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Ashtar Telecall – July 28, 2009


Well good evening, you just heard it.*  There is the plan.  Sounds kind of simple doesn’t it. Lofty but simple, joyful.  So how do we get from here to there?  Well some of you already are, some of you just went there in these past moments as you measure time, and everybody’s going there.   Soon.  Warp speed is what we have initiated because you Beloved Ones and all of the Lightworkers of Planet Earth have called it forth. Even as you just did what you call the Great Invocation.  You have called it forth.  You are not going to be denied and the time is NOW.

Now, you may be wondering, well how does the taxi cab driver fighting his way through the traffic in New York City with all of the energies of hurry and haste and too late and honking horns and all of those kinds of things, how is he going to get there?

How is the poor family for instance they are almost starving or on the very verge of starvation in some of the countries where the, shall we say Dark Hats, have come in and said oh we will bring all kinds of goodies to your country like education and all of that, but what they really have done is strip the country of its wealth and taken it out for their own good .

So how are these people who have been so treated going to get into this picture of light and love and all of this Golden Age on Planet Earth?  Well they have got a lot of help and we don’t just mean those who come to us thru the ethers so to speak, or you see it blinking at you up in the sky or whatever.  They have got you Beloved Ones, you and the others who have come for this particular inauguration of the Golden Age of this time and so we are having to initiate a series of events, well events are pretty big ones anyway and there are going to be more.  The A-team will be on the move again doing the things that they came specifically here to do, they are volunteers and they know that and they have hearts so full of love that they are able to bring in these energies and facilitate the planet’s grand shift and changes in the energies – these welcoming home energies all to love.

And we have this magnificent family of Ashtar, and oh yes, we will be taking a turn this evening to do something more in the manner of facilitating these energies, and then there is everyone else on the planet and they’re getting it, and getting it big time.  You see as we like to explain, everybody gets what everybody puts out, but everybody can exercise discernment as to what they really want to let into their hearts and their conscious minds.

So really it becomes a matter of there’s plenty of material out there to receive and a matter of facilitating the message of the highest vibe and letting the rest go – you can send it out with love – there is a lot of disinformation going out right now.   We are not going to take a lot of energy to put into that because we are letting it go, without making any kind of impression or actually coming in to our fields of being.  Each and every being whether in human body or some other kind of body has the ability to say yes I want to hear about that, I want to know it, I want to feel it, I want to be it, I want to live it, or not, and so our advice for this evening is be discerning.   Call in only that which is the highest vibration and by doing so you automatically eliminate that which is not without having to focus there.

Put off your news unless there are news messengers on there that you know are high vibe, that are going to give you good, happy kinds of news.   You know the voice tried to give a hint about what we were going to be discussing tonight and we didn’t give her any information.  We simply said “How is your joy factor?” That was a direct quote.  And she thought that was kind of interesting.  And she didn’t really get anything out of it but some wisdom, and that is that the place to be now is in Joy.

If you are anything less than joy, move yourself up into the high vibrations.  If you want to know how to facilitate the healing of the Planet, that is it.  Do it.  We have given many many examples and we have done exercises of how to do it.  But when it gets right down to it, you’ve got to know of your connections, you’ve got to know who you really are.  So there is a very simple description of that – first of all we are all connected,  and we all have the same spark within us.  And that’s how it’s going to happen that everybody comes along.  Everybody gets a welcome home to the Golden Age.  And from there of course is the big leap that will really seem like a small step by the time all the preparations are in place, and we are talking of course about the Ascension process itself.  Everybody who wants to go is going.

Very few people don’t want to go at this point in time.  Even a lot of the Dark Hats have had time to consider this whole topic and they want to go.   So there is a process for them to wipe the slate clean so to speak – but everybody, everybody, everybody needs to get their slates clean.  There is another way of looking at it, how about just returning to zero point, and then creating all that we are discussing in this discussion.   How do you get to Zero Point?  Well there are many ways to do it.   And that’s not what this program is for.

I, Ashtar, sometimes give recommendations –  the best one to give to this family, this family of Lightworkers and you already know you are, to get with yourself and your guidance team and find the most appropriate, the most resonant, the most loving method that you can use and get there, and do your creating.  You are going to be amazed because whether you know it or not, you are in empowerment to create exactly whatever it is that you put your focus to [which] is amplified many times over, and will be continued to be so amplified.

You think you’ve got some heat now – a little bit of a heat wave going on, well there are ways you can cool yourself off within your own being.  Focus on that a bit – see what you create.  Now we are not suggesting that you ignore the world completely, focus on it as it is to be in your mind.  To be or not to be, well that is a good question, is it not?  And we mean no disrespect to the author of that, and you all know who that is.  It is simply that you can decide how you want every moment to be.

And this is for everyone to do.  That cab driver caught up in the swirl of the traffic can clear it out, take himself to a higher vibration, clear the traffic, do whatever. That family on the verge of starvation can have their fields turn lush with wondrous plants and vegetation and food and all kinds of abundance.   But at this point we suggest you start by taking total and complete responsibility for all of this – we don’t mean to say you are irresponsible without responsible thoughts and natures and attitudes in any way, we are simply saying – this is the time to really amp it up.

What’s the lion anyway if its not about power and empowerment?  It comes to us in the persona of the lion, but we should say the lioness, and what does she represent anyway except power, power to change, power to transmute, power based in love.  And that’s the fuel, that is the way it gets done.  So get your joy factors up in the high numbers and then do your visionings and your missions from the perspective of love.  Now we have a few things coming your way that will help a lot, and you will find out a bit more about that.

There are missions upon missions going on in the world right now – we do show up at the most opportune times and this is a time of opportunity for everyone.  We shall be discussing a bit of what this particular group has in the way of plans on the drawing board.  But for now just understand that each and everyone of you has mission and opportunity to accomplish the mission by joining in with whatever missions are going on, or by simply accessing you own or both.  This is for everyone.  This is not just for a few.   You know everybody gets to drive a shuttle that wants to, everybody gets to have absolute complete abundance, and everybody gets to have peace on earth.  But it’s a co-operative kind of an effort.

So you might consider me to be in somewhat of a recruiters chair tonight, or  perhaps you might see me wearing a rather shiny hat which says WE WANT YOU.  Now it does shine out there, does it not, it’s kind of like a beacon, and we are calling upon everyone in all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth and beyond to join in this because this is so huge.  If you want things to change, be the change that makes the change. If you want love to prevail then be the prevailing love.  Don’t settle for anything less because you don’t have to.  The time lines are changed completely.  Opportunity is here.  Reach out and touch it.  And before you know it, you are going to be enfolding it with your beings, this love, this light, this golden age, this energy, this complete makeover of Planet Earth.  What you are really doing is coming home to all that Planet Earth really is.  There’s a great big façade out there, a lot of dis-information, and a lot that is not real.

What is real is you, Beloved Ones.  The reality of who you are is absolutely true.  The reality of what you are empowered to do has never been more true except at the very beginning when you first came here in your light bodies and your crafts whatever. You might say that Lemuria was somewhat of a melting pot but it is true once again because it shines forth, it’s like the lid is off, there are no limits –  totally unlimited.

Now we are not going to go into a lot of quantum physics here because the voice quite doesn’t have the wiring for it, and that is fine. She likes to focus on love you know and all that love can do, and we are telling you they are one and the same.

Love is the power of quantum physics.  Love is the base, Love is the nano-quarky part of physics, there is Love everywhere and it’s all about Love, and it’s about Love getting the job done.  And Love is getting the job done.  Love has done the job and now we are calling upon you to participate even more.  Ah-ha some of you can see the recruiters hat beckoning to you.   You’ve seen these hats with these lights beaming out of them, and they are particularly useful if you find yourself in a particularly dark place like the Void. And if you have ever been down into a totally dark cave, or for that matter put yourself into a totally dark closet, and then turned on some kind of a light.  You’ve got it.   Out of the Void comes the light.   And when powered by Love, it creates only Love and that’s what Planet Earth is doing even now as we sit here in our comfy chairs and have this fabulous family gathering.  Now if you are not feeling all warm and fuzzy quite yet, don’t worry, we will get to that.  We just want you to understand the time is Now as you measure time.  There is no moment before, there is no moment after, there is no moment as perfect as the Now moment to do it.

And everybody is coming along as we see it.  Oh there will be a few holdouts, a few already opted out.  But be not concerned, it’s for Everyone now.  Everyone’s best, highest and best good.  Are you familiar with that?   Have you ever checked out which vitamins you should be taking, you know give me the ones for my highest and best good, beloved body, the best ones for my highest and best good in this moment.

Well there is no vitamin, no supplement, anything compared to Love.  Now we are talking about 100% responsibility here.  We are talking about healing, we are talking about healing the entire planet, we are talking about opening the gates of  opportunity and we got one coming up.  It’s already starting to open and it’s a big roar.  That’s going to empower everything we are talking about and more, even more – you have heard of the expression ‘Go with the Flow’, well you are sitting in some very secure boats going with the streams, the rapids, whatever, laugh and be exhilarated in every moment.  What’s around the bend is the crystal paradise, and you are moving toward it.  And if you’d like to turn your boat around and paddle upstream, you cannot help but get there.   Everybody is going to get there.  Now you can create the crystal city exactly as you want it to be, we have given descriptions of what light in the golden age is all about, and your job is to be in Joy and to be there in every possible moment  and create from there.

Your mission at this moment – we’re scanning – 110% accepted and accomplished!  Now you can’t get much more complete than that.  So now you’ve got the rest of the story, the answer to the question whatever you want to call it, so now you have to let your boat float in the direction that you have already committed to going in.  Could anything be more simple?  We like to simplify.

So I want to digress for just a moment to let you know that we have some plans on the drawing board and we call them ‘101’, because you may be getting, wondering how’s that guy in the taxi cab, is it just going to suddenly drop on him?  Well he’s going to get a lot of help and he’s going to get a wake up call – confirmations, validations, we are showing up big time you know. We have already done so, we continue to do so, and it’s going to be even more thrilling momentarily.  That will help, won’t it?  To get that ‘I want to be a part of that’ feeling going.  We are also going to be putting out a lot of information and just as there are missions already accomplished and missions to be accomplished by you and us and the A-team, and everybody who’s already committed, there are missions for those who don’t even know they are yet committed.  We are going to be helping them with a series of workshops.

I tell the beloved 3 [Susan, Fran & Elise] that I am not a dictator, and I’m not, I simply inspire and we’ve been inspiring quite a bit recently.  On a day like today it has been most advantageous to be indoors where it is cool, and we have kept the inspirations coming as fast as they can be written down.  We have a lot of things that we are going to be doing and we are going to have a lot of what you might call beginners seats available in our gatherings to come.  So this is something that you can be looking for, and we will be doing all of these things of course on a much different basis than we are doing now and you can be looking for them, and we invite you to join wherever you are when we come to your area and also there may be some beginners that you may want to bring along to help them to understand who they are because we are going to be putting out some information quite rapidly on this that they will find quite outrageous in this moment, but believe me they will be welcoming this information in the next.

Now these wake up calls are getting more and more lively, are they not, closer and closer together, more and more distinguishable and there’s always the night sky, or the day sky, depending on when you like to look up and say hello we are here, greetings family.   And we may just land in your backyard, you never know.  We ask that you welcome us as you have been doing already, that you continue to welcome us and we ask that you get busy with your telepathic communications if you have not already.  This is no time for doubt.  Each and every one of you has already received some kind of communications whether you are fully involved in it, or are in it all the time, or whether it just seems to be just kind of a random happening.  There isn’t any such thing by the way, there are no coincidences and there are no flukes .. that’s an interesting word for it isn’t it .. flukes.  Well we can’t go into that, we will simply say that there are no random happenings.

If you get an inkling that somebody wants to talk to you, it might be a good idea to open up and listen to it.  We also suggest that those of you who are into this already, or who already had some communications, continue with your journalings or your recordings or however you choose to keep it handy, so that you can build it into your future communications because the future is now.  For those of you who have not started this process yet, and there are some here with us, and it doesn’t mean you are behind it just means that you might want to keep your writing materials handy because these things are coming more and more, as fast as you can type or write or turn on your recorders or however you choose.  Why?

Because you are all scheduled to be up ahead of the pack, leaders, and there may be those who will come to you and say well how did you get started, how did you know that this was true and genuine, how did you know that you really were communicating with your great grandmother who’s passed over, or with Ashtar, Mother Mary, or Sananda, whoever, and so if you make records you will have records you can take out  and say well, at this particular time this is what was said  and I got goose-bumpy and I knew that this was true.   How does it make you feel when you look at these words, do you feel any kind of a connection, do you feel a kind of truth that this might be your truth as well, you see.  You are all here to teach.  You are all here to say what it is you are doing in your missions.  You are all here to record it and possibly to report it in some manner if you have a website, if you have an email list.

Get the word out because if others know that you can do it, your sister, your brother, your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker at the job you might be leaving soon, in favor of doing something that you have more passion for so you might be having a physical distancing from some of your co-workers, or your neighbors if you decide to move someplace, whatever, so start reaching out now, communicate and connect telepathically with everyone and for those you know they might say you know I was thinking about you the other day and I find it interesting what you’re doing, can you tell me about it?   Haul out your notes and say Oh, I certainly can.

Because it’s all about love and because we are living in the Golden Age and we are making it real.  We’re grounding it is another word.  Lightworkers love to use the term grounding.   I get ahead of myself at times I get so excited.   Hah!  You are getting it Beloved Ones, you are getting it, and you are feeling the love and you’re feeling the warm fuzzies, and the tingling and the goose-bumpies and the excitement  – how about that. It might be 100% where you are, and yet you can still feel the goosebumpies. Now that is delightful is it not?  Just allow.   Bring it in and see how it resonates within your own being, because this is big, this is huge.  There will be a lot more information coming out on processes, exercises, different things that you can join in to accelerate and empower – go with those that resonate with you – it is not necessary to be a meditational groupie – you don’t have to get into each and every one.

How about just starting you day with,’ Today my joy factor is through the roof’ and go from there, because being in joy empowers the love for the entire planet below on and above.  Being in joy and giving yourself permission to do what you have passion to do, automatically does the job.  The mission gets done, and then you can go from there with whatever you choose to participate in, either by yourself and the entire company that is with you of course, or in a group of whatever.  Keep your joy factors up to the maximum point and then go beyond. You can do that you know.   Keep yourself going but see yourself and know yourself as beings of higher dimensionality.   Bring that 5D in or higher and just make it a part of your beings.  Feel that crystalline energy within you, feel it surrounding you, feeling it empowering you, talk to it, be friends with it, hug it, it’s you you know.   Talk to yourselves.

You’re divine, god/goddess walking upon the planet be it, live it, know it, love it, that’s how you get it done and then if you feel inspired with any kind of information that you receive or someone else receives, or you get it in an email or whatever, if it resonates with you, go with it.  If it’s high vibes, high joy, make your joy factor go up even more then go with it, dance, sing, whatever it is, bring it in.  Then of course allow it, and express it to entire world because you are beaming it out.   What you bring in to yourselves, you beam out.  If you bring in, well you know what happens if you bring in low vibe material, information, energies or whatever its got to go.   This is it.   Final curtain goes up on the Golden Age and we are talking clean and crystal clear – you know crystal clear you’ve heard that before, that means you Beloved Ones, crystal clear.  Clear of anything that might not be high vibe.  Totally on track, connecting, into the Void we go and out we come.  High dimensional beings, love, light, crystalline and clear.  And you can put cleansed in there too if you wish.  How could anything that is low vibe be in that atmosphere?  It cannot.  Now we all know that, and we all know there are times when there is a tendency if you are inhabiting a human body, to not be remembering to not have it at the forefront of your consciousness.   So all we are telling you to keep it there, to position it there.  Keep it there.  Miracles abound.  They are all Love based, Love powered.

You Beloved Ones are creators of miracles. That’s what you came here to do first and foremost or you had to have a few little detours down in the tarpits and the dumpies of life and so on, so you would know the difference.  So if you’ve got any tar still sticking, wipe it off now.  Or transmute it with the violet ray or whatever your favorite method is.  We like the Ho’ponopono because the Voice likes that – but do whatever exercises, whatever empowerment that you want to give to it and bring yourself to the highest joy factor you can reach, and then reach higher, because there is no limit to how high you can go.

Now there will be more analogies, there will be more scholarly explanations and so on and so forth coming, but you have just heard the bottom line destination 5D and above, Ascension lets do it.  We have already blasted off together, let’s do it, warp speed grounded off on Planet Earth powered by love and that’s what we are here to do..  Now we know, we know you all have within your beings the empowerment already to do this, but we have asked a certain being to be here in this company here tonight to assist and facilitate an empowerment exercise, and we know you know this one, and will welcome her to this family gathering with all the love and all the joy and yes, power up, meet her on her own levels of power, and lets have some fun and do an exercise together with the intent of lifting up into the highest levels of joyful empowerment that you can get to.

So I, Ashtar, will leave the stage and she will come forward and meet you for an empowering exercise which is what is happening right now.  This is the time of the opening, the gates, the lions.  Now we all know who is coming so we shall give the Voice a moment to put one of those things in her mouth, because her voice will need help for this next marvelous member of our family.   So I, Ashtar, thank you for coming and we say to you Beloved family, it’s all about mission possible and mission accomplished, so we shall be together again, and in the meantime please do call upon I, Ashtar, and all that you care to call upon for your special telepathic communications because you can all do it.  It is done.  And so it is.  Salut.

* Referring to Mark and Beth’s report today on the Council meeting on Alcyone.

(Ashtar was followed by Sekhmet leading an empowerment pledge to heal ourselves and the world and teach others about the Golden Age and who they are.  Then Sananda and Mother Mary came with Blessings, Gratitude and Roses for all.) [To be posted when I receive the transcripts]


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