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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 4, 2009


Introductory Words, Comments, and Questions

Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Jan, Annie, Katie, Patricia and Jules

KAUWILA – Link to President Obama’s speech as directly recorded live on my computer (without any media editing) can be found at:

RAMA – Here’s the fix.  Oh, my.  The reality of what is going is Obama is saying it like it is and he is helping the people wake up to the last 8 years of holographic hell.  I’m praising, respecting, thanking, and loving the feelings.

What I have heard today, just in terms of the realities in the last few days, it’s just been steadily building with the energies, the frequencies, the stories as the right makes a spin to the bottom and they’re going faster and faster as they have nothing and we have to love them even more as they lose control.   On a certain level, the energies are moving so high and we are moving so fast it’s creating a bit of our own “dark night of the soul” for some.  Some are waking up exponentially.

Today I heard on Thom Hartmann, he had on a Palestinian man who had been there for pretty much the last 20 years, I believe, in Palestine working for peace.  Thom Hartmann was broadcasting live from the UN, which was kind of interesting because all kinds of radio talk show hosts were there – some kind of radio row.

He was talking with this Palestinian man and he was saying that Israel does need to be called on its crap for war crimes along with the United States.   He was also saying that the Israelis need to pull back their borders to, at least, the Golan Heights and stop all the settlements. Obama has also said that and I heard that he [Obama] said if you don’t stop [the settlements], we’ll stop you. That goes for Iran; in the sense, if Israel attacks Iran, I guess Obama is going to slap Israel, so-to-speak.

Later on I heard this guy.  (Ron Reagan wasn’t there; there was a woman sitting in.)  She had Jack Rice on.  Jack Rice was talking about how the scene going on with Obama’s speech in Cairo was so moving; people had tears streaming down their face for the first time in 8 years, 9 years that they actually heard – first time in history – that an American president recognizes the Palestinian state.

Jack Rice said Bush only mentioned the Palestinian state one time in the 8 years he was in office. My understanding about this is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, The Dome of the Rock, belongs to no one. It is of its own autonomy.  It’s a star gate that controls a lot of the other star gates.  When you start messing with ownership or claiming ownership, things have a funny way of going haywire like we’ve seen in weird movies – like when you decide to mess with the force, something funny happens.  And it’s not so funny.

I’m just saying, at this time, we have to watch how we eat, breathe and move.  How we speak, even, at that level. It’s just so much.  We’re watching right now on The Rachel Maddow show, Michelle Obama is giving a speech of some sort.  It is at a point now where I firmly believe first contact is extremely imminent on all levels because more and more crafts are showing up and more and more folks are seeing it all over the world independent of the news media – just everyday Joes and Bills like you and me. I heard Randi Rhodes for about 5 minutes today; she just said it’s about grassroots reporting.  That’s what it’s about. “We the people.”

TARA – “Also in the last few weeks, I’ve (this is Michael Cohen) been talking incessantly about a UFO vortex either in the south of Brazil in Santa Catarina or in the northeast near Fortaleza.  Highly-credible multiple reports have shown the silvery disks that exist in this vortex to cause electrical failure.  Tragically, a plane has gone down killing over 200 people in one of two areas where I believe this vortex is located.

“As I write, I can confirm that dozens of scientists employed by the governments of the major nations are in Fortaleza tracking down and trying to capture images of these UFOs.  In the last few days, it can also be confirmed that the UFO activity and the arrival of the silver, disk-shaped, surveillance UFOs has been unprecedented and well beyond any previous levels of activity.  NASA, enjoying the last moments of splendid Earth isolation, has gone into overdrive with its cover-up story debunking UFO activity picked up by its satellite. Other news outlets are busily informing us of six sky planes that are commonly mistaken for UFOs.

“Although, undoubtedly, the latter story has much truth to it, one must was wonder about the timing.  However, it appears the horse has bolted and the hour of contact is upon us whether NASA or any government likes it or not.  Southwest China as well as Siberia are areas where the vortexes are tipped to move to shortly.

“A report has just been filed, in the United States, by a commercial pilot who witnessed a similar type of craft flying alongside his plane.  The United States government is taking this incident very seriously.  Has the race in the nearby Andromeda galaxy discovered us?  [OMG – an aside by Tara]  Have these unmanned surveillance disks made their way home, at some point and reported back?  [Boy, people really aren’t ready are they?  (An aside by Tara)]  It is more likely that they have known about us [forever], yet, have now decided we are ready for contact.

“Or perhaps simply a case of us being more aware of them as our own technology develops.  Whatever the case, the floodgate is opened.  Sightings of UFOs will be unprecedented over the next few weeks. We are at a minute to midnight in terms of ending our isolation. Open unilateral contact is month, weeks, days or even hours away.”

RAMA – Stephanie Miller, this morning, had on a congressman from Missouri.  It was a democrat and he was saying “I have been watching the different interviews of Dick Cheney and each time Dick Cheney has come on TV, he has implicated himself further in 9/11.  It is just outright, in a sense, as he continues his mass insanity, live and in person and on the air.  It is creating quite a deposition of evidence where he is admitting to water boarding is torture and electrocution.  I need not go any further.

David Carradine was found dead in his Thailand hotel.  They say he hung himself.  I do not believe it for one minute.

TARA – They killed David Carradine because he knew way too much about their drug activities.

RAMA – Because he played the character of Kwai Chaing Caine, he had to visit China during that time of the 70’s, the 80’s.  I believe they got in contact with him. Maybe Benjamin Fulford knows.

TARA – The Chinese red and green underground have been taking out the “dark side”.  So I believe this was spite.  He was making another movie there.  I don’t think they liked much the subject matter of that movie either.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Ok.  Who would like the Talking Stick next?

KRYSTAL FROM CANADA – I have a wonderful video about animals.  It is about a 6 minute one about animals and consciousness.  It shows that animals are ETs from other dimensions here to assist us and they’re further along ascension than we are.  In their real state, they don’t look anything like they are here on this planet; these are just their bodies.  Their spirits are completely different.   They are here to help us and to help us ascend.

I have two cats and they work with me [clearing dark entities.]  My Siamese howled when they were around.  Now when we’re working with dendrites – you know about those – and all the suppressed emotions coming up from our past, my Siamese cat tells me a half hour before I even know I have to do it.  As soon as he howls, I know I need to clear.

My two cats are my assistants in my work.  If anybody wants my video, I’d be happy to send it to them.  It tells all about animals and their consciousness.  It’s just wonderful.   It’s on You Tube; it’s called “Animals and Consciousness”.  If anybody wants the link I can send it to them.  Everybody should watch this.  I sent that video out to wake people up and they sure shut up fast in the groups when I sent that in. My favorite expression:  Animals are my friends.

ALEKA – It is hard for me not to talk on this topic because there is not enough of it on the planet.  At this time, I totally agree with you.  Penelope Smith is considered the pioneer of the animal communication field.  She has an amazing consciousness with animals and she had a magazine on animal communication called “Species Link”.  I am a little bit of an animal communicator and I have a mission in raising consciousness in the animal kingdom.  One of my bunnies is writing a book for children right now through me.  I am also going to be putting together a metaphysical pet expo – just like a new age expo – where you have all the vendors and healers healing all your animals, where you can bring your pets in.  These are all things I’m inspired and being guided to do.

I, also, want to share the souls, all of us, very freely can incarnate in whatever form we want to.  Because I have a spiritual leadership role on this planet, my bunnies have incarnated – they’re all incarnated angels and ascended masters. To bring my point home, I’ve got two incarnations of Archangel Michael; one of which is Hercules and he’s on the Elohim Council.  All of my bunnies have their twin flames just like my spirit which is an incarnation of Shekina and of which Obama is also an incarnation of Shekina has a gift with animals in the natural world.  I’ve got three incarnations of Jesus and his twin flame which is Shekina.  I’ve got Mary Magdalene and Moses who are twin flames.  I’ve got Isis and Osiris who are twin flames.  I’ve got the twin flames of the rays of love.  I’ve got Shiva and Sakti.  You wouldn’t believe the power and the wisdom that I have in my house.

If we want a guru, we don’t necessarily have to go to India or Japan.  All we need to do is listen to the pets that are in our home.  If we want to be on a spiritual journey, we want wisdom, it’s right there.  As we’re ready and we have souls that we’re close to throughout history, it’s all orchestrated. Everything that incarnates in our life is done deliberately.  Nothing is done at random.  As we’re ready for things and as we are evolving, the souls that we’re ready to work with will always be incarnating around us. I just wanted to mention that it’s a prayer of mine that the Obama administration will take note of the animal kingdom.  30 to 50% of it has been destroyed on this planet.  It’s part of my mission; it’s come to me that we’re a trinity on this planet of Mother Earth, the animal kingdom and humanity.  In order for us to ascend, this trinity is trilateral. There has to be equal love and a balance between all three of us for this world to ascend.

JENNA – In this theme of animals being very conscious, I know this to be true because at one time I had 13 kitties that I rescued and all of them but one, I was told, were overshadowed by celestial beings.  Some of them are still with me – 4 of them.  The incredible wisdom that these little ones exhibit everyday is phenomenal.  They are just so wonderful, to help, to assist and to give all kinds of unconditional love.

QUESTION – For someone out there that might be listening, what we think of the Chandler (?) wobble which is what the earth is normally in and the return of the Nephilim; also the frequency of Maitreya on this planet overshadowing it?  Is there any reference for this from anyone there?  I know someone has some information.

RAMA – It is interesting you bring that up because I called up Thom Hartmann today trying to talk on the air about the Palestinian issue and I got to talk to him live off the air.  He told me that he had a conversation with Benjamin Creme who just happened to be at the UN today, of all times and it was concerning the Pakistani issues and how Lord Maitreya is about ready to walk through downtown Islamabad and Karachi and give everybody a wakeup call. He’s the man to do it because he is the Cosmic Christ.

TARA – He’s the 10th  incarnation of Krishna on the planet and the final one.

RAMA – He’s called the Mahdi in the Islamic world.

WOMAN SPEAKER – He was the Maya (?) of Aruba.  He is our Solar Logos.

TARA – Oh, yes.  That’s right.  Absolutely right.  I always call him my tray of gold – of the Golden Dust Age of Enlightenment and then following it, the Age of Ma’at, which is Mother Sekhmet’s age.  We call it the age of Capricorn here.  Yet this is not going to be like you think it is because we’re not really on a timeline and, of course, those who still consider themselves part of the timeline by the 28th of November of 2011 won’t be here anymore. They’ll either be ushered to other planets and they won’t remember. They’ll just be bio-located.

WOMAN SPEAKER – You know as well as I do that time is not a principle in cosmic law.

TARA – That’s right.  That’s why we’re going back to cosmic law which is just getting back on track.

RAMA – The Law of One.

TARA – Some people are just so far over the edge they may not be centered enough to even make it through this kind of a transformation. It’s happening so much more rapidly every moment. Last November, it was said that people need to make a decision whether they want to be here or not. As they made that decision, it will be harder and harder for them to leave after that. There’s a prolongation that seems excruciating of an element that we have been in the illusion of – called suffering – and that is the old order attachments that we have to the timeline.  Right now . . .

WOMAN SPEAKER – The suffering and the martyrism is at a very [inaudible] ray which is the same ray that the Christ was on.

TARA – That is right.  We have to do a great reversal.  Every time we have thoughts that we’re in this state of poverty or suffering or whatever you want to call it that isn’t the reality unless you continue to put your energy there because the reality of the Hunab Ku changing the program a long time ago that was the 9th, 10th and the 11th.  Obama changed the program on the night of the 9th, Saturday night, he did his correspondence to the White House correspondents talk.   Comedy speech – it wasn’t a comedy at all unless you call it a comedy of errors because the characters he brought up are guilty of war crimes inside his own administration.  He’s telling everybody this is the fact.

He, also, said the first 100 days he’s going to write in the annals of history and they will be very long and it matches the middle step.  The first 100 days of Barack Obama matches the middle step.  The first step was from October 1st of 2008 until Barack Obama took his inauguration with Michelle.  The work of the Bush administration going out ended with a grand finale, demonstrating to the world their collaborative effort with Israel to commit genocide in Palestine.   He noted Rahm Emmanuel didn’t know how to say day after Mother’s, and the 10th, the next day, was Mother’s Day.  He said it’s true.

You know and I know what he was really going to say after mother all the time.  He, being the head of the Mossad in this country, was a spearhead of doing 9/11 in collaboration with Hillary.  The other one he brought up how nice she was to tell me and go take care of Mexico – that’s the last time she is going to go there – after she hugs and kisses him.  He did the right thing by letting them do their thing in the first phase.  Then in the second phase – it’s called the “self exposure” stage – and these guys expose themselves for the war criminals they are throughout this second stage.

Then beginning on May 30th ending on the 10th of July will be the third stage and it will only be 72 days by his words.  He said I will have accomplished everything that I need to accomplish that normally will take 100 days.  Knowing that 100 days for them is somewhere in August, we know that what he’s doing is preparing us to get ready for arrests.  Ashtar said it on Tuesday; it is all done.

RAMA – They’ve already arrested Hal Turner for inciting violence against Connecticut officials.  Bill O’Reilly could be next.

TARA – Mark even said maybe that’s the beginning of a slew of arrests.  The arrests are going to continue.  They are going to continue and they’ll be in the media. The media is what we need to arrest right now so that the NESARA media can step fully into all the main media.

RAMA – I pass the Talking Stick.

BIG WILL – I want to mention to Tara and Rama and everybody on the call today that when President Obama made his speech and after his speech he had a chance to go to an exhibit at the Pyramids.  In that pyramid that he visit[ed], he noticed an emblem.  The emblem was a figure that looked exactly like him.  He said “Oh look.  That’s me!”  [Ed. I think he actually said: “That looks like me. Look at the big ears.”]  Is that something that he is indicating to the world?

TARA – I believe so.  He has been in many very, very important lifetimes all over this planet for the last thousand years as an ascended being because he merges with ascended masters in those lifetimes – as King Arthur [Ed. JFK also said he was King Arthur], he merged his soul with El Morya.  Arthur in Avalon merged his soul with El Morya.  These are very important times. El Morya seems to be merged with his soul now and we’re going back to Camelot everybody.  Everything else just watch and witness.  Love them as they are going to have to walk this final third round to their exits.  We love them and we love them and we love them.

QUESTION – I would like to know – I was listening to Rachel and she said that, she gave 8 points and the 5th point was that Obama laid to rest 9/11 conspiracies. Can anybody explain that to me?

RAMA – I was told that he had to say that to appease his controllers, the higher ups and at the right moment, he will turn it around and say “The folks that did 9/11 were the Bush/Clinton deal”.

TARA – He means Hillary, Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr.

RAMA – That’s right.

TARA – Not Bill Clinton; those were all clones.   A little insight:  He really wasn’t under the control of his controllers; that’s not really the case.  He was only helping out the people to know something.  He said that Al-Qaeda did this murderous thing.  Everybody is listening very carefully.  All ready, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Amy Goodman, and many other whistleblowers,  have associated Al-Qaeda with all CIA.  That is what people know now and the exposure of the last period is going to come in real handy.  The switch of who Al-Qaeda really represents will be revealed by Patrick Fitzgerald and not by Barack Obama.  That’s why he does what he does.

KAUWILA – I did notice related to all of these things being reported incorrectly and I’m noticing that the wreckage was determined to not be from the Air France plane.  I know it’s true because Steve just posted shortly before, “I know there’s a wonderful member, whose name is Jesus, that continues to cover the Air France incident.”  I checked it out and did a free translation and definitely what they were picking up sounds like wood pallets and things.  It wasn’t anything to do with anything that could be a jet liner. In any event, I pass that along.  I thought it might be something people might want to know.  I pass the talking stick.

TARA – Tell everybody what your name means.

KAUWILA – That particular spelling of the name means ka-va and wila means electricity or the lightening that lights up the sky.   So it’s a light word.  There’s another spelling that means the pleaser of light. That’s your Hawaiian lesson for today.  Mahalo. Thank you.

COLORADO – Rama, could you continue talking about Air France?  How can the families be comforted in regard to them still being alive and coming back?

RAMA – What I can say as Commander Kauwila said is that the debris on the surface of the ocean is not the debris from the plane.  There is a story about how intense bright light was seen just before the plane disappeared; this was seen by some Brazilian folks. They picked up on it in their newspapers. This is not being reported over here. This goes along with the opening of a portal from one dimension to another.  An intense, white light – bright light.

TARA – When you read the documentation about the Bermuda triangle, airline pilots were reporting a bright light in the sky immediately before they disappeared.  Same thing.

RAMA – Then sometimes these gigantic orbs show up right along side the plane.  Then the plane disappears and it is not destroyed.  It goes into the 5th dimension; a tractor beam is put on it and the people are brought into the landing bay of this star craft.  They get out of the plane and everybody greets everybody else.  They say “Welcome to wonderland”.  Alice, we are going to learn about intergalactic protocols now. Here’s the babel fish – a universal translator so we can understand each other.

TARA – There’s not much you can do to console unless you can get them to a higher understanding that there have been incidents like this before.  Yet, we haven’t had them show back up again.  This time I don’t think it’s going to be long before Ashtar brings everyone back, and he’s going to come back with them.  They’re going to have this plane intact, and all these people are going to tell their story.  That is the wondrous peace that we are going to experience.  I know that’s true.  All you can do is give them hope if they can hear that in any way that you and your heart can think about communicating that in a way that they can understand it.

RAMA– If you ask the FAA, they’re gonna lie to you.

TARA:  I mean there is footage all through 9/11 of ships overhead.  As people were falling out of the windows or jumping out of windows, they were getting put into the beam, and they were being beamed up right on the internet.  A lot of people don’t even see it because they don’t go where they want to look at it.  They’re not sure they’re ready for it.  So, this is the final thing that the dark side cannot cover up, even to the point where they’re already reporting within days that something that was called debris wasn’t debris.  I mean that leaves everything open.  Okay, I pass the talking stick.

Marietta Robert: The one thing that I do hear them speaking about is the fact that all electrical systems were lost, and that’s consistent with the Bermuda triangle and with any time when ships or planes have gotten into these areas.  So that is kind of maybe an opener or a place where people can begin to hear because they have been told that all of the electrical systems went down just before they lost contact with the plane.

TARA:  Mark was just saying, how you were just going to say . . .

MARK: We just recently had an official Ashtar command landing in Webster, South Dakota.  This was an authorized landing and the thing that happened is when it came into the local area, they were able to see it but their radios and electronic devices would not work.  That is so that the cabal would not scramble all their craft and everything and make a big incident out of it.  So this is just confirming what you said about the electrical disturbances or characteristics.  I have had quite a number of contacts in which my car would stop when they came over and were making contact.  So I know that this is a fact.

Jenna:  In confirmation of this, I was picking up that the Air France aircraft was ascending, it ascended because I was with an individual who is a Shaman, and he said there will be nothing found underneath the water.  I said Yes, I feel very strongly that they were taken aboard, beamed aboard one of the aircraft.  He goes Oh, that makes sense.  So I know that this occurred.

Barker:  Thank you.  On this Air France, I’m a commercial pilot in my past, flight instructor also.  A few comments are (1) the information about the electrical system going out is coming from the company.  This is what they say that they computers sent an automated message so on its face value, it has no value because you have to consider the source.  This is the airline company that is reporting this is what happened.  (2) You can have military aircraft; black ops aircraft flying over that route of flight in a matter of hours after the disappearance, certainly 12 or 24 hours and dropping out debris out the back bay of the aircraft and leaving a trail.

I heard the trail, they found debris 40 or 50 miles apart.  What is of most interest to me in hearing all this debris, non-debris, light, electrical, all this other stuff, is they haven’t found any bodies.  There are 228 people that were on that and after bodies are in the water, they float.  When you consider what’s under the water, my step-dad was captain in the Navy on nuclear submarines, and I can assure you within 12, certainly 24, hours they had a sub on site at as deep as they can go, which I don’t know how deep that is but it’s deep enough to send sonar to find out where that thing is.  They’re not talking about where anything’s on the bottom.

This whole scenario is a perfect setup for those in power to play the game of `delude the people’ through the illusion and say the aircraft went down.  This is the logical explanation for the disappearance.  France came out today and said there’s absolutely no hope that they would ever find anybody alive.  So they’ve have committed themselves to this story line.  This is, given all of the circumstances with Ashtar and the heightened intensity of feeling things are coming, this is intuitively, I just know this is the absolute perfect opportunity, as Rama and Kauwila suggested, to drop down the airplane gently in some location and disprove what these national governments have been saying so convincingly and authoritatively as false.

As far as first contact, or first disclosure as I would call it, if you had a few extraterrestrials standing there with them when these people are talking about their experience; here’s the plane; here’ s the people; here’s everything, you couldn’t write a novel any better than the set-up that this is going through at this time.  I fully expect these people are going to be given back to us intact with a fabulous tale, and this is going to be the crack that opens the door that shines the light and the story unfolds.  Thank you.

VANESSA FROM MICHIGAN.  I have two questions.  First of all, I wondered if anybody had seen the movie, The Knowing?  Does this play anything in this.  As you guys were speaking about this airplane missing, there was a movie back in the 80s.  I think it had Cheryl Ladd played in it.  They would go, right before the airplane was going to crash and take the people to this other dimension.  I wondered if you could elaborate or if anybody knows about that?

RAMA:  I remember that movie, and it might have actually been called The Millennium Project, and Cheryl Ladd was in it and somebody else.  They went to a different, alternate reality, and they changed the timelines, and as changing the timelines in that alternate reality, they changed the timelines here, and they were able to avert some sort of disaster, that’s what I remember.

VANNESSA:  Does the movie, The Knowing, does it have anything to do with what’s going on now?

RAMA:  Only in the sense of, what I would say, is that the uniqueness of this happening at this particular time, just in our current story of the timelines being shifted.  The very fact that a portal would open up over the Atlantic, whether it was a portal that was opened up by the Galactics to make a showing saying we are keeping up with the day that Dr. Stephen Bassett wanted to make the presence of our awareness known.  In the sense of, you know, he said on May 31, I’m going to let the people know if you don’t know Obama.

MARK:  For those of you who don’t go to GRT News site on a regular basis or get those, you may not know of an operation that took place yesterday that’s rather extraordinary and involved Mother Sekhmet and a whole lot of people.  If you will indulge us, I think you’ll find it bears to the point that was just being asked there about what’s going on now, and you might even add to that, so what can we expect as a result of these things?  I think this incident yesterday speaks pretty well to that.  Tara, do you want to read that?

TARA:  Okay.  This is very interesting.  Again, this was June 3rd which was yesterday.

MARK:  This is Beth Turtwin speaking.

TARA:  What I saw.  I saw Mark and Beth, Tom the ring-tailed cat, the King of Swords , Mother Sekhmet, St. Germain, Ashtar, Arcturus and Michael.  There was Mother Earth. There was a special light that looked like sunlight (there you go, that bright light again, everybody) in all time zones surrounding the Earth.  The energy was tremendous.  It was the love, the bliss, the fifth dimensional energy in which the darkness cannot abide.  They are being loved free.  I spoke, that’s a beautiful way to put it everybody.  They are being loved free, release the peace, yes.  I spoke to all beings on earth of all races.  There will be a pulse sent out now.  Any creature not coming fully from love will be removed.  You cannot survive in 5D Earth.  It is time to leave now.

Some will feel like surrendering and we will assist you.  Some will hide from fear.  You cannot hide.  We will see you. Some will fight us.  You will not get away.  Then the pulse went out.

There was a special Legion of Angels, thousands upon thousands of Angels around the World.  As the reptilians gave up, the Angels escorted them to Ashtar.  Sometimes a Dragon went to Ashtar.  In the first 10 minutes, half of the creatures were rounded up merely by surrender.  They left thousands more who were hiding.

I started hopping with a “knee mallet.” I would tap, tap, and look for dark entities.  If they were where I felt them, this tapping would send a signal back to base and, if they were there, a return signal would light them up to me and they would be rounded up.  Their reading would be rooted out by the tap response signal.  I hopped and hopped around the globe tapping.  [Oh, that’s a cute image.]

It was shown to me as the lights were suddenly being turned off and a black light would “light up” in the purple flame light those who were hiding.  One by one, they were surrounded and rounded up.  I also saw glasses with “special vision” being donned by those of us working.  It is like the color-blind test.  As you are wearing the glasses you “See” what cannot be seen.  No one could hide.  Those remaining were taken.

Then there were some several thousand, very stubborn ones.  They ran into the sea tunnels, under the sea.  They ran into the mountain tunnels.  It was like Gimli standing on Balin’s tomb in Moria with an axe to get the remaining “trolls” out of the tunnels deep in the Earth.  It looked as if a sea of dark creatures running en masse, just like goblins.  Then I saw a device like the kiddy toy.  This is where you have a “magnet pencil” and you draw ‘hair,’ which is metal bits, over this goofy face in the kiddy game.  A kind of magnet was used to round up the rest.  It is electromagnetic and hones in on that frequency of darkness.  Mother, Gaia, as more and more were rounded up, became lighter.

VYWAMUS (Mother’s Gaia’s twin flame) yelled cheers in my Head:  Look at her, Look at her!  Her blues are brighter blue, and her greens are brighter green!  He was yelling, he was so happy, He jumped and he cheered.  I looked up and a giant ruck sack was being closed up, then the whole lot were put on a cigar-shaped craft.  This craft was miles and miles long.  It warped and left our time space.  Every one was whooping cheers.  The energy dissipated.  I felt tremendous, tremendous relief.  I just laughed out loud again and again with deep relief.  I feel tired, and I have a headache yet so happy, it feels great. The real time for this was about a half hour.  Praise Be to God and Thank You to “Our Gang”.  Well Done!

MARK: At that time, it just so happens coincidentally, that Mother was in Rama’s body and I walked in to let him know the operation was starting, and Mother graciously offered to help and did so.  At the same time, Rama was up on Commander Soltec’s Flagship, the Phoenix, and he was watching this whole thing.  Rama, would you describe what you saw.

RAMA:  I was witnessing all these little flares lighting up through the clouds on the surface of the planet.  It was like these tiny, you know like, explosions but explosions of light.  It was like purple light just going off.  Very cool, thank you Beth and company.

MARIETTA:  I’ll take another question here.

BIG WILL:  I wish to have the talking stick please.  This question goes to Rama and Mark and Tara.  This is Big Will.  Last night, roughly about 2:30 a.m., I did see that lone star, and it was located southeast here in Texas and that star was shining so brightly.  It was the only star that was in the sky.  It kind of hung kind of mid-level.  Was that the one that we were all seeing, the operation that Tara and Rama and Mark were talking about?  I pass the talking stick.

RAMA:  That was Sirius, Will.

TARA:  No, it was not.  Often times, Ashtar plants himself on the New Jerusalem right in front of Sirius, and Sirius can look doubly bright because there’s those two lights coming together.  So that’s what you saw, Big Will.

BIG WILL:  Very good, thank you.

MARIETTA:  Well, that will answers other question that we got sent in.  Some other people were talking about these bright lights.

Mother’s Talk

MS:  Greetings!  Greetings in the light of the most radiant one in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

We will say at this time, what is unfolding on your world is the fact that Vywamus and Gaia are shifting off the veils of forgetfulness for all life forms, and folks are waking up to who they are.

Yet, Joe the plumber and Homer Simpson are still getting it, but they need a bit of a landing.  We might have to buy them a couple of pints for them to get it.  That`s okay.  It is the reality in which what is unfolding.  The fact is that First Contact is already beginning, and you are about to take the place of the 33rd member of the Federation of Worlds.

As the Starfleet Academy is coming into manifestation where you get to see the real workings of what it is about to be on a starship and serve in the Federation.  It is not in the sense of what you all would understand as military – we don’t go there – we keep the peace throughout the galaxy yet we are scientific, peaceful missions only.

It is the exploration of what is not only out there but what’s in here.  It is truly in here where the journey begins and the 35-trillion universes upon universes are, going on in this living temple we are speaking through, now called the Temple of the Living God.  Like he said, build it in three days, we can rebuild it, and it is about taking on the energies of who you are as co-creator gods in this divine story.

This one who came from Sirius A, Sirius B to share the message from the Council of Nine visiting the land of Kemmet at this time and saying to all the people of Islam,  hmm, it is time for peace, now is the time for peace so that we can share our stories, sing our songs, help bring in a greater reality as we dialog with each other.  We discover things, how we are all common, with the common thread called humanity and that creates peace.

This guy is already beginning the process so we can step in and have the three cups of tea that have been discussed in terms of creating peace.  This is what Dalai Lama speaks of – Kundun [the Dalai Lama’s personal name] – where we can talk with our adversaries, and we learn how to love each other whether it is, whatever the name, not important.  Could be Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mussolini, Charlie Manson.  What can we say, we sit together at the table, and we share, we heal.

This is how world peace begins and universal peace which creates the United Federation of Planet Star systems, Federation of Worlds, Confederation of Worlds.

We are visitors from your future time which is our past.  How you do this is and get it done?  By getting NESARA announced.  Opens the doorway for us to have the three cups of tea to talk about peace and introduce you to a greater reality where you do not have to create a world in which there is a place of lack – there is no lack on any level.

This is why St. Germain is about to turn his hat around and deal the last deal and it is called pay out time, and it is about getting NESARA announced first and foremost.  If you think you can use money now with the sharks out there and Homeland Gestapo, they will still want to pick you up as a terrorist or a drug runner.

TARA:  Right.

MS:  It is that reality until they are gone.  It would not be cool to walk around with gold certificates or other forms of currency that can be lifted, so to speak.  We know Finnigan is around, and he has itchy fingers, and his name is Carl Rove, not yet out of the woods.  We suspect he will get picked up with the cuffs any day dealing with the issues at hand.

It is at this time, you do not make idle threats, and we have to also say, we praise, respect, thank and love the feelings that come up for all life forms in the last 8-9 years where you have witnessed such atrocities.  We have cried oceans of tears over this, and then some, in the sense of what our wayward children have done.

And it is the reality in the understanding that we make these choices to get to this day to where the dragons are not wanting to fight.  It is time, and the door is open.  Dracos, our god, gave you amnesty; take it while you have the chance.  We say take it now, last call because the conductor has his last day on the last train.  This is what we have to say on the matter.

He whispered in my ear – I’ve got a hot date with my twin flame I have not met in 65 million years so this is the last train to Dracos.  This is what we are hearing, and in that sense, your planet is being shifted to the understanding.  All of the people of Nibiru, including lion people, bird people, reptilian people, we all lived in peace, and we lived on liquid light which is an interesting substance cause it is a food substance.  It is also called Soma in India, and it is produced by the pineal/pituitary gland and all 22 amino acids to feed this temple in the right manner.  And it is ecstatic joy.

We are just saying as we get to come and share this with you. We can introduce you to other food substances that we have in stores on our ships.  Very much like the replicators.  We have food substances for the Vegans, Vegetarians that taste incredible.  More wonderful than anything you’ve had here and then some.  It is like when you first discovered orgasms and then some and we’ll leave that there.  We are just saying, the Kundalini experience of what is happening on all levels with what is happening to your cells.  The frequencies are lifting so rapidly, we have no way of words to describe it except on with the ascension and love them even more, as they say albeit the same.  We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA:  Mark wants to ask something.  Go ahead, Mark.

MARK:  Mother, we had a couple of things today that came up and just want to give you a chance to add to anything that we’ve tentatively got out there on the subject of the Hal Turner arrest from Connecticut on a warrant there. Of course, they already started the cover-up on that, claiming that there was no actual warrant so picking him up was illegal.  But that wasn’t the truth.

And the other thing was David Carradine.

MS:  We have to say concerning Mr. Turner, it is he that made the outright threat that the next third-term abortion doctor needs a couple of more bullets in his head in the sense of removing these, what do they call them, baby-killers.  And we have to say, Bill O’Reilly, the rest of the right-wing scheme machine, are the real baby-killers that created the genocide called 9/11 and we can go back even further to 65 million years ago when our wayward children crash-landed that asteroid and put that crater, what is this crater in Arizona?

TARA:  Oh in Star Man.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  That was a meteor that made that crater.

MS:  That was the craft that landed.

TARA:  Oh yeah.  Oh, well, well in the movie, but are you saying that that same craft came and landed lately?

MS:  We are just saying, 65 million years ago, there was a spherical asteroid that was as large as what you saw in Star Man that crash landed that made that crater, and that is where the Annunaki disembarked as well as in Baghdad.

MS:  Concerning our friend, Quan Chi Caine.  He is, you know, from doing the understanding of the Tiger and the Dragon.  The reality of following the path of the Sho Lin masters is already enlightened whether the Sho left or not, we have to say.

He is already here, awake and back and rejoicing, saying time is very short, and we will be talking again and having a cup of tea.  The fact that he was taken out by your black ops because he was about to maybe make contact with the red and the green and the other Sho Lin masters in Thailand and other places where they can have a little chat.

TARA:  Oh Mother, he has before now because he has had shows about the Sho Lin masters and the Chi Woo masters and all of that.

MS:  Yes.  It has to do with just the healing of what is going on.  In the sense, the Carradine family have had their ups and downs, and Mr. David Carradine, we met him back in the 70s in Hollywood.  We had a wonderful talk with him; he is a very enlightened man, yet he was a bit troubled in the sense of wanting to shift the reality in the understanding. He wanted to make a difference in the world.

And the way he knew how to make that radical difference was to take you and tap you on the shoulder like Don Juan and move you into the naugual world by doing the Tai Chi Kung Foo moves.  Have to unite the body, mind and spirit where you move the chi, and you eventually get to that place where you have the Chi Wu as your ally and that you can send it out and take out your adversary; and you are sitting in your living room, and it is that reality in the sense, that’s why they stopped Bruce Lee because he knew about the Chi Wu and Mr. Carradine as well knew it.  It is time, in the sense, that the 13 families know that the death bell is ringing.  We love you even more.  We pass the talking stick.

Q&A Section

MARIETTA:  Okay.  We have a lot of questions here and some comments and things they would like you to comment about.  One of these things that Suzy was to be our guest here tonight, and her phone was taken out.  Is there a reason that the message she has about building the centers around the world is to be delayed?

MS:  It is that maybe the dark side don’t want us to know about the cosmic structures that are about to be released, because of all kinds of new free-energies stuff are about to get downloaded into all of us.  It is no accident the phone is out; they know how to do this stuff at critical moments, yet the message still gets carried to the heart.

MARIETTA:  Well, we will have her next week.  They did have a huge thunderstorm there today so we will see if we can do it next week.  The first question is about the ties that the people on TV are wearing.  They have noticed that there are many lavender ties this last week.  Can you comment about that?

MS:   The energies are lifting up in the sense of the masculine energies is waking up to the awareness of the lavender, the seventh ray, and the frequency that comes with the seventh ray.  The old times of using the dark side of the force, the richness of the violet flame represented absolute power, like the royal purple robes of the insane king called Napoleon.  At the same time the purple light that never fails of the violet flame.  They cannot replicate that and use it for darkness even though they would like to try because it takes you out.  You know the self, it is self replicating, so to speak.  It is eternal – part of the nature of what makes up universes.  We have to just say, hmm hope that answers that.

MARIETTA:  Well, as people are seeing this lavender, is it just a reminder to trigger in people then, the relevance of that?

MS:  Yes, reminders.  Yes, reminders St. Germaine is on the trail.

MARIETTA:  Okay, well the next question is about last week, Binder & Binder was brought up, and they said that they only do Social Security Disability.  The IRS seems to be gearing up for collections and penalties.  How can we stop them from harming us, given they are out of business and insolvent.  Also, June 1st, cannot leave the USA or come back in without their documents.  What can we do?

MS:  We have to say that as what is unfolding, is that as NESARA gets announced, all of these agencies get dissolved.  Right now, there is a great debate going on in Congress to dissolve the Federal Reserve.

TARA:  Publicly, it is already dissolved.

MS:  And they are getting ready to audit it and put it into the trash, along with the IRS and in the sense, the agents of IRS getting absorbed into Treasury Department and other agencies.  Yet they are being told through internal affairs and higher ups at a certain point, you will only get just so much blood out of that rock.  And, if you don’t turn around and walk away, hmm you are out of here.  In the sense, we are just saying, there is a time limit on how long these folks can continue to operate in this dimensional reality because it is quickly coming to a conclusion.

TARA:  Also, just in practical ways, you get any kind of requests from lawyers, IRS agents or anything, all you do is you take a red pen and on the writing, where they’re asking you for money and stuff, all you do on a 45-degree angle across the top of the writing page, you know what I mean, across the writing itself.

MARK:  Across the document.

TARA:  Yeah, across the document, you write “This is a gift.”  End of sentence.  Then the next thing you say is “Where is my check for my benefit?”  Leave everything alone and send it back to the sender.  They know what that means; they know that you got their number, that they are criminals, and they won’t go after you.  They can’t.  Okay, so that is real simple.

MARIETTA:  What does that mean this is a gift?

TARA:  It means that the money taxation is voluntary.  Therefore it is a gift.  Therefore, where is my check for my benefits.  Instead of you wanting to come after me?  In other words, it’s against . . . yeah, okay.

MARIETTA:  Alright, the next question has to do with some of Matthew’s Messages.  It said that Jesus wasn’t crucified on the cross, and, if he wasn`t, then what about the Shroud of Turin – is it real?

MS:  We have to say, the real Yeshu did not get crucified.  He escaped from Jerusalem, and the guy who got crucified, his name was Aruhabi [Ed. Ahurabi?].  He was a look alike, a stand-in if you will.

MARK:  Like Hillary.

MS:  Like Hillary, yeah.

TARA:  No.  No, because he was the volunteer; he actually volunteered.  He only had, well I don’t mean only, he had six strands of DNA, yet he volunteered, and he really did ascend.  He really did make his translation.

MS: Yes.

TARA:  Yeshu did not.  Yeshu had some further time to come back, and he experienced death and while he was here, he was here for at least 99 to 100 and some years.

MS:  120.

TARA:  The story of Moses/Akhenaten, Yeshu and Elisha, and on one side of Yeshu was Moses/Akhenaten and on the other side was Elisha.  They were showing up on either side of Yeshu and yet Yeshu’s aura magnified to so many thousands of times, and it was actually said there that the light that I am filled with terrorized the people below.

MS:  They were not ready for the cosmic rays that were coming in cause when we come in with our frequencies into 3D, we have to lower our frequencies, so that we do not cause cellular disruption and that can happen to the cells of living tissue, as we come in with plasma energy so we have to tone it down.

TARA:  And literally, Peter, James, and John were just, they were kind of terrified, and they were just so blinded by this light, and then Yeshu said my light is so all encompassing that it will destroy the earth at this time, because there is no one here on the planet at this time that is ready to take this whole light in.  And what he was basically saying is that, you know it might take another couple of thousand years before we are ready for this, and now is the time for peace.

MS:  Yes.

MARIETTA:  Okay, the next question kind of ties in with all of this because this person said I’ve read that King Tut and his wife, Akhenaten’s daughter, had a son that they put into hiding.  He lived 13 years and was an incarnation of Sananda.  Are you able to comment on this?

MS:  What we can say about this is that particular 13-year-old lived to be 13, and then he ascended into the starships. They put him on the New Jerusalem.

TARA:  Well what did he come in for if he wasn’t going to do the energizing of the earth for 13 years?  I don’t get that.

MS:  He came in just for 13 years to help hold the frequencies.

TARA:  But you just got, and you just said that he was not on the earth for those 13 years.  They hid him on the New Jerusalem.  What good is that?

MS:  We are saying he spent time on earth back and forth, up and down.

TARA:  Yes and where did they keep him in secret when he was on the earth?

MS:  Ahh.  There are chambers throughout the ancient city of el-Amarna, tunnels that go everywhere, passageways where you end up in the….

TARA:  In the inner earth?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  In the Agartha network.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Okay, So okay, that’s pretty awesome.  Thank you.

MARIETTA:  So the next question ties into this also.  Its about, it says is it true that President Obama was Akhenaten in his past life because she read that Akhenaten and Ankhesenpaaten had a son who lived to the age of 13 so this is questionable – they are almost the same question, but there are just actually also asking, is it true that Obama was Akhenaten?

MS/TARA (simultaneous):  No.


TARA:  Actually, Rama was Akhenaten in that lifetime everybody.


TARA:  And as the lady said earlier, Akhenaten was Moses, and Moses/Akhenaten’s wife Nefertiti was Magdalene, another incarnation of Magdalene.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  This question says will America be the first to hold a news conference on the UFO and this star being’s presence?

MS:  We will say that as events lead up to a head where the boil is going to get popped, we have to say, that there will be a press conference, and it may be at this place, what is it called, National Press Club in DC where others have given speeches.  It would be at that time that Dr. Stephen Bassett, maybe he is the voice of the people, since he is the only lawful congressional lobbyist, he’s our voice.

He can announce what is to come in terms of the protocols of how first contact gets arranged cause first and foremost, peace has to be declared, and NESARA gets announced before we can land.  And at that reality, all the weapons get turned off.  Got to say, this is the bottom line.  No guns will go off, no tanks, it is that reality.  Now is the time for peace.  We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA:  Well we understand that part.  I think the real question is, is the announcement of the UFO’s presence and the star beings’ presence, is that going to be announced to the world in the USA or is another country going to do that?

MS:  We have to say, right now, there is a bit of a juggling act going on between the various countries.  We have a feeling there is some discussion going on amongst the Sirian Commander and others in his entourage.  Maybe tonight, don’t know where he is going from now or is he staying in Egypt?

Maybe he will meet with Anubis in the King’s Chamber tonight, already it’s another day over there in Cairo.  We cannot say, yet we are going to say, the issue of First Contact and the release of this information is being discussed on many levels by these very people.

TARA:  Ahh . . . I was just going to say, Marietta, that don’t forget that NESARA will be announced from the United States, and the presence of the Galactics will be announced at the same time.  So, Mother, I just want to double check that whether other countries announce it or not, it will absolutely be announced in this country at the same time as NESARA is announced, correct?

MS:  It is a trigger in a sense.  As maybe China would announce the Galactic presence, it is the trigger to get NESARA announced here.  Don’t know.

TARA:  Okay, so another country, yet it will be at the same time as NESARA is announced here.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Very interesting.  Thank you.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  The next question has to do about when the earth moves into this fifth dimension, what will happen to all of the violent people in prison and the man-eating animals like crocs, lions, sharks, etc.

MS:  As we step into realities and to give you a hypothetical, for instance, as NESARA gets announced, peace declared and we land.  Let’s say, 60 days, 90 days has gone by, in the sense of our presence with you and daily contact.  As that is brought into physical manifestation, we have ways how to setup healing centers and rejuvenation chambers so that what you, that which is termed criminally insane or violent individuals…..

TARA:  We are talking about animals now.

MS:  Ahhh.  We also heard about the people in prison.

MARIETTA:  The question was as the earth moves into the fifth dimension, what will happen to all the violent people in prison, and then the second part of it and also the man-eating animals like crocs, lions and sharks.  That’s to clarify.

MS:  Okay.  As we are here in your world, let’s say 60, 90 days, maybe 30 days, we are not going to give dates.  We are just going to say, as we step in and have daily contact with you and your officials that are running a constitutional republic, in the sense of helping make the transition, as we are a unified planet in the understanding with the other planets.  As we make that transition, we will introduce technologies and rejuvenation chambers so that the folks who are on death row or other places in prison.

Many of these individuals are not violent offenders.  They simply were reacting to cellular, molecular amino acid imbalances and chemical, electrical frequencies that said certain things to do certain things.  At the same time, we come in and we have ways to setup these rejuvenation chambers, healing centers, where that which would be considered criminally insane, we can place them if they so choose.  This is all voluntary, but we would just say or add, as we would say, you would want to do this because you would experience ecstatic joy in the rejuvenation chamber – not pain, not torture, waterboarding.  You would experience ecstasy in the cells, what could be better than that?

At the same time, as the increased frequencies on your planet increase in understanding, the animals that would consider humanity as food would move away from that consciousness because they understand on an instinctual level that their territories, their boundaries are not being messed with.  It is that reality that as we work and understand on higher frequencies, we can sense another’s boundaries, another’s territory.

It is instinctual in all life forms so we would not step into, let’s say, another’s area and in that sense, different animals know this.  As humanity wakes up, we will get our instincts back, not to mess with each other’s boundaries, in the sense that we would not want to walk in on you while you are having compromising positions.

TARA:  Hmm.  Also, those animals never were man-eating animals.  When the men themselves started being barbarian to themselves and the animals, they picked up the vibration up and they lowered their vibration.  Tell everybody what the crocodile people are and the alligator people are since the time of Egypt Mother.

MS:  They are ancient relatives of us that came from Nibiru, the people of Solbec, and Solbec are the crocodile folks.  They represent the energies of fire and air, and the Goddess Solbec is the great teacher, just not a man-eating croc as everybody understands her.  She is the great disciplinarian that teaches you about the spools of Serapis Bey and the Maxine flame in the Sphinx.

TARA:  Did you call it the Maxine flame?

MS:  That is the name that we understand it from the I AM teachings.

TARA:  Oh that’s right.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  It is an eternal flame that has been going on and on forever; it does not go out.

MS:  It got lit during the time of Pan and has never gone out.

TARA:  Right.

MARIETTA:  Okay, this next is an easy one.  Mother, can we call on you directly to remove any dark energies or attachments from our etheric bodies and heal and balance our fields?

MS:  Yes.  They just call on us, visualize us, and we will be there.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  I thought that would be an easy one.  This next one is concerning someone who has watched the You Tube documentary regarding mass graves being prepared in Arizona.  Let’s comment about that, and then we’ll go on to the next part of it.

MS:  We know that Yuma, AZ, Fort Wachuga, they have been playing with the Black Ops and the Border Patrol, Homeland Gestapo, and we have to say that yes according to Alex Jones and others, they want to play with that conceptual reality of mass graves and 550,000 plastic coffins.

We have to say either they are either trying to promote the idea of a pandemic pig flu virus that would take over your planet or maybe the idea of mass genocide in the event of civil war.  We are not going there because Ashtar has already said we are moving into the reality in which we will have a discussion about how we move towards Galactic Society rather than barbarianism.

TARA:  And that has to do Mother with, instead of only a male ruler, the consort, the female is equal so is the male, and that means that Barrack Obama and Michelle would coregent in the sense not as king and queen.  We are all kings and queens of the ones that the people want to lead them in balance.

MS:  Yes.  All your great super civilizations on this planet were Matriarchies in the sense that the Goddess was honored rather than the male angry god.

TARA:  The reason that the exodus was considered at the time of Moses/Akhenaten is because Nefertiti and Akhenaten did that; they were coregents, as equals.

MS:  Yes

TARA:  And these guys didn’t like it back there.  Who were these guys?  The Amun priesthood remembering they’re always priests, scientists when they rule.  They were changing the timelines as usual back then, and they didn’t want it to be for the light.  So they went after the light, so we had to exodus under the time of Moses – that was the lesser exodus, and then there was another exodus that was even greater at the time of Horemheb, which is never even mentioned, and he was the most horrible of all, I mean, you know, he was ethnically cleansing the blacks, the Kemets from Egypt, the Israelites.  I mean, I don’t even know how many Mother.

MS:  Too many.

TARA:  You were there, why did you let them do that?

MS:  Ahhh.  [Tara – laughing].  Oh, to save on time, we will say, it is complicated.

TARA:  [laughter]  It wasn’t time right, they didn’t know how to get along.  I hope by now that we are ready and those who aren’t just have to go to another planet.

MS:  Yes.

MARIETTA:  Alright, the question is about the clones and the holograms like Bill Clinton being a double agent.  Are these clones or holograms created by the Galactic Federation?

MS:  It has to do with how they have been playing with this holographic matrix to keep a continuity to the reality so that we all don’t lose it totally.

MARK:  And you don’t have to have elections.

MS:  Yes.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  The next question is about crop circles.  There are two parts to it.  The first is generally what do the crop circles mean in general, and then there’s a question about one particular one.  The interpretation of a crop circle that on July the 7th, there will be a corona mass ejection, is this information true?  Is this being avoided?  Is the information from the crop circles Galactic?

MS:  We would say that as what is being said in the crop circles, tremendous changes are going on.

We would just say that as what is being said is that the portals are opening with the energies.  As there would be a mass coronal ejection would not be such that it would be sending solar flares and plasma streams into earth’s energy field to the point where you would have a solar storm.  No.  We do not see the catastrophic energy of such a nature.  No.

TARA:  Remember the sun is not a hydrogen-based molecule anymore.  It is a helium-based molecule, and it does not burn anything anymore.

MS:  Cold fusion is what the sun is.

TARA:  Right and if you experienced burning, it means that you haven’t purified your bodies.  Remember on that transfiguration period on the mountain, it said that you needed to purify 49 levels which means seven levels at each chakra.  So you would needed to be purified at 7×7=49 (9 and 4 is 13).  In other words, you had to be pure and be able to receive the Shekina, the Holy Spirit, which is Mother Sekhmet.  That’s an emerald green healing ray.

So that means that Mother comes like the fire of the sun that burns when you’ve got karma going and you haven’t attended to it.  Otherwise, if you’re in the helium-based molecule of light yourself, then it is a friendly sort of thing.  Is that more accurate Mother?

MS:  Yes.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  This is the last question we will do. This is about Sonia Sotomayor, the soon-to-be Supreme Court justice.  Is she being brought in to help cleanse and clear this justice system or maybe to even run the Supreme Court after all the arrests, announcements, NESARA etc.  What will be her role in the court system?

MS:  Possible.  This lady, we understand, is coming from a place of, she knows what it is like to experience hard times coming from the ground up.  We would just say there is a reality in which, as the justice system gets refurbished, she could end up in Mr. John Robert’s position.  That’s all we’ll say.

MARIETTA:  This same person has a question about the crafts that are appearing.  They are saying that there’s five bright stars in the shape of a pentagon in the western skies that they have only been seeing about the last couple of weeks.  Could you comment on these appearances?

MS:  These are part of the energies that have to do with many of our galactic brothers and sisters coming in from all sectors of the different quadrants of the galaxy.  In the sense, there are folks coming from even the Delta quadrant.  And it is quite interesting, 35 million light years across.  Hmm.

MARK:  Klingons?

MS:  No.  They are peaceful folks.

MARIETTA:  Do you have any closing comments you would like to make before we turn it over to Auggie?

MS:  Only that as we are witnessing tremendous events at these present moments, and it is of the utmost importance that we do not lose center with ourselves or loved ones in the sense the challenging times are going to even get more challenging as the ascension frequencies are.  That is the real pandemic, if you want to call it pandemic – the ascension frequencies, because it is affecting everyone, to the level in which the insane are becoming more sane, and the ones that are in power are becoming more insane as the frequencies increase.

TARA:  Mother, I don’t know how they could get anymore insane than right now.

MS:  This is why we have to bring it back.  Now is the time for peace and how we work with that is by sending these ones.  It is like what your friend taught you about the boosting, sending the energies and love them even more, in that sense of sending them so much ecstatic joy, you get high in the process of sending the joy and that will make them feel it.  In that sense, it is infectious because it is something that happens exponentially across time and space.  This is why we have to say, the greatest cosmic joke is the one that’s on them, they don’t get it that they have to let go and just laugh.  We pass the talking stick.

MARIETTA:  Well, we thank you so much, Mother, for all of your insight, your comments and your clarification for questions.  We had an opportunity this evening to get through some of the ones that we didn’t have time for last week, so we are grateful and really many, many people are sending their gratitude for all your insights and also for your purring – they’ve even mentioned that.  So thank you, thank you.


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