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World Healing – June 16, 2009


FYI: Beth and Mark began to get the intuition yesterday to do a healing on Tara/Rama as Twin Flames and surrogates. Higher beings then asked us to expand this a bit wider, and then still wider. Higher and then still higher ,until Mother Sekhmet stepped in to Rama’s body to hold Tara’s head and soul matrix while he went to the Fortress of Solitude, an interdimensional crystalline domed sanctuary at the NorthPole, where giant crystals rose from the floor and became interdimensional viewing screens.

He was joined by his spiritual father, Ashtar, and some Paschat adepts in ancient armor,who had time-traveled to this sanctuary to represent their own timelines in what was about to occur.

Here is the experience we all collectively enjoyed together Friday morning.

I started by Greeting all who joined us today. I was aware this was a World Event and special Visitors came from throughout the Universe. After Thanking All for Joining Us in this Healing today, I see Mark and I went together up to the 13th Dimension to Anchor this Dream of All Beings, Healed into the Thirteenth Dimension, and then we were encouraged to open a conduit all the way Back to the God Head, at 100D.

We begin to realize that something grand, beyond our former understandings, was being asked for: Each one present was volunteering to be stand-in surrogates for all life on this planet–200 million galactically seeded expressions, and the planet itself–through doing this healing inside the Master Hologram of this universe.

Today we were joined by:

Beloved Presence of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Cosmic Council of Twelve, Twenty-Four Elders that surround the Throne of Grace, Mother Sekhmet, Tom the ring-tail cat, KOS,the Mahatma, Melchizedek, Metatron, Archangels Michael and Faith, all Elohim Councils of the Light of God, Archangels of the Tree of Life, all the Archangels and Angels of the Light of God, Hyos Ha Kodoish, Paradise Sons, all The Monads and Oversouls of the six billion Souls incarnated on Earth at this time, Great Divine Director, Melchior, Lord and Lady of Sirius, Lenduce, Vywamus, Lord and Lady of Arcturus and The Arcturians, Sanat Kumara, Atlanto, Adonis, Archangel Sandalphon, Helios and Vesta, Ashtar and the Asthar Command, Archangels Jophiel and Christine, Chamuel and Charity, Gabriel and Hope, Raphael and Mother Mary, Uriel and Aurora, Zadkiel and Amethyst, Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Apollo and Lumina, Heros and Amora, Purity and Astrea, Cyclopia and Virginia, Peace and Aloha, Arcturus and Victoria, Mahachohan, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha, Babaji, Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Zoser, Dr. Lorphan and all The Galactic Healers, Platinum Angels, Sai Baba, Rama, Krishna, Lady Masters, Lady Helena, Isis, Horus, Osiris, Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Portia, Vista, Lady Nada, Lakshmi, the Six Buddhas of Activity, El Morya, Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Djwhal Khul, Office of the Christ, Office of The Divine Mother, all Initiates and Disciples from the Synthesis Ashram and all Seven Ray Ahsrams of the Christ, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, Saint Germain, Eagle Command, Celestial Command, Order of the Golden Robe, the Mountain of Mt. Shasta, the Earth Mother, Dolphins and Whales, Pan, Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, the Devic and Nature Spirits, the Elemental Kingdom, Ganesha, the Manifestation Council, Divine Mother, Silent Watcher of the Cosmos, Lady of the Sun, Lady Liberty, Lady of the Light, the Native American Master Elders, Hanuman, Multi-Universal Logos, Interplanetary Confederation of Love and Light, the Extraterrestrial Guardian Alliance, Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command, the Goddess Lodge, the Christed ET Lodge, the Eastern Masters Lodge, the Occult Western Lodge, the Entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, the Core Group and Friends:

We set intentions today for future Earth. We planted seeds on the planetary, solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal levels going back to the God Head for healing of all forms of life on the Planet and Healing All Disease. As we did this timelines back to our Origin were healed. Galactic Angels rewove the ascension fabric of every man woman and child past present and future on Mother Earth and the changes were anchored in back to 100D.

We joined together now in Santa Fe with Rama, Tara, and Mark there, with the rest of us joining you energetically. Rama cradled Tara’s head and you were there standing beside. Lord Sananda Kumara and Qwan Yin over saw this healing. {Mother Sekhmet then came in to Rama’s body and put her hands around Tara’s head. Throughout the healing.

The procedure given to Tara was being done to everyone on the Planet, at the same time it happened to Tara. The Masters began by separating energetically all of Tara’s bodies; physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual. Also her monadic blueprint body, mayavarupa body, germatian body, and all her higher perfect blueprint bodies. The spread out in a circle hovering in the room. They touched each other tip to tail and were being opened up and exposed so love light could be infused to them on all sides before returning them to the physical vehicle.

You and I energetically worked together to send this love light to these exposed bodies. We each stood on one side, within a field of love and projected love to the bodies. We went around the room and we were aware healings were happening to all life on Earth at the same time. Below I will describe what I saw happening on Earth as this healing was being done. When we were done, The Masters put each body, one inside the next, back together and I see Tara lying there peacefully. Her body was wrapped in protective white light to integrate the new bodies back together.

After this, Metatron touched his platinum rod to Tara. Platinum is the highest energy color, and to be touched and blessed by Metatron with the divine voltage of this rod is extremely elevating and transforming. The Platinum Rod of Metatron contact prepares the vehicles for higher and higher voltage and divine currents, and blesses all with these divine energy streams. As the Platinum energy streams went out over Tara’s Body, then it went out to all Present, and it continued to Go Out Over the Whole Earth.

During the healing I was aware that all the plans in the dream for a healed earth were being permanently set in place on the Etheric Level to manifest in the Physical Level at the appointed time. I saw food being brought to starving children in the poor nations on Earth. I saw springs of blue clean water dotting the entire Earth. All of Mother’s Earth water sources turned blue. When the children who never drink clean water saw the change they cheered and were so happy. It brought me to tears.

I saw all plant forms, all animal forms, birds and the sea creatures living in a clean environment. I saw all biochemical toxins removed from Mother Earth. I saw the mineral kingdom and the divas restored to pristine beauty. I saw cooperation between all nations bringing these changes to the Planet. I saw the Arcturians and Sirians, along with Galactic Helpers and Angels working on the Health Concerns with every one on the Planet.

I paused at this time and included all present their loved ones, and anyone I was aware of with a health challenge, for healing. I saw a time when all may be healed. We also anchored in remembering who you are and remembering your Life Mission for everyone. This will become a physical reality very soon. We asked that each person’s personal Angel be available to inspire and show signs to anyone who asks to Guide Them on Their Path to what is the next step?

I saw everyone placed in their Highest Ascension Wave so their Inner Plane work is most appropriate to their personality and gifts. This will make for a more active Inner Plane Life for every woman, man and child on Earth.

At exactly 7:28 I looked at Tara and she smiled and she is whole and new and I looked at Rama and he smiled at me  and I knew we were done. You and I hugged, knowing the dream has come true.

I bowed to all present, Namaste, Thank you All for this healing today.

All my love,

Post-script by Mark. This was the most amazing experience of my life. Beth and I were experiencing this on many levels throughout the Master Hologram of this universe. When this was completed I had to go throughout all the segments of the Master Hologram to ensure that all beings were included. I was instructed to be very, very scrupulous in communicating with all the species’ representatives as something critical connected with the Solstice activations was involved.

When this was over, I opened my eyes and Mother Sekhmet was still holding Tara’s head. Then Beth called and we all discussed this ‘happening’. It then began to get through to us what had occurred. Mother verified that.

Then, last night, we were invited to jump to Alcyone, Great Central Sun, where we were received by Lord Alcyone. We entered these humongous golden gates as they opened before us. This was an awesome experience  that left me in tears.

Later, during sleep state, I was called back there and given a message that suggested some completion had occurred. The details remain obscured, although I received some kind of a download that is connected with what we will all be involved in tonight and tomorrow.

We share this with all of you because not one of you were not involved and affected by this healing of traumatic abuse that is beyond description. Take heart, you will begin to feel the effects within 72 hours, we were told. This will help each one to release the buried pains and damages sustained that might have made ascension’s healings so much more difficult.

Mark Huber


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