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Ashtar Telecall – June 30, 2009


ASHTAR ON THE ROAD CALL – June 30, 2009 -Part 1
Real time transcription by Jan Chapman and Deborah Urquhart

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RAMA – What I can say is that the events unfolding on our planet are leading very close to first contact; extremely imminent. There’s a UFO web site out there that talks about the news. I think its called or  Richard Green on the radio show on Air America last night talked about how a craft was over Michael Jackson’s ranch. I have also heard other stories about this in the last few days. It’s no coincidence. Things are showing up more and more and I don’t think it’s … doing it.

In terms of the big story, Al Franken has become the 60th [Democratic] Senator from Minnesota.  Randy Rhodes let it fly off the cuff that Congress has enough votes to override a filibuster. She said “I suspect they are going to be dealing with war crimes tribunals and the last 8 years of horrendous activities and 9/11.

TARA – Bernie Sanders told us about this in 2007.  Every time there’s supposed to be a recess since 2007, they didn’t recess.  The good guys in congress would rotate.  Every three days someone would hit the gavel so that Congress has never been in recess until Barack came in.

Another banker was found dead on Monday morning, June 29th.  The reports of people going to jail, like Madoff for 150 years, there are a whole bunch of folks that will be joining him.  We are being told that Bush and Cheney are about to be leaving the planet like Hillary. Then Paulson and Bernanke are on the hairs edge of being arrested for their troublesome endeavors. I mean, there’s a celebration in the air. Sexgate…

It’s breaking all over the place.  Conyer’s wife is guilty of bribery.   Even on the democratic side these guys are not clean. Like it’s been told to me, when all is said and done, there might just be 60 members left. Back in the day when James Madison and the founding fathers put this together, there were not these lobbyists and those spending all their time racking up a bill. Some were farmers, doctors, lawyers in the sense of true constitutional lawyers.  Some were inventors.  It’s going back to the land. When the land prospers the people prosper.  What is being said on many different levels. There’s a whole shift on an exponential level.  When we lead up to this 4th of July holiday, I haven’t heard if Nesara is going to be announced or not. Things look poised for the GOP in exile to be dealt with for their crimes.

RAMA – Sibel Edmunds got interviewed on Bradblog last Wednesday.

TARA – On Air America, this Bradblog is the one that has been whistle blowing really big.  Valerie Plame’s case was reputed by Judge Roberts who is the head of the Supreme Court.   The next morning, Stephanie Miller, said that that means that we can take this to a higher level.  Valerie Plame also said it. It can go to the World Court – Lady Master Nada, who is in charge of the Republic.  Patrick Fitzgerald is about to show up as well.  It is time to celebrate, Ashtar.

SUSAN – Tara, when you were talking you reminded me of something that occurred last night. We’re all feeling this shift towards a more spiritual way of being. Show on the history channel last night, talking about the founders….”Secrets of the Founding Fathers”.   When they got together in independence hall to sign the declaration of independence, there were some that said there was a spirit there.  Spirit was even called “The Professor”.  The point is it was on the history channel.  The main point was very much focusing on the spiritual influences that helped to found this country.  I’ve not ever seen a program that went that much into it.  Watch for it.  They might show it again.

TARA – everything that is going on…everybody will know why Barack Obama wasn’t able to give equal rights for gay people and for women, because the evidence that he rolls back will tell the whole story. Remember to have faith in that wisdom that these guys have been white knights from the very beginning and don’t forget it.

ASHTAR – Well good evening!  This is a momentous occasion for us to be gathering together. We are going to fast forward a bit for those of you who live in the United States. We are going to fast forward to your 4th of July or your Independence Day. For those neighbors who visit us today, family we are, we will fast forward to your dates where you commemorate independence in some manner. Whether it be the Magna Carta, the Independence Day of Canada or whatever ceremonies you observe in other countries of the world. So that this will magnify the celebration and the ceremonies that are taking place worldwide.  As you know, there are no such things as time so we can all be together, each of us on the day that has the particular meaning for you, for the country in which you are currently livi ng. We are going to have a very special ceremony. We have some guest speakers lined up and it will be a delightful evening for all of us.  I, Ashtar, shall start off with a little bit of info.  And so some of this may not be news to all of you but in any rate it is confirmation. There are momentous happenings. You are being given reports of them. We wish to say, there is one thing you can count on and that is Obama. We know, there are times you have some concerns, some doubts, some fears creeping in that perhaps this has all been a show; a made up kind of fairy tale because Obama says this or says that.  Well, let us put it this way….sometimes Obama has to appear to be wearing a dark hat. It is simply a disguise. There are still those who think they have the rings of power.

Soon, it is going to be a NO thing or shall we say no being because they will be gone from the stage. They know that their time is short but there is still … particularly their mouth pieces. The one who rushes around blathering about whatever he can find to distract the focus of the people who are still listening to him. What he is doing, by the way, we want you to be in observance of this, is that all of the news people, the reports, analysts, commentators who are telling lies, first of all are quite aware of it by now. They cannot pull the wool over their own eyes any more. They know they are being ordered to tell lies. Some of them are fairly high up – like the rushing one. He has been compromised but he likes the cushy lifestyle that he leads.  He is not willing to start telling the truth. The listeners are decreasing. He knows he’s lying. Th ose who work with him know he’s lying and they’re starting to feel somewhat closed in. They feel caged in at this time.  It will not take a grand revolutionary kind of announcement in order for more and more of the reporters to start telling the truth; they already are. Those who come on the broadcasts which are dedicated to truth and we’re not talking about the foxy ones although even they are starting to let a little truth out. The ones telling the truth are getting more and more opportunity to do so. They are having the whistle blowers come on their shows and they are providing a secure enough atmosphere so that more and more truth is being told. So listen up.  You are all getting the truth internally anyway. If you feel as though you need some assurance and confirmation beyond what we are discussing here in this moment, then by all means listen to the programs of the truth tellers because they are there. You can find them on the internet, on the radio and even on the television. The ones shining forth as truth tellers are getting more and more security as well. Who do you think is in charge of their security?  Let’s just say she is purring along.

Now we wish to comment upon the passing of the one who seemed to have passed before his time just as though he were on the verge of a brilliant program. This one called Michael.  He was in contract, even though he had some influences of drugs and even though he had some handlers and was mistreated as a young boy and so on, he still new something. He knew a lot. He wasn’t entirely human. He came from a place of love. He knew that love was the answer. He did great things in the name of love. He gifted his talents to the world and gave continuously of himself to help others and while he himself wanted nothing more than to be Peter Pan and never to grow up, he did ultimately achieve adulthood and some freedom from the confinements of his family and he was very free in his artistic expression and in that he left a legacy. If you have any doubts about th at, find some of his videos and watch them. Feel the wonder of the love that he forgets as he does his artistic performances.

Now as we said, he was in contract.  Everybody has some degree of knowing what happened to him to some degree or other, be it conscious or not.  The world is coming together in that high vibrational expression of consciousness and he knows that he was loved and he knows that he is still loved and is love.  He is indeed dancing and singing just on the other side. There will be grand reunions as you beloved beings on planet earth make your ascension.  Some of you may choose to get with him and do some dancing in the higher realm.

He had some inkling that his days were numbered. Not the feeling that he had health challenges.  Read the accounts of his rehearsals and you’ll know that he couldn’t possibly be feeling any inkling of immortality. He had an inkling that something was going to happen. He was not only going to give voice to his artistic expression, but some informational kind of broadcasting. And so, those who have the technical capabilities to send a pulse – a wave – they were congratulating themselves.  They are not congratulating themselves anymore.

The ships you heard about have been seen, an indication not just to the world but to those who brought about the dying of his body, that they are known.  This latest crime will be brought out and aired, along with other things they have done, Iraqis, Afghanistan and Africa – they have tortured and killed, and individual ones who stand out such as assassinations of leaders of this country and others.  And so the ships over the ranch, the dwelling place, the home were simply an indication – everyone knows what happened there. And there are lies put forth.  You can believe, the truth was he was in contract so Sekhmet and the protectors stepped aside to allow this particular event to take place so the world could celebrate his life, mourn his passing and most of all the truth of the l ove he represented, and the truth of what really happened. And it will come forth.  So we have dwelt on this in honor of this one who gave so much in tradition of those who passed before him.

And at the same time we shall wake up and do some Q-tipping – tomorrow night Marvelous Margaret* – she just had a whole new discovery of a whole new set of co-creations of miracles for each and every one upon Planet Earth who chooses to go to the next level.  After Q-tipping comes the polish.  We shall let her present it when the material is ready.  You might want to tune in because it will be a most delightful gathering.

What we are here to do is in honor of Independence, and we are here to tell you that Independence needs to start with each and every one of you individuals.  When you create independence in your own being, when you  clear out programs and negativities and you bring in all you want in your world, in your fields of being, you are not only benefiting yourselves, but the entire world and universe beyond.  What it gets down to is you can’t help discover and know what you are made of, and that’s LOVE and you know that’s all Mother Father God created and all you are here to express.  The highest form of independence you can possibly achieve.  When you achieve that independence and live it every moment, you share it.   It’s contagious and you have the rest of the world to clear whateve r needs to be cleared and come into that state of healing that is called high vibrational life and its manifested in the Ascension of the planet.

That’s what its about so we are going to be focusing a bit upon the concept of reaching a high plateau in this self-realization, self-knowing, self-independence.  We are going to have a celebration, a ceremony then a celebration, and the ceremony is for your sovereign self that each one of us are. And so we shall have more as they do go together.

So we would like you to start realizing who is there with you.  We have two wondrous beings – goddesses – high vibe beings of love and they are very much a focus at this particular time of year and we are referring to Lady Liberty and Lady Nesara.  They are here with all of us and we won’t boggle this with  detailed explanations of quantum physics – suffice to say they are here, there and everywhere with you, all of you beloveds.  Reach out and enjoy these wondrous energies.  You have this entire group we cant count how many angels, the elementals have joined now, and those Ascended ones:  Mother Mary, Sananda, Kwan Yin, Lady Master Nada,  Archangel Michael, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, El Morya – we can’t name all because there are countless numbers of them. Those who come from countless places in the galaxy, those from the Ashtar Command and all of the consciousness of humanity is tuning in.  Other kingdoms of Planet Earth – animals, plants, minerals – it’s a pretty big group all gathered together to participate in the upcoming ceremony.

This event which shall be a recognition of the sovereignty of each individual, and that’s the Sovereignty of Planet Earth and all those geographical places you call countries and beyond Planet Earth – the places of home – the places that sometimes when you are lying in you bed in the middle of night you become aware of longing for home – and as sovereign individuals, citizens of the universe your home-coming is sweet and soon if you choose.  As Ascended ones you are entirely free and liberated to go wherever you choose to go, and you can start filling out your travel itineraries and once you have ascended you will go with all of your being, and in the meantime you can go out of body if you choose, take yourselves wherever it is you wish to go to.  You may have heard you are getting a few downloads and this is true.  Your brains are expanding and conscious awareness and knowledge on all matters, not just how your homecoming will take place, but knowledge of everything, the history/herstory of all of humankind of Planet Earth and the rest of your solar system and galaxy and beyond the universe – it’s all there – it just needs to be refreshed, brought up onto your screens to access what you want to access.  Process of physical types – DNA opening and all of those things – tonight we are going to greet you as all of that has been done because as sovereign beings you can will it to be so.  Understand that the last body this takes place in is the physical.  The more you will it, you give permission and indeed welcome this opening of this huge library, the biggest library ever is in your brains and your DNA, and the more you welcome its opening to you, the more you will know.   You are no doubt aware that there are many, many activations taking place a nd sometimes you don’t know yourself from the day before because you have changed so much.  And sometimes there are ups and downs happening, extreme exhaustion or irritability only because things are changing so fast and frustration keeping up with it.  So rest when you need to rest, and welcome the changes into your being with joy and understand it is you, sovereign beings, who have liberated yourself to determine the pace you wish to move through this process.  So if you want to speed it up, give your intent ‘We are at Warp Speed, Speed up to Warp Speed.’   There you go!

And so we have a lot to do this evening, so I remind you our newsletter is coming out and I have answers I am preparing for that – we have covered the introduction to that which is our focus for this particular family gathering.  We want to thank all of you for showing up, for being with this family.  If you can see you as we do, you are one bright light.  Huge.  Sometimes you merge together.  And we are going to light you up even more with this little ceremony we are going to do.  So more details coming from our speakers who are following and we shall give more information on what this all means as we proceed.  This is somewhat of an ad lib because it is a co-creation, nevertheless even though we did this at a last minute pace, and we do understand there was a little scurrrying around with that, nevertheless it’s the perfect moment if you Beloveds are ready to participate. And you are!

We are honored to do this with you tonight – it will have implications around the world and beyond – and in particular Nesara and Liberty – they are real and happening – there are still a few steps to complete but it’s going at warp speed.   Lets hear it for the A-team!   We have been real busy.   If you choose to accept it as you truth then fly with it.   It is happening, it is real.  We love and honor all of you equally.  We do express gratitude and appreciate all of you in support doing your healings, connection and opening to receive your gifts and sharing them and beaming the love you are.  You are so loved.   We ask you to feel it now.  Join hands, feel all the love that is with you and all you are.  And so I, Ashtar, shall move aside.

We are honored indeed for a most appropriate visit and message from the one who is in charge of bringing Nesara forward.   We should say one of the ones.  He has been given the green light so to speak, the Nesara announcement and the restoration of the Constitution – and freedom for the world.  Extreme joy of moving aside so this Beloved One may come forth with his message for all.  And so Beloved Ones, take this love and this joy and I, Ashtar, are in service to all of you – call upon me whenever you wish.  We are one in brother sisterhood and in the love we all are.  And so it is.  Salute.



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