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Special Blue Ops Summary – June 24, 2009


From Beth:

My Dear Friends,

Interdimensionally and multidimensionally, our radiant Planet IS NOW ASCENDED.  I no longer experience seeing her as I did before this very comprehensive Blue Op.

It is not possible to describe it in the old way (that was so 5 minutes ago). I see tonight many friends gathered for the Blue Op.

St Germain, Lord Michael, Lady Nada, King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet, Tom the Ring Tail Cat Paschat, Vywamus, Madame X, Beth/Mark, Tara/Rama, Kau’ila, Terrence, Lord Sananda, Ashtar, Arcturus, Metatron, Neptune, Zarathustra [Note from Steve: I may have this name wrong], Sea Beings, Sea Lions, Sharks, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Horses, Merpeople. I see all my friends reading this have collectively joined to be a support and lend their hearts for this Ascension Process.

We begin tonight at various sites on Earth where she has been raped of her raw minerals due to over-mining. As the Cabal falls, they will no longer strip Earth of her vital Life Force, diamonds, gold, platinum, copper, iron, coal, minerals and trace minerals.

We go to a place in Siberia where there are a dozen coal mines in one town. Only, it is not only coal being mined. Siberia is populated by falsely accused prisoners. They are tortured and mine Mother Earth of precious minerals. There is no connection to the outside World. No one in the past 100 years has witnessed the vast destruction here.

This takes us to Africa. Wars, killing and raping of woman and children. The purpose is refugees flee from areas heavily populated with precious minerals. Genocide leaves no one to witness the rape of Mother Earth’s gold, diamonds, platinum, and minerals for computer production and uranium for weapons.

All of this is over.

As we visited each site, Ashtar and his Wings dissolved all equipment and structures associated with these places. With the arrests around the corner, due to accountability, these places will literally no longer exist. The destruction to the people and the Planet will no longer exist. All resources will be fairly distributed to all peoples over the Earth. This will happen with new harmless technologies.

I see a giant network of dark satellites connected to a computer system that is involved with making weather including destructive storms. This entire system has been dissolved by Ashtar tonight.

I see we work on opening Mother Earth’s portal to other Stars. Much traffic from Star Craft enter and exit from a portal running from the Amazon Jungle to Hawaii at 19.5N Latitude.

Madame X works together with Lady Nada. They enter the Amazon Portal interdimensionally to restore another Solar Disc and anchor it into this area. This means Mother Earth can now govern herself with no one group or government interfering.

We now go together with Zarathustra and Neptune, with Sea Beings, Angels and Galatics in Ships, and with the Cetacean Nation into the Sea. Ashtar dissolves all structures built and installed under the sea.

War weapontry, sonar, infrared, explorations, mass harvest of sea life, fishing vessels, cruise ships, submarines, barges with medical waste, barges with trash will no longer be allowed. With the controlling families and greed crumbling, these entities are dissolved.

I see Metatron lighting the Earth’s Platinum Grid from the lowest depth of the Sea to the Highest Mountain Peak.

I see Alcyone, Helios and Vesta. The Great Central Sun shines light waves into the Inner Earth Sun. These are reflected and magnified by the Solar Disc portals at specific points on the Earth.

This anchors the opening of Mother Earth’s heart flame in the Inner core of the Earth.

With Mother Earth’s Heart Flame lighted, she now is fully anchored, energetically, to the planetary, solar, galactic, universal, cosmic matrix grid all the way back to the God Head. This is the first time since the descent into matter that this has been so.

I give thanks for this momentous moment in the Now.

Much joy and love,

Beginning note: The name rendered as “Zarathustra” in Beth’d report should be “A-Rama-thustra.”]

Mark’s Preface to Kauwila’s Supplementary Report:

Molto bono! Excellent! And such joy and dashing adventure! Blessings, Brother.
Delightful outcome.
And they told us ‘cats’ don’t like water!!! Tom’s been holding out on us. (Grin.)

Kauwila’s Supplementary Report

Did you all feel warm and wet in this magnificent Blue Operation?

All of this Blue Ops time was in the ocean. I jumped off the coral point at where I live, and stayed in the ocean for 30-40 minutes, 50-100 yards out.

Big waves, some maybe 10-foot faces, but it was easy in, easy out. Mother told me, no worries. She would show me the way in and the way out, and I would be surprised how easy it was. And it was.

Most of the “work” on my behalf was underwater.

Deep trench work, we (that is all of this team and all of the other beings mentioned here) went underwater up towards the North Pole, clearings there and on the way up there.

A lot of fish-war energetic clearings took place on the way, throughout the Alaskan and Arctic waters. Mother was along, na mano (sharks) leading the way, biting through all old energy grid lines (they were doing this worldwide).

Tom the Ring-tailed swimming puma cat tails were visible (see below). We went into the North pole and through the earth out the South Pole, and performed more clearings there. Mano cut all remaining Lemurian/Atlantean grids and Vywamus swept any remainder of dark resistance from the CORE of the earth. Gaia petted Mano with a stroke of her hand, and gave Vywamus a big kiss. As it was a deep ocean op, it was indeed a very wet and salty one!

During that part of the operation, a deep purple color was visible all around the world on the way to the North pole. This was a transformation/cleansing of residual underwater HAARP networks that were previously undetected and unknown, that were used for underwater weather and animal behavior-modification operations. This HAARP, and all of its minions, the “HAARP-ies”, sing no more.

A bright purple sun was then seen underwater around the South pole. Clearings were not necessary there (thanks to the Wingmakers down there), although the Antarctic science people there were surprised and amazed by occasional sightings of moving ringed cat tails and shark fins showing up in the snow, so these operators will want to get away, and these operations will not be there much longer. So-called modern science can not explain that!

Up to Japan where we cleared of a lot of reptilian leftovers from WWII: mostly equipment, garbage, ships, and energetic residues. This was all taken up by those OTHER ships. Saw a lot of red light showing up around Japan. Not blood, rather leftover Eastern emotional body energy, anger-type sadness energy built up during the world wars, Korean conflict, the fish/cetacean wars, and the “I must be so polite to everyone and be just a proper Asian” personality “tight-ass-ended” energy. Mother said, “Time to “loosen up” the sphincter.”

All throughout the oceans, I was swimming with cats, though I could only see their tails. This was the Tom the Ring-tailed cat crew. Oh yes, that also had something to do with clearing away Caterpillar-Corporate-type energy, the “Get the hell out of my way, damn it, can’t you see I’ve got work to do and stuff to build and go to hell if you don’t like it” energy, very intrusive dark vibes. And residuals. Worldwide.

We went to Sumatra on one journey where we rectified plate structures, golden grid points, frameworks, and relationships with the higher-dimensional grids. These disruptions were caused partly by the scalar wave-induced tectonic plate alterations, which initiated the tsunami (in 2005(?)). All of Gaia’s plates are now in a harmonious 5D arrangement, ready, actually already IN the completed ascension phase.

Now came an around-the-world operation (counterclockwise as seen from North Pole), encircling the globe, just like Superman! And indeed it was Superman, SuperMother (Sekhmet) partnered here with SuperNeptune. We all went around seventeen times, clearing debris from primarily etheric realm, and also at higher D dark intent levels (what “D” is that, I am not sure; I sensed it was throughout all the 11 dimensions the dark hats can occupy). A-Rama-thustra (no coincidence, that name……Rama) with his long white beard and shimmering, flowing white robe, wrapped his arms around everyone, the entire globe, then laughed a great laugh with joy and satisfaction and proclaimed, “IT IS DONE!”

Gaia/Vywamus smiled broadly and laughed, and proclaimed, “Now WE are ‘the deciders’!”

And so it is…

Aloha, Love, and Peace
Kauwila (Kau’ila)


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