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Mother Sekhmet Telecall – June 25, 2009


Mother Sekhmet’s Conference Call
June 25, 2009
Transcribed by Your Transcription Team
Shirley, Jan, Annie, Katie, Nancy and Jules
Edited By Andrew McManus

Part 1: Roundtable with Tara & Rama

RAMA – Well, to start with the latest, and I firmly believe this, and I hold him in the highest light possible because he is one of our wealthy visionaries, and he was going to make this, I mean, it’s already coming to pass, whether he’s in this dimension or the 5th dimension.

I’ll just say Michael Jackson, his physical body is gone, but he will show up in the way he needs to show up. To share the energy about what has occurred here in the last few hours.  I also have to say I believe the dark side did this, because he was going to talk about NESARA.

Tara – Actually, you got a message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and he can’t say either way, yet he made it very clear that what he was aware of is that Michael Jackson was going to mention NESARA over the 4th of July weekend, so the dark side killed him… took him out for that.

Rama – In the rest of the news out there . . .

Tara – Let’s just say, you know, they also gave Farrah Fawcett colon cancer.  They pulled the plug on her today too.  That’s pretty interesting; those are both wealthy visionaries that put their money where their month was. To help us get NESARA announced everybody.

Rama – On Monday/Tuesday, they took out Ed McMahon.  I believe they gave him the black mold.

Tara – Oh, they did.  They put it into his home, and he sued them.  He actually sued the company.  He lost all of his money, just ethically, because he got so sick.  He got mold in his body.

Rama – He mortgaged everything, like Michael Jackson mortgaged everything to cover his butt.

Tara – For that case against Michael Jackson, and what happened to Michael Jackson is that he was genetically manipulated by the dark side.

Rama – I honestly believe that he was one of the great people or the Assani’s that came back to bring a balance in love.  In the understanding of music, also, coming from a very tortured family, I mean, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley like I did.  I never met him but once at community events.  He was just another kid, and we all were equal no matter what.

Tara –  They are saying that things occurred in terms of being addicted to fame in a sense, and when they genetically manipulated him, he wasn’t a pedophile from birth.  This was a genetic modification, of the handlers that he had. His father was his handler too, and his father beat him on the stage.  We all know/understand the story where he didn’t have a childhood.

Rama –  Yeah, and it’s interesting.  I’m not trying to gossip or anything, but he married Elvis Presley’s daughter.

Tara – That’s not gossip.

Rama – No.  I’m just saying that the tie-ins are very interesting with the blood lines.  I believe Michael Jackson was one of the wealthy visionaries, still is.  Getting the message out there.  I can’t remember this guy’s name, I want to say it’s Arsenio Hall but it’s not.  In terms of the rest of the new news today, first on Stephanie Miller and then on Thom Hartmann, they talked about James . . . .

Tara – If you’re watching MSNBC, he’s singing with this brothers.  Those were his brothers right there.  Okay, right.  Oh my God.  I do know that, at the highest level, remember he was also being handled by Elizabeth Taylor.  Elizabeth Taylor is handled by Henry Kissinger everybody, if you didn’t know that.

So, you know, they had this thing sealed tight.  You know, this was a spiteful murder, I guess that’s what I would say about it, because they already know that they’re going down, and so they did it just out of spite. Because they will never give up, and he was going to talk about NESARA over the weekend, oh my God.  They’re laughing anyway.  You know something is going to happen anyway.

Rama – The way it’s just being said out there, by first Stephanie Miller then Thom Hartmann, and it tied into this guy.  He was sitting in for Randi Rhoades today, and he was like somebody that stepped out of the Sopranos that was just laying it out in lavender, how the boys from downtown get it done.  He was talking about Michael Jackson; he was talking about Farrah Fawcett; he was talking about the senator from South Carolina, the senator from Nevada, Mr. Newt Gingrich, Mr. Bill Clinton, Miss Hillary Clinton, Miss Susan, her lover . . . .

Tara – Except that they don’t know that that wasn’t Bill Clinton who did that, although I wonder how they’re gonna get that out.

Rama –This guy was just telling it like it was, in terms of the stories about how the dark side compromises people of fame and uses it to coerce the news and cover up what’s really going on.  We haven’t heard any news about Iran on any of the major networks that most people get, and that’s only coming from like free speech, world-linked TV and the internet, and things are not good in Iran.

What I have heard is that Mousavi is safe; he is not telling where he is.  Yet he is still saying that, you know, this was a rigged election in Iran, and there are many people dying and still and yet, we’re loving them even more for stepping up to the plate at this time.  There’s so much shaking in terms of the final crumblings, that you might say Rome is in ruins.

It’s burning, yet some of the final edifices have to fall, and it’s looking quite radical in that sense.  When Obama was doing his speech today about the energy, the markets shot up, and as they started to talk about Michael Jackson and the other news, it started to slip a little bit.  It was kind of interesting, everything that’s being said right now is the exposure of what occurred.

In the midst of all of this that may have gotten uncovered. I saw this yesterday, Sibel Edmunds was on the Mike Malloy show last night with Brad of Bradblog. Sibel Edmonds talked and spilled the beans, talking about being hired by the FBI, then subsequently being told to shut up or die.  She’s coming forward now, she has a blog out there, and to find her, you just go to the national whistleblowers.

Tara – What’s the name of the website?  Well, you can put it in Google.  She’s the head of the National Whistle Blowers Coalition, I think.

Rama –  Or Association.  Yet, it is all being laid out about 9/11 and everything ever after, and the criminals will be dealt with according to the laws of love, nature and Nature’s God.  And what Thom Hartmann talked about so much, I won’t take any more time of the talking stick, he talked about how we need to disband a standing army in a time of peace.

James Madison brought this up, as well along with Thomas Jefferson, that in a time of peace, funny incidents occurred.  Where, let’s say folks are bored, or let’s just say not bored, but they need to create some kind of false flag event to shift the balance of power in certain areas. Like right now the Republicans are going down the black hole.  They need to shift the balance of power, at the moment very badly, yet they have nothing up their sleeves.

Tara – Well, they did, they just took him out.

Rama – That doesn’t shut anyone up.  They just continue, and the point I’m trying to make is . . .

Tara – No, it doesn’t except that they did that to attempt to shift the balance of power, and they have all kinds of people coming out and saying horrible things about him.

Rama – Of course.

Tara – Again, these things are what they feed off of.

Rama – I am just saying that what is being said out there on all levels is we are coming back to light, balance and love with the Lavender Lad in charge.  He’s the final say so, and I would not presume to guess his mind.

Man – On him, I have found out that recently not too long ago, he had been interviewed by “We are Change” about his going to the Bilderberg conference.  He let something slip out.  This could have been a warning to him, if anybody knows anything about that.

Marietta – What was it that he let slip?

Man – he let slip something, you can watch it.  It was, I forget which “We are Change” interviewed him but there’s a YouTube link of We are Changes website.  I think also on Alex Jones’ site about him letting some things out about Bilderberg that this is probably just Bielberg telling him he better what your Ps and Qs, so to speak.

Woman – I find this very interesting now that I’m listening, I’m being sort of tied up into this circle of Michael Jackson.  As the morning started out, I was watching the hearings with Ben Bernanke.  Before Michael Jackson, every single news station was commenting on Ben Bernanke.

When I switched to channel 5, they have a judge who’s a commentator, I forget his name right now.  He’s well known and used to be a federal judge.  He said I would have Ben Bernanke, Paulson and all of them in jail, prosecuted in one jail in three minutes.  He said there’s so much evil going on here.

He said that on Fox News today.  Every station, as I was turning it through, was talking about Ben Bernanke and Louis, the CEO of Bank of America.  It was getting pretty hot, even the Money channel was talking about it.  The next thing I know, Michael Jackson’s dead.  Nothing else is on TV, except Michael Jackson.  Very interesting.

Tara – Who was it that was saying this?  I didn’t get the name that you said was saying all this.

Woman #1– He’s a judge.  He’s well known.  He’s one of the commentators.  He’s one of the speakers on Fox News that comes in when they’re giving critiques.

Woman #2– Judge Napolitano.  His name is Judge Napolitano. The guy with the grey hair?

Woman #1 – That’s him, yes.

Woman #2 – Yeah.  Napolitano, some Greek thing.

Woman #1 – Yes, and he was saying I would have these guys, inside of three minutes, in prison.  He said there’s so much going on here that’s illegal.  He just put it right out there on Fox News.  The next thing I knew is Michael Jackson was dead and took everything off the air on all stations about Bernanke and this group, and everything now was Michael Jackson.

Tara – There’s a cover-up.

Rama – It’s a cover-up, and it has to do with what’s seriously going on because these guys are about to be arrested and taken to The Hague.  St. Germaine calls the shots.  I would not get in his way.

Tara – No and that includes Bernanke.  Bernanke knows he’s going bye-bye.  So these guys did this.  You’re right, I see what you’re saying.  They did one in, you know, Farrah Fawcett…

Rama – Ed McMahon.

TARA – …in the morning and they sandwiched it.  You know, it was very interesting . Barack Obama was looking like he was; he did not answer one single question when he spoke about the energy bill.  He did change his words from what he said at the Democratic Convention last year I noticed that too.  Remembering that until these guys are arrested, that double agency means what he’s saying is not what he’s gonna say once these other guys are gone, and the house has been cleaned publicly.

Yet he did adjust and said cleaner coal, instead of saying clean coal.  Because everybody knows there’s no such thing, and everybody knows that cleaner coal is not even necessary.

Kauwila – Just a couple of short notes along with that today.  You know, I often watch channel 38 here, which of course is MSNBC.  Sometimes I flip to channel 39, while I’m going to other channels, which is whatever that… what is that CNBC, the money channel where they’re talking about stocks and gold.  Usually I don’t see anything, but this time I flipped through like three or four times, every time I flip through, the only thing I saw at the top was silver and gold.  Silver and gold and copper but I saw these precious metals.

That kinds of ties in. I usually don’t see that at all.  But I just happened to tune and they fly through those little banners that they have at the top.  Also I got a message today from the dolphins that were outside.  I haven’t seen the dolphins here for quite awhile.  I didn’t see them doing anything, but they mentioned a very peaceful higher level gathering that’s going on right now starting yesterday after the operation that I’m sure we’ll hear more about that later, but it’s occurring now I guess.

They told me that it was going on for four more days, and the gist of, one of the short pieces that they gave me was, it’s a very high level meeting.  It’s not possible for this meeting to take place or I mean it wasn’t possible until after yesterday’s operation.  There’s more light, exponential increase in the amount and intensity, the density, if you will, of the, shall we say, K-Mart blue light special clearance energy.

Everything’s got to go that is not of love and peace, seeing many blowouts on the outer visible realm.  Now this was before Michael Jackson came on.  No matter how big the tire or how strong they said it is, everything is blowing.  Now we see Yellowstone geyser blowing high, high, high into the orbit of the moon, stopped in its tracks.  The moon stopped in its tracks so all can see the cover-ups and hidden truths of this craft.  That was signed Mother.

Joann – On the Michael Jackson story, you suggested it was a cover-up.  Would you say that he was killed, or that was just coincidental?  That he was killed for?  Was he killed as a distraction?

Marietta – Did you miss the part of the call when Rama was talking about that?

Joann – Well that’s all that I got from it, that it was a cover-up, but I didn’t know if that meant that he was killed to cover, as a distraction.  You know what I mean?

Rama – I will just say that it was very interesting in the sense that, you know, we got a call from our friend.

Tara – Tom, the ring-tailed cat.

Rama – No, I was talking about our friend down in Florida. Who called up and said Ben Bernanke is getting roasted on the TV.

Tara – Oh yes.  And knowing that it’s already been known, you know, in the right circles, that he was going to be speaking about NESARA over the 4th of July weekend.  They also knew that Ben Bernanke was going to be roasted today.

Rama – Yeah.

Tara – The deal is that they knew Bernanke was going to get hit between the eyes today.  They knew Mr. Michael Jackson was going to do something on Sunday so they planned it as a simulcast.  They took the plug off and took out Farrah Fawcett in the morning.  She was a wealthy visionary; she put her money where her mouth was into the hedge funds for the light, along with all the other wealthy visionaries.

Michael Jackson actually inspired all of those wealthy visionaries to do his idea.  He created the song, he created the music, he connected with all of them, and then they agreed.  They collected $100 million initially just those with him, there were 50 all together.  Here he is 50; he’s not quite 51.  It’s all so very interesting knowing that 30 years ago, every single wealthy visionary, every single whistleblower in the media, every single member of government who was going to be working for the light has always been a double agent.

They promised that even if it meant death that they would face death, and that is a soul contract.  So Michael Jackson had a soul contract.  Remember he created his family.  He chose his father.  So I don’t know what that means in terms of a previous lifetime together where some of roles may have been reversed.  Yet he volunteered to go through all of this and sacrifice basically his life so that the rest of us.

I mean it’s the same thing as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Never mind all the other stuff that they induce on their controlled candidate, another Manchurian candidate.  They have planned it all, and God rest his soul, and he can choose to come back, right?

Rama – I believe anything is entirely possible and probable now.  That we have gone through the ops we went through last night.  Like I have said, I have been monitoring the results on the ships screens at the navigation stations.

Big Will – My question is to Rama.  June 26th which is tomorrow, my question is this.  There is a gathering of people around the country that is going to station what is called a “Bush and Cheney need to be prosecuted” rally.  I understand this is going to take place either tomorrow or over the weekend.  What do you know about this?

Rama – I have heard a little bit about this on the internet.  Other than that, I don’t know much.  Do you know Mark?

Mark – Just the same thing you know.  It’s been out on the Internet. It’s been out there for awhile, and they’ve been promoting this.

Tara – Yes, it’s been out there for a while.

Rama – Yeah, it’s time to prosecute Bush and Cheney for the war crimes, and that is coming full circle.

Tara – Well look what we started the week off with.  We started the week off with the head of the Supreme Court refusing to hear the outing of Valerie Plame.

Rama – Which is high treason, these guys have to be dealt with.

Tara – What else did we start the week off at 4:40 in the morning?  Benjamin Fulford said we have over a quarter of the population of Earth starving to death right at this moment.  The international bank of settlements has been owned by the 13 families, and the 13 families made a deal with, you might say, the secret society which would be the Priory of Scion, which would be the Committee of 300.

They’re all dead.  So everything has already been given to us to see what’s happening everyone.  So these double agency roles, that all of the good people in our Congress have been playing, are finally coming to bear witness to the required accountability for these ones crimes.

It was in the jackpot.  When Mr. Roberts refused to hear Valerie Plame’s case, and Valerie Plame got on the horn somewhere, it’s all over the internet, she said (and I think it was on TV too) that she has connections, and she can take this to the World Court.  So, we’ve got this all set up.  All of a sudden, Sibel Edmonds shows up.

Rama – On the Mike Malloy show and Bradblog, Brad of Bradblog was interviewing her, and she laid it out in lavender saying I was gagged.  If I had talked, I would not be here.  It all goes back to 9/11.  I think it’s out there to be heard, I’m not sure.

Tara – You know, when she stopped talking, the last thing she did was get on places like Amy Goodman.  This is before the gag order was completed.  She got on.  The gag order was put on her right away. Yeah, six months after she had been translating all of these documents from Farsi to English and from Turkish to English and from Azerbaijani to English.

You know, Azerbaijani, we’re talking about stuff that she witnessed that she knew everything that had happened.  So you know, she’s lucky she’s alive.  The only reason she’s alive is that she’s had protection.

Jacqueline – About a month ago on the CBC News, they announced that gold and other metals were missing from the Canadian mint.  They were sort of upbeat, you know, we think it’s just an administrative error and we will get back within a month and have full disclosure to the people of Canada.  Then within two weeks, they brought in the RCMP because there was absolutely no trace.  They couldn’t find it at all.  Do you have any idea what’s happened to it, Tara, Rama or Mark?

Tara – What are you talking about again?  Say it again.

Rama – The gold that was missing from the Canadian coffers.

Tara – Oh, yeah, okay.

Rama – I would just say that there are desperate attempts by desperate men to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, and they are very upset.  They are very scared.  They are going down, it doesn’t matter.  It has to do with what St. Germain and Sananda and Mother, Michael, Metatron and Maitreya have decided.  I am just saying that in the context of all of this, it has to do with the final cracking of the cosmic egg so everything gets told.

Tara – Yes because remember today, they were asking Bernanke – you know there’s all this gold missing.

Rama – Right.

Tara – Again and they’re only lying about it because the gold has been missing from their hands since October of 2008.  All the gold that they thought they had stashed and they were gonna be having their hands on was taken out of their hands in October.  It was brought over here, and it’s been in an undisclosed safe location to back the enactment of NESARA, that’s really what is left to happen.

That’s the proper lawful term, remembering that Paul Andrew Mitchell, when he declared the Declaration of Insolvency against the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and that was sealed and happened at midnight of March 31 of this year.  He also put out on the internet all the rainbow bills, and he said that they were stamped with a red stamp that said “U.S. Treasury” on it.  Also at the top of those bills, it said “U.S. Note”.

Then he said provided the gold is all present here to back these bills and provided NESARA is ENACTED, he said . . . (he didn’t say the word NESARA) yet he said “the law”, in other words, NESARA is law.  He was saying that law, that is already law, that it needs to be enacted.  The way it gets enacted is by announcing it publicly.  So we had all of that, you might say, witnessing, due course of witnessing going on, and at the same time, love them even more.

Rama: Yes.

Paul – I had one thing about recently with Obama stating that we were not involved in any way with what was going on with Iran.  Yet from our past history, we have been involved with scuttling all kinds of stuff with Iran since before Ford, and it has been going forward ever since.

My question would be why would he sit here and continue to lie to the public when we know the CIA is definitely involved in many probably, with what’s going on in Iran.  Thank you, Mark.  I think you are totally correct in stating that what is processing in the quantum fields at 6 and 7, and it is coming down to 3 and 4.  Thank you.

Tara – Okay, let me respond to that and tell you and everybody, this is very much something that everybody has got to remember.  Barack Obama is a double agent, and until these guys are arrested, he will still be a double agent.  The dark ones that are still in the administration are responsible for everything that happened in Iran.  Who do we mean we’re talking about?

We’re talking about Ms. Hillary Dillary Dock.  Every murder that was going on was a CIA black op that happened on the streets of Iran, the killing of the beautiful 27-year-old lady.  This morning at 2:00, I was watching the journal news out of Berlin, and they actually got a few blog things on there where they guys, these black ops were throwing demonstrators over the bridge into the river below killing them.  They were literally doing that with force.

This was CIA, and who’s the covert CIA agent, as well as the covert double undercover Moussad agent?  Hillary.  This has all got to do with Hillary.  So remember that always, that it’s got to do with this arrest.  Everybody is going to know that it was Hillary when it’s announced.

Jim – I was kind of wondering, I noticed that when that airplane went down, it was about a week before they started finding bodies, and we were told that the plane actually went into a shuttle bay of a ship.  Since it took about a week, are those bodies being found holograms or clones?  If so, what’s the purpose behind doing that?

Tara – Thank you Jim.  Those were people that they killed just to get the job done and to put the bodies there, and they did it.  Everything that you see is a cover-up.  These are the guys that did everything to make it look like a cover-up.

Rama – I heard today on the news that they have two more days to find the black boxes.  The chances of finding the black boxes are nil.  I firmly believe that the plane went into a shuttle bay on a ship, like we’ve been saying.

Tara – It’s not even about believing he was told that, and this is what’s going on.  The Ashtar Command, without them, we would not have won this battle.  I’ll just put it that way.

Rama – This happened over a major UFO vortex that has been known to, let’s say, have strange anomalies singularities.  It was well known in the Latin American world.  Jaime Moussad down in Mexico talked about this at length.

Tara – At the prophets’ conference way back in 1999, here in Santa Fe.  Yes the dark side uses vortexes and the light side uses vortexes.  This was a double back on them because they didn’t expect that the Ashtar Command would intervene in that manner and take a whole ship into another dimension.

All of those people on that ship are going to be back alive and well, and they’re going to tell their story.  What a great way for the rest of the world to learn the truth. It is so wonderful, think of it that way. And love those other ones even more.

Camille – I ran across a YouTube video with  Vice President Joe Biden stating that he’s a Zionist, that he didn’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.  Is he a double agent or is he part of the dark as well?

Tara –  Joe Biden is… remember everybody’s controlled.  There isn’t anybody who isn’t controlled.  Joe Biden and Hillary Dillary Dock, you know he’s controlled by that.  That’s an absolute reality, yet he’s got his own stuff to deal with because he was the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations when 9/11 happened.  What does that mean?  Yeah, oh.  So what I’m saying is yes.

Joe Biden was ordered by Cardinal Egan in NYC to do 9/11, and he passed that on to George Tenant.  George Tenant was ordered by Joe Biden to do 9/11, and then George Tenant ordered his CIA boys to do it.  That’s how much trouble Joe Biden is in, so we’ll just have to love him even more as well and see what happens.

Part 2: Special Ops Report

Mark – As most of you know, we have been instructed, encouraged and supported in doing a progressive series of special operations.  Kauwila was on earlier, and he was a part of that.  Beth Trutwin is our, you might say, our leader in terms of that’s her job is to be the seer that holds the vision and reports back on it while everybody else is busy doing their particular piece, and it’s a wonderful choreography.

So having said that, we have progressed taking out all of the dragons, removing these ancient controllers, some of them going back millions of years.  They’ve had secret shielded and force field-protected deep bases and portals.  These are round portals that were dark portals.  One of the things we had to do this for was that, if we did not take those out, when Ashtar turned the dials up on the planetary grids through the ZPMs (zero point modules), it would have blown up the planet.

So he had to stop the dial-up at a certain point, which turned out to be about 99.6%, right in there.  So then we had to do these operations.  Well they also have a very Android-type, we’ll call it artificial intelligence type of automated, self-learning, self-improving defense system that was primarily headquartered in the East coast, in the Virginia/DC area.

Rama:  Replicators.

Mark: Replicators but also an Android mind that’s faster.  When we would go to do an approach and visualize where the target was, the second we put our attention on it, there was an instantaneous flashback.  Beth and I, in particular on the first time we did that, the report back was so rapid, we couldn’t even get new shields up.  It hit us in our throats.

I had a 2, almost 3 week, case of sinusitis.  Beth had a sore throat also.  So then we asked the KOS and Ashtar, and they upgraded our protections so that that couldn’t happen again.  So then what we went in and did was to fragment that system, and finally we got it.  We took the whole thing out.  There was a massive explosions off the East coast and down even into South America.

So this happened.  When that happened, their communication system went awry.  They were not in communication with each other, and they were fragmented, and we were able to remove most of them, except for the master one of all which is code-named the “Prince of Darkness” for all of you historical people.

Tara – Except the Prince of Darkness already came back to love, and he’s not on the planet any more since 2003.

Mark – I understand that.  As I said, this was just a code for that because he was the only one remaining. This is a 100-foot dragon with horns that was locked up in this shielded base down in South America.  When we went in there, they had to go into two different directions.

Tom the ring-tailed cat took a group and went in, you might say, underground through the tunnels in the hollow earth (I hope all of you by now know there are such things that crisscross the whole planet) at deep, deep, deep levels.

Tara – And there’s also dark tunnels that do the same.

Mark – That’s what this was.

Tara – There’s light and dark tunnels.

Mark – We went in through Stonehenge, went from there to Easter Island through a portal, and Tom took us through the portal at Stonehenge down into the inner earth, and we popped up at Easter Island.  All of these are very important things because these have all had important historical ramifications of the ancient ones.

From there, again, Tom took his people through the tunnel, and the rest of us went around the outside and were just pouring the most intense heart light you can imagine and probably more than you can imagine.  Because until we all linked our energies with Archangel Michael, Ashtar, KOS and all the realms above the earth, this was such as massive operation; over a million ships were involved.

So these things are not just little things where you send the cops in because anything like that would have been easily defeated immediately.  When we got to this final one, this great Maldekian reptile, that one had been holed up there for a long, long time.  As a matter of fact, from the beginning, and had been hidden.  Nobody else knew he was here.

So that was something that had to be done.   When Archangel Michael confronted him, or rather we came upon him, and he stepped out because we threw so much light in there that the illumination had to force him out.  Then when they were out, we were painting them with heart light, which means unconditional love from Source. Not just us, we were only channels.

Source heart love was first painting him with source light where they could not resist it, and they had to come out.  Then secondly, when they came out, then love poured in.  Archangel Michael built a spaceship around that entity.  While he was doing it, we had to draw on every lightworker on the planet’s light in order to hold him up while Archangel Michael could finish building the ship around him.

He was down on his knees, Archangel Michael, which means this is pretty serious stuff folks that we’re talking about.  Of course, we were successful because we were coming only from love.  All the equipment was destroyed.  Archangel Michael and the King of Swords did that, so all of that is completely defunct now.

Down there also were humongous drug factories; manufacturing facilities for all these vaccines and for all the viral agents and for every type of chemical that’s toxic that Monsanto, Dow Chemical and all the others were using.  This came up underground so it never was seen on the surface.  There was a tunnel over at Los Alamos national lab underneath the ground where the ETs were.

First, we had to remove the ETS, and then we traced that tunnel energy and it went to Fort Dietrich, Maryland, which is exactly where the anthrax and all those other viral things came.  So understand that we had to take all of the ETs, some of who had been hidden by the cabal for over 60 years, shielding them underground.  Every one of those was taken out. Every one of those was removed from the planet.

All the minions then were rounded up and taken to The Hague, thousands of them.  So these drug companies and their feed stocks, all of those altered things, have been taken out, and the feed stocks have been neutralized.  They can’t make any more, and the other pieces are going.  So now we then went down, and we opened up the Great Solar Disk.
There’s a Lemurian solar disk that is 10 stories tall, and that one is here in our area.  It is still not, shall we say, people do not know about it.  There is another one that was in the Valley of the 7 Rays and the Valley of the Blue Moon, sanctuary of the 7 Rays in Peru, and it is accessed though through Bolivia.  And we had a member, we call her Madame X, and she is a member of our A-Team.

A-Team stands for Ascension Team, it stands for Away Team because a lot of these things are done from the ship, and those are called Away Missions.  So this is, we’re doing it from the ground, but we’re doing it with Ashtar and the forces and all the realms, not just that, all of the angelic realms, all of the higher realms.  Deities have no form, their collective energies that are high, high, high up.

So the whole universe is actually involved in this process, and it’s a very awesome thing.  So then we went in there, and we went down, first to Peru, and she used the codes and these things are so well protected you would not believe it.  Force fields and we had to go in inter-dimensionally; KOS took us down in his ship, and that’s a shuttle craft.

We went down there and opened up, left that there and went inside, and Madame X took us up through all the tunnels, and these are twisty turny things like serpentine that go around.  Each one had more force fields. There is no way anybody that did not have the codes could get through it. You would have been fried and destroyed in an instant.

Tara – Yeah, you can’t take the frequency.

MARK – You can’t take the frequencies.  So anyway, we made it up, and finally we came on this humongous chamber where the Great Solar Disk was located.  That was an awesome experience for us because as we approached it, remember this is 10 stories tall and it’s got shimmering fields in it and its round of course.  As we approached it, it started rotating slowly until it rotated completely around and then it scanned all of us.

After it scanned us, it processed all of our codes, all of our identities and then it reset its codes – it reprogrammed itself because this was the time that had been determined was the moment for all of this to happen.  It programmed so we were cleared (you might say) all of us were cleared to interact with it, and then the very next day or the next mission, we went down to the Aegean Sea.

We went down into, let’s just say, very deep levels and into the Inner Earth because the porpoises and the whales and sea lions were guiding us.  They took us to the entrance and took us down in there and then when we got in there, we were met by the Chrones, who are Elders, and they met us there and you don’t get past them either, if you don’t have the right codes.  We had no clothes on because you have to come in as you arrive.

RAMA – Right.

MARK – They don’t have any nudity stuff down there whatsoever.  This is a matter of energy. You cannot hide yourself or anything about you.  When you come in there, you are again scanned, and if you meet their criteria, if you match the codes that everything has to go by, then they took us into this grand feast hall.

There, I mean this thing is many stories high, many, many stories high.  It is a vast caravan, and there they were all symbols.  Tritan and Poseidon were there and many others.  While we were there, this huge feast table, we didn’t have a bite or anything to eat or drink, but it was a big celebration feast.  Then they said, approach the solar disk.

At this point, Horus and Isis showed up as composites, then they manifested into two separate forms on top of the feast table, and this is a humongous table, and you can’t get the proportions.  But you’ll understand what next they did is they apported or called inter-dimensionally, the solar disk which is 10 stories high and you can just imagine how much it weighs, into that space and put it on the center of the table.

The force field in that place was so awesome, you would be, I mean you’d be on your knees almost with shock and awe.  They told us to approach it, and so when we did, we walked into it, the next thing we knew, we were on Acturus but 800 trillion – that’s with a T, 800 trillion years ago.  There was only mountains and clouds and no color, and no people and no life.  No vegetation of any kind.

They took us in there – we went in there as a representative of mankind and the Elders to remember that we had looked from that space; we advanced through the timelines to look at them, the way things turned out, and came back there and vowed – all of us vowed that we would fix this.  This time we would do it the only way it could be done was with love.

Absolutely no other way – forget about it, you cannot storm the gates of heaven.  You must come with love in your heart, and you must come with humility and reverence for the Earth and for all life.  When you do, then things start to happen.  So this was telling us that the time had come, so now we are back in the hall again, and the Elders came up and they said, “On this date, the separation between the Inner Earth and the surface Earth is over.”

Then they showed us – took us down some stairs, and there was a space port there with lots of ships anchored there – all different kinds of craft where people had come from all over to be here for that celebration.  Then they showed us, they took us down to a pool, a huge pool.  And in there were porpoises, and they were putting out – they were projecting beautiful, the most intricate holographic projections in the water that you could imagine.

Then they said, “As of this day, henceforth, every single day, every Indigo, Crystal and others – new child –  is going to be coming here every single day.  For the new babies who are mostly sleeping all day, they will come even more.  Each day, they get a holographic lesson that tells all of the history of the universe – not just this planet.  I mean this is awesome, and these kids are getting one lesson a day that is more than most of us get in our whole lifetime.

They are going back to their parents, and they are waking up the next morning and then the next night, going back for more.  This has been going on now for a week.  Again, you could see how all these things fit together and progress from one thing to the other.  I’m leaving out most of the stuff, because we’re just trying to give you a little idea of the scope of this.

Now, I want to fast forward to last night.  Last night’s operation again involved, this time a new disk – that’s right, nobody knows about this one.  This is a brand new solar disk in the Amazon that had been dormant – so dormant that nobody had even remembered there was such a thing.

RAMA:  Mikos knows about it.

MARK:  I suppose that Mikos down in the . . .

RAMA:  Porto logos.

MARK:  Porto Logos.  There is a library that is, like the Alexandrian Library, except it also contains everything that’s happened since then in the universe.  It’s a massive holographic library where as you ascend the steps, you go up into the library.  It’s an awesome place, but yes, he would be one that would know about it.  Everyone else has forgotten about it, didn’t even know there was such a thing.

This was to be activated in the Amazon by Madame X and Lady Master Nada and no one else.  Just the two of them did that whole thing, because they had the codes – nobody else has the responsibility or the codes to do that.  So they were in the Amazon, and there is this underground line that runs from the Amazon to Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii, that’s where our other team member, our A-Team member Kauwila, was doing ceremony.

What was the purpose?  Once that energy got connected to go through every ocean on the planet and disrupt, remove forever every listening device, every military device that has aggressive purposes because all these scalar wave things, the infrared equipment and so much more.  There’s so much more that it’s ELF and everything else.  All of these were taken.

Archangel Michael and KOS took their swords, when I say swords, I’m talking about many people involved in this operation.  KOS commands 16 million Galactic humans like Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat who are all shape-shifters; they all have all of their abilities, full consciousness.

They can walk through walls and everything else.  They can shape-shift up to their normal height which is a minimum of 12-15 feet.  So this is the force that was there, and they were going through all of these underground – I mean they have got – undersea factories and things that processed for the surface in Japan, in the East coast of the United States and many places.

They have these horrendous rendering plants and things like that, where you don’t want to know what goes on, and you don’t want to know where it ends up.  But the tuna, Charlie the Tuna and all these things they make you think is so cute, this is all mercury-laden and everything else.  These practices, the dolphins and the whales said NO MORE, and they requested that all of those be removed and indeed they were.

TARA:  Amen.

MARK:  This is going through, now understand (inaudible) food, you understand all of these, this is a progression.  We moved to the pharmaceutical companies first, the drug companies, the Archer-Daniel Midlands, Cargill, all these major food companies – that was done separately.

Then we went into the ocean – the same thing was done in the oceans.  All the ET technology devices, some of these like under the Great Lakes, are Armageddon-type devices.  They have all been removed. They have all been decommissioned.  Not only that, they have all been lifted out completely. They are not there any more.  Now, what does that mean?

On the surface of the planet, we still have cruise ships, we still have mining ships; we still have oil tankers.  Let me tell you something here, when these arrests occur, all of that ends.  Every bit of it – it’s all polluting – it’s all toxic.  Earth Mother will not tolerate any of that any more so we are very, very close to the final, final act in this drama.

Now what else happened after those underground bases and everything were cleaned up, and there was no more big dragon controllers?  The KOS then said NOW I can turn the dials up.  He turned the ZPM dials up which lights up the whole planetary grid.  He turned them up to 100%.  At that moment, he anchored us, believe it or not, and I’m going to repeat this – he anchored us in the 5th dimension.  Now every dimension has 10 steps and the mid point of any dimension is where a shift occurs.

So we are in 5th dimension, whether you know it or not, and at the same time what it does – is create a firmament.  What do we see?  What did we see that was evidence of that?  Going to the Inner Earth, going to the seas from the seabed all across the planet to the Amazon and beyond was this belt of white energy, which is the firmament.  And we saw all the shimmering colors in it, and it contained both electromagnetic and it’s also crystalline.

RAMA:  Terra-forming.

MARK:  It is a part of terra-forming.  Yeah.

RAMA: Yes.

MARK:  Last night, what else happened?  Metraton came in, and he established a platinum grid.  This is just like a net, and it goes from the seabed – the lowest point in the sea, which is like the big trench that’s 7,000 meters deep both in the Pacific and the Atlantic you have these.

Anyway, so what this did is take every point from the lowest point of the seabed up to the highest mountain on the planet, and it’s all in the platinum grid network.  That means nothing is not covered.  Every place, every space, every surface on the planet is now covered with platinum grid.  And the colors that are coming out from the center of the earth now through these cleansed portals – we have cleansed the portals, all the stargates and the breathing holes of the Mother.

When you look from outer space now, you see all these light streams – they are blue because the inner sun is blue.  That blue light is there.  That is combined with the light from Vywamus who is right there, weaving a new tapestry around Earth Mother, around her core.  And then what else?

There are three things involved.  The solar disk that was just activated in the Amazon and what this did is remove all external control from the Earth Mother.  She has said we are now in charge of our own destiny.  This is true; this is not coming – this happened last night.  So we are and Ashtar announced the planet is now ascended.

This is no longer Earth – this is Terra Nova.  So register that.  The planet has ascended, and this is now Terra Nova, so everything you read about Terra Nova is here.  All of this is a process, and it will happen and be integrated (inaudible ).  Okay, I didn’t mean to take this much time, but there is no way to talk about the scale of what is happening.

It is beyond any of the scenarios we have been given in the past, and I will tell you this, everything that happens to Earth Mother is now positive.  Everything that happens to you is positive – even if you are going through cleansing – it is taking you to a higher level – there is no negative involved, and all of these ones still trying to push that with the Michael Jackson, with the Ed McMahon and with the Farrah Fawcett.

These things – that is just a desperation act of striking out even though it will not help them one bit – because every one of these things has cut them off, chopped them into littler pieces, and now they don’t have any, you might say, superior intellects.

All these military satellites, you probably didn’t know this, all of the military secret military satellites at space stations have been dismantled, decommissioned.  Now this is what they were going to use for their Project Bluebeam. Their fake alien invasion scenario.

All of that therefore is canceled.  And now this firmament is up.  What does that do?  It is 5-dimensional firmament, which means nothing – it has to be 5 dimensions or higher – and not only that – it has to resonate with the heart center.

If it doesn’t do those two criteria – no one can come here – no child can be born, and no one can leave that is not, in other words, you can’t get in or out of this planet anymore by Earth Mother’s decree unless you are 5th dimensional.  So congratulations everyone – if you are here – you are now 5th dimensional.

I will say this, if you can stabilize yourself at this level, you have the greatest opportunity any of us have ever had to integrate and advance to still higher levels including permanent ascension status with the planet because we’re all doing this together as one.  So with that, I believe that covers most of it.  So thanks Marietta and everyone else for your patience.

Marietta – We had plenty of time for this because I was told not to have a guest and that this would be, talking about these programs that have been happening and this experience, this is our guest time and so it was planned so don’t apologize – we all wanted to hear about it.

Mark – Well, I could add a couple of small short things.

Marietta – Go ahead.

Mark – Okay, one of them is that we’ve added a couple of new members.  Madame X is one of them.  She’s and awesome being, and when she shows up, she shows up in her Goddess regalia, and she is 20 foot tall.  She is not a, you might say, regular human.  When she is in action, you are impressed – I don’t care who you are – you would be very, very impressed.

TARA – And, she is Peruvian in this lifetime – that’s very important.

MARK – Yes.  Not only that, she has a portal that goes up underneath Lake Titicaca on her own property, and she knows all the codes whereas if the black ops try to go, they would be very unfortunately toasted.   So that’s who she is, and I’m just saying this to give you a little background.

You can see these people are all specialists in one area or another.  Two new ones that joined us that are now part of our team are two twins – one male and one female.  Their names are Ezra and Ariana.  These are not here yet, although they’re working with us and have been for several weeks telepathically.

Soon we will all be fully telepathically connected to them, because they come through Metatron – the are the first platinum ray seeds.  We’ll have more to tell you about them later, because they are here to not only seed the platinum ray, which then collects all the other ray seeds and raises it, just like we’re all being raised to an awesome level.

They can’t even tell us what they can do, but we’ve already seen some evidence that they are, let’s just put it this way – they are awesomely powerful in broadcasting love and in also touching the grids in a way that raises, uplifts them.

So this is . . . , and they’ll be in the physical.  They will manifest physical bodies in another year to a year and a half maximum.  So we’re going to be working with them. They’re on all of our operations now, and they are going to be working with Beth and myself in particular.  They’re going to be teaching all the Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Golden children.

They’re going to helping them to unite us all.  So we have some very, very awesome things to look forward to in a very short period of time.  The next thing up, I think anybody here who doesn’t know that we have to have arrests and all these ones, whether they are holographs or whatever, have to be removed to The Hague or further.

They will be tried, and we will see it, we’ll see war crime trials happening. There are thousands of people that are there right now – there will maybe as much as a hundred thousand more – could be more than that – we don’t know right now.  But we do know that all the key controllers are gone, and that’s important because they can’t re-create the wheel.

The financial thing is bankrupting because now we have two systems.  We have the old bankrupt system of corporate USA and corporate England – Great Britain, UK – we have all of those corporate systems that now cannot get anything through the old way so they are drying up – they are broke.

Actually in more ways than one, because they are cut off from their controllers.  In addition to that, right along side of it, guess what, we have a whole another new financial system, and St. Germain holds the key to the vault to that.  He also knows that he is not sharing with anyone when he’s going to open the front door because we’re all included.

That’s something to understand.  Unless you are a criminal beyond redemption in your soul pattern, you are automatically included.  And guess what?  Everybody is equal; everybody across this planet because we are going to go through these integration, expansion, re-integration to higher levels.

We are going to be doing this non-stop from now until the whole collective of the Earth is one. Then the whole planet ascends and not just in 5.0 – this is the beginning folks – there is no limit.  We do not use numbers anymore after this…

Tara – no more numbers

Mark –  …because the whole universe is going to shift with us into a whole new structure.

Guess what?  No memories of the other racifrats.  All the pain, suffering and all that, it will be when zero point comes, all that goes. All we have is our pure divine essence and all of knowledge and all our abilities for everyone.  So this is what you have to look forward to, and anyone who doesn’t get enthusiastic with this is not really much in their feelings or their heart.

Because the second you feel it, you will get it, and it’s just going to keep right on happening.  We already know things we’re going to be bringing forward that they want us to report to you in the coming months, weeks and months.  Every one of these is such a heart – its just a heart expansion thing to even know it’s possible, and we will be filing reports from wherever we go.

Because Beth & I have been told some places we go out of body, and some places we have to go in person.  Then we will bring that knowledge back, and we will share it on even more tours and on even more places, as things go on because everybody will be wanting that information and not only that, its just not information, it is a way to move forward.

It is how connect, contact and communicate with realms and just wonderful things that nobody would believe it until they experienced it.  Then they will wonder, they’ll suddenly remember, oh no wonder there hasn’t been much fun being here, because until you connect with the magic of this planet, you do not know what you’re missing.

Once you connect with it, you will never, ever want to be without it.  The planet cannot be whole, the planet cannot ascend, until all of this happens.

So we have our work, we all have homework, and we all have daily staying-in-the-moment processing whatever comes up, but do not try to shut it down because you cannot – it will take you out.  If you stay in the flow, then the river will carry you forward faster than you could ever swim.  That is what I would like to leave you with.

There is nothing negative in what is to happen because all of the underpinnings for that – all that’s left is the facade.  That will soon be torn down, and all the masks will come off.  When the masks come off, you will see how wonderful your neighbors and you – you will start recognizing things about yourself and your neighbors that will just put a giggle and a grin on your face because you will say “Did you play that part?  Oh My God, well I was playing this part!  Oh My God!”

This is funny, and then everybody’s going to be standing around in a big circle and there is just going to be one big hug – one big circle of joy and that Mother has promised us.  She said everyone will have egg on their face, but it will be meringue, and they will be smiling and laughing through it.

MARIETTA – Mark, just to give you some feedback.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to my grandson before the call because I needed to get on the call, but he’s 22 now, but he came in and as soon as he could start holding a pencil or a crayon, he started drawing all these array of computers just like it is on the deck on the ship.

He just drew these over and over.  What he told me was and I’m anxious to talk to him tonight after the call and find out.  He said that in this last week, he’s having dreams, I mean just really, really different dreams like we’re talking about as far as these kids being trained every night.  I think that that is maybe what’s happening to him.

MARK – Yes, it is.  And there’s not a one of them that is not included.  I don’t care from the smallest baby right on up, all the Indigos / Crystals on this planet.  What does that mean to us older Indigos and such?  It means that we’re all getting upgraded too, because I guarantee you, just ask your grandson, when they get upgraded. We have no defenses.  Because they’ll bring in such whole thoughts, this whole connection to home  – it’s all love, and it’s all perfectly synchronized without any distortion by academics.

TARA – They disarm us with their love.

MARK – Yes.  One of the first things they learn is holographic theory; they know it’s all interactive.  They know everything affects us, that we affect everything else.  And guess where they are studying?  With the dolphins and the whales – the record keepers!  Who better to give the true knowledge?  Who better to get it in a way that’s liquid love and light.

RAMA – And this is a piece, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but for this whole lifetime, I have been always hearing whale song in my head.  When I put my head in water, I always hear whale song – it’s just part of me.  I just wanted to say that.

MARK – Yes and there are magical places in the waters.  One of the places they took us into was called the ‘Lagoon of Love and Bliss’.  They will not let you go into there alone – why?

Because the second you step into that water, it goes into your very being, and it goes in in such a loving way, you would never be able to leave unless somebody pulls you out of it.  You never want to leave – it is such ecstasy and such peace that you cannot even think at times.

You could just not do it, and they told us that we had special guardians to take us in and put us through there and then to take us out.

MARIETTA – A question I have about, I have always seen the solar disk, the huge gold disk.  You talked about a second one, is it . . . ?

MARK – There are three of them.  There are now 3 of them.


MARK – So what was your question?

MARIETTA – Are they similar – so are they similar?

MARK – Yes.  They are actually stargates – they are many things.  They hold all . . . I mean they control all the stargates of the planet.  When they were connected see, that’s what Earth Mother said – now no external force can control us.  We have reclaimed our independence. We have reclaimed our light, our love, our unity, our harmony, our integrity.

Only truth and integrity can now be supported; anything else will not be supported and anything that is trying to buck that, I have compassion for it because it will not be a happy departure.  But we bless everything, and we bless the feelings.

MARIETTA – Well, thank you for sharing all of this.  It is exciting and wonderful and encouraging.  You know, we have all of this negativity, but when we get this kind of positive report, it just answers a lot of questions.  In fact, a lot of the questions I have for Mother tonight, you’ve answered many of them even in this presentation. So Mother, are you with us yet or can you get with us soon?

MARK – Mother was involved today (she can be in many places), but she was working with us in some healings that were going on, and so was KOS and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and many others.  But, I am just chuckling because we have to give her a minute to stop her other assignments, so she can come through Rama here and I’ll move out of the way so she can take her crown seat.

RAMA – Yeah, it’s called shuffling the cells here.

MARIETTA – We thank you so much Mark for sharing, and we will bless Rama as the vehicle who is bringing Mother through here, and when you are ready – you begin.

Part 3: Mother Sekhmet’s talk

MOTHER SEKHMET/TARA – Greetings in the light of the most Radiant One, in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ.  We invoke the loving energies of St. Germain and the Violet Flame.

TARA – We ask at this time for graduation for all of us to get our wings and to be able to travel together as the group grows.  Mother, I ask that you use your magic of golden dust, fairy dust, tonight in everybody’s dream time to get their wings ready and help them to remember who they are if they have forgotten anything at all.
Thank you so much Mother for coming today.  I can’t tell you how it feels – you already know.  Greetings Mother.

MS – Greetings beloved beings of light and love, peace and joy.  Indeed, the energies are moving faster than even we can keep up with.  Yes, we are going with the flow as Jim Hightower puts it, “Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”  It’s got to do with what is occurring in every cell here.

You know the hippies have won with the flowers.  This is why this is coming to pass.  Now is the time for peace.  Yet, even so the seemingly illegal wars, if you want to call them that, or actions that are being taken in the moment out of their time space continuum.

With all due respect to Michael Jackson and what is occurring in the transitional moments here, what is happening with this great soul is stepping up to the plate so he can fully integrate what is occurring on all levels.

TARA – For us too.  Right, Mother?

MS – Yes and we will say, Lord Michael, Metatron, Maitreya, as well as ourselves taking care of how the interactions with this one goes to the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station.  We are just saying at this time, even though there are a few clouds about, you are moving into the realm in which the reintroduction of the xenon gas will be the next level.

As that occurs, the real magic begins.  It has to do with flowers popping up everywhere – butterflies.  All the realms about your legends and stories are not just legends and stories; they are actual beings that participated in creation stories here.  Like our friend Quan Yin has been talking about on those islands over there – shark island people with you Kauwila.

Quan Yin talking about the Creation magic with how to get in touch with that sound of one hand clapping – the sound of creation.  All of these things going on on all levels getting us to a stage in which we can all come together and share that group hug even the ones that seemingly wore the dark hats.  It is all coming to pass even as we speak.  Yet and still, we love these ones even more as the masks come off one by one.

I mean it is happening faster than we can keep up with these scandals – not to make light of what is occurring.  Much in your news concerning events around your planet.  It is no accident for the last 3 or 4 hours talking about Michael Jackson.  Yet, the rest of the planet is going on and what is occurring is the fact that we are in your midst.

It is very disconcerting for the last little remnant of the rebel band that wish to call themselves the 13 families – even in the concept of holograms and clones until it is over.  It is over.  We are just saying, in the moment, the only things occurring on your planet to create the atmosphere for now is the time for peace.

The folks that are orchestrating this at the Solar Logos level filtering down into your level – raising all the frequencies up and getting quite hot in the kitchen as the King has put it in the last few days.  It’s only going to get hotter cause what is happening here is everybody is ascending and cannot be stopped no matter what.

TARA – No turning back until ascension date is here.

MS – Yes.

TARA – The King of Swords actually said in his little quote from yesterday that it had already occurred.  Ascension has already occurred everyone.

MS – The energies are at the level in which each day as you go through your moments of connecting like the universe and everything from the moment you lay your head down to the moment you rise.  Meaning in the night work – what is happening is your cellular, molecular structure at the subatomic level down to those nanites.  Everything is being raised up.

Funny thing today, they found water on Saturn.  Interesting.  Hmm.  Yes.  Things are not as they seem in your world in terms of the poles and how there is like Mr. David Wilcock said, “All of your planets heating up in both North and South poles and energies raising to such a level that activity going out throughout solar system.”

Imagine what it is like to be a sun, a star, a solar system, a galaxy.  Experience that in your cellular, molecular structure.  We are moving to that quantum level in that concept.  If your cells can grasp the idea of being a sun, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe.

It is light reflecting within each one of the trillions of universes in this thing we are speaking through called the Temple of the Living God.  It is coming to pass that all of these lovely temples are rising to the occasion where the light that is pouring forth from the inner source.  It is at such a level that only love can sustain.  It is that place in which it is all that exists.  Hmm somebody wants some ______.

TARA:  Mother, we don’t know what you are talking about.

MS – We are just saying that it is at the level in which the breaking news is all of you rising to the occasion with the energies raising at such a level, we have no way to describe it except as orgasmic, ecstatic joy and ecstatic happiness.
In the midst of what is occurring, there are great transformations throughout every single cell in these bodies and we cannot even begin to describe it except to say that you are moving at such a level that it is like witnessing the birth of the Genesis.  We will say that all is occurring in the most loving, unique way.  We pass the Talking Stick.

Part 4: Q&A with Mother Sekhmet

Marietta – Okay, well we have a lot of questions.  Some of them have been answered in the conversation here, a lot of questions about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and all these people.  Just wanting to know if it was a distraction, and I think that has already been answered.

The next question here says Mother as I’m watching the fighting arising in Iraq, prior to the American troop withdrawal to their Iraqi bases, and although the media is saying its Shi’ite issues, how come I’m sensing that it is caused by remnants of the AIL, CIA, doc with maybe a little ketchup and saw dust thrown it.

These elements would love to see the US remain quagmired longer over there.  So he is just asking if this is a correct assumption on his part.

MS:  We would concur with that assumption in the sense that yes, they wish to create still and yet a quagmire. Thom Hartmann brought it up today.  Stephanie Miller in a time of peace, Congress has not declared war. These are illegal unlawful wars.

TARA: They’re not even wars.

MS:  Not even pre-emptive strikes.  Not even bought Mr. Obama, yet he has to tow the line until he doesn’t. We are just saying that on all the levels that are occurring, the energies filtering down from what we have been doing in the last few moments with all of these beings around this planet.  These ones are going to have to comply with the law of love, or they cease to co-exist in this dimension and that’s going to look quite interesting won’t it?

TARA:  Mother, they’re already gone.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  And they already know that they have no more to say because they have already had their opportunity to make their choices.

MS:  Of course.

TARA:  But the way that you were saying it right now, doesn’t really ring exactly right, because they’re already gone, and they don’t have any more to say about their destiny as clones or holograms.

MS:  Yet and still, for Joe the Plumber and Homer Simpson are regular broadcast channels, they ain’t getting what you’re getting.

TARA:  Right, right, right.

MS:  Have some compassion.

TARA:  Well, I’m not being discompassionate.

MS:  Yes.  We are also just saying, in a certain level, they’re getting it at a rate in which their bodies can handle, and we are also just saying, we want them to catch up with where we are at, and some of them are not there and we did not mean anything toward you Lady Master.

TARA:  Well, I don’t know where that was coming from, it has nothing to do with having compassion or not.

MS:  Yes and we are saying that it is at the place in which, some of the mainstream media are not telling what we are saying because they cannot yet get there.  Their cells are on overload with what has already occurred and if they were to go to our level . . .

TARA:  Yet, there are people that are whistleblowers on every channel including Fox News.

MS:  Of course, Sibel Edmonds.  Yesterday on Mike Malloy.  We are just saying, it’s happening at such a level that we mean no offense.

TARA:  Okay.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  The next question is considering how the governors, senators and other politicians are having affairs, criminal actions and all of this being exposed publicly. We have understood that arrests are imminent and arrests, announcements and NESARA, with perhaps some implication that arrests will come all at once.

So are these exposures that we’ve had recently the start of these arrests being done in a public way?  Are they preparation for mass arrests or what?  And then the last part of this says what else is going on with this governor?  Have you been speaking with him here or in Argentina?

Has he been shown the doors that he has to choose from?  Offered ushered off the stage?  Or he is now gone and a hologram at times?

MS:  We can say what is occurring is that very momentarily, mass arrests will be occurring.  What’s happening with this governor?  We will say that the affairs of the heart are not just affairs of the heart.  Much darker than that.  This guy running arms for the Bush/Clinton crime family through Argentina to other places to the Middle East to perpetuate the cycle of death, and it is being stopped.

TARA:  It’s been stopped.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  It’s all been stopped.

MS:  Yes.

MARIETTA:  That’s why this guy went to Argentina was to do some dirty work behind the scenes here?

MS:  Yes.  We have heard Maria maybe named Mario… don’t know.

TARA:  Yeah, in other words: it was a man not a woman.  Oh my gosh.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  So this next question has to do with if some of your family is a child, a brother or sister, if they’re going to stay in 3D on the earth, most of the family are ascending but for ones that aren’t, how will they know that something is not the same because their family won’t be there any longer?  Will they worry about their family?  How’s that going to work?

MS:  We will say that the energies that are occurring as everybody is waking up, the understandings will occur exponentially.

TARA:  Wait a minute. Are you talking about everybody that lost anybody in 9/11 and everything else too?

MS:  We are saying, as we get NESARA announced and the ships’ counselors come in, integrated understandings of 5th dimensional technologies and reality that it can be explanations to bridge the lack of wisdom that is happening on the level where we are speaking right now – bridging what you understand about 3D versus 5D.

MARIETTA:  Okay.  The next question is an IRS question.  This person says that their son received a letter from the IRS demanding $100,000, or they are going to levy his house and his earnings which will leave him no way to survive.  He doesn’t have the money to hire a tax attorney to dramatically reduce the demand, so the question is – why doesn’t the KOS arrest the criminals that are demanding this money because the Federal Reserve is no more.

At the very least, why aren’t all the banks and employers notified not to levy as instructed by the criminal IRS.  Why are we being told and the reality of 3D is very different.  This may have already happened elsewhere, but in 3D we still have to deal with it.  Can you make some comments about what is going on with the continuing harassment?

MS:  We can just say that IRS has been ferried out to other agencies to mess with folks.  Until they are gone, they are not gone.

TARA:  They are not going to get them gone in little pieces that is all.  They are going to arrest them all at once.  So everybody that’s going through whatever they’re going through, remember there are miracles.

So in order for you to be able to access those miracles, you must know what Mark was saying, everything that is happening to you is good.  And all of those threats are mere threats.  Everybody’s got a solution.  And even if it means that it appears he has to go somewhere else and everything is gone, that’s okay too.  You have to look at it that way.  Right Mother?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  Because it is all an illusion, and we are not in polarity even anymore.

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  The thing is we all got to, even if you have to pretend right now, even if you don’t completely, you know understand that it’s so extreme, this is where we get the faith in the wisdom of the moment.

That is what you have to have.  Know that no matter if you lose everything, like in the story of Jobe and even get (inaudible), it’s just a whale of a tale of an illusion, and it’s over.  So experience it with love.  That’s all, alright, I mean it’s just the truth.

MS:  We would have to also say yes and concur because as our other Sister Cynthia would say – love the experience.  We would not know how to describe or answer this in any other words.  We are not a tax attorney.  Yet we understand that you got to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s.

TARA:  Now Mother, even at this late date, this man can take all the documents where they are threatening and asking for money and all of that, and he can take a red pen and on a 45 degree angle across the first paragraph, he can put IT IS A GIFT – WHERE IS MY CHECK FOR MY BENEFIT? and return it to the sender, and they won’t even come back after you because of the fact that they are already unable to do anything.  They are unable to do anything, and they already know that you know that they are doing a criminal act.

MS:  As you would do what Tara just said by taking the red pen and asking that question “Where is my check for my benefits?”  They are caught with the short and curleys, and they got to either answer you in an indirect way within a 30-day period according to the lawful procedure, or they will not answer you at all.

TARA:  Right.

MS:  I hope we answered the question.

MARIETTA:  Okay, well that is an option.  You say about this if they don’t answer you in 30 days, then they can’t.  Do you have to state that when you write things in the red pen?

TARA:  Nope, that’s the only two things you put in there.

MARIETTA:  Okay, alright. I’m going to combine a lot of questions that have come in that people are curious, concerned, just choosing to know about their assignments, or what they are going to be doing?  What projects they’ve got started?  What they’re feeling that they can do?

How do they know what they should be doing and if they’re choosing something now, if we shift during this energetic shift to 5D, then are we to continue with what we think we’re doing?  It’s just all about what are we going to do, and how is it going to look – the same or different?  So there’s lots of questions, and I hope that you can get the gist of it so you can maybe summarize it for people.

MS:  How things are going to shift as we step into your realm, if we are to understand this, as NESARA gets announced and we land, the assignments of how folks integrate into galactic society, we will just say that there will be Starfleet Academy.

Already it is being created, and you will be taught the intricacies of the communication of inter-galactic speaking, in the sense of how we interact with each other with grace, love and beauty.  It is not, in a sense, about one race superior to another.

We are all equal, and we will get rid of the word “race”. It is about we are ONE light energy force in the sense: a universe.  And it is within other universes just like the cells, and we work in cooperation, communication with each other and as the assignments come up, as the talking stick or the gauntlet is passed around the Roundtable, each of us will take a moment to interact in the Roundtable.

How we interact and work with this as things progress, we will say like it has been said by Zeitgest and Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda. What Jacques Fresco has laid out in terms of the Venus Project, as we help you build circular cities, concentric circle technologies that are coming literally from the minds of the computers themselves on our ships.  You will be amazed that how the laser saving devices will be coming up, yet you will not be sitting on your duffs.  You will be moving quite rapidly.

TARA:  Well, Mother, I already know for the last 20 years or more, there has been a line of clothing that never gets dirty.

MS:  Never gets dirty, never.

TARA:  A line of clothing that never gets dirty – that means you don’t have to wash your clothes ever again!

MS:  Imagine also, like your friend Sylvan (inaudible) told you about from Telos that has the special lotion you put on your face. The men never have to shave ever again.

TARA:  Yeah, completely changed.  All of these things are already to go and ho, ho, ho.

MS:  If you want to grow a beard, that is up to you.  We are just saying, the technologies of how to integrate with the cellular molecular Adam Kadmon.  We are not saying, we will just make the statement that the body art and the piercings and the way the folks that have been doing different things to the Adam Kadmon, the Temple of the living God.

TARA:  Well they did that in Easter Island – all the people do that in Easter Island.

MS:  Yes.  We are not saying yeah or nay.  We are just saying how we interact with our cultures and understandings of who we are – how we sing our songs – tell our stories, share our dreams and magical events are part of the tattoos and the ways in which create the magic of who we are.

So all the stories can be told of all the kingdoms from the paramecium in the petri dish up to the theory lords, elven lords, the archangels, the angels set before the throne of the Father.  We all got to share in the big Roundtable.

TARA:  Well, isn’t everything attitude?

MS:  Yes.

TARA:  An attitude of gratitude for everything.  Sacred praise.

MS:  I hope we answered this – we got out there, and we are just saying as the assignments are brought into manifestation, everybody will be given their briefing orders and where to go to create the magic of how they, you could say, get both sides of the brain functioning as one positronic matrix of love… to use a phrase.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Okay.  The next question is:  Please explain what a solid hologram can do and cannot do.  I know that some of those we see in the public are solid holograms.  I am not referring to the clones, which I know are vastly different. Can they maintain relationships and function physically like us humans?  Once they are turned off, is there anything left but ash?  I mean is there anything to be disposed of if one should be in that situation?  Thank you all for your love and your concern for us.

MS – It is a frequency of scalar waves.

TARA – With substance.

MS – With substance.

TARA – So a frequency also can delete it.  Right, Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA – Even though it’s a solid hologram.  In terms of relationships, that’s a foreign term.  Even to clones in the sense that relationship defines an aspect of the ability to love.  These ones have removed their 12 strands of DNA – their 12th strand – ages ago which is the only strand where the ability to love is present.  So even in their original forms, before they were taken out and made into clones, they were not capable of the kind of love we are talking about.  Right Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA – So their relationships don’t go there; they don’t go that deep.  I don’t know how to describe it.  Do you want to say more Mother?

MS – Only in the sense, as we get full memory back of our cellular, molecular matrix.  It will happen for everyone.  As the memories rush in, don’t be overwhelmed.  We will just say love each experience.  It is happening to more and more of us constantly each minute that passes.  It is getting that intense across this planet with the memories that are flooding in for all life forms.

MARIETTA ROBERT – It has been interesting to me, individually, to hear how many times you’ve talked about things at the cellular, molecular level because the transformational clearings that I have been given to do.  I mean, they always say that when we are doing it, it is actually changing things at the cellular, molecular level.

I’ve been told to say that over and over again while I’m working with people and tonight – I mean you have used those terms so many times.  It is just interesting to me as an individual doing this work with people that this terminology is almost like surfacing where I had not heard it that much.

It was just what was given so its good to hear someone else using it.  It just confirms what you’ve been told might really be true.

MS – Yes.

TARA – Also, Marietta, we are the only species that can experience the kind of love we are talking at the cellular, molecular level of love in the cells.

MS – Yes.

TARA – That is why that is so important.  That is a really important point.

MARIETTA ROBERT – There are several questions sent in about Obama.  You know why is this good guy rushing forward with the proposal to give the Federal Reserve absolute dictatorial control?

Even if he is playing a double agent and we’re getting to the end of the line, why is he trying so hard to get the health care done?  It’s amazing to me how many people are starting to question that he is really the good guy.

When you listen to him, it’s surprising that people on this call have that many questions about it.  So maybe you can comment about their vision; here he is rushing forward to get all these things done and why?

MS – We will just say that he is exposing Tim Geitner for who he is. The criminal that he is.

TARA – By giving him access to all that power and play with all that money, which is all bad money anyway.

MS – And we suspect that we may be hearing about Mr. Ben Bernanke’s arrest tomorrow.  Don’t know.  We’re just laying it out there.

TARA – Oh!  Well maybe they will arrest Mr. Geitner along with him.

MS – Could be.  Things are moving rapidly.  Concerning the events of what Mr. Obama is doing, he has to answer to the Council of Nine on Sirius.

TARA – Except for one thing.  All of the things he wrote back by Executive Order, he’s been blocked.  He’s been blocked by Hillary. He’s been blocked by George Bush, Sr. He’s been blocked by even Bush, Jr. and Cheney and all of them.  In other words, they don’t want this to happen.  It is the same answer every time.

MS – They are trying to create any sort of distraction to take away from the fact that the inevitable where, there will come a moment, when Mr. John Conyors, Mr. Patrick Leahy,  maybe even Senator Arlen Specter will get up on his haunches and say, “We are calling a special session of Congress to deal with the war crimes.”  We are just saying it will be on that level.  Just like they are using all these hours for Michael Jackson.

TARA – Remember this is a very tight ship and Barack Obama is not in charge of arresting these guys.  Lady Master Nada is.   She is in charge of the Republic.  Everybody has got to get a bigger view of understanding here.  Of course, the announcement of the presence of the Galactics is going to be simultaneous with the announcement of NESARA by announcing it.

MS – Yes!

TARA – So all kinds of things happen for a reason and we must take this with a great deal of faith that there has been a double agency for the whole time.  The biggest question you have to answer and understand is that the date for the announcement of NESARA was scheduled 30 years ago.  Nothing is ever going to change that nor ever will.

That is something we also have to understand.  The window in between and everything we are given to be challenged by would be a loving presence with which we would be able to transform our personal understanding and actually lift up ourselves to a higher state of consciousness.

And not treat it as if someone else is doing us wrong; otherwise we do not end polarity.  Right, Mother?

MS – Yes.

TARA – When you don’t end polarity, then you have something in your way on your home back to love.  It’s the belief that polarity does exist yet it doesn’t anymore.  Polarity is already gone and we are in the unified field with love. I hope that helps.  Mother, do you want to say anymore?

MS – You said it.

TARA – All right, I said it.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Next question is on Benjamin Fulford’s report today.  It says that these decisions are being made in the next few days and one of these decisions is what to do about Obama.

He thinks that he will be removed from power in the coming months and that is based on him letting the Illuminati stay in charge.  What are your thoughts?  I know they say he is a double agent and maybe he is doing a good job.

But what he is doing is causing a lot of stress to a lot of people in the world and that stress just feeds the Illuminati’s agenda.  Comments please.

MS – We will say Mr. Benjamin Fulford does not have all the pieces to the story.

TARA – Benjamin Fulford is saying that he is going to be arrested?  Is that what you said Lady Master Marietta Robert?

MARIETTA ROBERT – It said that Benjamin Fulford’s report today says that major decisions are being made in these next few days and one of these decisions is what to do about Obama.  He is hinting that he will be removed from power in the coming months and that is based on him letting the Illuminati stay in charge.

MS – We have to say . . .

TARA – The Illuminati is not in charge.  That is already where Benjamin Fulford – in other words, Benjamin Fulford is a White Knight, yet he does not have direct contact with the King of Swords.  He only knows that there is a group of us called White Knights that have all done all these different things that he’s already confirmed were done.

So he doesn’t have that direct piece which means he doesn’t know just like all of us.  We know no dates, no nukes.  He is in the same place there and he’s only guessing on a certain level.  So in other words, whatever Benjamin Fulford is saying, remember that they are no longer in power.

The Illuminati is no longer in power and he said as long as the Illuminati stays in power, they will remove him in a few months.  They are no longer in power so that is a fallacy that won’t happen.  Is there anything else you want to say?

MS – We concur.

MARIETTA ROBERT – The next question is about – this person is seeing domestic aircraft from personal jets to commercial airliners floating in mid air in broad daylight.  I’ve seen as many as 4 or 5 crafts frozen in mid air at one time.  These crafts will move only if I stop long enough to video them so I know they are aware of me.  My question is two-fold.  Who is behind this and what is the purpose of these displays?  Mother, can you shed some light on this?

MS – We can say that there are various craft that are coming, has to do with the fact that everyone is waking up at a whole exponential level.  If you are seeing it, it is time for you to make contact and you will be given specific instructions how to work with how the contact shall begin.

In that sense, when you get a resonate feeling in the heart that is like the most ecstatic, orgasmic joy like you just met your lover, we would just say we do not think the dark side could replicate that.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Just a few more questions we’re going to try to squeeze in here.  This person says they listened to a portion of Obama’s program on ABC tonight about health care.  They noticed that the comments and the questions from the doctors and medical students have gone from I entered medical school to become a doctor to I entered medical school to become a healer.

This person is asking if that is a significant thing because they noticed it and like where he is going with this?  The fact that students are saying – that medical students are saying – they would become a healer not just a doctor.

MS – We would say that is moving in the right direction: to become healer rather than doctor.  We are moving to a level in which, in the sense, we will be teaching you parts of medicine on the level with what we have on the ships.  Technologies in which you would call these miracles yet it is quantum meta science that has relationship of interacting with structures and matter and anti-matter.

How things can be instantly brought back into perfection from their etheric blueprint.  Let’s say you have a broken arm like Commander Riker in the fictional story.  We take one of the little devices from the doctor’s tray in sickbay. Run it over your arm in about 5-10 seconds, maybe 30 seconds,you have a brand new arm. Better than new.

We are just saying the technologies of how we work with the combinations of crystals and rays of Living Light, Living Love.  This is where the platinum ray comes in and how that technology will work with harmonics, we mean sound vibrations.  Sound can be used to heal as well as kill.  And your dark side knows it.  All of the technologies are being brought back, all of the harmonics.

What are those things called?  Your tuning forks.  How to tune these frequencies of electromagnetic scalar waves called Adam Kadmon rather than having a bunch of discordant magnetic waves that are.

TARA – Dividing your whole being.

MS – Yes.  Now functioning.  Trying to get this in harmony and it is happening at a cellular, exponential level.  This is why certain kinds of discomfort is coming up.  So great, that you might think you are having cardiac arrest.  It is ascensionitis.  Yet what we think what happened with Michael Jackson is they turned him off because he was going to talk.

MARIETTA ROBERT – This question is probably the last one and it says, What is the difference between ascension and the rapture of the church in the Bible?  Its like will they both happen?  How do we look at those?  Are they alike, different?  What comments can you make about ascension and the rapture.

MS – We will just say that there are many interpretations of this concept.  The ones that would seemingly want to keep and hold the iron grip on your planet would use the concept of the rapture even to the point where they would use the Blue Beam technology.  Now all gone!  Bye, bye.  All gone.

TARA – In other words, they don’t have access to the technology they wanted to use.

MS – We are just saying, the difference of the rapture is that concept that they would try to create the ultimate Armageddon story and the subsequent rapture and the story of left behind.  Not going to go there because it already has been said, “No catastrophic, cataclysmic events leading up to 2012, December 21st.”

We have to say it is not going to be without a few bugs about the waking up of who we are on all levels.  Yet, we are not going to have California or Florida breaking off into the ocean.  Russia, China or the U.S. nuking each other out of existence.  In terms of ascension, what that is about is we come in and we are coming in the discussion that is occurring now on your planet at the level in which we bring this back to Dr. Stephen Bassett and Project Disclosure where our presence is talked about.

Peace is declared. We get to come in.  As we come in, that raises the frequencies the very firmament of your reality as it currently exists.  As we come in, it raises that frequency at such a level that it is like having multi orgasms in all your cells and it just doesn’t ever stop.

We are just saying it’s not going to be like the movie “Sleeper” or the “Orgasmatron”.  We are just saying the level of energy at such a rate of frequency will be a place that the peace will be here.

The understanding in which your reality coexists with everything else. At that level we will bring it down to 3D – like Val Valerian has said in “Claw 2”, in the fictional story.  Maybe not Val Valerian fictional, quite real.  Yet, your Library of Congress, Smithsonian, all the other agencies and District of Criminals, why won’t they ever talk about Val Valerian, the conference he had with us and all the others.

He was a Venusian that landed here and said get with the program.  No nukes.  And they said, “Oh screw you.  We are not going to listen to you.”  And they went on with their madness, the cold war.  We are just saying, as we land, as things occur, there will be a level in which the toys of mass destruction won’t work.  The toys of mass deception won’t work.

TARA – They already don’t.

MS – The guns won’t fire.  The guns won’t go off.  The planes won’t roll.

TARA – When is that happening?  I thought that already happened once.

MS – What we are already saying as the ships are coming in, all these things occurring at a massive level.  It is already happening now beginning with what you all started with the circle cycles of Lady Master Beth and the magic occurred.

TARA – Nobody knows how many of our U.S. soldiers already defected and laid their guns down and ran.  You know they got help.

MS – They laid their guns down and maybe they got beamed up.  And maybe their families got a message already and they are being quiet ‘til after the announcements. So they call talk and share their stories.

TARA – Oh my.

MS – Yes.  So we got off track.

MARIETTA ROBERT – This person was asking about her grandson has been on 2 tours in Iraq in the last 6 years and is scheduled to go back in July.  Will things be over by then?  She didn’t know if he will have to go back.

TARA – They won’t be in the cities.  At least by the 30th of this month, they won’t be in the cities.  They will only be on the bases over there.  So that’s #1.  Again no dates no nukes. So we can’t really say something definitive like that.

MS – We will say also, as peace is declared and NESARA is announced, all troops immediately come home.

TARA – And all bases worldwide are closed.  That’s the big difference.  That is another thing to be happy about because even now all the different things that Barack appears not to be attending to, all of that will already have been attended to plus all the troops will be coming home.

All those dates up to 2011 this and whatever they are saying like that, all of that is canceled.  It is going to be in a very short window and all of those things are over at once.

MS – Yes.

MARIETTA ROBERT – Mother is there anything you want to say in summary before we turn it over to Kathy to do a close?

MS – We will just say with the events that are unfolding in your world at this moment has, like we have been discussing and cussing about how peace gets declared, bring it full circle into place with just sit with that quiet, still flame of the mighty I AM Presence in that 3-fold flame in your heart and you see that radiating out across this planet, the solar system, this universe.

Work with that image and it creates peace at such a level that it cannot but occur.  It has to.  It is that such a magnificent place getting – the very nature of your reality of what is occurring.  It is creating the magic now for peace to be declared.  Hold that vision as we go through this independence and expect miracles.  Expect nothing.  Expect everything.

We do not know how to read the timelines except they are merging into one timeline where everything gets healed.


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