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Note: comments in brackets, [ ], are inserts by Kau’ila. LSD = Lemurian Solar Disc, OLTL = Original Lemurian Time Line, PPP = Pink Platinum Pyramid.

The precise punctuation and “grammar” of this message are as received, and may contain underlying messages. The punctuation and spelling and writing and grammar are NOT to be altered in any way shape or form.

Comments added, other than additions from Mark and Beth, need the approval of King of Swords.

090727, Monday

King of Swords message… [for the entire GRT community]

We welcome you again into the bosom of Pink Platinum Love vibration.

This messenger has seen many pink signals, like yesterday in the pink sunrise in the clouds, today, one of the doves with a pink glow on her breast. We will leave the explanation to the technical commanders. Do know this, you have come this far so far so high, that as you all have ascended in conscious awareness of who you are, and released ideas what you are not, only because of this was the pink platinum vibration able & willing, if you will, to enter. Much Mahalos, as the Hawaiian pidgins say!*

Leaps & bounds, jumps & spurts, are worlds you enter now, and many are in. Release a lot (hold onto it NOT), rapid forward/upward movement.

Each moment what sufficed in the previous one is eligible for release.

Again we say, Live THIS moment. Love THIS moment. Release THIS moment.

Need we say more? Imperative, I say, at this moment!

A note that as K-man arrived at Java Rocks, a craft appeared that thrilled, a craft with wings, angel wings, perhaps, but smaller.**



More like the Mercury man’s hat, you know the fast one… Rapid, rapid, rapid is the word for VISIBLE change change change. Hold on to your hats, no?

Yet we say rapid movement encourages rapid release, and brings you always greater freedom.

There is nothing in what you see today that holds for tomorrow. Enjoy, release, enjoy, release, enjoy, release. En-joy…be in joy.

Now this dear one you know as Ashtar comes…



Many blessings to you of many hue man kinds. Your colors are that much brighter and radiant from these past 7 days of transformation, transmutation; so much so that we have complete (we do not lightly use that word) I repeat complete permission, if you will, to visit each and every Hue-man & Hue-woman on this planet.

Let me say this to you one more time:

We have complete permission to visit each and every one of YOU, Hue-man, Hue-woman, Hue-boy, Hue-girl.

This was not available to us only 1 week ago. You have made this possible.

Now we say to you, as the King has encouraged, release, release, release, any and all ideas what we “should” look like. We appear to each in many forms, and as our craft are sentient, you will “feel” us as a thrill in your being…like your young ones sometimes say, “OMG, OMG, OMG”! ***

We will say this…we are awaiting only a few small details to resolve, after which all will know, in a “big” way, “ready” or not, “steady” or not, “aware” or not, that we are here, with you, for you, loving you, NOW!

KOS [King of Swords]

So we leave you with this; We love the efforts of each and every one of you this day. Stay attuned to the PPP which keeps to the color of this planet.

So it is, so it is, so it is.

*Local language for, “Many Thank yous”.
**See photo in Photos, Kauila’s photos of interest
***Texting for, “Oh, My God, Oh, My God, Oh, My God”


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