jack Rice out and out said, Cheney has committed high treason and needs to be arrested right now. There’s a really replete story of the abuse of Michael Jackson directly connected with a picture of Barack Obama and Michelle, that’s all in black.  Michelle is 3 months pregnant with their new child.  Mother said that this one is a boy.  That is incredible. We had to make way for this to happen; for this child to come in and grow up and the opportunity to fall in the footsteps of his Mother and his Father.  These girls come first.  The oldest child and it’s always always the passing on of the divine feminine principle, boy or girl. That’s why the oldest child leads the way and teaches us the divine mother principle.  Barack and Michelle are standing with a hologram of Pope Benedict, XVI who is wearing a red cape with a cross on it.  It’s the cross of the crucifixion.  Michelle is wearing a veil.  In Turkey he said, I am a Muslim and I am a Moor. The United States never has been nor will it ever be at war with Muslims.  They also look like they are mourning the blood that has been spilled by this pope.

Meg Hoopes – I’m very happy.  I wouldn’t want to miss this show.  On my call tomorrow night, the big focus will be on compassionate heart exercises. We need to continue to do our Q-tipping. There will be some dendrite removal.  Also to trust.

[Meditation by Elise]

ASHTAR: Well good evening everyone …. You caught the high vibes, you are ready.  Well done.  There is some lifting up that occurred there.  By now you should all be feeling it, this union, we actually call it communion, meaning union with, if you want to get techie about it.  It simply is the joy of coming together.  It is more than just communication, certainly more than just connecting.  Now this is just as small a representation of what you are going to be feeling soon.  No dates.

Now we had some momentous announcements, just a few minutes ago in your time on this call … so we are going to talk a little more about that, with great appreciation to those who brought us the announcements.  But first we are going to have a mini Q&A.   How about that?  No don’t worry about *6 your phones because I am going to take care of both sides of it.  I am empowered to do that, you know.

Because when we come together in this communion beloved beings, you give permission for the closeness that enables the sharing of the thoughts and the emotions by being here, by showing up by answering the call so to speak as family.  If you are new to this conference call, be not concerned.  Here is a little secret.

While we are perfectly able to read anything that might be of a lower vibration, for the purpose of the call we just look at the highs.  That’s right.  And we want to ensure each and everyone of you, you are absolutely gloating and overflowing as love beams.  So if you are new to this call, and have some concerns about your privacy being invaded, be assured your higher selves have all agreed to be here and are delighted to share the wondrous love that you are, and that is exactly what is happening right now.

So as we said we are going to start out the festivities this evening with a little mini Q&A.  Now you are probably all familiar with a game show where the answer is given, and then the question is discerned.  So this is how we like to play mini Q&A.  So here we are.    Here we go.  Get ready.   You can take notes if you want to, here’s the answer – YES!!

Now what is the question?   The Question is in everyone’s mind and hearts is everything really taking place at warp speed – are we really in the fifth dimension now if we will but acknowledge it, are we really post Nesara, is Nesara really going to get announced, are ‘You’ really going to show up with ‘You’ being the Galactics, and is everything flowing well.    Now we will give you the reason for the question in the moment but we just gave you the answer.  So take a breath if you want to and take it all in.   Everything is on track and more, more than even you’ve dreamed of.  So start enlarging your visions and start answering the invitations which are numerous and they’re all engraved with your names that say What do you want? Who do you want to be? and leave the want out of it by the way, and just start creating your lifestyle the way you want it.  Having a little financial trouble, perhaps you are getting some telephone calls from beings of a low vibrational sort who want to get some money from you, send them love, send them some ho’ponoponos if you wish, and do whatever you can do, and then be joyful about it.

You know you might find this a rather interesting thing to say but we are going to say it anyway.  First of all it’s not all that bad to be out of money because it has a tremendous upside if you will but see it.  Does it not enable you to see the importance of what’s really important.  Does it not enable you to perhaps rearrange your closet of priorities a bit, does it not enable you to get on with your own personal house-cleaning and Q-tipping.  And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that.

In fact you don’t have to spend any if you call upon the great God/Goddess IAM that you each are – now we have been telling you for some time you are your own best healers, there is not any being, and potion, any procedure on Planet Earth or any place else that can do a better job of healing you than you.   Does this mean that you should not ever consult or seek support and assistance?  Of course not.  But it needs to start with you and your intent.  And if you are not getting results the way you want the results to be, go back and review the information in the Course in Miracles –  we often recommend that in what the voice calls the private sessions wherein I, Ashtar, get to have a discussion one-on-one.  Because if you will read the information there about miracles you will see that the healing always takes place when y ou call it forth.  It may not be in exactly the form that you want it to be in because it may be that there is a part of you that is your wisdom part, your higher self part, your subconscious, and all of those parts of you that you may not be in touch with all the time but nevertheless are there loving you, and saying but Beloved One you need a little more of this experience because you haven’t quite graduated in learning all the lessons yet.

So if you will stop and find out what the wisdom is for any and all experiences, conversations and thoughts that you have, you will find it’s a lot easier to get that housecleaning done.  We cannot emphasize enough.  Beloved Ones you are all here in mission and you all have purposeful missions, it does not matter whether you have as your age 10 or 100 or anything in between in years.   Well let’s not leave anybody out.  Whether you are at zero because you haven’t been born yet, but you are nevertheless listening in here, or whether you have a hundred as your age in physical body years, it does not matter.  It does not matter if you are in top muscular condition and be able to reach tall buildings in single bounds or whether you have some form of disablement, it does not matter.

You are all Gods and Goddesses, you are all Divine and you are all loved beyond words – and it is for you to get in touch with you. It’s the most important mission you have Beloved Ones, is to start recognizing how powerful you are, how divine you are.  Now we might suggest an exercise to you.  This is not an original, and this is more of a physical activity.   It was originally, well one of the ways it was done was in connection with putting nails into a fence or a board, but we don’t need to have you do that.   We are not here to suggest that you destroy property unless its your own fence and of course you can do that if you want.  But we would suggest that you keep a tablet or some kind of writing material handy, or a chalkboard, and just make a mark on it.   You know how to make those little chicken scratche s, you know those little lines and then you draw the diagonal line through it then you’ve got 5.  Interesting is it not?  Well you can do that or you can write numbers or do whatever you want.

Go through the course of the day when you are able to do this writing freely, you can take it to the job with you, pick out something that you want to have clean and then Q-tip.  Perhaps it is a judgment. You have a tendency, you are still being more in judgment than more in love, and so every time you make a judgment put a mark on paper and pretty soon that paper is going to be full of marks.  Then call upon the great God/Goddess you are for the next day and say alright my goal today is one less mark.   My intent is to make one less mark on the paper and so this might sound like its going to take a long time but guess what, you can take a short cut if you wish  and call upon your team to be in assistance with you, and before you know it you won’t be making marks on the paper.   An even better short cut, not better but another short cut you can use is that any time you start to have a judgment, mark it down but finish it off with a Ho’ponopono, but you can cancel it and send the kind of energy that you really want to be sending.

Now why is this important Beloved Ones?  Well it’s because the world needs you to be in mission to stand tall and direct loving thoughts free from the low vibrational judgment that is only natural and human to put forth as these news stories keep tumbling out.    How do you feel about Mr. Dick now that you know he has an assassination squad, for instance?  What kind of a feeling does that evoke?   Boy if its anything below level 4 in your chakras …there’s a mark, you see what we are saying?

We are asking you to be in mission on behalf of the entire Planet here, and for those of you who are a little surprised at that guess what you have been in mission on behalf of the entire Planet ever since you got here in your human body.  That’s the mission of the Ashtar Command at this moment.  Nobody needs to be rescued.  Nobody needs to be removed from a planet that’s about to blow itself up, or you know have everybody leave their bodies because of some contrived illness, or you call it epidemic, or anything like that,  but what does need to happen is peace on earth.   What does need to happen is Rising into the higher vibrations of love.  You can’t take judgment into 5D.   It doesn’t work.

And we have also mentioned a time or two and we will bring it up again that we have asked you to come because you volunteered, you may not have known exactly what it was you were volunteering for, but this is part of the deal, we have asked you to be number one monkeys so that the world can literally absorb by the thoughts and most of all the loving vibes that you put out.

How else is the world going to transform itself into Ascension readiness?  Now there is plenty of help. And you know that.   All of these wondrous wondrous energies that are coming.  Help to lift and move into the oneness that we are talking about.  But there are still needed what you might call human leaders  – examples if you will, shall we say exemplary human bodies which contain more than humans such as yours Beloved Ones, and you are doing a magnificent job

But we ask that you give passionate understanding to those that perhaps are still stuck in their boxes of 3D of judgment and all those kinds of things, that are of 3D vibrations, and that you go about by thought, word and deed showing the world a 5D being, and sharing that with the world.  It’s not just about great news of the planets ascending instead of destructing. It’s about the processes of ascension. And we know, we know there has been a lot of ascensionitis, and we know that’s still going on to some degree or other for everyone here.    But we are asking you to keep track of your thoughts and your words, not so much your deeds because you catch yourself, cause first there is the thought then there might be a word, well you usually catch yourself at the word level now.  And it’s not that you are doing judgmental things or anything like that.  It’s simply that sometimes you do say a word and more often that that you have a thought, now that’s not judging you that’s simply saying to you well here is your check up and this is your progress report, and we’re simply telling you to get on with it.

It takes commitment of the 110 % kind to do this.   But you know Beloved Ones, you know what that feels like even if you are not 110% all of the time, all you have to do is read about the adventures of the A-team.  Now there’s an example of commitment, is it not, and you too have important things to do, because you are the bringers of peace, the makers of peace and the keepers of peace on the planet.  You are the ones to touch your neighbors, your friends and the stranger down the block with compassion and kindness and most of all Love.

Now here’s an Exercise that we are going to ask you to participate in, and we’re going to ask you to do so as a preparation.  In other words, confidentially of course, there are already those who are there.  They have arrived there.  We are going to take you to a place to prepare the way for thousands who are about to be there.  Now there is no such thing as time in the high dimensions where we are going to be traveling, so just figure that its all perfect.  It will take care of helping those who have already been there or have passed through there, those who are there now and those who are on the way.  That’s one of the joys of stepping up your vibrations and going higher than 3D.  Time really doesn’t matter that’s why we make the links available in case you miss the call because you can join in with the Inte nt to be joining in at the exact time that the call was originated.   And it’s all perfect.  You never really miss anything anyway because you are connected.  But if your conscious part of you thinks you missed something, then by all means request the link.  So we needed to clarify that at this moment.  Now there is plenty of good material on the internet that you can look up if you want to know more on this no time situation.  Just suffice it to say that when you travel in the higher dimensions you are out of time.   It has an entirely different meaning than it does in 3D, does it not.  So instead of being in panic about it, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy being out of time.

Now it was mentioned a while ago that you are going to be getting more and more into telepathy and teleportation and we shall have some additional information upon that topic.  But we have someone else who is going to bring you that information.   So right now the Ashtar Command and all of you wondrous family, commanders if you will, but family, kind of a different note isn’t it, Family, feel that vibration, lift yourselves up, you can stay seated but lift yourselves up, and start some breathing because we have a mission to do here beloveds and we are ready to do it.

So just breathe.

Now Beloved Ones, we have given this mission before and we do so in order to expedite and facilitate your travels, so we ask you to look again ahead of you in your minds eye, and see that wondrous crystal elevator. That’s yours. That is yours now at least, your Beam Me Up Scotty machine.  So while you are breathing, walk forward.   The doors will open automatically.  You see the crystal elevator is alive with the energies of Love and Joy at your approach.  Just feel the welcoming energies that reach out to greet you and feel the love that is there for you.  And feel the love radiating out from your own heart space as you walk into this wondrous crystal elevator.   And feel the beautiful light, and feel all of the joyful feelings, it may be a tingling, it may be a cool breeze, it may be a rushing warmth.  These are some of your gifts, your sentry gifts, that go a bit beyond 3D if you will.   They nevertheless tell you, you are in a safe, secure and loving space.  This is exactly where you need to be.   And so, if you want to press a button, pick the one that says Destination.   And now you will see  the doors of this elevator will close, and there is even more light as the doors are crystalline too and look closely and you will see the doors embedded with all manner of special, special crystals and gemstones, your very favorite ones.   And see the patterns that they make.  And in a twinkling of an eye, or let us say in the twinkling of the radiance, now you have reached your Destination.    So take a deep breath Beloved Ones.

And as the doors open, you see before you a grand building.   And it is a kind of a dark, a kind of a grey or muddy color.  Step up close to it and feel the exterior wall and its very, very cold.   And there are many windows there but they are dark.  And the entire place is in some kind of a fog that it is so dark and damp that you can hardly see with your human eyes, never mind close them.  And this is an immense building.  And some of you already sense where you are.  You may feel a bit clammy from the cold and the fog, and if so just reach out and swirl around you and allow your energy fields to expand with the light, the love you are and dissipate the fog around you.   And continue doing so until you can see ahead of you the door into this building.   Oh yes it is for you to come inside to the very center of it.  And your wisdom self will lead the way and don’t forget that you are in the company of Sekhmet, the Paschats, the Angels, the Masters and the guides, and all in your own personal retinue of beings.  Those who come close with you, those who you call upon to be with you, they are all there.  So come together all of you Beloved Ones to this central meeting place where we are together.

And now I shall step forward to lead this exercise and the goal and purpose of this exercise and the Intent, and let me tell you it is already completed we have only to walk through it together, is to lighten and brighten this entire place from the very innermost part to the very outside, on all floors and levels, in every nook and cranny, every space, every atom, every molecule of it.   And we are going to make it so light and so bright that all who enter there have an opportunity if they wish, to connect fully with their own hearts and the love that awaits them there. Because believe me Beloved Ones those beings whether they have been there already, or are there now or are coming to this place, have great fear and trepidation about this destination.  Now as I am saying these words to you, breathe out the light.   Bring it in as you know how to do, i nfinite and ongoing, from Source if you will, from the Great Central Sun, from Mother/Father God, the Creator of All.  Bring in the Love Light and allow it to empower you and power you up even more, even more, even more.  Keep bringing it in.   Keep bringing it in and as you do, breathe it out.   Breathe it out and see in your mind’s eye how the changes start slowly at first and then build and build and build.  The rooms are starting to brighten now.  The rooms are looking more and more brilliant.

The rooms in this great palace, this magnificent building are starting to glow with the light of love.  Keep it coming Beloved Ones, keep it coming.   We join you in this exercise of Love.  It is magnificent what you are doing.  It is Joyful.   It is Loving.   It is all about bringing the Love you are to this place, this place which so many are in fear of.  And now you are showing them they need not fear, you are showing them this is a place of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude and Forgiveness with compassion and thanks for all that they have done to bring the light to the world even if they were trying to darken it.   There are many who will pass through here and their stories will be told in this light.  In this Love Light.  And those who allow them to be touched by this great compassion that you are energizing this entire building with, this entire complex, this entire palatial monument if you will, they are touched and for a great many of them the horrible, horrible burdens they have been carrying for eons, the burdens of all of the deeds they have done, to energize the dark, the programs of the dark, and to energize themselves with the dark, dark, darkest of thoughts, words and deeds.  The burdens will lift and they will allow some light to come in, and it is because of you Beloved Ones coming to this place and preparing the way.

And so we thank you Beloved Ones with great gratitude in our hearts for the magnificence of what you have done here, and we say to you if you feel that you have the compassion or the inspiration to keep on sending this love, this love light, we are honored to have you join us in this.   And any time you feel so moved after you have left this place, for this is a sacred place, and now it shines forth as such , and so now that every corner, every space every bit of it is so beautifully lit, let us join together and move back out to the outside, and as we do so let us encircle this building with our great loving selves and the energies of Love we all are.

And now see how the light shines through every window and shines out at us beings.

Well done beloveds, well done. And notice that the fog has dissipated and there may be a little wisp of it left, just shine your light on it, and it transmutes immediately into bright, beautiful sunshine, look the sky is blue, the birds are singing and all is well,  and now beam once more at this building and see how the exterior stone warms up and becomes golden as you beam your love beams, the lights you are to this building.  And now beloveds know that the message goes out.  It is a welcomed message indeed to all of those who have been here, who are here and who have yet to come.   And what does it say?

It says “Welcome to the Hague, to the Court of Compassion.  We greet you with Love and here we invite you to accept the love into your own beings, so that you will leave here in grace, and without the heaviness of the burdens that you brought.”  And then let it go Beloved Ones, for it is up to each and every being who comes here to determine what and how much, if any, of this love they will accept.  Just know that you have prepared the way and know that you have completed successfully this mission that we have done together.

And so now, Beloved Ones, see in front of you the door to your own crystal elevator. Walk through the doors with joy, with a grand sense of mission accomplished, and with the knowing that because you came that this was done in this no time moment, and that it was done for all.  And indeed for the entire Planet which you have represented so beautifully as fifth dimensional beings united with the All that You Are and the All that We Are, and we stood together as One and created this miracle of love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  And so now as you rest in your elevator allow it to bring you gently back to the space from which you began this journey.  And know that the entire universe is witness to the success of your mission, and that you are thanked infinitely and beyond words.  Mission accomplished.

So now, Beloved Ones, just take a moment to relax into your own space, your own body, come back when you are ready.  And we shall have two guest speakers following, well first one and then the other, and they both have a feminine image, and is that not appropriate at this midpoint and so I, Ashtar, shall move aside and we shall have the first of these wondrous ones come forth and join with you.   And so I thank you for being a part of this family, this company upon this call this evening and I thank all of our beloved family for being with us in heart and in spirit.  And so it is with great joy that I move aside that you may hear from these two Beloved Ones and so it is.  Salut.

Parts 2 (Kuan Yin) and 3 (Fairy Queen Mab) will be published later after final editing.

(Please understand we publish this unedited real-time transcription to provide you the most timely information.  Consequently, it may be incomplete in parts and contain some errors. The edited version will be published on our website when completed.  We appreciate the dedication of our volunteer transcribers in bringing you these timely notes.)


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