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UFO disclosure: What went wrong in France?


Opinion piece by Michael Cohen

Last week UFO enthusiasts worldwide waited with baited breath for France to announce the words ‘We are not alone’. The end of the week came and no such declaration was made. Many were disappointed, myself not in the least. Frankly I was rather devastated. There was a real chance that disclosure could have occurred last week, so what went wrong?

The reality is that GEIPAN, an official semi-government organization set up specifically to investigate the UFO phenomenon has enough evidence times ten to confirm that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. A number of researchers within the group are keen to get the word out and they have backers in the wider CNES (Frances equivalent of NASA) structure within which they operate.

My own belief is that the US isn’t quite as worried as people think about the prospect of France disclosing. I also do not subscribe to the more highly conspiratorial ideas regarding a world-wide cover-up that one often hears from UFO buffs. I do believe there are very good reasons why today’s power elite might not like disclosure. An open ET presence would have a massive and irreversible effect on current power structures on our planet.

All that said, an announcement by France simply stating that they have concrete evidence that some UFOs are of ET origin is a far cry from Barack Obama standing next to an alien at a news conference on the White House lawn. It might also be great way to ease the world into any eventual reality: the future cannot be pushed off indefinitely.

The French political establishment is fairly apathetic to disclosure but by no means opposed to it. The current research Minister, Valerie Pecresse is regarded as a reformer and open-minded. The ingredients for disclosure are there.  All it would take is those in GEIPAN (who have the evidence) and other supporters within various relevant departments presenting the idea to the minister and convincing her that disclosure would result in positive publicity.

All very doable.

A very different situation indeed from the US or for that matter my native Australia where a culture of secrecy is enshrined in any matters seen as relating to security. So why didn’t it happen?

I cannot count the emails I have received criticising myself for reporting an upcoming event that clearly was not in the finality a certainty.Many thought I should have only reported this news if I was utterly and certifiably sure that it would occur. It is this very behaviour that keeps us waiting for disclosure to happen.

The employees of GEIPAN are scientists and by very nature highly tentative and cautious. Every day is a better day than today to disclose. It’s always going to happen next week. ‘We just need a little more evidence and we need to finalise this or that detail’. Last week was such a week. It should have occurred, it was planned, but ‘perhaps now might not be the optimum time’.

I was accused of looking for publicity with my story. Scientists don’t really like publicity. Scientists also love knowing things others don’t know about. The day disclosure of an alien presence happens is the day it all stops being their baby. Within a week no one will be interested in an obscure French researcher’s opinion on aliens, it will be Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie who will be called upon for words of wisdom regarding ETs.

Nonetheless disclosure should happen. The cover-up is in our minds. A product of scientific caution prevailing over what might be the biggest news item of all. We need to do our bit to convince those that have the information that it is worth putting out today. There are no MIBs stopping them.

Most of all we need to make sure that those with the proof understand that even in our initial excitement, we won’t forget that it was they who made disclosure possible.

I apologise if I upset people over last week but I can’t honestly say that I regret what I did. Disclosure in France and a number of other countries is something that is only a heartbeat away. At least, as a result of what I did GEIPAN received a few more emails than usual, letting them know that some of us care for what they do.


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  1. Noeline Clayfield says:

    Oh Boy…. where is someone with the stuffing t o do this! I would gladly do it if I could. Ever since I was nine years old I have known of IFOs (as I prefer to call them). They are a fact of my life but unfortunately I do not have profile enough to make an impact. I disclosed in 1999 on Austtralian TV but it did not do any good and we were written off asa a mob of nutters. I am afraid it is going to have to be something more significant like another National Press Club Disclosure perhaps this time with Ashtar and St Germain blitzing them!
    Love and Light

  2. admin says:

    I know! I can’t wait for someone to start this. Once one country opens up then it’s going to be a free for all. We just need that one country with the guts to do it!

  3. ItWorker says:

    I guess I have no faith in Government. I didn’t expect them to disclose. (Nor do I expect Cheney’s name to surface in regard to 9/11 even tho’ I know it was an inside job. There is OVERWHELMING evidence to support this but it get’s NO mention…I can’t believe this is the same country I grew up in sometimes) It doesn’t seem to me that there are enough of “us” at or near the top. The press is so manipulated that even if France DID disclose it would never be in the mainstream press and so the impact would be negligible at best (something better than nothing?). Do we really believe a disclosure by France would em-bare-ass the US in any way? The US seems to regard France as the little brother who wants to tag along all the time. But nobody takes him seriously. I don’t feel that way but the US seems to demonstrate this on a regular basis. As I write this I am shrouded in doubt. I know how Spirit works and no one in any administration will be “forced” to do anything. What do they have to gain by disclosing any of this? It seems to me the only thing any democratic Government fears (including our own) is an actual uprising by the governed. Who is willing to go to the mat over this issue? I don’t think it’s going to happen.
    The GF has told us that their presence is necessary for the masses to begin the quantum leap. They also tell us that there is only a small window of time left for this to happen. If they are waiting for the US gov’t (Obama, notwithstanding. Luv the man but I don’t think this makes his “to do” list) to lead the world in setting up an “acceptable” environment for First Contact then perhaps they are giving us humans a little too much credit. I think they’re just going to have to show up! I think a lot of the sightings lately where they just come into plain sight of a few folks and “set down” or hover…I think these are practice runs. I think they know our Govt is too corrupt and they are preparing to increase their presence more and more…and more. Personally, I would LOVE that to happen.

    two cents…

  4. admin says:

    We just have to stay positive that it is going to happen. I believe that it’s not if, it’s when. It has to happen – it has been ordained to happen.

    Reading through Mark’s last telecall and Mother’s telecall really puts home that we’re just about there. If you haven’t read them, check them out:

    Mark’s telecall:
    Mother’s telecall:

    You should feel much more positive that we’re heading in the right direction after you read those. I also noticed that Obama is making a speech on Wednesday about offering a broad market overhaul:

    That will be an interesting speech to watch.

    We’re almost there.

  5. ItWorker says:

    bubbly on stand-by, brother. :o)

  6. shiva1 says:

    listen to this…..why do you think Obama has given the FED RESERVE more powers…

  7. admin says:

    Take all of that which you hear with discernment. I asked Mark about David Icke (question #5 at

    [So I would assume David Icke would be similar? I read some of his very unfavorable views on Obama.

    MH: David has some issues from Sirius to be resolved. He doesn’t talk to 38 levels above the President or positive galactics or he would know Obama is the One.]

    Take everything that you see, hear, and read and run it through your heart center and see what you come up with. How does that mp3 make you feel? If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.

    I believe that everything Obama is doing, he knows darn well what he’s doing, and it is all going to be for the better. Understand that he still had to listen to the dark ones that were still left.

    It sounds like there’s no more dark ones left. Let’s see how that pans out over the next couple days.

  8. shiva1 says:

    one persons “heart” will feel this,anothers will feel “that.,..I trust my own hearts feelings and that of a few trusted friends and colleagues with PROVEN heart discernment capabilities and higher awakened senses….we all FEEL and AGREE that Obama is being corrupted,controlled and manipulated like almost all of the rest of his ADMINISTRATION…and as far as this statement you made goes…..

    “It sounds like there’s no more dark ones left. Let’s see how that pans out over the next couple days.”

    notice how you said “it SOUNDS”….does it FEEL like that?…and yes ,we will see how things pan out in the next couple of days…no expectations,no nukes and no dates…

    If what Mark says was REALLY accomplished the internet would WILL BE TEEMING with people FEELING and CONFIRMING such a MAJOR change in our earths purity and vibration as the FEELING of the controllers frequency fences would be diminshed considerably over the next couple of days

    Remember the Winter Solstice is coming up and there are big shifts culminating on that date anyway,things are feeling lighter,but if what Mark believes has happened actually has happened it will be a much BIGGER event than what ANY others that I have read are saying about the solstice event…it would be MONUMENTAL and FELT by everyone who is even slightly sensitive to these issues……..

    .Listen to your OTHER trusted channels and TRUSTED spiritual guidance and most of all,listen to yourself and decide for yourselves…it would SERVE all well to ask yourselves has anything Mark,Rama and Tara have ever said been confirmed or played out for all to see?,,,

    …the plane crash bodies being recovered and identified by relatives
    ….the nuke test confirmed by many agencies and psychics
    ….the FED RESERVE still in control and getting stronger
    ……..just to name a few things that haven’t been confirmations ….and yes,it is just as easy to say that these are all cover-ups as it is to say they are not cover-ups….

    IT IS IMPORTANT not to get carried away with things we desperately HOPE to have been accomplished,to the point where we mistakenly convince ourselves that our hearts “feel” that it has been….

    I hope that me being honest with how I perceive this to be will be tolerated by all….freedom of opinion IS the future

    once again,we will SEE HOW THINGS PAN OUT in the next few days…It would be great if what Mark says were true,,,,,doesn’t feel that way to me but I may be wrong…here’s hoping

  9. admin says:

    I agree with you that free opinion will be the way of the future. I also believe that our very near future will be much more positive than it is now.

    We could go back and forth all day about opinions about whether certain things are true or not. But until Air France Flight 447 shows up again, it’s proven overall that it wasn’t a nuke underground, and the Federal Reserve is no more, I agree – we’re going to have to wait and see.

    But I’m sure we can agree that it is POSSIBLE that Black Ops is placing the dead bodies and debris, that the agencies and psychics stating it was a nuke test are being paid off, and the MSM (main stream media) is hiding the fact that the Fed is dissolved.

    So I guess we’ll wait and see. I’ve got 24 days left until Obama “rests” which, the way I look at it, is when all of this is going to be coming front and center.

    That’s not too long to wait to see a possible answer…

  10. shiva1 says:

    Yes,maybe Obama is hiding the fact that the Fed Reserve is dissolved by making new legislation to give it even MORE power…conspiracy theories are easily made up to suit ANYONES agenda……

    yes,ONCE again TIME WILL TELL with Marks.Tara’s and Rama’s DATES and predictions about things…..they have given many DATES and related “outcomes” over the years and not one of them has come to pass…if ONE has,please let me know…..let’s hope something BIG transpires this time…in the meantime we need to continue to diligently do our INNER-WORK and to not postpone or neglect it in the hope of some Saviours or NESARA doing it for us,that is how the Dracs and Annunaki have managed to stupify and dumb-down much of the mainstream new-age community for decades now and one of the main reasons NOTHING major has transpired….if nothing major transpires in the next 24 days will we be honest enough with ourselves to ask the much needed questions?

  11. admin says:

    That’s just the logistics of working with Faction 3 – all the information is not in the MSM so things seem to come out in the end.

    And since it looks like we’re getting darn close to disclosure, arrests, et al, then I guess we will see what happens in the next 23 days.

    And you’re right – if nothing happens in the next 23 days we will have to be honest and ask ourselves those pertinent questions.

  12. adrianIII says:

    Are we being trained to handle disappointment? Is it “faith rules,” no matter what? We can always create excuses for pretty much anything, can’t we? We want to believe so much that we accept any and all “explanations.” Sorry, it’s just a round of frustration flowing!

  13. admin says:

    I understand where you are coming from.

    It’s really hard when we are programmed to believe that the only thing that is correct and true is either what we learned in school or what we see on the news. When those two areas are controlled by the baddies, then that makes it very difficult for us to see all the good that is happening.

    So I guess there is that “faith rules” issue at this point in time. But as I mentioned before, looking into your heart center is going to give you the answers – good or bad – that you are looking for.

    I, as well, wait to see how things are going to play out. But it sure feels like it’s close, my friends!

  14. shiva1 says:

    Admin says “And you’re right – if nothing happens in the next 23 days we will have to be honest and ask ourselves those pertinent questions.”….have you been doing that for all of the other dates and “facts” that Mark,Tara and Rama have given?….I have,that’s why I ask these pertinent qestions

  15. admin says:

    I always ask those questions and try to search around for some sort of proof. Some of it you can’t find, some things you can find.

    But their information resonates well with me so I accept those as possible truths.

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